Public Community Guidelines

These guidelines apply only to Read, our public writing community. See our Platform Guidelines for our broader policies.

We are an open community for everyone to share their thoughts freely. provides a platform that keeps your identity safe, and stands up for free expression.

As a publishing platform, we are an amplifier for voices that write here, and take that role seriously. To ensure that everyone feels (and continues feeling) welcome to express themselves, we have a few guidelines on what is expected of everyone in our public community, Read

In short, Read is for writing: share your thoughts, feelings, trials, tribulations, and anything on your mind. If you'd like to publish other things, feel free to do it on your individual blogs — but note that they may not be accepted here in our public community.

Note: If you don't agree with these policies, you can also join another community powered by the same software behind, or even start your own.

Don't use Read for this

Be mindful of this

Read is regularly visited by thousands of people every month, in various places. For certain content, we don't explicitly prohibit it, but ask that you be self-aware and considerate of others.

How we handle violations

When we are made aware of a post that potentially violates these guidelines, we have a real, live human read over the post. They will also read other posts on the post's blog if necessary, to gain context.

If the post violates our policies but there is no imminent harm or damage being done, we'll first try to get in touch with the post's author, and notify them of the violation. We'll often suggest changes to make, if any are possible.

If the changes aren't made, are insufficient, or can't be made, we'll disable the Public option on the offending blog. Unless the blog also violates our Platform Guidelines, this will be the only action we take. The blog will still be fully-functioning — it simply won't be showcased on Read


Running a welcoming, inclusive community is something we're new at and constantly learning from. If you have ideas on how we can improve, we'd love to hear from you.


We'll announce any major changes to this policy on our Twitter account.