from ego echo

Het belangrijkste, vanuit egocentrisch perspectief en dus geheel passend in de maatschappelijke natte droom, eerst: het optreden morgenmiddag gaat door! Hiep en hoi. Hoe het er uit gaat zien met het optreden op 18 december is nog maar de vraag, maar goed, dat zien we dan wel weer. First things first.

Ik las net dat Mark een heel ander kabinet wil met meer elan. Is het heel gek als ik bij zo'n uitspraak op z'n minst mijn wenkbrauwen optrek? En meneertje R was ook nog heel flink door zijn hand in eigen boezem te steken door te melden dat hij blijkbaar de mensen niet meer kan overtuigen met zijn oproepen als het gaat om maatregelen naleven. Goh. Dan zou je toch denken dat het kwartje een keer gaat vallen en hij zijn conclusies trekt. Maar nee, wacht. Dat staat niet in het Handboek der Bordkoppers. Helaas. We moeten nog een poosje tegen hem en zijn criminele bende aankijken.

Ik werd trouwens toch even blij toen ik las dat Extinction Rebellion gisteren een magazijn van Amazone had geblokkeerd. Met de boodschap dat Amazone symbool staat voor de uitbuiting van werknemers en de planeet. Ik citeer:

"Black Friday is het toonbeeld van alles wat mis is met ons economische systeem”, stelt de groep in een verklaring. “Consumenten worden aangespoord ongeremd te kopen, terwijl de planeet op de rand van de vernietiging balanceert.”

Minder handig vond ik dat ze met een ouwe Renault Clio voor die poort staan. Da's nog eens een stinkende roestbak. Maar ja, beter zo dan helemaal niks doen.

Nog een leuk en zeer vermoedelijk weetje: de nieuwe variant zou tot 500% besmettelijker zijn. Dat klinkt, voor mij als totale nono op welk gebied dan ook, als nogal spectaculair veel. Je zou bijna denken dat het effectbejag is om zo'n uitspraak te doen. Toch zou het uit de mond van een vooraanstaand virusexpert komen. Stel dat het waar is, tja, wat dan? Dan is het een voldongen feit en moet er een manier van leven op worden gevonden. Zal vast lukken. Doodgaan kan altijd nog. Triester vind ik dat het tekenend is dat deze variant opduikt in het deel van de wereld dat helemaal achter in de vaccinatierij moe(s)t aansluiten omdat wij hier op ons halfrond alle vaccins hebben ingepikt. Ach ja. Ik een beetje meer dan jij en dat soort ongein.

Genoeg getypt. Tijd voor een duister moppie muziek. Chelsea Wolfe. Carrion Flowers.



from devinprater

Today, I began trying to make the most of Emacs. Mainly, this just means activating the packages that I’ve already installed. I’ve noticed that, even when using the Emacs package manager, with Melpa added, packages don’t always get “enabled” and configured to work. Some of them require that you do (require package-name) in your .emacs.el file. So, I went through the list of packages, and one by one read their Github page to see how to configure them. It’s slightly annoying, yes, but I’ve gotten a bit out of it.

First, I found out a lot more about the extra Org-mode blocks and links added with a package. I don’t remember the name now. And then, I found a few packages that I didn’t need upon further inspection, so I got rid of those. And then, I started hitting some big gold mines.

LSP Mode

LSP (Language Server Protocol), is basically an IDE-like bundle of code checkers, refactoring mechanisms, and documentation things that brings IDE’s to your text editor. Or something. All I really care about is that it brings VS Code like functionality to Emacs. And, there’s a Grammarly extension! The only problem is that when I load LSP mode, afterwards, Emacspeak reads a little extra info each time I switch buffers, like there’s still another frame there or something.

So, I plan on using that mainly with Markdown files, although Grammarly doesn’t seem to like filled paragraphs, and I hate unfilled paragraphs, although I can deal with it when working with Gemini. Ah well, maybe I’ll just turn on visual-line-mode everywhere. I don’t know. At least it’s not like VS Code, where the screen reader cannot read visual lines and only reads logical lines. Emacspeak handles visual lines by playing a sound when the next logical line is reached, but speaks each visual line as I arrow or use C-n or C-p.


Helm is a completion package. It’s really great how Emacspeak works with it, and I can just type to narrow things down, and not needing to type, then tab, then type, all that. And, unlike the mini-buffer, I can perform many actions on the thing at point, not just pressing Enter to activate. It’s really great, and I’ll definitely incorporate this into my workflow.


from devinprater

I tried to write this on Mastodon, but 1000 characters just isn’t enough. Since I am blind, and do not have any other visible disability, I don’t know what it’s like the not have the use of my legs. Therefore, if I’ve misrepresented anything in the following section, let me know.

You’ve always hated your legs. They flop uselessly at the end of your body; there, but just to show off that you’re different. That you can’t actually use them. Like a blind person’s eyes, just rolling around in the head, without use. You particularly hate your legs today, as you sit in front of a set of stairs with a helpful “accessibility controller.” At the top of the stairs. You could pull the lever on the controller box, and a ramp is lowered to the ground. If only your legs worked.

You remember when these things were invented. It was a bill at first, made after a video of a person in a wheelchair suffered severe brain trauma after falling down stairs when attempting to get medical help. The media ran the videos nonstop until the people boiled with anger, and so the government did as little as possible, as usual. So now these things exist. After another video was made of a person falling down stairs trying to activate it, stairs leading to public buildings were altered so that, if a wheelchair is pushed up them backwards at a certain angle, then they can reach the top, and the lever. Hopefully.

So, you take a deep breath, turn the wheelchair around, and prepare to try to reach your appointment.

The moral of the story: accessibility switches are bad. The UI of software or anything really, should be accessible from the beginning, and if a user has to go in and manually put in accessibility enablement statements in .xinitrc and .profile, your crap is broken.

When I have to go into the Mate desktop’s menu, then “system”, then “Personal” then “assistive Technology” and “enable” the use of assistive technologies,” then that tells me that if I didn’t, Linux would be far, far less accessible without this. And what if a user doesn’t know about this “trick” to enable a user to use their system? Well, they’d think Linux was far less accessible than what it is, and even with full accessibility settings on, I can barely use Zoom, which is a pretty important program these days. Google Docs is another thing I struggle with in Firefox, and Chromium. And yes, Google Docs is another piece of junk that requires an accessibility switch. Even with all this in my .xinitrc and .profile:

export GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge

exec mate-session

stuff still is hard to use, like Zoom, and Google Docs. And just how much of this is even still needed? Do we still need “export QTLINUXACCESSIBILITYALWAYSON=1” when we have “export QTACCESSIBILITY=1”? Am I missing yet another flag that has to be enabled?

Meanwhile, Mac and Windows are accessible by default. No need to turn on any flags or check a box that tells the system, and probably all apps, that hey, this guy is blind~ Funny how privacy goes out the window when you’re freaking disabled, huh? Funny how closed source, proprietary systems are more accessible, and privacy friendly in that regard, than a system made by the people, for the 95%. But that’s what I get for being a nerd.


from devinprater

So, I’ve been looking for more Gemini clients. Not that Elpher is bad, but because I’m not always on my computer, as much as I’d love to just be able to sit at the computer, or more specifically, on my bed with my USB keyboard in front of me, plugged into my laptop, twenty-four seven. Unfortunately, there are times when I need to just suck it up and use my phone. For example, when I’m outside sitting on the porch during a warm day or evening, or when I’m on the way to or from work, or when I’m in my rocking chair.

So, I looked through the list of clients on Gemini’s circumlunar site, and found Elaho, a client for iOS. I liked it. It was simple, and displayed things fine. After a slightly long discussion on the Gemini mailing list, however, it got even better!

Today, I got an update on it that basically put preformatted blocks into an image item type, with the Alt-text as the image name. Something like that. And VoiceOver works amazingly well with that! So, now, I don’t even have to deal with most ASCII art! So, I can just relax and read Gemlogs with my braille display, and everything be simple, luscious, plain text! Well, plain as in readable, with headings and links and such.


from devinprater

So, I just got this all figured out, so I thought I’d write it down here before I forget. This is about me tweaking my Arch Linux setup to be a bit more productive a little faster.

The non-problem

So, I use Arch (BTW), so I naturally have full control of what my computer does. Well besides the firmware, the loose ports, and all the software I have no idea how to work or use (yet). But I’m getting there. I still need to figure out how to make this Ladspa sync in Pulse go to whatever card is plugged in, not just the Intel built-in Speakers/headphone-jack thing.

Anyways, I had ESpeakup (Speakup screen reader speaking through ESpeak), starting at startup, giving me a good indication that the system is ready. I could then type in my username and password, and then raced to type `startx` before the network manager connected to Wi-fi, because it was kinda fun getting that notification that I’m connected to Wi-fi.

Then, I needed to type my password again because some log-in key ring wasn’t authenticated via a mere shell login. Ah well. But that wasn’t all very productive. For one thing, I almost never used the console for anything. So, why log in using it? I just used it as a jumping off point for startx and mate-session.

So, I tried a few display managers. My first choice was lightdm, as I wasn’t sure the GDM one would allow me to start Mate, or if it was tied to Gnome. Well, that one didn’t seem to have Orca support. Or, if it did, it was more work than I was willing to expend to get that working. So, I went back to no DM and just using startx.

So, then, I tried GDM, the Gnome display manager. This worked well, I was able to start Orca within it. The settings were just the default Orca settings, with slow speech and such, but I could deal with that. I just needed to hit Enter, type in my password, and hit Enter again. But then, I started Emacs. The environment variable to set DTKProgram wasn’t set anymore to “outloud,” so it used ESpeak, which doesn’t have great support in Emacspeak. So, I tried other programs, some QT apps weren’t accessible, and neither was Chromium. So, my environment variables weren’t being loaded. So, I went back to no DM and just using startx.

So, today, I can’t remember why I wanted to try this again. Ah yes, it was .bashprofile verses .bashrc. Also, I need to find new Aspell dictionary with more computer/Linux terms and such. But anyway, I wanted to see if .bashrc worked to get environment vars loaded when using GDM. So, I enabled GDM, but found that Emacs (with Emacspeak) still loaded ESpeak. That was kind of disappointing.

So, after a few restarts, I determined that it wasn’t me, that the .bashprofile was made right, and that when loading GDM, that simply wasn’t being taken into account. So, I looked it up, and found that most modern Linux distros load from .profile, not .bashrc or .bashprofile. Well, that makes sense.

So, I found that, yes, I do have a .profile, and that it’s practically empty. I filled in everything that I had from my .xinitrc, .bashrc, and .bashprofile that I’ve added over the months that I’ve used Linux, and restarted. And it works! Emacs loads with Outloud, Chromium is accessible, and all it better, needing one login, not basically two with the authentication key ring login. So, here is my .profile:

export DTK_PROGRAM=outloud
export LADSPA_PATH=/usr/lib/ladspa
export PATH="$HOME/.gem/ruby/2.7.0/bin:$PATH"
export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3 GTK_MODULES="gail:atk-bridge"
export GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge
export EDITOR="emacsclient"

alias git=git-smb

Yeah, it could use with a little cleaning, but the extra stuff about GTK3 was for LibreOffice, and I ain’t messing with that.


from devinprater

This log will detail my search throughout Linux for accessible games, besides the audio game manager, and my reaching out to developers, and their responses. Hopefully, this will motivate me to keep going in the face of, undoubtedly, much failure.


Because I’m weird. I can’t just start with any old app category, oh no. ToDo managers? Pomodoro timers? Text editors? No, I choose to bang my head against games. And because I want new blind Linux users, when they join Linux, to have some games outside the Windows audio games, to play. Because it’s like… a sighted person coming to Linux and finding out that all there is to play is Windows games. And yeah there are a good many games made for Linux. So why not? Hopefully I can get at least one game made accessible, or find that one already is accessible. If I can do at least that, then that’s one more success story of the open source community actually giving a crap.

Testing the games

I test each game using the Orca screen reader, version 3.38.2. I run the Mate desktop (version 1.24.1) on Arch Linux. My PC has an Intel Core i7-6500U CPU at 2.50GHz and 8 GB of RAM and a Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] graphics card. At least, I think that’s the graphics card. 😊

Game list

I am getting the list of games from the Arch Linux Wiki. It’s separated into game genre headings, so that’s great. At a fellow Mastodon user’s suggestion, I’m going to go with casual games first. Arch Wiki List of Games

So, from here, I’ll have the game category, then the games, their accessibility, and contact with the developer.

Casual Games

Aisleriot (version 3.22.12)

Upon starting the game, I hear “Klondike, drawing area.” The “Drawing area” is what the Screen Savers use as a “frame” to show the picture. But in this case, I assume a game has started, so this should be filled with cards. Whenever I press Tab, I hear “new game, button, start a new game”, and when pressing it, the drawing area stays the same, so that’s why I assume a game has already started.

When pressing Tab after the “new game” button, I’m placed back onto the drawing area. If I use the Right Arrow while on the “new game” button, I find the other buttons on what I assume is a toolbar: “Select game,” “Deal” and “hint”. If I press Enter on “select game,” I am able to choose another game type to play. Even so, the Drawing Area is still there. If I press the “Hint” button, I am given an accessible dialog with a hint on what to do next, like “Move the ten of hearts onto the ten of clubs.” I can dismiss the hint with the Enter key. If I press the “Deal” button, back in Klondike mode, nothing is reported, but two new buttons, “undo move” and “restart” appear.

When I press F10, to open the menu bar, that part is accessible. Pressing “New game,” “restart,” entering the “recent games” menu, and closing work, in that I can perform those functions. The statistics screen was much more accessible than I expected, with textual labels for each field, along with the number associated with them. There is also a button to reset the statistics, and one to close the window. None of the items in the “view” menu affect accessibility, although the removal of the “tool bar” hides the buttons “above” the drawing area. Nothing within the Controls menu affects accessibility, neither does anything in the Klondike menu. In the help menu, there are keyboard shortcuts, but none regarding accessibility.

In short, everything is accessible except the cards and ways of moving and controlling them. I don’t know much about Solitaire, but I do know there are supposed to be cards, and from the hints, they can be moved. [[][Gitlab Issue


from Bubbl3B0t

Note: This is a meeting synopsis originally completed on December 10, 2020 as part of a meeting simulation group project.

Executive Summary

To better understand how to perform meetings in the business world, we have conducted a meeting simulation. Our company, Dumb Starbucks, needed to resolve two main issues: hiring a permanent human resources manager and bridging the linguistic divide within our company. With Aaron as chair, Martin as administrative assistant, Rich as assistant manager, Dona as Director of Human Resources, and Hunter as Director of Marketing, we conducted an effective simulation of a business meeting.

**Planning Meetings** Each member brought their skills to the table: ● Aaron was our extrovert, so naturally, he led our planning. ● Dona, with her laid-back attitude, set a relaxed atmosphere which allowed the team to open up and discuss. ● Hunter was already familiar with meetings and cleared up any confusion for the less experienced team members. ● Rich was also familiar with meetings, so he could write our minutes and action notes (and distinguish between the two, as there was some confusion). ● Martin had some mic issues, but he expressed good ideas when the mic worked.

All members assembled for our planning and actively discussed what to do for our project. According to our textbook, that is an essential part of being in a team because all members need to attend, participate, and communicate (Cheesebro, O'Connor, & Rios 2007). We also did a good job using our time management skills; we planned to meet and discuss the project at various times so the group could accommodate everyone's schedules and collaboration went smoothly. Not only did we meet at convenient times, but we stayed on topic throughout our discussions. To help ourselves conduct the actual meeting, we wrote a script that helped us write our action notes and minutes in advance. In our script, we decided Dona would hire Toby Flenderson for the permanent human resources manager position as an executive responsibility, and Hunter would provide a constructive-originative resolution by motioning for Spanish classes for our managers (Jay, 1976).

Leading Meetings

Aaron did an excellent job at leading the meeting. He set the pace and led the flow without constricting other members. During the meeting, Hunter and Dona initiated motions and added meaningful discussion to support their motions. Rich added to the realism by disagreeing with the first motion rather than voting in favor with the rest. Martin supplied an idea during discussion that we tabled for a future meeting. Every member dressed well and spoke clearly. Thanks to our practice runs, everyone performed their part and missed nothing. Due to going on the second day, we could take advantage of advice given to previous groups and avoided common mistakes of previous groups (and real meetings) such as improperly making a motion and voting to end a meeting rather than simply adjourning. Our professor commented that we could have been more enthused but noted our lack of joy adds to the authenticity of our meeting simulation. The meeting itself went well, though it had some room for improvement. Even though we offered people time for discussion, we should have allowed more time to let the members reflect on the motions to provide more detailed and thoughtful answers (Rogelberg, 2020).


We did an outstanding job collaborating and joining in the conversation with simple and realistic ideas to solve the problems at hand. All the motions had the correct verbiage of '*I move that*,' and the meeting followed the agenda distributed before the meeting. We even made writing the minutes and action notes easier on ourselves. The only fault was that the meeting itself felt almost rushed. Though we were mindful of the strict time limit because of the test review we needed to get to, if we allowed ourselves to paraphrase our script rather than strictly following it, our discussions would be longer and feel less rehearsed. However, it says something when the biggest criticism of our teamwork comes from our own after-the-fact opinion and not our professor. We were cooperative, efficient, effective, and reflective whenever we came together.


Cheesebro, T., O'Connor, L., & Rios F. (2007). Communication skills: Preparing for career success. Upper Saddle, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Rogelberg, S. (2020, November 25). Why your meetings stink-and what to do about it. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from:

Jay, A. (2020). How To Run a Meeting. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from:


from undreas

This is my new favourite place. I’ve been here the last couple of weekends, alone with a cup of coffee and maybe a book. A short stop on a regular detour.

After this I’ll visit the church around the corner. It’s something new, a longing for sitting down in a church for some time. I guess it has to do with a stressful situation in my work life.

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Anaokulu etkinlikleri farklı yaş gruplarına göre onların yapabileceği alanlarda müfredata dahil edilmiştir. Anaokulu etkinlikleri uygulamalı olarak ve eğitici oyunlar kurularak çocuklara aktarılmaktadır. Çünkü anaokulu etkinlikleri küçük çocuklardan oluştuğu için oyun oynayarak onları sıkmadan eğitmek önem arz etmektedir. Anaokulu eğitimi en az üç yaş grubu dahil edilmekte olup bir nevi kreş gibi eğitim verilmektedir. 5 yaşına kadar olan çocukları kaliteli bir eğitim sisteminden geçirerek onları ilkokula hazırlamada anaokulun önemi oldukça fazladır.

Anaokullarında 3 yaş çocukları nasıl eğitim verilmektedir?

Anaokullarında üç yaş grubu en küçük yaş grubu olduğu için eğitim biraz daha zor olmaktadır. İlk defa aileden ayrılan minik öğrencilerin burada sıkılmadan eğitim almaları önemlidir. Anaokullarında çocuk eğitimi alanında eğitim alan öğretmeler görev yaptıkları için çocuklar ile kolay iletişim kurabilmektedirler. 3 yaş etkinlikleri farklı şekillerde uygulanmakta olup bu yaş grubunun anlayacağı şekildedir. 3 yaş etkinlikleri daha çok oyun kurma yönünde ve davranış kuralları yönünde olmaktadır. 3 yaş etkinlikleri arasında ayrıca boyama çalışması, basit puzzle çalışmaları yapılmaktadır.

Bahar Erdem Beylikdüzü Anaokulları ‘nda 4 ve 5 yaş etkinlikleri nelerdir?

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Devamını oku...

from HelenSometimesHolly

It was a dark and stormy night. No really, it was dark and raining so hard I couldn’t see the roads my GPS was telling me to turn on.

Lucky 13 Rescue had asked me to write a profile on Cooper, a dog that has been in his foster home for a year. One year. 365 plus days. It’s a long time for a dog to languish in a shelter, but Cooper hit the jackpot when he wound his way through the streets of Drexel, Missouri, leaving a trail of spent people, and found himself in the care of Sheryl and her son, Alex. This last has undoubtedly been the best of his five years.

While Cooper would be perfectly happy to never leave the Greene’s, Sheryl longs to see him in an active home with lots of active people to keep Cooper busy. Because Cooper is very, very busy. At the time of our interview Sheryl had ten dogs; seven personal dogs and three long-term fosters.

When I arrived, the dogs were all kenneled, or in Alex’ room. She let Cooper out and he hit the kitchen like a cyclone. He sprang (Sheryl says he can leap a 4 foot fence, and I believe her) at me, at the treats on the table, his body vibrating with unbridled energy. I’ve never seen strength like his; Sheryl keeps a harness on him at all time so she has something to grab on to.

Like so many dogs with boundless energy, he’s not bad. He’s looking for that special someone who has the time, knowledge (or willingness to learn), and ability to meet Cooper where he is. Where he is . . . he’s crazy. But he also loves to snuggle and wants to be right with you.

Sheryl slowly let the other nine dogs out so I could meet her personal dogs, as well as Ziggy and Rylan, her other fosters. Cooper’s energy faded and was absorbed by the initial chaos; squirming bodies everywhere, all ready to sit for treats. While there’s no time for individual training, all sit calmly on command, looking to Sheryl for affirmation.

When Alex’ Dad passed away about five years ago, Sheryl fostered to adopt a puppy with Lucky 13 Rescue. Since then she’s fostered X dogs. Like most folks who foster, the most rewarding thing for Sheryl is seeing the dogs heal. “Every one has a story.” She’s seen a lot of healing, as she takes on hard cases. Gus was thrown out of a moving car; Ziggy’s mom was a junkyard dog. For those who’ve never opened their hearts and homes, you really can’t imagine the joy of seeing a dog relax for the first time, or run for the first time, or initiate play as an adult.

I asked Cheryl if she has any regrets. “Look at my house.” I did and don’t see what she does. The kitchen is clean and tidy. How does it not smell like dog in her house? Granted, when I peeked around the corner, the living room is blocked with a gate and the dining room is full of kennels, but had I not seen the ten dogs for myself I wouldn’t have believe there were any dogs living there.

The only dog not rescued was purchased as a gift from an ex-boyfriend. (Dudes, know your audience. Seriously.) When asked about the ex, Cheryl froze, clearly not her favorite topic. I gently poked and she said, “He said, no you can’t. And I said, Oh, yes I can!” Then we both laughed maniacally in mutual understanding.

“Are you going to be able to let him go?”, I asked. “Oh yea.” Sheryl will be picky about who adopts him, but with her own personal dogs and the constant flow of pets in need of a stepping stone to the next soft spot, Sheryl wants to see Cooper settled with his own family.

“It’s a lot, isn’t it?” Sheryl says. I ask if she’s reached her limit . . . “not in an emergency. To keep one from being euthanized.”

I’m finally home and Sheryl sends me a message . . . “I have a not so fun part of Fostering so many..... Having to leash walk them in the rain and freezing cold Lol That part is little miserable. But once they're adopted it was of course worth it

Cooper eats cats, jumps fences, and excitedly throws his body violently around. He snuggles, kennels very well, and wants to please. He is unbridled potential.


from Vrede op Van Voorbijgaande Aard

(Leonie van der Togt)

Ik weet dat de Voorbijgaande eigenlijk iets anders wou publiceren maar dat is wederom nog niet af, deze wel en dus is dit een zogenaamd dan die maar stukje, soms moet je wat als schrijver van stukjes en dit is zoiets. Vreugd der vreugden dat ik het dan mag aankondigen als een waardevol document deze tijden meer dan waard, helaas ben ik gewoon te eerlijk voor dit werk, ik zou vandaag de dag nog niet eens door een porno keuring komen omdat ik teveel op en aanmerkingen maak over camera werk, gebrekkige verwarming, licht, reflectie en allerlei belangrijkere zaken dan die opgebloeide unit waarop ik mijn aandacht eigenlijk moet richten. Gelukkig heb ik deze baan al en een vast contract met minimum inkomen netje opgesteld volgens kartel afspraken bekend van het betere super geweldig sinaasappel uitpers werk elke werkdag gesteund door de bevrijde markt. Hier een partje van een deel uit een groter geheel en dat andere stuk komt later wel eens af, voor vandaag is dit het.

Twee deling met dokter Eere Wieereinkomt.

Op zijn oratiekamer in het UZ ontmoeten wij op zeven weken vooraf gemaakte afspraak dokter Eere Wieereinkomt. Hij heeft met de nodige moeite een paar minuten van zijn drukke leven over voor ons armetierige journalisten van het Dagblad van het Gepeupel. Wij zijn hier in het Universeel Ziekenkantoor omdat zij ons hebben uitgenodigd met alle mogelijke middelen, in alle gevallen zijn dat de cijfers en de prognoses behorende bij de diagnoses, fysieke zaken groot en klein en de behoefte van elk mens om zaken te bes preken in het kader van de ijdelheid en zorgen aanwezig in beide betrokken partijen, zaken die iedere dag moet worden besprenkeld met spraakwater, drukinkt en vermenigvuldigd met informatie en beeld technologie.

De hele wijze dokter begint meteen bij binnenkomst met het duidelijk in ABN uitspreken van zijn in het hoofd reeds aanwezige antwoorden op waarschijnlijk door ons gestelde vragen en gaat hiermee door tot het interview er volgens zijn dwingende agenda op zit. We krijgen het gevoel schoolkinderen te zijn op het kantoor van de directeur na een onbekend voorval waarvan wij ten onrechte zijn beschuldigd maar toch worden opgescheept met schuldgevoelens door een autoriteit op dit gevoelige strafbare gebied.

Hier volgen de dokters antwoorden op onze mogelijke maar nooit gestelde vragen.

Dagblad van het Gepeupel Mogelijke vragen ?

Dokter Eere Wieereinkomt Absolute Antwoorden !

Gisteren bijvoorbeeld heb ik vijf mensen genezen door te zeggen dat ze niet zijn besmet en 7 ziek verklaard aan de hand van meermalen bestudeerde en dus ware lab resultaten.

Vervolgens heb ik ze doorverwezen met behulp van een officiële lijn naar de eerste door ons verzonnen afdeling van het door ons ingerichte behandelproces alwaar ze ter hunner tijd zijn genezen als wij zeggen dat ze beter zijn. Dan kunnen zij opgelucht adem halen en zijn wij nog steeds bezig met lab resultaten en verwijzen, dag in dag uit maar met een degelijke vergoeding voor dit ondragelijk nare saaie werk. Dit in tegenstelling tot de meeste anderen met soort gelijk werk die treurend, wenend met tandengeknars in onze spreekkamers zitten wachten op ons oordeel over hun onzeker en vast en zeker pijnlijk lot. Onze dagen maken we voor ons gevoel goed door het oraal overbrengen van positieve lab resultaten en overige diagnostische gegevens zodat de geduldige en absoluut zieke persoon even beter is en daarnaast behandelen we zoveel mogelijk mensen waar eigenlijk niet zo veel mis mee is maar wel veel mis mee kan gaan als ze bijvoorbeeld overdag opstaan of de ogen open doen en dergelijke nare dingen. Onze dagen worden verpest door negatieve lab resultaten over volop aanwezige niet deugdelijke cellen, geradicaliseerde cellen, bloedcellen, lichaamscellen en dergelijke, we herstellen schade aangebracht op en langs snelwegen, wel of niet geïnhaleerd, we claimen werkdruk maar meer personeel leiden we niet op, risicovol werk voor eigen lijf en leden mijden we omdat we net als iedereen met een saaie baan vooral denken aan ons pensioen en de vakantie in ons vooruitzicht, de rust en kalmte van de natuur die wij gaan verstoren met klimijzers en brandstof motoren. Onze opgedane tijdelijke kennis houden we zoveel mogelijk voor ons zelf zodat we er veel meer aan kunnen verdienen, voor dit geld kopen we dan een boot, sportwagen, tweede of derde huisje, dure therapeuten voor de kinderen en kleinkinderen indien nodig, kortom de status quo is ook bij ons in het ziekenkantoor in goede handen, als er een beroepsgroep is die weet waarom de rijken rijker worden en de armen armer dan zijn wij het wel meer nog dan een bankier die toch ook gewoon met zijn cellen bij ons op de koffie komt voor een goed gesprek over fysieke transactie resultaten. Gelukkig worden wij in huidige tijden vaak genoeg heilig verklaard en dankzij deze verklaring kunnen wij onze ziekenzalen en laboratoria blijvend verbeteren en voorzien van hoog ontwikkelde gadgets die vooral onze ogen groter en groter maken.

Nu ik toch zoveel goede vragen en terechte aandacht krijg zal ik u vertellen over een opvallende gelijkenis tussen ons werk en dat van grens politie en legermachten wereldwijd. U wilt op dit moment zeker afronden? Dat dacht ik al. Prima, ik snap het, niet iedere gelijkenis is even goed voor het vak gebied waarin ik een bepaalde leidende rol speel en de anderen een andere ondergeschikte. Fijn, bedankt dat u mij te woord mocht staan, voor u gaat wil ik u nog een moment zegenen, de weledele lab resultaten zijn positief, hierbij verklaar ik u afdoende genezen, ga heen mijn waarde niet zo denderend betaalde journalist iedere dag overlevend op het dieptepunt van dreigend ontslag in verband met weer een re-orgaanisatie, ha ha, snapt u um!

En zo dropen wij af na weer zo'n heerlijk bad in het ware licht van deze welvarende grijzende geneesheer en zijn zeer op zichzelf en zijn goede pik orde afgestelde heel diepzinnige antwoorden op onze niet gestelde edoch prangende vragen. We zijn uit zijn spreekkamer gezond heen gezonden richting de voor uitgang van het Universeel Ziekenkantoor en spoeden ons naar onze kleine woonkamer om zijn woorden in dit artikel te mogen schrijven en dan richting Krant voor het Gepeupel redactie verzenden, naar de in box van de redactie, ook al thuis zetelend, zeer goed mogelijk samen met kleine kinderen, blaffend, twietend of spinnend huisdier, een ware genoot en dergelijke, zij gaan dan gezwind het stuk bewerken, herschrijven en gereed maken voor deze publicatie zodat u kunt lezen hoe goed er voor u wordt vervolgd (na het volgende interview).

(Leonie van der Togt)

Hallo? ... Meer is er hier vandaag niet te beleven. ... Ja, doe ik chef, 'tuurlijk voor een achtste dag doe ik alles. Hier? Oké dan... . schoen Welterusten


from The Coffee Shop

Dear Reader, So, it is currently 4:27 A.M. and I have not slept in twenty four hours. I have been watching Tik Tok and texting anyone who is awake, but they have all gone to bed and I’ve become bored of Tik Tok. So, it was either lay here and stare at the ceiling or get on my computer or any of the other three electronics laying around in my bed, and I guess you can probably figure out what option I chose. I’m surprisingly not tired for someone running on less than an hour of sleep, not to mention the thanksgiving dinner I just remembered I have today. Heh, I don’t like most of my family so this is going to go great. I am excited to see my little cousin. OH!! He’s so cute!! I can just see his face! Anyway, I know why I can’t sleep tonight. It’s because I haven’t been very good at taking my melatonin lately, and by time I realized I forgot to take it today it was already midnight so there really wasn’t a point in taking them. Well, I’ll update you later on how the dinner goes. Bye!

Sincerely yours, Author


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