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from Distracted at the Office

... and just disappeared!

It was weird! I was unaware of any dissatisfaction related to the mentioned colleague. I chatted with him occasionally. He was a cool guy, talkative and he had lots of sense of humor. At the very day he was fired he asked me for some information about the project the team was working on and I talked with him. All seemed normal. Then I entered a meeting and when I got out there was word on the hallway that he was fired! Just like that! And he disappeared! I couldn't even say farewell.

Then later that day our boss called everybody in the team for a meeting to tell us that he was gone. But the strange thing is that I was the only one with a shocked face. The rest of the team was kinda indifference and even happy. They did not show signs of being surprised or sad. And the reason given was “personal reasons, not work related”. And my boss was smiling. I don't know what to make of it 🤔. I did want to ask “Why?” at the meeting, but since everybody was okay with the vague justification, I thought it would be best if I kept my mouth shut. But I'm still trying to understand what happened.

Why don't people talk about it?

I asked my colleagues and the answer they gave me was: “He kind knew it was going to happen sooner or later... but we don't know why.” I have a suspicion they knew something but didn't want to tell me. Anyway... I will be patient... maybe one day I'll find out.


from dsale

“Third Eye Spies”, a documentary concerning the government's #remoteviewing program, is coming March 1st. It's definitely worth a look if you've ever wondered what that was all about.

I've had the film since February of last year (or the year before, I can't remember which) after finding the Master copy uploaded to someone-in-particular's Facebook account. Surely forces must've guided me there, as I don't suspect it was up for very long.

And absolutely, the remote viewers are aware of my transgression. After all, the website's logo is...

There can be no secrets.


from inquiry

30F outside, clouds mostly intercepting and filtering sunlight, vestiges of a light snow dusting almost gone.

Wasn't there some sort of an amazing moon situation going on last night? Thought I read something about that, but forgot, but the moon did seem inordinately bright, but I was too lazy to dig for confirmation, but thankfully confirmation of some arbitrary eventness doesn't detract from the moon's amazingness.


I still can't explain why I'm becoming increasingly fond of the taste of sauerkraut as I age.

Have I ever been in sales?

One the better writers I've read here speaks of being in that line of work, so I couldn't help but get to wondering, aka remembering.

Indeed, there was a time. But just one particular job, selling – of all things – paneling.

Yep. That stuff was the so-called (but I don't think so-called in those days) bomb. I can still picture the couple garage doors leading into the place to facilitate loading purchases into vehicles.

Most of it would likely be considered abhorrent these days.

But, well, you know how there's no accounting for taste – especially the taste of “the times”.

So my employment timeline (without specific times given that's too much hard memory work):

  • babysitting
  • paper route
  • bakery (cleaned the over trays)
  • grocery store (mostly in the back)
  • selling paneling
  • manufacturing
  • warehouse
  • drafting
  • integrated circuit development
  • software development
  • gambling-themed articles (yep....)
  • software development

from journeyofthenile


Boiling water will melt ice it touches in an instant

An ice cube placed in boiling hot water will be absorbed and melt, yet the water does not freeze

Love is like boiling water and fear is like ice.

An abundance of love will absorb fear and turn it into love.

It takes a hell of a lot of fear, hate, to turn love into fear. Yet it takes an ounce of love to eradicate or transform fear.

It takes more energy to be the 'boiling water' and to keep it hot. To extinguish hate, doubt, anger wherever it arises

Its harder to conjur up, but I know what side I choose

I choose love.



from ConZervative

Good morning! I'm on the train into work and it's freezing here. Even on the train I'm putting my jacket over my legs. I don't do well in the cold. I'm happy when there's sunshine and I'm sad when there isn't.

Did I tell you guys my boss quit a few days ago? I think I mentioned it. Anyway, the schedule for the next few weeks is going to be hectic, but it looks like they already have someone in mind for the job. I hope she's good and likes me and my vision for the store we're going to run.

But this could be an opportunity to get some new blood in here and make real change. Our store could be unbelievably successful with the right leadership. I love my boss, but this was her first time as a SM and she was too lenient in my opinion. Maybe the next girl will be less up for nonsense like call outs and no shows and girls who are disrespectful. My boss had her team and she didn't make a point of helping me integrate, and it caused a ton of tension. This girl will demand that I be treated with respect.

Yesterday there was a snowstorm so my boss and I sat in the store looking at memes and laughing a ton. We talked about how maybe fifty percent of the girls we'd hired did things like not show up for shifts, not finish their work, take a “15” but then sit downstairs for 20 minutes. Push the limits.

And how the girls we've taken to hiring now are so readily hardworking, so readily respectful and punctual and who already know the etiquette. I don't have to tell them to be here on time. Being here on time is part of their lives already. My boss worked last night with one of the new girls and instead of the usual texts I get, like “Ugh, I had to show her how the drawers need to look like five times,” I'm hearing, “OMG I love this girl.”

All the girls we've hired save one are really blowing me away. Maybe I've learned what to look for. But in my last posting about race and hiring, where I talked about it more, I pointed out that culture is a huge part of it.

I need to find girls with a good work ethic. Maybe I should talk a little about what that is and how it presents itself and why employers look for it.

When I was younger, one of the first terms I can ever remember my dad trying to teach me was work ethic. Loosely described, someone's work ethic is how we talk about and measure their willingness and desire to be useful and industrious, regardless of reward.

The kind of people who actively try to be valuable players in their field. The people who behave as though the working world is a competitive place and they want to compete and do well. The ones who maybe got a job because they needed the money, but also because being without work makes them feel sluggish and unhappy.

When I started my last job this spring, I technically didn't need one, but I liked to have money. At the time, I thought maybe if I had more funds my husband might want me back. Even though he'd been without a job for almost two years and I was the one who suggested he start looking for the fancy job he has now. Edited his resume and found him the right numbers. Talked him through the commute. Insisted he get new clothes for the interview.

So I was living at home and I wanted to work. I needed something to occupy my time. I couldn't stand just sitting at home all day with everyone banging on my door.

After I met my boyfriend and my confidence started to build up again as I put together a savings account and started to think about the future, I realized I could get a job in the city since I live so close to the train station. I was wanting to move out and rent a room in the city for a while but I couldn't afford it at this job.

So I started looking and I found this one, and now between the two of us we can afford a small place.

I have always had a good work ethic, and I know how to make myself valuable on a team. On a selling team, it's possible to do this if you generally have good numbers, or if you train others very well. I do both of these. I also minimize the things that might make me less useful. I'm not the most beautiful so I try to keep things stylish. I wear and use any products and items that I want to become good at selling. I am short so I make sure to wear heels. I have a quiet voice so I practice projections. I'm aware of my weaknesses and negate them with whatever I can.

The thing that makes me most desirable as an employee though is my open availability. Days, nights, weekends, holidays, I have no problem getting here or staying here until the work is done. Another candidate may be more qualified or ask for less pay, but they also might not be able to be here when you need them. Might not be willing to cover extra shifts. Might not be willing to do a double when needed.

So a lot of girls we've tried to hire prove immediately that they have a poor work ethic. They are unprofessional (that's an easy way to tell) in that they do not create open lines of communication. They randomly tell us they're busy today and won't be coming to work, or just don't show up at all. On the flipside, the rest of the girls are communicative, polite, respectful, and wouldn't dream of just not showing up for a shift.

A poor work ethic gets you exactly what you actually want: no job. I just wish people who didn't want a job didn't waste my time applying for one.

I recommend getting a good work ethic. It'll help you in literally anything you want to do in life. Of course, we don't really know yet if this part of the personality is malleable or if you need to develop it by an early age. If the former, it is probably closely associated with industriousness, which is a personality trait that often comes with being conscientious. Maybe you can't just conjure that up. Maybe you're lucky if you get it.

I do think that nature has a huge part to play in our upbringing and how we turn out. Nature vs. nurture is an old argument but I believe two sides to the same coin.

Still, if you don't have a good work ethic, I recommend faking it a while. For a day, just pretend that you're a hard worker who delights in things being done and done well. Act as if your job is important to you and that you take pride in it. Treat your coworkers as though you respect them and want the best for them. If you like how the day turns out, try it for a week. Watch your life unfold.


from inquiry

What a joy, this stream!

People on the train, reading RFC's, agonizing over how of their attention is enthralled with and/or numbed by and/or obliterated by The Internet, a bunch of stuff I can't read because it isn't written in English.

Feels like a genuine river. And it's good to be wet instead of land-locked.

Actually, email is far and away my favorite online phenomenon – but, my gosh, it takes the acts of several deities and a handful of purely coincidental miracles to attain unto correspondents that are both worth reading and last.

Which, of course, might be saying more about me, and I'm willing to accept that. But, I dunno, I've always felt kind of texturally fun. So there's been a whole lot of “What gives?” consternation over the years, despite having been lucky enough to encounter and somehow wax worthy of the attention of a two extremely inbox intelligent and pleasant correspondents.

And they're opposite gender to boot!

I met both in the glorious yet now defunct “Craigslist” personals (platonic sector).

I can't tell you how much I miss that place, which I enjoyed referring to as “CL Platonia”.

I like that email is personal and private, engenders context accumulation, and don't get me going on the joy of inline quoting.

So, yeah, this is very different than that, so I hope I find a way to remain interested. I keep telling myselves I can enjoy being mostly an observer, then an amateur writer with occasional references to others streamtributions. But, like I said, I'm mostly an email kind of guy, so I can't help but wonder whether this will too soon come to feel more like an isolation tank. Sure, such watery enclosures have their own advantages (as one John C. Lilly attested), but they ain't got inbox funnel directly to and only for me.


from tmo

Some of my highest viewed posts on this blog were from earlier last night (as in, a few hours ago) so i must have been on a roll or some shit.

That's chillin'

Still sticking to the change of plans though and not self-hosting a #blog at this time, but i will someday. Probably.

All i give a fuck about right now is the fact that it is 1:50 AM and i just had a frreshhhh shower and am making some bold ass coffee and thinking about what i have going on for tomorrow. That is to say, thinking about nothing because i have no plans. It is going to be an ice storm tomorrow night which means i will be spending the majority of the time indoors but that is nothing compared to the “mega-storm” that is going to hit California (from what i hear). Apparently it is going to breach dams and all kinds of shit. Sucks to be in the West between floods and wildfires and all the shit that goes on there 24/7.

Anyway, i also realized that after all the bullshit yammering i did earlier about #tech-related stuff, that I am actually spending basically all of my upcoming tax $$$ on NON-tech-related stuff such as tobaccy, a new billiard (tobacco pipe), razors for my safety razor, promenade for the hair, and new spectacles. All common sense, practical, non-Internetty things all of which make me happy.

In fact, nothing on the internet makes me happy these days. At all. I discover a thing here and there and...yada yada yada and i just want to pull the plug on having any data on my phone whatsoever and find other shit to find interest in in my life.





Jeg har satt meg som mål å lese ut alle bøkene i bokhyllen jeg ennå ikke har lest, samt alle bøkene jeg finner på å kjøpe i løpet av året. Listen over bøker vil du finne her (oppdateres fortløpende).

Såvidt jeg husker startet jeg året med å lese Vidar Sundstøl sin siste bok, Hullet han krøp ut av. Jeg hadde hørt en anmeldelse av boken på P2, i tillegg til et intervju med forfatteren. Tidligere har jeg lest en av krimbøkene hans, fordi jeg hadde lest et sted at det var Norges nye Indiana Jones eller noe i den dur. Han har tatt farvel med krim. Derfor er hans siste roman en form for virkelighetslitteratur der jeg-personen ligner veldig på forfatteren selv, men er angivelig ikke ham, og det er ikke alle detaljer som samsvarer med hans liv. Til felles har forfatteren og jeg-personen en kone fra et østblokk land og en sønn med en form for utviklingsforstyrrelse. Det skrives om å skrive, det skrives om utfordringer med familiens samarbeid med det offentlige og noe om jeg-personens eksistensielle problemstillinger. Det var rask lesning og en god start på året.

Helt sånn ut av det blå lurer jeg nå litt på hvordan det går med Jon Øystein Flink. Jeg husker at han pleide å Google seg selv. For mange år siden, da jeg drev en blogg som noen faktisk leste, googlet han seg selv og fant bloggen min. Der hadde jeg skrevet noe om stilrunk. Those were the days.

Jeg begynte på Milan Kunderas Tilværelsens uutholdelige letthet, men er ikke ferdig ennå. Jeg elsker den tittelen. Konseptet er muligens bedre enn gjennomføringen, men jeg skal uansett lese den ferdig. Jeg ble bare avbrutt av at jeg kom i skade for å lese første kapittel fra en ny roman, The Dakota Winters, på Så jeg bestilte boken fra Bookdepository og leste boken ut på et par dager. Den handler om Winter-familien som bor i Dakota-bygningen i tiårsskiftet 70-80, altså samme tid som John Lennon, og sistnevnte figurerer faktisk som en rollefigur i boken. Jeg liker stemmen i boken, den er liksom den typen fortellerstemme du blir fortrolig med – ikke på nivå med Catcher in the Rye, men mer på nivå med Richard i The Beach. Jeg vet ikke, jeg bare likte den.

Nå leser jeg Simon Strangers Leksikon om lys og mørke. Den anbefales! Godt skrevet. Om....


from tmo

People have probably seen a blog post like this a thousand times before, so if this isn't your thing: please move on. It's ok.

I removed anyone and everyone who “trolls” on Twitter. Twitter is the only #socialmedia platform that I use and i am hopelessly addicted to it (as mentioned in a prev blog post), but the one thing I definitely have control over is the people I DO and DON'T follow. If i see anyone trolling anyone or being mean to anyone, i am blocking them outright, no questions asked. idgaf if they are trolling a politician, celebrity, i don't care. I am sick and fucking tired of seeing people being mean for the sake of being mean.

I just blocked 10 people on Twitter because i know that they used their feeds exclusively for trolling, and i sincerely regret ever following them.



from tmo

What do you know? I leave a social network (Mastodon) and low and behold i feel 100x's better for having left it and it is only an hour after hitting “delete account”. LOL!

I wish i could say the same thing about leaving Twitter, but, nope! Hooked as fuck on that network. It's a ghost town, of course, but it is also a place where a lot of (relevant?) weird shit happens. Well.. where a lot of bad shit happens and i like to see all the shit that happens in the world, but really it is because i have some sort of weird psychological addiction / affinity for the fucking service, probably because i remember what it was like “in the good old days”, and old habits are hard the break. Yea, that is probably it.

It is part of having an addictive personality. I was addicted to for a few years in my teens + early-20s, and then it was celebrity gossip blogs I was hooked on until i started a celebrity gossip blog and then got good at it which just meant i was reading more celebrity gossip blogs than ever. And then social media came along and i was addicted to all that shit until i basically just whittled it down to just Twitter, which is a hell of a lot more than what most people can say.

My fucking hands hurt from typing all god damn night and i am making a midnight snack and feeling somewhat bored.

Back to twitternet, i suppose


from tmo

This blog, me, my thoughts, and I.

I have a decent life (a pretty terrific one, actually) outside of the WWW, but i do tend to spend a good amount of time using the Internet when i am alone. And since I live alone and every few days can/will spend an entire day alone, I tend to write a lot on this days and spend (too much) time on Twitter. This is one reason i do not regret deleting Masto, because that was more or less a separate-yet-similar distraction, anyway. But the question is:

What can I do to channel my thought and ideas into a “positive force” (of sorts) on the Internet? Or better yet, should i even try to do so. I am quite comfortable with my life and what i do right now, so should I make any type of effort to.... “DO” something on the Internet?

I think not. Blogging is fine for the moment. And luckily i do a hell of a lot of it.

Good day


from eriki

Summary: Really good, highly recommended for my use case. When I had to wait for a repair last year I missed it a lot.

I bought mine in June 2017 so I've had good time to think about this, in fact I guess this particular model is not being sold anymore but I might very well consider another Garmin the next time I shop for a watch.

Useful features

It is a watch: It shows the time and date. Importantly for my use case it can show seconds, since I use that a lot.

It has a alarm clock built in: I can set it to 0557 (when I have to grab my backpack and head for the bus). This way I can work more efficiently from work.

It can find my phone: I've added an app that signals the phone to start chiming and blinking its camera light. Finding my phone is now more or less a solved problem, even in a hurry.

It tracks my activities: I'm no athlete, but I try to be somewhat active. In practice this often limits itself to walking (or running) to the grocery store, shunning elevators etc. With a watch that actually tracks my activities in the background and lets me see them I have more than once found that I walk a little more. I'm easily fooled that way, and I take advantage of it.

It also tracks sleep: This is nice nice since it gives me a reason to actually try to sleep a bit more. (I'm an early riser and I like it a lot but as far as I am aware getting enough sleep is healthy and beneficial in a number of ways.)

Battery life: I don't know how long the battery lasts. I guess it must be well above a week, because it doesn't bother me.

It is waterproof: somewhat waterproof at least. The repair I mentioned above was after I used it while swimming last summer. Usually it handles that great it seems but for some reason it failed last summer. Luckily getting it repaired or rather replaced costed me nothing, thanks to the staff at my local Elkjøp store who wrote an explanation and sent it back for repair.

Watch bands can easily be replaced when worn out: for me who keeps my electronics as long as possible this is important.


As usual: this is draft. I might have forgotten a lot but time is running out. Feel free to ask if you have questions and can find a way to contact me.

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from Circleville Online

A fire consumed a barn on Hitler Road 2 just East of Circleville in the late evening on Monday night. No injuries were reported, except perhaps a prime condition classic 80's car that was known to be stored in the barn. Pickaway County Sheriff's office, Pickaway Township Fire Department, Clearcreek Township Fire Department, Circleville Fire Department, and the Saltcreek-Tarlton Volunteer Fire Department were on the scene.


from tmo

I have no use for that ghost town of a social network. I can just as easily post what i want to post on Twitter and get about the same level of interaction, so... fuck that service.

I like all the “ideas” and “philosophies” behind what a federated social network can/should be, but it is apparently clear that humans are humans and use certain services in certain ways and a Twitter-like social network (federated or not), is going to have the same outcome in terms of interaction.

Forums are better for certain things, chatrooms are better for certain things, SMS is beter for certain things, and Twitter is better for certain things and Masto will not “upend” Twitter at it's own game.

Enough said.


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