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from Poseur to Composer

The xylophone is looking pretty good right now...

I'm awash in piano tutorials, and every one seems to employ a different system. However, there's consensus between Wikihow's How to Teach Yourself to Play the Piano, Lisa's (I don't know her last name) Piano Video Lessons and James Rhodes' How to Play the Piano book that each finger and thumb needs to be assigned a note. Doing this now will instill good habits and prevent bad habits from forming.

Makes sense.

What doesn't make sense to this opinionated beginner is numbering the notes (as Wikihow suggests) or numbering the fingers (as Lisa instructs in her excellent video). For example the thumb would be 1 and/or the C note; the index finger would be 2 and also the D note; and so on. To me, this unnecessarily complicates things and creates another layer of abstraction.

I'll follow James Rhodes on this and for the right hand designate the thumb for C, index finger for D, middle finger for E, ring finger for F and pinky for G.

Note sure about the left hand. I haven't gotten that far in his book.

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from inquiry

Peaceful evening alone.

I don't like being alone perpetually, but I do crave longish doses on a semi-regular basis.

Self-made nachos for dinner, dishes all done, listened to Alanis' “You Oughta Know” for the first time in ages. Listening to her “Flinch” now. So beautiful.

Taking Friday off. Of work.


Yeah, I guess I'm not very nice at times.


from LouLou's Alibi

I picked up an issue of Vanity Fair from the magazine stand over the weekend. It felt a little unusual to read.

I thought it was because when I came across an unknown word I had to ignore my reactive urge to click on it to learn the definition. A luxury of modern electronic devices that has inculcated my reading experience. That, however, was too obvious. There was something else. Something subtle and elusive that tugged at my reading sensibilities. I forged ahead perusing article after article to get to the bottom of the peculiar sensation.

When at last I put the magazine down I felt positively fabulous. Like I had taken a mini trip someplace and come back home refreshed. That's when it hit me.

The relentless violations of my online privacy have had a deleterious subconscious effect on the enjoyment of reading on the web. Visiting Vanity Fair's web site, the little number next to my browser's ad blocker icon soars telling me that everything I do on that page is monitored.

Ironically, in spite of their hyena like aggressiveness, I am totally blind to online ads. The full page magazine ads, on the other hand, are almost enjoyable. Their highly produced quality gives them an aesthetic allure.

Paradoxically the online surveilling actions of the publishers, social networks, etcetera, have potentially created a renaissance market for the medium they set out to replace. There is a real sense of liberty in reading a magazine without feeling like a smarmy ad executive is looking over my shoulder.


from tmo

As far as computing power for the building of MMMhub + the maitenance of PSShub. What I mean by this is; I am buying a new laptop(!) After a little bit of financial finagling, I discovered that I would have just enough to get a 13 inch MBA from the Mac Reseller across the street from me on July, 1 (as in, this Monday!). So this is very good news. Iam not sure what I would do without a laptop to get-shit-done with! Haha

So, great. I'm happy. Also it stopped raining (finally) so no more deafening thunder and blinding lightening. Power even flickered off for a minute there.

Be back in a bit!


from Dumpster-Dancer

It only took a couple of minutes.

She led her husband to a big throne chair where everyone could watch, pushed him back into it, knelt between his knees on the hard concrete, and aggressively unzipped him. It was the most enthusiastic blow job I've ever seen. He was impressively big. Still she took him all the way down her throat and bobbed that way for many seconds (and it was a really awkward position, requiring her to bend her head what had to be painfully far back). When coming up for air, she filled in with energetic sucking and licking. It was a porn star perfect. And it conveyed all the love, connection and affection that a farmer shows as he slaps the milking machine on a dairy cow's teats.

Done, she puffed out her cheeks, furiously rubbed the cum off her lips and darted off to the bathroom to spit and wash her mouth out . . . leaving him alone to tuck his wilting member away as we mostly all began to avert our eyes.

She returned with a spring in her step, explaining “I've wanted to come here for so long, so I wanted to thank him for bringing me.”

She thought she was giving him a gift, but it was one more tragedy in the slow rolling disaster that was her life.

As often happens when a strong willed woman pairs with a normal man, she constantly felt like something was missing in her marriage and life. Brilliantly smart and aggressive, she planned his sales call routes so he could make more stops in less time. Then she went on-line and found him a much better paying job with better advancement opportunities. Soon she got licensed so she could get a job with the same company so they could travel together. She found them a house and found a way to get the mortgage. She remodeled it and built the kids furniture.

Everything in their lives revolved around her energy, her ambition, and her desires. Meanwhile, he went to work, reliably, every day. He brought in the steady paychecks. He never really had to do much beyond that because she took care of everything. She planned everything.

And she felt alone, confused, angry, frustrated and most of all, scared. She could never relax.

Lucky women learn, somewhere along the way, to play the masculine / feminine dance. They DRAW OUT the masculine essence of their men and relax into it as life allows. Unlucky women just take care of everything, allowing their men to relax and become complacent, and then they wonder why something feels out of place.

The saddest of all find themselves in the bathroom spitting alone in the most intimate of moments.


from ego echo

Vandaag vierden mijn eeuwige verloofde en ik dat we alweer zes jaar samen zijn. Op naar de volgende zes en dan weer zes en zo verder. Ja, of niet. Want dat weet je nooit. Maar goed ook. Anders zou er niets te vieren zijn, snappie? Fijn.

We lunchten. Ik kreeg een mooie kaart met hele lieve woorden en een brok in mijn keel (dat flikt ze dus ieder jaar, onuitstaanbaar zo lief) en een prachtig boekje. Alleen al de vormgeving is om van te houden, maar met de inhoud zit het ook wel goed, geen zorgen.

Na de lunch ging ik nog even mijn lieve collega's bij de bieb een paar uurtjes in de weg lopen. Ook dat is een feest. Tijdens de thee aten we de roze koeken die ik voor deze speciale gelegenheid had meegebracht. Liefde is nu eenmaal een roze koek.

En vanavond hingen we, precies zoals we al hadden verwacht, lui op de bank met de dvd van seizoen twee van The Office. Glazen thee erbij, stukjes chocolade voor haar, kleine droge crackertjes en een handje ongezouten cashewnoten voor mij. De overvloed zit in de eenvoud.



from blog

Today we're happy to release v2.0 of our command-line interface! Now Pro subscribers can publish to their account and blogs, and everyone can sync any anonymous posts you've already published.

Our command-line tool is great for power users that want to build into their normal writing workflow. For example, it can be used in shell scripts or combined with your favorite editor to connect all stages of your writing and publishing process.

In fact, our Linux desktop app is built on top of our command-line tool! So while the app isn't yet updated to take advantage of the CLI's newest features, you can still install this new version, run writeas auth <username>, and then all of your posts published from the desktop app will be connected to your account. Neat, eh?

As mentioned earlier, publishing to your account with the command-line tool is available with a Pro subscription. However, everyone can continue publishing anonymously, and now sync existing posts to their account, for free. We know that many people might've invested time in the CLI assuming that they'd be able to sync their posts one day, so we certainly don't want to prevent that.

Download the CLI v2.0 here and read the full release notes here.

What's next

With this update out the door, we're quickly moving on to supporting all WriteFreely instances with the command-line tool. Anyone interested should keep an eye on the WriteFreely blog for that update. And as always, we'd love to hear what you think on the forum!

#apps #updates #cli


from tmo

I love that I have a new project idea. Originally, I scrapped the MMM project altogether because I thought I had to do it the exact way I initially conceived it. But to understand yourself is to understand compromise, I say. I am building this (probably much better) version (which is the 1st version) of MMMhub and it is going to be a whole lot of fun. I am getting as much done as I possibly can on a little 5.5 inch Pixel 3a screen while I await for a MacBook purchase (soon, I hope) from the Mac Reseller around the block from where I live.

So.... #goodtimes


from Druttens general

... jag gick till en annan barberare än jag brukar. Det kändes lite märkligt först men det gick över. Han var väldigt lätt på handen och hade genast synpunkter på den förras jobb. Jag gav efter direkt och lät han göra som han ville. Jag fick den lenaste knivrakningen jag varit med om och frisyren blev lite jämnare än sist faktiskt. Däremot sved det lite i plånboken efteråt. Antar att det är ett straff jag får ta. #barbershop #personal #kungsholmen

Läs mer...

from tmo

I am starting a new HUB on the Internet (for the purposes of amusing myself, and to help out anyone else interested in the subject matter) called “Make Me Minimal HUB” and it is a project I was working on before I came up with the PSShub concept.

Make Me Minimal HUB (or MMMhub) is going to be about how those who wish to go minimal with the objects in their lives can do so with tips from one, small, lightweight, attractive Website (MMMhub :)) It will be very similar to PSShub i n theory, but in practice and in design it will look totally different. Hosted on at first, and then migrated to (eventually).

All of this work will require a computer, which is why I am buying a refurbished Mac in August. Nothing would make me happier than tobe able to buy one in July, but the money just isn't there :/

I'll get there.

So good things happening right Now, and I am super-excited! :))))

Be back in a bit!


from tmo

I want a new project. Anew writing project. But something similar to where it is a simple page of text (w/ links) that serves a purpose to a niche community on the WWW. is for those who want some simple alternatives to Google and I made it for fun, for free, and for myself. I want to do something similar again, but a bit different, obviously.

Just thinking out loud now: perhaps a slideshow? Simple enough butwhat wouldthe subject matter be? Got it!

Be back in a bit!


from inquiry

A dental appointment, casino deli carry out food (a Janet Jackson song whose decade I couldn't remember played after a 1970s instrumental that misted my eyes up a bit as I waited for the Reuben), an Alanis article, the trickle.

Fun evening last night, walked to a restaurant/bar and back, wine on the deck, whistling back and forth with a bird (no idea what I was saying, though), realizations.

I probably should do some work.




Bøker jeg skal lese i sommer:

Primadonnaledelse (Helle Hedegaard Hein) Normal People (Sally Rooney) Doughnut Economics (Kate Raworth) Fight Club (Chuck Pahlaniuk)


from Nate Dickson Thinks...

This Tree Confuses Me.

This is awesome. I've walked past this tree daily for around a year now, and today it does this. It literally stopped me in my tracks, and I had to take a picture.

Sure, this weird little tree is just some ornamental that someone planted in their front yard. I'm sure there are people all over the world who will look at it and say “ah yes, that's a insert Linnaean name here, quite common in insert part of the world here.

But to me it looks like something that belongs in a coral reef, not someone's front lawn.

Nature is amazing. Infinite variety, even in a downtown setting.


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