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Standby Generator

We have a large inventory of spare parts for all of the PowerLink products that are available for purchase. Our service staff or our extended service network can install all spare components. If you are not satisfied with our Standby Generator or any product, we handle all of your repairs and replacements.


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Backup Generator

Powerlink is the leading manufacturer when it comes to buying Backup Generator, air compressors and other accessories. We have dedicated technical service teams at our two supply and service facilities, as well as a nationwide service network, with unmatched knowledge to support all PowerLink products.


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1 + 1 = Stuk

Gisteren was de C kapitein van het Vrede bootje hier nog en op dit tijdstip vandaag is hij weer nergens te bekennen. Hoe kan dat toch, wat en waarom moet dit?! Niemand kan aan die voortdurende irritante onzekerheid wennen. Kan die stukken makende denker niet iedere dag op hetzelfde moment op dezelfde plek zijn nieuwe stukken publiceren? En hoe doe ik daarover bij de verzender mijn beklag zodat die kapitein dociel en decent voldoet aan onze behoeften voor plichtmatig zendeling programmeren! Verdomme.

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Highly Skilled Throat Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Are you recently suffering from any kind of throat problems? Niyati ENT Hospital has to offer an extensive range of services including the highly skilled throat surgeon in Ahmedabad. We are dedicated to patients in every aspect. Along with our commitment to social services we have provided promising treatments and assistance to each of our patients. We are glad to have the top consultation centre to guide each of our patients. If you wish to get the treatments for us, visit our website.


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This post documents my testing results for the Desktop Linux distro Linux Mint. I performed the same testing on the following distros:

The results are based on the methodology described here:

Linux Desktop Security Review

Linux Mint collected 13 out of 18 possible points – A very good result that shows the high level of maturity of this nicely polished distribution.

Distro Name: Linux Mint (

Tested Version: 20.3 (Cinnamon), downloaded on 2022-01-18

ISO MD5: 9f1e1cdefc445dfe8aec7e70283f0455

Total Score: 13 / 18

Summary of Installer – Security Features:

  • [Y] Does the Installer offer to fully encrypt the main disk?
  • [Y] Does the installer indicate the strength of chosen passwords?

Linux Mint’s graphical installer hides the option to fully encrypt the disk behind an advanced features button but still makes it easy to encrypt the full disk. The installer also comes with a password strength indicator, which is being used for the disk encryption password and the password of the main user.

Score: 2 / 2

Summary of Firewall:

  • [Y] Is a host firewall installed by default?
  • [N] Is the host firewall enabled by default?
  • [N] Does the host firewall block all incoming/ingress traffic by default?
  • [N] Does the host firewall filter outgoing/egress traffic by default?

Linux Mint installs UFW and GUFW per default. However, UFW is not enabled by default. Linux Mint does ask the user to enable the firewall in the graphical Welcome Wizard though.

Score: 1 / 4

Summary of Automatic Updates:

  • [N] Are updates automatically downloaded during installation?
  • [Y] Is the package manager configured to automatically download updates and notify the user about new updates being available?
  • [Y] Are the package sources properly authenticated by default?

Linux Mint does not download updates during installation. The Update Manager is configured to notify the user about available updates by default. Signature checking for packages is enabled by default as well.

Score: 2 / 3

Vulnerability Scanning Results:

  • [0] How many critical vulnerabilities are present right after installation?
  • [0] How many high vulnerabilities are present right after installation?
  • [0] How many critical vulnerabilities are present after a full software update run?
  • [0] How many high vulnerabilities are present after a full software update run?

Nessus scans identified 0 critical and 0 high vulnerabilities right after installation.

Score: 4 / 4

Summary of User Privileges:

  • [Y] Is sudo required to use root privileges?
  • [Y] Does sudo require a password?

Linux Mint is using sudo for admin task elevation and protects the use of sudo with a password.

Score: 2 / 2

Summary of Default Browser:

  • [Y] Is the default browser updated regularly?
  • [N] Does the default browser warn about the execution of downloaded files?

Linux Mint is installing Firefox as the default browser. It is regularly updated. However, it does not warn about the execution of downloaded files.

Score: 1 / 2

Summary of Application Sand-boxing:

Linux Mint installs AppArmor by default and enables it. It also installs a great set of AppArmor profiles. Profiles for CUPS and LibreOffice PDF-Import are also included. Best use of application sand-boxing I have seen so far.

Score: 1 / 1

Contact via Mastodon:


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What can I do when I've lost my beautiful girl, to witch craft in the those practicing the dark arts in her? Anyone help please. They tell me it's to late. Her soul was drawn out . 2 people energy drained her at the same time without realizing it. Fuck I miss my beautiful girl. Her eyes are glazed and glossy. Only feel anger and fright!


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Tuesday 18/Jan/2022

Prayers, etc.: • 05:15 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel • 10:15 – the Daily Meditation from Benedictus • 10:30 – Genesis 43-46; Mark 7:1-23 – This is day 18 of 365 in my Bible Reading Project. • 11:00 – Ignorance – a Virtue Signal • 21:10 – Fr. Chad Rippberger's Prayer of Command to protect my family, my sons, my daughter and her family, my granddaughters and their families, my great grandchildren, and everyone for whom I have responsibility from any demonic activity; and the Tuesday Prayers of the Association of the Auxilium Christianorum. • Tonight's Rosary before bed will be the Sorrowful Mysteries.

Diet: • 07:15 – applesauce, ½ peanut butter sandwich • 11:00 – snack on black licorice Twizzlers • 13:00 – 2 Arby's RB sandwiches • 14:45 – snacking on raisins and peanuts • 18:00 – fish

Chores, etc.: • 07:00 – watch Newsmax TV • 10:00 – started the weekly laundry • 11:30 – place online grocery delivery order • 13:30 – follow news from various sources • 14:30 – watching Matrix Reloaded • 17:00 – watch Newsmax TV • 18:00 – watch local news and weather • 18:30 – Wheel of Fortune • 19:00 – tuned into the 2nd half of the Michigan vs Maryland college basketball game

Chess: • 19:15 – moved in all pending CC games

Posted 18/January/2022 ~ 21:30 Central Time

#Blog #DailyNotes


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Another really catchy pop punk track from FM Static. And just in case you didn't know, FM Static was actually a side project by the vocalist from Thousand Foot Krutch.

And how much longer Will this keep getting stronger? I wonder what she's doing When I'm singing myself to sleep... Cause he's a faker, So see ya later. I wonder when you'll realize that she means A lot more to me... ♪ ♫ ♪



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Omar Rizwan's TabFS is always humming in my mind — browser tabs as a file system, the state of a tab always reflected in the files inside a folder on your laptop. What does that give you? Omar answers this:

[N]ow you can apply all the existing tools on your computer that already know how to deal with files — terminal commands, scripting languages, point-and-click explorers, etc — and use them to control and communicate with your browser.

Now you don't need to code up a browser extension from scratch every time you want to do anything. You can write a script that talks to your browser in, like, a melange of Python and bash, and you can save it as a single ordinary file that you can run whenever, and it's no different from scripting any other part of your computer.

A script that talks to your browser in a melange. All I can think of is digital bricolage when I read this, and honestly that's what scripting with TabFS is like.

I can relay an example to you from the other day. For a while I wanted to have a website blocker of sorts in order to focus on writing. But here's the thing — I either need to download a browser extension for a SaaS solution like Freedom or stand up a web proxy like Squid on my laptop or a Raspberry Pi. Neither option gels with me. Where's the middle ground? Kludging together some Bash together that sorta does the same thing1 That's at least where I'd have the most fun.

It's fascinating how the TabFS paradigm of files & folders changes how you approach the problem of a website blocker. Instead of focusing on a URL to block a site, you key in on the title of files. Instead of blocking a website, you need to remove the file of that tab. Instead of having a browser extension or server running, you have a script in the background going on an infinite “while” loop.

Below is a first pass on this website “blocker” idea:


# Website "blocker" using TabFS

# TabFS folder — using the by-title subfolder

# List of websites to block
block_list="Twitter YouTube"

while true
  # Grab the tabs
  tabs=$(ls $dir)
  for tab in $tabs 
    # Go through the sites in the block list
    for site in $block_list
        # If there's a match with the site and the tab, close the tab
        if [[ "$tab" == *"$site"* ]]; then
          rm "$dir/$tab"
  # Wait 10 seconds before going through the process again & again & again...
  sleep 10

It could definitely be refined, but the script works just fine for me in its current state. Hell, I'm using it right now so that I don't get sidetracked while writing this. But that's the beauty of something like TabFS, where embracing the melange on your computer can go a long way.


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It starts with a warning and then it turns to falling. The motion sensor lights catch the snow on its way down, turning it to glitter. Some of it stays and then more if it stays and then all of it stays. It builds and it covers. The world is sleeping and the glitter falls. No one is around and the motion sensors do not trigger. If the snow falls during the night and there’s no one around to turn on the lights, is it still glitter? Yes.

The house down the road is odd. It has too many additions from too many times when someone walked its halls and thought “more.” It turns into a home when it’s wrapped with glitter and I can imagine the people inside. They smile easily and they make the sort of tea everyone likes. At least for today, they look at their house and they think “enough.” I hope it stays.


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I believe they point Reyes is not what it seems. Allot of practitioners of ritual offerings to false idols and practioners of dark arts to which Everytime i Triumph over evil in mind in soul all for the strive of making God proud of me through Christ. Which i feel his Devine light for i was convinced in a ill manner in a dark ritual to inherited the dark gift which i want no part of to begin with. To which many practitioners of dark arts begin to feed of my opening of third eye through Christ. I feel it draining our holy energy to where we can i can barley breath and cramp up when it's gone. My wife and I we were very happy. Now she is practicing dark arts in false idols. “Ostua”? I don't recognize her anymore. Found a book work words as “ more sin more forgiveness” and “forth way”. Mocking Bible verses like” the Bible is groovy” for old folks”. Now she's gone and i don't see her when I stare in her godless eyes as she mocks the Bible in a very negative tone and sentiment. My name is Cesar, I'm Not at the vineyards past up the hill At 12800 hwy 1 point Reyes station California house on the right #4. The landlord is a narcissistic sociopath whom I've declared war on. Didn't realize they warship the pyramid with the eye. Fuck the Illuminati Fuck what do I do when I can't trust anyone. This 2 jobs have gas lite us twice. Never experienced that before. Second time my wife and I got job offers on the same week and the following week were cancelled on the same day at the same time in separate job locations. I don't know how to defend against whatever this is S.O.S



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12 thumbnails of pages that describe and illustrate a very condensed history of the illuminated initial in manuscripts.

Twelve pages of a very condensed history of the illuminated initial in manuscripts from western Europe. Covering the 1000+ years between Late Antiquity and the Gothic period, passing by Insular and Merovingian, Carolingan, Ottonian and Romanesque styles/periods.

One main thread across these centuries is the push and pull between classical clarity, separation and definition versus medieval ambigious weaving and merging of text, image and decoration.

18/365 #calligraphicspace #medieval


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oublier le numéro du quai le train les rails et les arrêts en gare la ville assoupie la place de la mairie

oublier la rue amie la chambre et son mystère la première fois

s'il reste au matin une écharpe de brume je la nouerai à mon cou

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#nmap #netstat #netcat #ncat #telnet #tcpdump #curl #wireshark #bannercapture

nmap: networking mapper/port scanner that reports what it is able to connect to

USAGE: – when you want to know about open ports on a remote system – when you want further info about the service listening on each port – when you need a second opinion about listening ports

netstat: network statistics / diagnostic that reports what the kernel knows about listening the established connections

USAGE: – what is listening on your local machine? – process or interface/address info for each port – ONLY IF you trust the OS to give the correct answer (if you've been hacked, a rootkit can make the OS lie to netstat about what really is going on)

netcat: port-scanning, banner grabbing, transfer files

  • open ports, send packets, receive packets
  • file transfer, sending custom requests to services (SMTP, HTTP), tunneling
  • handles lower OSI layers of connection so user can manipulate upper layers as needed; banners are at application layer

ncat: concatenate and redirect sockets




Follow-Up Questions

  • why are banners are application level
  • nc vs nmap usage cases for banner capture

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The software I use for writing markdown blog posts on my computer, Typora, has moved from its beta testing phase into a commercial offering. Whereas it was free before, it now needs a licence, enabling the user to download it on three separate devices. This gave me pause, as I hadn't twigged it was a testing phase piece of software when I originally downloaded it – or maybe this was something I quickly glossed over... it's hard to remember now!

I'm not averse to paying for software but (correctly or not) associate Linux more with FOSS than commercial ventures. I spent a little bit of time playing with the alternatives I could easily find in Kubuntu's software centre but none of these really “did it” for me. I like Typora! It has a clean interface, a good basic selection of themes (yes, one day I may play and design my own, another option it has), is cross-platform, and the WYSIWYG editor is a joy to use.

Importantly, Typora gives me a sense of lightness when typing on it, contrasting with how I feel when using full fat word processors. I'm neither a Microsoft fanboy nor hater but it is predominantly a work tool for me... and Libre Office may be a great FOSS alternative but it is too similar in many ways to MS Word for it to feel like a place for non-work inspiration.

Ultimately, the simple pleasure-to-use nature of Typora trumped my mild preference for FOSS and I shelled out the massive sum of £13.79 for a licence. It made me think for a minute (but not deeply) about the different business models in the Linux-sphere. Some distributions are totally free, the efforts of small bands of dedicated folk, some target the business server world, there are “pay what you can” and “pay for extra features beyond the free version” distros. Same with the software too I guess!

Entry 98 of my participation in the “100 Days to Offload” challenge – find out more and join in!

2022-01-18 #100DaysToOffload #technology #Linux #software

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