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from Rebel Dharma Society

Dave felt the waves of pain slam into his head like a freight train in summer heat. In the desert. He had lost all feeling in his left foot, he was sure, but then how could he be sure of anything? He wasn't even all that certain he existed right at that moment. At the same time he was utterly bereft of every frame of reference, the clarity of his own uncertainty loomed as a Gargantua in the gaps in his mind.

Wetness on the side of his head, which he squinted enough to learn was on a concrete block, was not the puke that he thought it might be. He opened the squint a fraction more, just a hint, before the light seared his brain with its unbridled fury. Tendrils of plasma erupted through his skull and the waves just became more solid. More insistent in their punishments. Dave groaned.

The source of his numbness turned out to be a half-naked woman laying across his left leg. She looked to be in her mid-forties, tanned to leather and staring blankly right at Dave. The eye contact was disconcerting and Dave began to wish he had not come to.

He slowly eased the ache from his neck, previously bent forward against a raised section of concrete, but the pain proved too much for his fragile hold on his mental state. He puked. Although it didn't go far, the woman flinched visibly as specks of it hit her in the face. She didn't blink, as far as Dave could see.

The movement of the throwing up caused the woman to move just enough to allow Dave to rescue his leg from her nudity and weight. She turned out to be bigger than petite and no surprises when the leg screamed as blood rushed into drought-stricken veins and thirst-maddened muscles.

“Great night, hey?”, rasped the woman, her voice a husk of what it may have been the night before, if only Dave could remember it.

“Uh-huh”, was the sum total of his conversational skill.

“We got so worked. I remember shit.”, the gravelly voice continued as the woman began to search for a top. Or her bra.

Dave's phone beeped in his pocket. Instagram. It beeped again. And again. Yet, again. The beeps increased in energy, starkly and inversely proportional to Dave's waning awareness. They formed a sonic exponential curve as they went on and came on in a massive frenzy. Then Snapchat started....

His mates were right. This was a party to change your life. If only he could remember who he had been before.


from Rebel Dharma Society

She saw it. The whole process from when Dana was gathering the many ingredients, through the mixing and the spraying to the placement in the cake tin. Every step was observed as Spring sat. Sat and watched. Watched and waited. Waited and plotted. Dana had some vague notion that she was being watched but no more than a hint at the fringe of her consciousness, so absorbed in the pleasure of the task was she.

Cat eating

Dana had pre-heated her oven already so she was soon sliding the full tin into the intense blast of warm air that washed out from the chamber. She was adjusting the position and making sure it would get an even heating.


A plastic mixing bowl was on its side and a tortoise-shell tail poked from behind it, twitching and swaying in ecstatic pleasure. The silence just descended as Dana stood and watched her cat shed of all timidity and wolfing down the endorphin-inducing chocolate like a heart-broken lover crazed.

“Spring!”, called Dana.

A head popped up, eyes searching for signs that she was in trouble. Soon figuring that she wasn't, a higher calling beckoned and she soon got that rough tongue busy again. Yellow-green eyes almost popped with pleasure, such was Springs euphoria. For that brief moment before all was consumed, Spring was in her happy paradise.

“Who said they are not people?”, was all Dana could ask.

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from tmo

Could be worse. I could be groggy/lethargic and not being able to stay awake. I'll take too much energy over no energy any day.

In fact I just put on coffee and had a shower. Refreshed as can be.

Late nights like these define me. During the day is all noise, in some ways. A lot of stuff going on, commitments to attend to, appointments to keep, blah, blah. The late nights (or very early mornings) are when I truly have an abundance of my own time. And I do the best with it that I can (some nights).

So, unless my eyes deceive me, they are building new apartments (another block of them) down Meramec Bottom Road, just next to the QuikTrip, and overlooking Highway 55. They are just inside the border of S St Louis County. I have seen the interiors of the apartments they have built so far, and damn, are they NICE! I think they are starting at close to $800 p mo, though. But, IF they build studio apartments within this new building, I will definitely be going down there to take a look at them and see about possibly moving again.

I like where I am at now, but the floors are downright terrible, the location is very good, but very “familiar” to me. I like to change it up quite a bit. That isn't to say I wouldn't be happy by just staying exactly where I am at right now. I would be happy to stay here another year, two years, three years. I have even said so in blog posts prior. But I think I would like “Captiva Crossing Apartments” better (because they would be brand spanking new, an even more peaceful location, and just...different).

This is neither here nor there this evening. The Tyvek insulating paper is still exposed on the walls of the building ffs. Not moving until my lease is up, anyway (October). More on all this later.

How is everyone doing tonight? I can't see the response(s) until I check r.w.a (which seems to be every time I log onto the desktop these days), but if you really wanna say “howdy do”, contact info is on ;)


from tmo

...or just notes I took offline that I felt like sharing online. Posted MGN v.1.3. just now on that w.a blog, and ...yea, just passing some time.

The irony, with minimalism, I find is that most minimalists on the Internet are trying to sell you something. I'm not on a soapbox to say “don't do that”, but it is definitely an irony of the “culture” when minimalist living + the Internet mix. Whatever.

I suppose it translates to people who are trying to “sell” you (or me) on the minimalist lIfEsTyLe, too. They are selling themselves with minimalist living as a backdrop. A theme.

Suffice it to say, I couldn't sell a bottle of water to a guy in the desert, but then again that is not what this blog has ever been about. I just share MY life and there just so happens to be a minimalism theme running throughout it, and that has been the case for 10 years at least. Happy to say that this theme will CONTINUE to run throughout my life until...forever.

Anyway, I just had another veggie-based dinner (midnight snack) and am feeling pretty good/energized and thought I would share these thoughts with you.


from 夏の思い出





聽說『抓住男人的胃才能抓住男人的心。』今晚下定決心要把你搶過來! 於是我熱情地迎合你的吻,我們的舌頭交纏,你似乎感到訝異。 這時趁機潛入你的嘴裡,用盡了氣力終於到了你的胃裡。我終於能夠進入你的身體,犧牲也要跟你融為一體,我那麼愛你要和你的胃同歸於盡。






from Mikes Thoughts

I made it back. Back to this small corner of a world that flips all the dials for me. Makes mornings feel better with bowls of pho and strong Vietnamese coffees and no rush to reach a thing.

It’s different to realize that I won’t wander but like I told a Vietnamese friend,

I’m home

She just laughed and told me Vietnam welcomes me back.

There’s a compelling mystery and wonder to life here and I know it’s where I belong. For the next year it’s wherever in Vietnam I wish. I am very thankful to be able to get a year visa in this wonderful, mysterious and sometimes strange place.

Look for posts like usual on the everyday of it all. I’ll walk this city, take pictures with the iPhone 11 and give it all back to you with stories, diatribes, detritus of a life spent on the edge.

For now I am so grateful to return. I needed this place and it’s pace. Life proceeds slower now. Roosters crow at dawn out my window. I see tourists flocking to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. I sit across the street in a small coffee house. I feel millions of miles separate us. But this is my Vietnam. Only mine. No tourist or backpacker here. Just an old retired guy making his moments.

Stay tuned. More to follow. I’m home.


from tmo

Offline, that is. I felt like I was starting to “spam up” the r.w.a TL, so I took the #writing offline for a bit. I knowit isn't actual “spam” (they're legit blog posts), but, FLOOD I would say.

I couldn't be happier with the way my apartment is coming together, (or emptying out). I basically have a place for everything and everything in its place – and those things are few :)

I just remembered that I have therapy on Friday, and the art supplies sitting across the room will go back to the therapist (we thought “art therapy” would be cool but it sort of evolved into poetry writing, and we abandoned the paints and whatnot).

Anyway, gonna think of more stuff to write about and enjoy my evening. Be back in a bit!


from tmo

So, everything that I had in the massive pile in the corner of my kitchen got donated today. Toiletries, (some) clothes, and a LOT of food. I also did my dishes and cleaned up my kitchen just a few minutes ago, and getting ready to either make another donation bag (not pile) or pull a couple things out of storage to be brought back to the 'rents house (to go into their storage as my apartment is already small enough as it is). In fact, I will do this right now as the coffee brews :)

[5 minutes later...]

...aaaand I'm back! I took the HUGE tote out of the walk-in closet, took a couple things out of it (that were not heirloom decor/not useful) and made more room inside of the tote for things that belonged inside, and now everything is in the tote! :)

Coffee is on now, too. I am having the flavored kind this eve. Also, having D&R blend tobaccy, blah, blah.

I look forward to the Mega Decluttering Of 2020 to be complete and to have space back in my apartment again.


from tmo

I opted to reset my account. I do not expect many (or any) folks to contact me via that medium because most people do not use/care about it. But it is sort of a way to verify identity. Nevertheless, it takes seven days to reset a account (for security purposes, they say), so, I am doing just that as older accounts were on there such as and a Github account (both have been deleted some time ago).

More on this in a week


from inquiry


from schijngestalte

promo - photo by kenny brown promo (photo by kenny brown)

Tijdens een MANKES-tour in Engeland eind 2018 werden we op onze laatste dag uitgenodigd door fotograaf Kenny Brown voor een fotosessie. Hij nam ons mee naar de prachtige omgeving van Dovestone Reservoir. MANKES koos een aantal van zijn foto's voor het hoesontwerp van het album CHANT (2019). En ik vind deze foto dan weer heel geschikt als promo voor mijn dicht-optredens.

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