from Phil Rowlands

Hello, my friends!

Today, let’s consider together the amazing plan God has for us as revealed in Ephesians 1:1-6. It's incredible how the riches of God's grace transform our lives. The unsaved might chase after earthly riches because that's all they know, but as believers, our focus is on heavenly riches. We have a unique dual citizenship: our earthly address and our spiritual address in the heavenly places in Christ. Regardless of our earthly circumstances, whether in a bustling city or a humble village, our true position, our true home, our spiritual address, is in Christ.

Friends, let's explore how our salvation is a divine collaboration involving the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father planned our salvation from eternity, the Son purchased it with His blood, and the Spirit applies it to our lives. Ephesians 1:4-6 reveals that we were chosen by the Father before the foundation of the world. This choice was not random but purposeful, predestined for adoption as His sons through Jesus Christ. This means we were set apart to be holy and blameless before Him in love. This isn't about sinlessness but about handling our sin correctly, knowing that in Christ, we are blameless.

The term “chosen” can evoke mixed feelings. On one hand, it brings a profound sense of belonging and purpose. On the other, it can be daunting to consider why we were chosen and for what purpose. Being chosen by God is not based on our merits but on His grace and love. It's a comforting truth that we are part of His grand plan, which transcends time and human understanding. Before we were born, before the world was created, God had already chosen us to be part of His family. This divine selection is grounded in love, aimed at making us holy and blameless before Him.

We are accepted in the Beloved. Just as Mary was highly favoured and chosen to bear Jesus, we too are highly favoured and chosen to have Christ dwell within us. This indwelling presence transforms us, making our bodies the temple of the Holy Spirit. Imagine, the eternal love that the Father has for the Son is now extended to us. We are His beloved, and He has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, allowing us to feel the same love Jesus feels in the presence of the Father (Galatians 4:6).

When we talk about being “in Christ,” it's essential to understand the depth of this phrase. It signifies our union with Him. This union is not a mere association but a profound spiritual reality. As believers, we share in Christ's death, resurrection, and exaltation. We are no longer our own; we belong to Him. This belonging comes with incredible blessings and responsibilities. We are to live lives that reflect our heavenly position, showing the world the transformative power of the Gospel.

Friends, think about how amazing this is. We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. These blessings begin with God's choosing and end with being filled with the fullness of God. Just as Christ is seated in the heavenly places in His glorified body, we too share in His life through the new birth. What is true of Him is true of us spiritually. As He is, so are we in this world. This is our identity in Christ, and it is from this place of blessing and favour that we live our lives.

In a world where people often struggle with their worth and purpose, understanding that we are chosen and loved by God before the foundation of the world gives us a profound sense of identity and security. This divine plan wasn't an afterthought; it was a well-orchestrated design by our Heavenly Father. We don't get into God's family by our own efforts but by His grace through regeneration. When we are born again, we receive the nature of God's children, and through adoption, we are granted the status of sons, with all the rights and privileges that come with it.

The concept of adoption in the biblical context is rich with meaning. In ancient times, adoption was a legal act that granted the adopted child all the rights and privileges of a natural-born child. This is what God has done for us. He has legally and eternally placed us in His family, giving us access to all His blessings. This adoption means we have a new identity, a new family, and a new inheritance. Our past no longer defines us; our future in Christ does.

Consider the implications of being seated with Christ in the heavenly places. This term “in Christ” appears repeatedly in Ephesians, emphasising our unity with Him. Because He is victorious over sin, death, and Satan, we too share in that victory. We are not defeated; we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. This understanding empowers us to live boldly and confidently, knowing that our spiritual riches far surpass any earthly wealth.

Our earthly circumstances might vary greatly, but our spiritual wealth in Christ is immeasurable and unchanging. Paul, even while in prison, received incredible revelations about our identity in Christ. His circumstances didn't hinder his spiritual insight, and neither should ours. We can access the same heavenly riches, allowing them to transform our daily lives. Whether we face trials or triumphs, our position in Christ remains our constant source of strength and hope.

The apostle Paul, despite his physical chains, was spiritually free and rich in Christ. His letters from prison, including Ephesians, are filled with joy, hope, and profound theological insights. This shows us that our external circumstances do not determine our spiritual reality. In Christ, we have a secure and unshakable foundation. We can face life's challenges with the assurance that we are deeply loved and eternally secure in Him.

Understanding our spiritual blessings in Christ should lead us to a life of gratitude and worship. When we grasp the depth of God's love and the richness of His grace, our natural response is to worship Him with our whole lives. This worship is not confined to a church service but is expressed in how we live, love, and serve others. Our lives become a testament to God's goodness and grace, drawing others to Him.

Moreover, being “in Christ” means we are part of His body, the church. This is not just a local congregation but the universal body of believers. We are interconnected, each of us playing a unique role in God's redemptive plan. Our unity in Christ transcends cultural, social, and geographical boundaries. This unity is a powerful witness to the world of the transformative power of the Gospel.

As we navigate our daily lives, it's crucial to keep our eyes fixed on our heavenly position. The world will try to distract us, making us focus on temporary and material things. But we are called to live with an eternal perspective. Our true riches are in Christ, and these riches are not subject to the fluctuations of the world's economy. They are secure and eternal, providing us with peace and stability in a turbulent world.

Friends, let's also consider the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is the one who applies the work of Christ to us, making these spiritual realities experiential. The Spirit is our guarantee, our down payment of the inheritance that awaits us. He guides, empowers, and seals us for the day of redemption. Through the Spirit, we experience the presence of God, His love, and His power in our daily lives.

This profound relationship with the Holy Spirit is a continuous journey of growth and transformation. As we yield to His leading, we become more like Christ, reflecting His character and love to the world. The Spirit also helps us understand and apply the Scriptures, revealing the deep truths of God's Word and how they apply to our lives. This ongoing work of the Spirit is vital for our spiritual growth and maturity.

Friends, as we drink deeply from the riches of God's grace, let's remember that we are chosen, loved, and highly favoured. Our identity in Christ is secure, and we are seated with Him in the heavenly places. Let this truth shape our lives and fill us with gratitude, praise, and a desire to share this incredible message with others. The world needs to know about the hope and riches we have in Christ. Our lives, filled with His love and grace, can be a powerful testimony to His transformative power.

In conclusion, Ephesians 1:1-6 is a powerful reminder of who we are in Christ. We are chosen, adopted, and blessed with every spiritual blessing. This truth should transform how we see ourselves and live our lives. We are not defined by our past or our circumstances but by our position in Christ. Let's live out this truth boldly and confidently, knowing that we are deeply loved and eternally secure in Him.

Be blessed today, my brothers and sisters. As we meditate on these profound truths, may they deepen our relationship with God and inspire us to live out our faith with joy and passion. Remember, you are chosen, you are loved, and you are highly favoured in Christ.


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from James Fraser

Test Post 2

The Ultimate Guide to Gaming: Exploring the Digital Frontier

Gaming has transformed from a niche hobby to a mainstream cultural phenomenon. With advancements in technology, gaming has become more immersive, inclusive, and influential than ever before. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore enthusiast, there’s something in the gaming world for everyone. This blog will delve into the fascinating world of gaming, covering its history, evolution, genres, and the impact it has on society.

A Brief History of Gaming

The journey of gaming began in the early 1950s with simple computer games designed for research purposes. The first commercially successful video game, “Pong,” was released by Atari in 1972, marking the birth of the video game industry. The 1980s saw the rise of iconic arcade games like “Pac-Man” and “Space Invaders,” which paved the way for home gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The 1990s introduced 3D graphics and immersive storytelling, with games like “Doom” and “Final Fantasy VII” becoming cultural touchstones. The advent of the internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s revolutionized gaming by enabling online multiplayer experiences, exemplified by games like “World of Warcraft” and “Counter-Strike.”

The Evolution of Gaming

Graphics and Immersion

From pixelated characters to lifelike environments, the evolution of graphics has been astounding. Modern gaming engines like Unreal Engine and Unity have pushed the boundaries of realism, making games visually stunning and immersive. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies have further enhanced the gaming experience, allowing players to step into virtual worlds and interact with them in unprecedented ways.

Gameplay and Interactivity

Gameplay mechanics have also evolved, offering more depth and complexity. Open-world games like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” provide vast landscapes for players to explore, while sandbox games like “Minecraft” allow for endless creativity. The rise of indie games has brought unique and innovative gameplay experiences, often focusing on storytelling, artistry, and experimental mechanics.

Social and Competitive Gaming

Gaming has become a social activity, with multiplayer games fostering communities and friendships. Titles like “Fortnite” and “Among Us” have become social hubs, where players can connect, strategize, and compete. Esports has emerged as a major industry, with professional gamers competing in tournaments for substantial prizes and global recognition. Games like “League of Legends” and “Overwatch” have professional leagues, drawing millions of viewers worldwide.

The Impact of Gaming on Society

Cultural Influence

Gaming has permeated mainstream culture, influencing movies, music, and even fashion. Iconic characters like Mario, Master Chief, and Lara Croft have become cultural icons. Video game soundtracks are celebrated, with orchestral performances and dedicated concerts. Gaming conventions like E3 and PAX attract thousands of attendees, showcasing the latest developments and fostering a sense of community.

Educational and Therapeutic Applications

Beyond entertainment, gaming has educational and therapeutic benefits. Educational games can teach subjects ranging from mathematics to history, engaging students in interactive learning. Gamification techniques are used in various fields to motivate and enhance learning experiences. Therapeutic games are used in healthcare to aid in physical rehabilitation and mental health treatment, providing a fun and effective way to achieve therapeutic goals.

Economic Impact

The gaming industry is a major economic force, generating billions of dollars in revenue annually. It provides employment to millions of people, from game developers and designers to marketers and esports professionals. The rise of streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming has created new career opportunities, with content creators earning livelihoods through gaming-related content.


Gaming has come a long way from its humble beginnings, evolving into a multifaceted and influential industry. It offers endless possibilities for entertainment, creativity, and connection. As technology continues to advance, the future of gaming looks brighter than ever, promising even more immersive and innovative experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of gaming, there’s never been a better time to explore this digital frontier. So pick up your controller, keyboard, or VR headset, and dive into the exciting world of gaming!

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 私自身が分散型SNSプラットフォーム「Mastodon」を用いて運営している政治系コミュニティ「LIBERA TOKYO」のユーザさんのご意見ですが、例えば…











best quality,8k, realistic, masterpiece, RAW photo, a tall Japanese voluptuous short-haired intelligent beautiful girl reading newspaper under cherry blossom at the park in spring, wearing dark green headband, white tight hotpants, dark green tanktops, white long boots.

This image is created by NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI.








#2024年 #2024年7月 #2024年7月18日 #報道 #時事 #新聞 #47NEWS #毎日新聞 #富山 #SNS #Mastodon #マストドン #分散型SNS #Fediverse #政治 #LiberaTokyo


from Native Front Yard

Hi friends and neighbors. There's a pause on the garden currently as the next steps are building steps and I'm recovering from a surgery that stops me doing that.

Before, I did mow back that gorgeous Virginia buttonweed that is the majority of the ground cover, which was getting a little too thick. That makes two (2) mows this season. I don't want to ever go back to grass again.

The gigantic pumpkin plant was suffering in the heat, so I removed it.

The ironweed looks fantastic, with its deep purple blooms.

The corn will be ripe soon. I had meant to stagger plantings, but I'll only be doing second wave this week. Alas.

Liatris is crispy and done, but surprise, surprise, the oxeye is blooming! I did not expect this.

Something had been eating the pokeweed, but only some plants. And for some, it's eating lower leaves aga leaving higher ones intact.


from G A N Z E E R . T O D A Y

I am told that today is the last day for Barnes & Nobel members to preorder DEEP DREAM with a 25% discount.

Edited by Indrapramit Das and published by MIT Press, I have a short story in it along with numerous other science fiction luminaries from across the globe. 

Confession: I had no idea that Barnes & Nobel had a membership thing. In fact, I didn't even realize Barnes & Nobel was still around at all.

#journal #work #fiction

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from Kroeber

#001777 – 17 de Julho de 2024

Sobre Homogenic, diz Björk: “we did not want to go back to Nature; we wanted to go forward to Nature”. Eloquência que só alguém que fala inglês como língua estrangeira pode ter.

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from Αθέατη Λέρος

Συλλογή φωτογραφιών

Η ιστορία αυτού του νησιού είναι ατέλειωτη και μαγική. Καθώς την διαβάζεις, χάνεσαι στην αγκαλιά του χρόνου και αφήνεσαι στα χέρια του ιστορικού. Κάπως έτσι πρέπει να ένιωσε το 1688 ο Ιταλός χαρτογράφος Francesco Piacenzza όταν επισκέφτηκε το νησί μας, με απώτερο σκοπό να χαρτογραφήσει και να αποτυπώσει με κάθε λεπτομέρεια τα κτίσματα του ιερού αυτού τόπου.

Ψηλαφίζοντας τον χάρτη του Piacenzza, διαβάζουμε όλα όσα θα μπορούσαν να προβάλουν το νησί μας στα πέρατα του κόσμου. Έτσι λοιπόν σε μια γωνία του, στο Βορειοδυτικό μέρος, ο χαρτογράφος καταγράφει ένα διώροφο περίεργο κτίσμα σημειώνοντας δίπλα την λέξη Σελήνη (Selene). Εμείς ακολουθήσαμε αυτήν την πορεία και στο τέλος της διαδρομής σταθήκαμε μπροστά στα θεμέλια ενός μεγάλου δίπατου κάστρου, που κρύβει στα σπλάχνα του έναν διπλό θολωτό αρχαίο ναό. Ιερό ενός ναού που έχει ένα σκαλιστό πέτρινο σύνθρονο, αποτελούμενο από τέσσερα μεγάλα ημικυκλικά πέτρινα σκαλοπάτια.

Τα ερείπια του κάστρου της θεάς Σελήνης

Κάστρο και ναός είναι κτισμένα στην κορυφή μιας βουνοπλαγιάς που καταλήγει στα απάνεμα νερά του Παρθενίου. Θαλασσινές ρώτες οδηγούσανε τους ναυτικούς σε αυτόν τον ιερό τόπο, για να ξαποστάσουν και να προσευχηθούν στους αγαπημένους τους θεούς.

Όλα αυτά ακόμα και σήμερα βρίσκονται στην θέση τους, λες και περιμένουν την θεά να γυρίσει στον ναό της οδηγώντας το χρυσό άρμα που σέρνουν τα δυο δυνατά άσπρα άλογα, να καθίσει και πάλι στον λευκό μαρμάρινο θρόνο της, ένα μαρμάρινο θρόνο που δυστυχώς ανθρώπινο χέρι απομάκρυνε από την θέση του. Δρακοντιές και δράκοι βρίσκονται εκεί γύρω, για να μας θυμίζουν με την παρουσία τους ότι το κάστρο της θεάς Σελήνης φυλάσσεται νύχτα και μέρα! Μιας θεάς που είχε πατέρα τον Τιτάνα Υπερίωνα, μάνα την Τιτάνια Θεία και αδελφή την Αυγή!

Το κάστρο της θεάς Σελήνης από άλλη οπτική γωνία

Απελπισμένες μέσα στα ερείπια του δίπατου πύργου, τριγυρνούν οι πεταλούδες φροντιστές κηπουροί της έπαυλης και θρηνούν την καταστροφή και την εγκατάλειψη του κάστρου! Είναι οι υπέροχες πεταλούδες (Epicallia villica), που ήταν κηπουροί της έπαυλης και τις μεταμόρφωσε η θεά σε πεταλούδες. Φροντιστές, ιππότες, και φύλακες, περιμένουν ξανά την επιστροφή της θεάς Σελήνης! Περιμένουν τους ιερείς να πάρουν από τα χέρια της θεάς το φάρμακο και τα φαρμάκια που προσφέρει πλουσιοπάροχα η γύρω περιοχή!

Μανδραγόρες και δρακοντιές, φύλακες και φροντιστές των κήπων, στέκονται εκεί για να πουν στον επόμενο χαρτογράφο που θα περάσει από την ιερή αυτή περιοχή, ότι για την καταστροφή αυτού του υπέροχου μεσαιωνικού κτίσματος, φταίμε όλοι εμείς, που με την αδιαφορία μας ρίξαμε το κάστρο κατά γης και μετατρέψαμε τον αρχαίο θολωτό ναό σε στάνη ζώων!

Η ανθισμένη φύση γύρω από το κάστρο

Συλλογή φωτογραφιών ΕΔΩ

#AtheatiLeros #ΑθέατηΛέρος #Λέρος #Λερος #Greece #Leros #LerosHistory #Hellas #Ελλάς #Ελλάδα #ΜυθικάΌντα #Μύθοι

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from Luca Schenato

È alienante vivere ogni anno per due mesi senza problemi a Taiwan e sentirsi dire in modo scherzoso da persone che vivono in Europa cose come “ah, non sono ancora sbarcati i cinesi?”.

Dopo aver fatto la battuta, di solito diventano seri e chiedono cose come “com'è la situazione? Come la vive la gente?”. La realtà è che i taiwanesi non pensano all'invasione cinese. Questa nazione insulare non vive nella paura, guardando l'orizzonte per vedere se gli invasori stanno arrivando. Questo non vuol dire che i taiwanesi non pensino al futuro, anche con preoccupazione, ma la realtà della vita quotidiana è che la Cina non è presente, non c’è, non affolla la mente delle persone. Anche quando il regime bullo manda i suoi jet sulle acque taiwanesi, la gente alza le spalle e si interessa ad altro, come il costo astronomico delle case.

È alienante vedere come la prospettiva di chi non vive a Taiwan sia così diversa da quella di chi ci vive. Oltre che alienante, è anche abbastanza allarmante. Come residente temporaneo, mi chiedo come mi comporterei se fossi un residente permanente. Avrei paura di un'invasione cinese? Avrei paura che il mio mondo, le mie libertà, il mio modo di vivere possano scomparire dall’oggi al domani? Non lo so. La mia esperienza si basa sul vivere in Europa occidentale, non posso mettermi al 100% nella testa di chi è nato e cresciuto qui. Taiwan è stato definito il luogo più pericoloso della Terra dall’Economist, il che è francamente ridicolo perché vivendo qui non ci si sente affatto in pericolo. Al contrario invece, Taiwan è la preda che il vicino bullo al di là dello stretto di mare vorrebbe e per questa preda potrebbe scatenare una guerra mondiale. Quindi, Taiwan subisce il pericolo del vicino bullo, non è il fautore del pericolo. Le parole sono importanti, la realtà è che Taiwan è la vittima del vicino bullo. Se la persona A vuole solo vivere in pace mentre la persona B minaccia continuamente di renderla schiava con la violenza se A non si sottomette volontariamente, chi è la persona pericolosa? Stiamo attenti a non fare victim blaming. La Cina è il pericolo, non Taiwan.

La realtà sul campo, secondo gli analisti che conoscono la faccenda, è che nel breve-medio termine la Cina starà buona. C’è da considerare invece il lungo termine. Per la stragrande maggioranza dei taiwanesi la questione è molto semplice: Taiwan è una nazione libera, la Cina è un'altra nazione, che è una dittatura. Purtroppo, il Partito Comunista Cinese non è un agente completamente razionale. Soprattutto ora che al comando c'è un uomo solo che resterà in carica per molto tempo. I taiwanesi hanno ragione a vivere la loro vita senza paranoie quotidiane, gli europei/americani/ecc. hanno torto a pensare che l'invasione cinese sia questione di giorni, ma tutti noi dobbiamo comunque fare i conti con il lungo termine di un regime totalitario che pretende che la volontà di 23 milioni di persone non valga nulla. La storia ci ha insegnato che i bulli capiscono un solo linguaggio, quello della violenza. Se le democrazie liberali dicessero chiaramente e senza mezzi termini che un'invasione cinese di Taiwan non sarebbe tollerata, forse il bullo starebbe un po' più tranquillo.


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from An Open Letter

Today I felt like a burden was lifted off of me for the first time in a while. I actually enjoyed things fairly well today, and was pretty carefree and happy. I think it was because of the journaling I did last night where I got a lot of things off my chest. I think I need to get into the habit of doing that more often. Regardless, it’s a bit late so I wanted to go to bed now, so that’ll have to be another day. I did however make a small little stupid video because I was able to and I had the energy, and I’m pretty happy I did – it only took a minute.


from thaison

♫ When I was thirteen, I had my first love There was nobody that compared to my baby, and nobody came between us nor could ever come above He had me goin' crazy, oh, I was starstruck He woke me up daily, don't need no Starbucks He made my heart pound, and skip a beat when I see him on the street and at school on the playground. But I really wanna see him on the weekend. ♪


from Taglibro de Fanjo

Hodiaŭ mia nevo diplomiĝis de bazlernejo. Li estas 11-jara. Mi ne povas kredi tion. Mi ankoraŭ tre klare memoras kiam mi unuafoje tenis tiun bebon per miaj brakoj.

Mi kriegis kvazaŭ mi estus en metalroka koncerto kiam li ricevis sian dokumenton. Li aspektis iom hontigita. Jes, adoleskeco jam komenciĝis.

Mi enuis dum la oratoraĵo de la direktoro kaj decidis iri al fota ekskurso. Mi fotis ĉiujn angulojn de la bazlernejo, eĉ la plej malbelajn, por ke mia nevo ne forgesu. Eĉ mi unufoje grimpis pordon kun la infanoj nur por vidi, kio estas ĉe la alia flanko. Tio estas bela memoro.

Poste mi fotis mian nevon kaj liajn samklasanojn kiam ili adiaŭis. Ili ne rimarkis. Estis tre belaj kaj tristaj momentoj. Li donis al kelkaj amikoj adiaŭajn leterojn.

Mi ĉiam promesas al mi, ke mi neniam denove ĉeestos katolikan meson, sed mi ĉiam malplenumas tiun promeson. Estis meso por la infanoj kaj mi ne povis eskapi. Mi malŝategas mesojn. Kvankam mi ne estas kredanto, mi antaŭe diris ĉiun preĝon kaj faris ĉiun movon, ĉar mi ne volas vundi mian panjon, sed ĉi-foje mi tute silentis. Mi ja leviĝis kaj genuis, sed mi ne plu krucosignis min.

Poste ni manĝis takojn kaj fromaĝkukon en la domo de mia frato. Mi ludis kartojn kun la genevoj, kaj ŝakon kaj piedpilkadon kun mia nevino.

La plenkreskuloj parolis pri la graveco de bonaj notoj, sed mi, kiu ĉiam havis la plej bonajn notojn, konas la veron. Reala vivo tute malsamas al lernejo. Dum tiuj jaroj estas pli grave amikiĝi, amuziĝi kaj esplori la mondon kaj sin mem.

Toluko, Meksiko

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from thaison

Probably shouldn't have dated the first kid autistic already. The romantic talks over friction and battle of Bach Dang can hardly be replaced by favorite food and gym routine.


from Roscoe's Story

Prayers, etc.: • 05:00 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel • 06:00 – the Angelus • 07:50 – The SORROWFUL MYSTERIES of the Holy Rosary. Followed by The Memorare. • 08:25 – Thought for today from Archbishop Lefebvre: God does not want us to be on the fence, to appear hesitating: “I love You, but I don't love You that much; a little bit, but not much; I love myself also – I can't help it...” and we are always on the fence, always hesitating in our love of God. That can only be displeasing to our Lord who proved His love for us so undeniably. So we have to do everything we can to avoid venial sin, and I think that there is no greater motive for noble souls to reach that point than to meditate on the love of our Lord for us. • 12:00 – the Angelus • 18:00 – the Angelus • 19:10 – Today's Evening Meditation found in Benedictus Magazine, followed by Fr. Chad Rippberger's Prayer of Command to protect my family, my sons, my daughter and her family, my granddaughters and their families, my great grandchildren, and everyone for whom I have responsibility from any demonic activity.

Health Metrics: • bw= 225.50 • bp= 155/87 (65)

Diet: • 06:15 – ½ pb&j sandwich, 1 banana • 06:45 – chocolate cake, dinner roll, steamed rice, mixed vegetables, chicken & gravy • 07:55 – apple pie • 10:00 – cookie • 12:15 – fig newtons, ½ fresh mango • 14:50 – cheese • 16:30 – baked fish and vegetables

Chores, etc.: • 05:00 – listen to local news talk radio • 06:15 – monitor bank accounts activity • 09:00 – Bannon's War Room • 10:30 to 11:15 – cutting and carrying big branches from the back yard to the front curb for city pick up • 11:30 – watch old game shows and eat lunch at home with Sylvia • 13:00 to 14:15 – yard work, cutting branches in back yard, filling green organics bin • 14:30 – Shocking New Details About The Assassination Plot – Ep. 2287, 07/16/2024 – The Dan Bongino Show • 15:30 – follow the RNC on RAV • 17:00 – local news and weather • 18:00 – watching 1st game of a WNBA double-header, New York Liberty vs Connecticut Sun. • 20:10 – after the WNBA game, turning to RNC coverage on RAV

Chess: • 08:20 – moved in all pending CC games

posted Tuesday 16/Jul/2024 ~20:30 #DLJUL2024


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