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** We suggest using Vision 11, which stands out as the premier fantasy sports game in India. It offers a diverse range of fantasy games, including Cricket and Kabaddi.**


from Noisy Deadlines

These are some of the things that happened in my life this week:

  • 📖I finished reading Driving the Deep (Finder Chronicles #2) by Suzanne Palmer. This was a page turner, and because of it I didn’t read anything else over the weekend because I had to get to the end (yeah, that kind of book 🙂).
  • 📺I started watching Season 2 of “Wheel of Time”. Just got to the first episode, so far. I’ll probably go one episode a week.
  • 🦷I finally went to the Dentist to get my permanent crown. It is such a relief to go back to chewing normally again! But I still haven’t tried popcorn.
  • 👟I’ve been running 5K every time I go out for a run now. I want to get used to doing it with no pauses, and then build from there.
  • 🐘It’s been almost a month since I stopped logging into Mastodon. I took a quick peek at it this weekend, and I didn’t feel I was ready to go back to using it. I will wait a little bit more, and I might have to do a major overhaul (like unfollowing accounts and hashtags).
  • 💼It’s going to be a busy week at work, it seems that every construction project that was on hold are coming back in full force. October is going to be crazy as well with the rush to get things going before winter hits us. I probably won’t be writing on this blog so frequently because some days I will just be doing nothing for a while to recharge my batteries 🙃.

Post 37/100 of 100DaysToOffload challenge!

#100DaysToOffload #100Days #weeknotes

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from ego echo

Hardnekkig ritselt in de zon het beeld van een vrouw aan een boom

Op het plein ligt een kastanje glimmend gaaf en groot Ze raapt het in gedachten op en geeft het aan een kind dat in het zand naast een stapel stoeptegels speelt Het kind pakt de kastanje aan en lacht naar haar maakt een kuiltje in het zand

De kastanje zakt langzaam dieper in de grond wortelt een boom

Het kind wordt ouder en groeit ongemerkt mee vergeet haar wortels de takken en het mos op de stam De boom weet alles nog haar geheugen geworteld in kinderhanden verwondering en alles wat zich kon ontvouwen

Jaarringen vertellen hoe het plein verandert huizen gaan plat bomen worden gerooid behalve de kastanjeboom Zij werd een denkbeeldig monument een herinnering een stam vol gekerfde namen verloren liefdes gevonden vriendschappen een eenzame schuilplaats

Een vergeten kale vlakte waar het snelle geld verdampte en megalomane investeerders vlogen waar nu vogels neerstrijken op haar stevige takken

Aan de boom hangt haar verbeelding ze was ooit een kind daar waar het blad valt het touw knapt de grond opent vruchtbare aarde stromende regen spoorloos

Een kinderhand graaft en stopt een gekregen kastanje in de grond terwijl de zon door de bladeren ritselt

#gedicht #proza


from The Poet Sky

Even on the days when the people you love aren’t there Know that wherever they are they all still care You may feel all alone Stranded in the dark, lost and scared But as much as you’re missing them they miss you too, because they care

It can be hard to feel it Insecurity is a heavy burden to bear But sometimes, people will surprise you and remind you how much they care

It’s easy to want to change But please, to yourself be fair Always be who you really are Because there are always people who care

#Poetry #LetYourRainbowShine #Insecurity #Love #YouAreNotAlone

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from Paolo Amoroso's Journal

Since encountering Medley I gained considerable experience with Interlisp. Medley Interlisp is a project for preserving, reviving, and modernizing the Interlisp-D software development environment of the Lisp Machines Xerox created at PARC.

Nine months later I know enough to find my way around and confidently use most of the major system tools and features.

I read all the available documentation, books, and publications, so I know where to look for information. And I undertook Interlisp programming projects such as Stringscope, Braincons, Sysrama, and Femtounit.

Now I'm ready to explore Medley as a Common Lisp development environment.

Although most of the system, facilities, and tools are written in and designed around Interlisp, the companies that maintained and marketed Medley over time partially implemented Common Lisp and integrated it with the environment. The completion level of the implementation is somewhere between CLtL1 and CLtL2, plus CLOS via Portable Common Loops (PCL).


I want to widen this experience to Common Lisp.

I'll leverage the more advanced Lisp dialect and interface with Interlisp's facilities as an application platform that comprises a rich set of libraries and tools such a window system, graphics primitives, menu facilities, and GUI controls for building applications. Each world can interoperate with the other, so Common Lisp functions can call Interlisp ones and the other way around.

Developing Common Lisp programs with Medley is both my goal and a way of achieving it through practice. Medley is an ideal self-contained computing universe for my personal projects and Common Lisp greatly enchances its toolbox.


The main tools for developing Common Lisp code are the same as for Interlisp: the SEdit structure editor for writing code; the File Manager, a make-like tool for tracking changes to Lisp objects in the running image and saving them to files; and the Executive (or Exec), the Lisp listener.

However, the workflow is subtly different.

In some cases taking advantage of the integration with Medley involves different steps for Common Lisp code. For example, defining and changing packages so that the File Manager notices and tracks them needs to be done in a certain order. And there are Medley extensions to the package forms.

When working with Common Lisp I open at least two Execs, a Common Lisp and an Interlisp one. The former is for testing, running, and evaluating Common Lisp code.

The Interlisp Exec is for launching system tools and interacting with the File Manager. Since all the symbols of SEdit, the File Manager, and other system tools are in the IL Interlisp package, in an Interlisp Exec it's not necessary to add package qualifiers to symbols all the time.

Exec commands such as DIR and CD work the same in both Execs.


Medley's Common Lisp features aren't documented in the Interlisp Reference Manual, the main information source about the system. The reason is the companies that distributed and maintained the product ceased operations before the work on implementing and documenting Common Lisp was completed.

I found only a couple of good sources on Common Lisp under Medley.

The release notes of Lyric, the music-themed codename of one of Interlisp-D's versions, provide an overview of the integration between Common Lisp and Medley. The release notes of Medley 1.0, a later version, expand on this. Issue 5 of HOTLINE!, a newsletter Xerox published for its Lisp customers, has useful step by step examples of creating and managing Common Lisp packages the Medley way.

Some of the system code of Medley is written in Common Lisp and may be a source of usage examples and idioms. I'm also writing Common Lisp code snippets to test my understanding of the integration with Medley.

#CommonLisp #Interlisp #Lisp

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from The Istanbulite

Murakami writes:

“It’s all a question of imagination. Our responsibility begins with the power to imagine.”

I read:

Our ability to imagine shapes our reality, and with this creative power comes a profound responsibility to both confront and construct the world we inhabit.

We are the architects of our own destinies and the arbiters of our own perceptions.


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from D.V.

Delivered from a crisis of common names, I ripen with the first blush of binomial nomenclature. Latinized my epithet lavishes sinews of scientific syntax. Rifling days upon days through abundances, ambiguities, I carefully repeal the herball's vulgar order. One slip of the tongue cites sentimental synonyms.


from Hedkey-india-pvt-ltd

If you want to start a career in Python programming, it's crucial to find the best Python training. Whether you aim to create apps, websites, or anything else with this versatile language, a good training course can help you start quickly and keep your skills sharp.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful Python developer? In this article, we'll explore the importance of training and how it can benefit you. Python is widely used in various projects worldwide, and we'll explain why Python Developer course in Delhi can help you excel in your career or the world of programming.

What is Python?

Python is a popular programming language known for its versatility. It's used in data science, artificial intelligence, web development, scientific computing, and more. If you're interested in learning Python, there are excellent institutes. One of them is Hedkey India, which offers tutorials to help you quickly grasp the basics of the language. If you're looking to dive deeper into programming, this Python institute covers all the essential concepts, giving you a strong foundation to build advanced skills.

Types of Python Courses

Python is used in various fields like web development, scientific computing, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. It works by allowing you to type code, and then the computer follows your instructions. Python is also free to use and open source, meaning it's accessible to all.

Here are some languages you will learn in Python course:

You will learn the basics, like variables, data types, operators, and control structures (if statements, loops, etc). After that you should Understand the data structures and how it works, like lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets and after data structures learn how to create and use functions to organize code and perform specific tasks.

you'll learn about classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism, How to read from and write to files, which is essential for data processing and storage, Python's standard libraries and third-party modules for various purposes, like NumPy and pandas for data analysis, matplotlib for data visualization, and Flask or Django for web development. If your Python developer course focused  on website development, then you also learn about web frameworks like Flask or Django, HTML and CSS, and how to build web applications.

I highly recommend you to customize your course and add some advanced topics then know about, if you can If it's a data science or machine learning Python course, you'll delve into libraries like scikit-learn, Tensor Flow, and PyTorch for data analysis, modeling, and AI applications. Connecting Python to databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite for data storage and retrieval. Depending on the course's level, you might explore more advanced topics such as decorators, generators, asynchronous programming, and advanced data manipulation techniques.

Who Can Benefit from Python Training?

If you're aiming for a successful career, taking a Python course is a smart move. Python is used by developers, data scientists, analysts, and web designers in their work. Learning Python is essential for success in these fields. Moreover, Python's popularity is rising, so your skills will likely be in high demand.

There are excellent Python institutes that can teach you everything, from the basics of the language to advanced topics. Before choosing an institute, research the available courses and any necessary certifications or degrees for entry.

Benefits of Python Certification

Getting a Python certification offers several advantages:

  1. It demonstrates your knowledge of Python and its capabilities.

  2. It makes you stand out to employers seeking Python experts.

  3. Certification can give you an edge when competing for jobs or scholarships.

  4. It boosts your confidence when using Python in your daily tasks.


Python is a versatile programming language used widely in web development and scientific computing. It's beginner-friendly, supports object-oriented programming, and comes with libraries that make software development efficient.

hedkey India offers advanced Python training, covering everything from basic syntax to advanced topics like data structures and algorithms.

Web Designing Course | Digital Marketing – Hedkey India Pvt Ltd

Address: 31 Gram Sabha, Sewak Park, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110059

Phone: 09899308244


from An Open Letter

So turns out she (obviously) doesn’t hate me and does value me as a friend. I’m glad I did CBT, but I also did talk to her about my concerns and I hope she understood and internalized it. She proactively reached out to me to call, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. Weirdly enough, I also had a Zoom call with her mother after that. That happened through pure coincidence, but I talked about a lot of things with her mom. One notable thing I was proud of was her mother wanted to tell me something about my friend that I thought may have been personal, so I interrupted her and expressed my discomfort with that. That aside, her mother reinforced the evidence that we are friends – and was very understanding because we had fairly similar childhoods and struggles.

It was very nice to be able to talk to a mother figure, and have that assurance and advice I was envious of other people for having. It also was very interesting to see how inherently flawed and how many of the same struggles I deal with now are things her mom is still dealing with. We talked a lot about different issues we were able to relate to, and it was overall an incredibly healing process. Before this, I had gone over to their house to join them for dinner once, and that was the first time I had done that before. Turns out both she and her husband liked me a lot which was a very nice thing to hear. Her mom was also incredibly surprised with my awareness and emotional maturity which was a nice bit of evidence for myself. I would surprise her with the stuff I had to figure out going through life, and with my awareness of different things. She even really liked the technique I’ve come up with of having a dialogue with yourself out loud, to self-support in a weird way.

We said we would talk again sometime in the future, and she said “And I am quite fond of you in specific : )”, which made me somewhat feel like tearing up in a nice way.

It’s nice to know life isn’t the view of it I have scarred in me from my childhood. I guess time for a bit more CBT to really run this idea home.

Situation: A friend’s mother said that said friend values me a lot as a close friend, and I am insecure about the level of this friendship.

Thoughts: There is no way for her to know, this is just her saying random stuff or trying to be nice. Even if this was the case, we may have drifted apart, she could have replaced me, or I could have ruined the friendship and she finally got rid of me.

Feelings: I feel horribly alone. I feel incredibly insecure about the relationship, and I feel ultimately unloveable and unfit for friendship.

Behavior: When I have a bit of lucidity, I will overexert or put too much strain on the relationship to test if it is still there. This will inevitably destroy the friendship as I will continue to strain it to test until it snaps. I will destroy this friendship to stay consistent with my childhood worldview instilled in me. I will be alone.

If I give myself a bit of compassion and step away from that worldview, however:

Thoughts: She means it. Her justification makes sense and aligns with the fact that this friend does care for me and values me as a friend. I am not being replaced, and even if she does make new friends, that will not affect our relationship drastically. We are close friends!

Feelings: I desperately want to truly believe this. I feel like I have more than enough evidence for this, and all the evidence against it has felt shaky and ill-founded. I feel okay, and I feel loved. I feel like everything is fine in life, and that it is no longer like childhood where I was unloved and neglected. Things will be OK.

Behavior: I won’t self-sabotage this relationship, and I will also allow myself to show the best parts of myself instead of the ugly insecurities to this friend and others. I will also be overall less stressed and will have a great experience in order to undo some of the neural patterns that have been reinforced so hard in me. I will be ok.

I stopped and started to write this down halfway through the unhealthy thoughts section; one indicator of an unhealthy thought would probably be when to try to justify it, I have several different reasonings that could be true – yet they do not coincide with each other. For example: her not knowing if it is true but meaning it, or her not meaning it and saying it to be nice are both POSSIBLE, yet one conflicts with the other. To me, this feels like me trying to justify whatever will keep my worldview consistent. This is a nice little tell I want to be more mindful of to try to avoid this stuff in the future.

The effort you’ve put in is seen, and it is incredibly valuable. I love you blight <3


from Libraries and Learning Links of the Week

I didn't publish last week because ...I didn't feel like it. Sorry.

Transforming the Authority of the Archive: Undergraduate Pedagogy and Critical Digital Archives

I haven't read this new open access book but it looks pretty great.

Featuring perspectives from educators, archivists (both community- and institutionally-affiliated), and undergraduates involved in efforts to deconstruct and transform the institutional authority of the archive, the volume details new roles for archives in undergraduate pedagogy and new roles for undergraduates in archives.

Australian National Persistent Identifier (PID) Strategy and Roadmap

The ARDC have been coordinating a “National PID Strategy”. I participated in a workshop about this earlier in the year and now they are consulting on the strategy to find out what you think. You should tell them.

Re-orienting authentic assessment for an unknown future

Authentic Assessment is the new hotness, but just this week I found out that apparently it's “controversial”.

Chaired by Professor Rola Ajjawi, the symposium seeks to trouble superficial and instrumental practices of authentic assessment, re-orienting it towards the increasingly uncertain future.

If you're in Melbourne you can attend in-person. The symposium sessions are also being live streamed.


from Sumarul lui Chereches: sinteze și soluții

Ce este un farmacist și care este rolul farmaciilor?

Un farmacist este un specialist în domeniul sănătății care lucrează într-o farmacie sau în alte unități de sănătate publică și este cel mai complet specialist în domeniul medicamentului. Scopul principal al unui farmacist este de a elibera medicamente și de a oferi consiliere legată de utilizarea medicamentelor. Pentru a deveni farmacist, este necesară finalizarea studiilor universitare care includ cunoștințe despre mecanismele biochimice din organismul uman și acțiunile medicamentelor, utilizările medicale ale acestora, efectele adverse, interacțiunile potențiale dintre medicamente și parametrii de monitorizat înainte, în timpul și după tratamentul medicamentos.

Farmaciile au un rol crucial în sistemul de sănătate, deoarece asigură accesul populației la medicamente și la informații corecte despre acestea. Farmacistul joacă un rol esențial în asigurarea calității și siguranței medicamentelor, deoarece este responsabil de verificarea prescripțiilor medicale și de asigurarea furnizării corecte a tratamentului pacienților. De asemenea, farmacistul furnizează sfaturi și consultații despre administrarea corectă a medicamentelor și adresează orice preocupări sau alergii ale pacienților.

Farmacistul are un statut legal de profesie liberală și reglementarea profesiei de farmacist este specială deoarece acesta este responsabil de gestionarea substanțelor medicamentoase și a altor produse farmaceutice. În unele state, farmaciștii pot avea chiar autoritatea de a prescrie sau administra medicamente. De asemenea, farmacistul poate avea responsabilități de management, cum ar fi coordonarea și administrarea farmaciei, monitorizarea stocurilor sau relaționarea cu autoritățile din mai multe domenii. Un farmacist trebuie să aibă abilități de comunicare excelente pentru a explica instrucțiunile de tratament pacienților și a justifica necesitatea anumitor medicamente. De asemenea, acesta trebuie să demonstreze tact și empatie în relația cu pacienții dificili sau în situații tensionate care apar din ce în ce mai des în societatea modernă.

Responsabilitățile unui farmacist

Eliberarea medicamentelor și furnizarea de consiliere farmaceutică

Unul dintre rolurile principale ale unui farmacist este de a asigura eliberarea corectă a medicamentelor și de a oferi consiliere farmaceutică pacienților. Aceasta implică pregătirea și etichetarea medicamentelor conform prescripțiilor medicale, precum și explicarea modului corect de administrare a acestora. Farmacistul trebuie să fie familiarizat cu mecanismele de acțiune ale medicamentelor, posibilele interacțiuni și efecte secundare, pentru a putea furniza informații precise și relevante pacienților. Trebuie să ținem cont că pacientul zilelor noastre are așteptări mai mari de la farmacist și este influențat de multitudinea de surse de informare, așa că pregătire profesională a farmacistului este extrem de importantă.

Comunicarea eficientă cu pacienții și cadrele medicale

Abilitățile de comunicare sunt esențiale pentru un farmacist, deoarece trebuie să poată explica clar și concis pacienților instrucțiunile de tratament și necesitatea anumitor medicamente. De asemenea, un farmacist trebuie să poată colabora eficient cu cadrele medicale, clarificând prescripțiile și punând în aplicare eventualele modificări necesare.

Gestionarea stocurilor și a aspectelor financiare într-o farmacie

Un farmacist poate avea responsabilități de gestionare a stocurilor și a aspectelor financiare într-o farmacie. Aceasta implică monitorizarea și reînnoirea stocurilor de medicamente, gestionarea bugetului farmaciei și menținerea înregistrărilor contabile, relaționarea cu furnizorii de medicamente și cu casa de asigurări de sănătate pentru decontarea rețetelor eliberate.

Abilități digitale necesare pentru farmaciști

În era digitală, abilitățile digitale sunt esențiale pentru un farmacist. Acestea includ navigarea în bazele de date, platformele de medicamente și softurile de gestiune ale farmaciei sau transmiterea unor rapoarte diverselor autorități. Un farmacist trebuie să fie familiarizat cu utilizarea tehnologiei pentru a-și desfășura eficient activitatea și a furniza informații actualizate pacienților.

Consilierea pacienților și monitorizarea tratamentelor

Un farmacist trebuie să ofere consiliere pacienților cu privire la administrarea corectă a medicamentelor și să răspundă la orice reacții adverse sau alergii sau alte îngrijorări ale pacienților. De asemenea, farmacistul este responsabil de monitorizarea tratamentelor și de evaluarea progresului pacienților. Aderența pacientului la tratament este un element extrem de important al reușitei tratamentului și farmacistul este profesionistul aflat cel mai aproape de pacient și este cel mai accesibil (nu este nevoie de programare ca să mergi să discuți cu farmacistul).

Supervizarea și mentoratul farmaciștilor mai tineri

Farmaciștii cu experiență pot avea responsabilități de supervizare și mentorat pentru profesioniștii mai tineri din domeniu. Aceasta implică ghidarea și susținerea acestora în dezvoltarea competențelor și a cunoștințelor necesare în practica farmaceutică.

Ce studii și abilități trebuie să aibă un farmacist?

Educația necesară și cunoștințele farmaceutice

Pentru a deveni farmacist, este necesară obținerea unei diplome de licență în farmacie. Facultatea de farmacie este dificilă și complexă și asigură cunoștințele necesare farmacistului. După absolvirea studiilor de licență, farmacistul poate să urmeze rezidențiatul pentru a deveni farmacist specialist sau poate urma studii de masterat și/sau doctorat. Absolventul facultăților de farmacie poate să își desfășoare activitatea în farmacii comunitare sau de spital, producție de medicamente, asigurarea și controlul medicamentului, laboratoare de analiză, afaceri reglementare, studii clinice, farmacovigilență, marketing și vânzări sau chiar să facă parte din structurile autorităților publice.

Abilități de comunicare și negociere

Farmaciștii trebuie să aibă abilități excelente de comunicare pentru a putea transmite instrucțiuni de tratament pacienților și pentru a explica necesitatea anumitor medicamente. De asemenea, este important să poată comunica eficient cu medicii în ceea ce privește clarificările și negocierile referitoare la tratamentele prescrise.

Gestionarea multitasking și prioritizarea sarcinilor

În practica farmaceutică, multitasking-ul este esențial, deoarece farmaciștii trebuie să se ocupe simultan de îngrijirea pacienților, apeluri telefonice, respectarea protocoalelor, gestionarea stocurilor și asigurarea preciziei prescripțiilor. De aceea, farmaciștii trebuie să aibă abilități bune de prioritizare pentru a evalua și aborda diferite situații pe parcursul zilei.

Etica și profesionalismul în practica farmaceutică

Un aspect crucial în practica farmaceutică este etica și profesionalismul. Farmaciștii trebuie să demonstreze tact și diplomație în relația cu pacienții dificili sau în situații tensionate. De asemenea, trebuie să ofere consiliere pacienților cu privire la administrarea corectă a medicamentelor și să abordeze orice preocupări sau alergii.

Domenii de activitate ale farmaciștilor

Farmaciile comunitare și rolul farmacistului

Farmaciile comunitare reprezintă unul dintre cele mai cunoscute domenii de activitate pentru farmaciști. Aceștia își desfășoară activitatea în farmaciile de cartier, centrale sau în marile centre comerciale unde au rolul de a pregăti și elibera diverse medicamente și tratamente pentru pacienți. Mai mult decât atât, farmaciștii au un rol esențial în consilierea pacienților, oferindu-le informații despre administrarea corectă a medicamentelor și răspunzând la orice întrebări sau preocupări legate de acestea.

Farmaciile de spital și implicarea în tratarea pacientului în spital

Farmaciile de spital reprezintă un alt domeniu important în care activează farmaciștii. Aceștia lucrează în cadrul spitalelor și sunt responsabili de gestionarea și distribuirea medicamentelor necesare tratamentelor pacienților. De asemenea, farmaciștii din farmaciile spitalicești colaborează strâns cu medicii și asistenții medicali pentru a asigura administrarea corectă și sigură a medicamentelor. Tot în spitale, își desfășoară activitatea și farmacistul clinician care colaborează cu medicul la patul bolnavului.

Industria farmaceutică și cercetarea medicală

Farmaciștii joacă un rol important și în industria farmaceutică, unde sunt implicați în cercetarea și dezvoltarea de noi medicamente și tratamente, coordonarea anumitor faze de producție a medicamentelor, asigurarea calității sau în laboratoare de control al calității medicamentelor. În plus, aceștia contribuie la studiile clinice și la evaluarea eficacității și siguranței medicamentelor. De asemenea, farmaciștii pot lucra în departamentele de marketing farmaceutic, promovând medicamentele și furnizând informații despre acestea medicilor și pacienților.

Educație și cercetare în domeniul farmaciei

Farmacistul are un rol important și în domeniul educației și cercetării în farmacie. Aceștia pot lucra ca profesori sau cercetători în instituții de învățământ superior sau în centre de cercetare, contribuind la formarea viitoarelor generații de farmaciști și la avansarea cunoștințelor și tehnologiilor farmaceutice.

Autorități de reglementare și legislație farmaceutică

Farmaciștii sunt supuși unor reglementări și legi stricte în exercitarea profesiei lor. Aceștia trebuie să respecte standardele și protocoalele stabilite de autoritățile competente pentru a asigura siguranța și eficacitatea medicamentelor. De asemenea, farmaciștii trebuie să se asigure că toate activitățile lor sunt în conformitate cu legislația farmaceutică în vigoare.

Viitorul profesiei de farmacist

Tendințe și inovații în domeniul farmaceutic

Profesia de farmacist se confruntă cu o serie de tendințe și inovații care îi vor influența viitorul. Unul dintre aspectele majore este schimbarea rapidă a tehnologiei și impactul acesteia asupra practicii farmaceutice. Noile tehnologii, cum ar fi automatizarea și inteligența artificială, vor revoluționa modul în care medicamentele sunt preparate și distribuite.

Schimbările tehnologice vor aduce o serie de beneficii pentru practica farmaceutică. Automatizarea va reduce erorile umane în procesul de preparare a medicamentelor, asigurând siguranța și eficacitatea acestora. De asemenea, utilizarea inteligenței artificiale va permite farmaciștilor să acceseze rapid informații despre medicamente și să ofere pacienților recomandări personalizate..

Dezvoltarea abilităților farmaceutice în contextul schimbărilor din sistemul de sănătate

În contextul schimbărilor din sistemul de sănătate, farmaciștii trebuie să-și dezvolte abilitățile și competențele pentru a răspunde nevoilor pacienților. Pe lângă cunoștințele tehnice despre medicamente, farmaciștii trebuie să aibă abilități interpersonale puternice. Acestea includ negocierea și clarificarea cu medicii, precum și explicarea tratamentelor pacienților. Abilitățile de comunicare sunt cruciale pentru ca farmaciștii să poată comunica eficient instrucțiunile de tratament pacienților și să explice necesitatea anumitor medicamente și înțelegerea modalităților complexe de compensare a medicamentelor și facilitare a accesului pacientului la medicamente inovative.

De asemenea, farmaciștii pot avea responsabilități de management, cum ar fi supravegherea bugetelor, monitorizarea stocurilor și menținerea înregistrărilor contabile. Abilitățile de multitasking sunt importante pentru ca farmaciștii să poată gestiona în același timp îngrijirea pacienților, apelurile telefonice, conformitatea cu protocoalele, gestionarea aprovizionării și precizia prescripțiilor. De asemenea, farmaciștii trebuie să demonstreze tact și diplomație în relația cu pacienții sau în situațiile dificile.


from Dad vs Videogames 🎮

First ever playthrough of Starfield. Here's some backstory on my character to help set the tone for the rest of my playthrough. Note that this is mainly for my reference as I continue playing the game.

My character's name is Edgewater. He used to be a Soldier before deciding he wanted to try living life as a regular citizen. He heard of a mining expedition in the planet Vectera and decided to join the crew. And this is where the game starts...

One of the earliest scenes in the game. One of the earliest scenes in the game. My character was about to head out into a mine with Supervisor Lin and Heller.

In the mines. Headed down into the mines. You can play Starfield in first person view or third person view.

So between here and the next paragraphs below, my character went from the game's introduction, to being in a new Earth-like city. I totally blanked out and didn't take any screenshots or write down any notes. So the next paragraph is the first set of notes/journal entries I have about the game.

Note that you will most likely run into spoilers starting from here on out. I'll try my best to minimize them, but I cannot guarantee this post will be spoiler free.

Visiting a planet in Starfield Early on in the game, you are given access to a ship, which allows you to travel to different planets in the game. This is one such planet. I cannot recall if this is New Atlantis or some other planet.

There is a “Research Project” system in the game. This is how you unlock access to weapon mods, spacesuit mods, outpost building, etc... Researching projects requires you to have the resources to complete the project.

I found resources I needed for research projects in the UC Distribution Center that is located in the Commerical District of New Atlantis.

New Atlantis is the first major city you'll visit in the game. It looks like a high end luxurious place to live in. Below is a couple of screenshots of what it looks like. New Atlantis New Atlantis

Picked up lung damage and a resulting cough when I visited Procyon III. The aid item that can cure those ailments is called a Boosted Injector. I found it while exploring an occupied cave that is full of dead miners...

^ While exploring planets, you are subject to environmental damage, depending on what kind of environment exist on that given planet. Your suit can protect you only for a short moment of time, before you start suffering the effects of environment damage. This is the beep that you hear when you're out exploring a planet. It will start beeping faster and faster as your spacesuit starts losing the ability to protect you from environment damage.

For some reason, the first place where I landed in Procyon III, wouldn't show me an anomaly on my scanner. I went back to the ship, pulled up the quest/mission tab again and set course for the “Scanner Anomaly” location again. This time though, when I landed, I got an extra XP for discovering a location, so maybe I was in the wrong location in the first place.

Anyway, I was able to find the distortion on the scanner by moving it around in a circle, scanning the horizon until I notice the scanner ring flicker. I kept moving in the direction where it kept flickering, until I found a temple. I found a huge artifact in that temple and it gave me powers.

^ These “powers” can be thought of like the different shouts you unlock in Skyrim.

After a slow start, the game is now starting to become interesting to me.

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from Roscoe's Story

Sunday 24/Sep/2023

Prayers, etc.: • 04:30 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel • 06:00 – the Angelus • 07:10 – Today's Rosary, the Glorious Mysteries, is offered as Day 41 of the 54-Day Novena for Our Nation, and that is followed by the Daily Mass Readings for the Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time . • 12:00 – the Angelus • 18:00 – the Angelus • 18:35 – Catholic Night Prayer, followed by Fr. Chad Rippberger's Prayer of Command to protect my family, my sons, my daughter and her family, my granddaughters and their families, my great grandchildren, and everyone for whom I have responsibility from any demonic activity. – And that followed by the Sunday Prayers of the Association of the Auxilium Christianorum.

Health Metrics: • bw= 220>30 lbs. • bp= 132/73 (64)

Diet: • 07:00 – cottage cheese and applesauce • 07:30 – 1 ham & cheese sandwich • 12:00 – bowl of pancit • 13:30 – snacking on cheese • 15:00 – snacking on raisins

Chores, etc.: • 07:40 – Harnwell: globalist fake pope implies those impeding migrant rescue-at-sea charade are “haters” – Bannon's War Room • 07:55 – BETRAYED: Francis Teams Up with Bill Clinton – Remnant TV • 08:40 – watching old eps. of comic book heroes on H&I Network • 12:00 – after a morning of shifting from one boring TV show to another, it's finally baseball o'clock. Watching the 1st few innings of the Tampa Bay game now, I'll switch over to the Texas Rangers broadcast in about an hour. And mid-afternoon I'll have the Dallas Cowboys NFL game.

Chess: • 09:50 – moved in all pending CC games, registered for a new ICCF tourney scheduied to start Jan. 2024

posted Sunday 24/Sep/2023 ~19:00 #DLSEP2023


from Roscoe's Quick Notes

Another quiet Sunday. Again the hips were too painful and unsteady for me to even think about going to Mass this morning. Or going anywhere else today for that matter.

Glad my Rangers won their game against the Mariners this afternoon, but disappointed the Cowboys lost to the Cardinals.

posted Sunday 24/Sep/2023 ~ 18:50 #QNSEP2023


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