from Hakikat Notları

Her konuşan kendi seviyesinden konuşur.

Huzurlu olan, huzurdan. Huzursuz olan huzursuzluktan. Gören, gördüğünden. Göremeyen, göremediğinden. Zanneden, zannettiğinden.

Emin olan, emin olduğundan.

Devamını oku...

from Hakikat Notları

Görünenler bir görüntü olabilir. Hissedilenler de, bir yanılgı olabilir. Fakat, gören ve hisseden gerçektir.

Görünenin ne olduğunu değil, görenin kim olduğunu araştır.

Devamını oku...

from Ronald Steegstra

De SM Blues

Ik was echt al bijna geil toen deed je dat met de nagelvijl die iets te ver mijn oor in ging daarna verdween iedere opwinding.

Ik werd echt een beetje nat toen stak je dat sixpack in mijn gat een van die blikjes brak open en was die lust weer verlopen.

Ik werd net een beetje stijf toen sneed je de ballen van mijn lijf dipte ze in mayo, at ze op in een hap en ik werd meteen weer slap.

Ik liep net een beetje warm toen sneed je de hand van mijn arm haalde de spleet uit mijn billen en ik voelde de lust verkillen.

Ik kreeg al een beetje zin toen stak je die paal daar helemaal in en liet 500 volt door mij heen waardoor alle zin verdween.


from Mikes Thoughts

So being old I get the choice. I don’t care to do both. It’s too taxing. Anyways I’m practicing sitting with music going and not doing anything. Kinda like my other days. Today I am using the WriteFreely iOS app on my toy. The iPhone toy. Next to me a young family shows up at the bench next. The boys wave and smile. The mom takes delight in seeing them wave and smile. It seems most times when I sit at the lake that I’m greeted by kids and young people. They are really active at the “hello” thing. Old people are more serene and will nod and wave. Amazing there was a war here once. You could come now and never see a memory of it besides in museums. The Vietnamese people love Americans I think. Some believe America is a dream for them. The place is the land of plenty. Dreams and wonders. Many have told me they fantasize about a life there. But always to come back. Because Vietnam needs them and their muscle and their brains. Witness this article about how a generation here is becoming lost due to Covid. Now America is not the next stop or any stop for their dreams. Many cannot go and fear losing so much.

To me sitting here the edge is a real thing. It balances on the head of geography, economics and politics. Meanwhile the young move in a direction. Sometimes not forward or back. Sometimes lost in the same place here.

My daughter in California fares no better. Her entire life disrupted. She went from adult to adult child by moving back home. Only one story amidst millions.

So I sit and determine not to think. Instead I watch the mom and dad play with their boys here. Only a moment. But they will grow up and it reminds me of the saying RWR would tell me,

nothing so constant as change

There is no permanence, no stability, no status quo. Give it a moment and it fades.

Just like life on this park bench.


from The Spiritual Nomad

There are still quite a few people out there who consider themselves “followers of Jesus”, in some sense. There's no coherent way to refer to them anymore, though.

In 2021, “Christian” can mean anything from “homophobic nazi and/or rapist” to “philanthropic social justice activist”, and it's not always obvious who is who. Just look at any of the countless high profile Christians who have been outed as utterly despicable human beings, despite leading lives that appeared to be outwardly good for humanity, on the whole. Or the rampant homophobia, racism, sexism, and anti-semitism among so many people who identify as Christian today.

Look at Theodore McCarrick, the highest-ranking member of the Catholic Church to be exposed as a pervert in recent years. Or Jean Vanier, who many followers saw as virtually a living saint. Or Jerry Falwell Jr., or Ravi Zacharias. Those are just the ones I can remember hearing about in the last few months. If you really want to see some horrible things people pull off in the name of Jesus start at /r/PastorArrested and follow the links. Beware the endless rabbit hole.

It's not surprising that people are horrible. Everyone learns that eventually. It's definitely not surprising that an organization selecting for charismatic, enthusiastic public speakers as leaders is a literal cesspool of perverts. What is surprising, though, is that the rank and file stick around. The average church goers. “Pew sitters”.

It's probably fair to say that the average church goer doesn't know much about the exploits of their leaders. A lot of pastors are worshipped as demigods, their words held up as divine ordinance, authoritative and true. Suggestions of impropriety are brushed aside, and people who know too much to ignore are threatened to stay quiet.

But there's too much evidence, now. Turning a blind eye has turned into willfully enabling it to go on. Every single one of the movements led by these disgraced perverts still has thousands of followers, if not more. They are exempt from the normal standards of decency we expect from secular society and permitted to continue existing, despite their indifference to the egregious obscenity they enable.

How have we not learned that the way we do church is fundamentally broken. We literally lift up the most odious individuals in society to positions of leadership, then let them exploit and abuse their power for decades with no accountability, no consequence except for a tarnished legacy. How did this emerge from a movement started by a desert peasant who just wanted to help the poor?

And where does that leave us? People who are actually interested in that pursuit, in the wisdom of the Jesus stories? Back in the desert, I guess.


from tmo

This is not in reference to “Missouri weed” or “cat piss schwag pot” or anything like that (lol) – this is about legislation that has been put forward on January 4, 2021 by a GOP congressman to legalize (recreationally) marijuana in the State of Missouri.

It's a good idea!

Medicinal marijuana was legalized in Missouri in 2020, also, recreational marijuana was legalized in the State of Illinois (as well as medicinal, I assume (but I am not sure)) in 2020, as well. And states like to copy other states. The “HJR-30” bill the congressman put forward would tax marijuana in the State of Missouri at 12%, with that money going to veterans affairs, infrastructure, and drug counseling services. Great. Do it.

I. hope. this. passes. (in 2022)

I don't get too thrilled or motivated behind politics, in general, or laws being passed, or bills being put forward, and on and on – but recreational marijuana in Missouri would be a very good thing, for some (most) people. It is a harmless herb, that has enormous psychological, physical, and even spiritual benefits. A psych doc may concern themselves with marijuana effecting other (flat-out toxic) medications that they prescribe (and get compensated for having written those prescriptions (see where this is going?)), but it is up to the individual (or, the patient) to make up their own minds about what is best for THEM. I am not suggesting a self-medication approach to psychological issues, I am saying that (along with diet, exercise, and a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA, as some call it)) it can DECREASE reliance on toxic pharmaceuticals.

They put the bill forward to legalize recreational marijuana before and it failed (barely) because they wanted some egregious tax percentage on it, but I think WHEN it comes to a vote again, it will pass. And life will be good.

Thank you :)


from tmo

Just poured some Taster's Choice, waking up after some laziness/grogginess hit me for some reason. Now, clicking around, looking at stuff, figuring out where I want to go with the night.

A shower has to be had, and the apartment cleaning will happen tomorrow, more than likely.

I hope everyone is doing well out there. Today is (and will soon be “was”) Thursday. Another day in the can. I was able to squeeze some productivity out of the day with laundry, so I guess my purpose on the Planet Earth has been restored, vindicated :P

I don't know how many blog posts I did today. Seven? Ten? Or as Quinn would say about the sharks in the movie Jaws “maybe a thousand!”. I could “taper back”, or “tone down” how many posts I do a day – but what the hell is the point of that? I don't care, it's a journal, it's public, and it is what it is. It's not even “Web logging” at this point, more of just continual text entry about life and thoughts.

The only other person I saw who did this was, but he has disappeared, I think (or, the last time I checked).

{2 minutes later}

I checked again, he has a landing page on Slow Dog.

Anyway, not a lot of people do 5+ journal entries (be they ON or OFFline) a day. I do now, apparently. And did I always do this? (I ask myself)

Since 2006 it seems, yes. Or I was doing so from around 2001-2003 on an all-night schedule. That stopped when I was at Job Corps, the Army, and other details in life. I don't remember much writing at all during the 1990s, besides the occasional short story here and there. I never referred to myself as, or desired to become, “a writer” until late-2006, though. But...yea. Just a predominate characteristic of old age for me, I guess. Not to sound braggy or whatever – I know a lot of people struggle to write things (blog posts, books, journal entries, etc.) but guess what? I struggle just as much with many things in life that are not writing! So, life is a struggle, and we both win and fail in our respective worlds ;)

Too bad writing doesn't raise your IQ, but reading does. I think writing just alters one's perception. Like a type (pardon the pun) of intelligence augmentation – which is what technology is supposed to do for humankind, but instead we just make quicker and slicker AI stuff, and make ourselves reliant on it, and make ourselves (probably) dumber in the process. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure my IQ (whatever it is) is at a stagnant stand-still, not getting significantly smarter, or wittier, or “sharper” in any way. But not decaying or degrading, either (thankfully). Above all this is self-correspondence, and I am glad when others can/do hop in and say a few words or send references my way, and there definitely IS a cool (af) R.w.a community. I greatly appreciate them.

But to the extent, continual, and ongoing blog posts, I guess they kinda/sorta assist with my mental health. Journaling has proven to be effective in that regard. Sort of a self-prescribed therapy. So, it continues.

More later


from Thoughts Shared

Mia Khalifa is more concerned about the Indian Farmers than their fascist government.

Live Long & Prosper, Mia Khalifa!

#Journal #100DaysToOffload

Day 1 of #100DaysToOffload Challenge. Find out more at and join the community.


from peterferguson

4min read

As mentioned before in previous posts, I think I have done a relatively good job of shaking all social media over the past year. Whether that's been to save time, avoid targeted advertising, or to stop feeding large corporations my data. I seem to have also managed this without some other social media fad or distracting website on my phone taking over. That being said though, I still struggle with youtube.

My youtube watch time hasn't increased on this time a year ago, my social media usage has disappeared though, so overall phone time has reduced. Youtube is like going to that one friends house who seemed to have all the TV channels ever, they could watch whatever they want whenever they wanted. That's what we have now, available on any browser you can get your hands on. Fortunately I mainly watch from my PC with an ad blocker running so don't have to sit through the infinitely annoying ads.

I do think that sharing your youtube watch history or list of subscriptions can be quite telling. It's not something we usually share openly and can be quite personal (in my opinion). With this in mind, I thought I would share three of my favourite youtube channels that I watch almost religiously. It was quite difficult to cut it down to three! See below.

Sailing La Vagabonde

I have been watching this channel since their first year making videos on the platform and cannot recommend them enough! The Australian pair of Riley and Elayna slowly travelling around the world on their boat, visiting remote places, running into pirates, spearfishing and completing Atlantic crossing with Greta Thunberg never ceases to stir the vagabond and nomad in me. Their weekly videos provide a great escape from the day to day.

Nikolai Schirmer

I have mentioned this channel in a previous post on ethical businesses. Nikolai is a bit of an adventuring skier and acts as a bit of 'skiing goals' for me. This Norwegian's videos are always set in some of the most jaw-dropping mountains and his low-carbon approach to skiing is one most skier should aspire to. As a carbon fuelled snow-based hobby is a bit of an oxymoron.

Beau Miles

With such titles as “A Mile an Hour: Running a different kind of marathon” and “The Human Bean: 40 days on a tin-bean diet”, Beau Miles has a pretty unique approach to youtube. Usually in the form of some sort of challenge for himself. But as much as he challenges himself, he also challenges the audience in a light-hearted but still though provoking way. Often offering a 'deep and meaningful' take on way eating only tinned beans for 40days is a good thing. Beau always has an upbeat and optimistic outlook on life which translates very well through his videos. Although he doesn't post very often, I always look forward to watching his videos.



from tmo

Went to earlier, as I have been on occasion for the past couple weeks (idk why), and a story on there is discussing a new feature coming to Twitter called “Super Followers”, which apparently is a take on a Patreon-like subscription service within Twitter, itself, that lets people charge $$$ for exclusive...Tweets? “Content”? I don't know. Anyway, going “off” the news again, will not read the news anymore.

But, it does reinforce my will and desire to continue making the Thanx Project, because (although it is not a social media platform whatsoever, nor a competitor to anyone) some people may want or need an alternative to paying money to a creator of some sort when all they want to do is say “thank you”, or “good job”, or “keep it up” for having created content on the Internet. A kind e-mail, message, or just some form of written correspondence as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation is all some (idealistically, MOST) people would need.

All this reminds me of the collection plate at church. Only the only exclusive part was Heaven and the content was your soul! LMAO!


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