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It's been a while since I first started writing. I believe if everyone in this world started writing, then the world would probably be filled with authors like J.K.Rowling and Chetan Bhagat. I hope you understand the hyperbole of the previous sentence.



Imagine you find some people who you think are perfect. But they aren't. Nobody is. Usually, when I find people, I trust them too much and then I find out they're fake. Trust is good, but not too much trust. You need someone who will always have your back. -Anonymous



I used to wonder what was there that even Fairies longed for? Back in my mind I thought it will be a guy like Thor. But talking to you has changed my whole perspective, For you have shown me that love is power irrespective. You have taught me how to make lemonade when life gives u lemon, And you fully justify the title of "Wonder Woman." I will always remain by your side during your thick and thin, Just make sure that every morning the first thing I see is your silly Grim...



Is it a crime to want more? To be disheartened with my feats I deem inadequate when others have just barely even made it? -GDL(06.20.17)



Nights like these may seem endless. You may feel like nothing can ever drive out the darkness. But dawn will be breaking soon. You just have to get through the night. -GDL(06.20.17)


from Imaan Khadir

~Is there a Sun?

The peasant smiles to the questions, The king lies to the answers And I compile the truth

Take me away Take me away...

I reach for your hand, and you give me wings I fly to your hand and you derive me stings I fall for your hand and you rise me outlive

Bless me away Bless me away...

Upon the seas, I ask the dove to love me; “Weren't you of the feeder?” asked the sesame Maybe the desert wasn't the blasphemy, I thought

Inhale me inside Inhale me always...



it is either very good or very bad if someone makes poetry tumble from the tips of your fingers - i do not know which one you are yet


from dennis de jesus

You're busy, and then somebody emailed you. You found out that the dreaded open-bait has been turned on, and it's too late.

The system has already fired an alert and you can't deny that you opened the email. Now, you are a victim of your curiosity. You should have not clicked on that piece, and you should have continued working.

Your productivity is now directly proportional to your agitated reply. Should you send it, or should you wait? If you send your reply, then it may be over in a while. If you wait, your sender may send another follow-up email. Or worst, call you. And to seal the deal, she may just pop-up anytime!

Well, sending your reply now does not guarantee freedom.

If you have not crafted your reply intelligently, then you may receive another email to clarify your response. And that would mean, another return receipt open-bait!

Admit it. You are a goner. Should you or should you not reply? Well, you should not have opened the email in the first place. Not long after you're done with what you're doing.


from coel

Being on a journey of discovery is the name of the game. Building a killer platform, experience, or whatever one might wish to call them is not the aim. The aim, as some may see it, is a little more mundane, but nevertheless important. The aim is integration, integration of multiple platforms (some people can and do build them) via the APIs (most) modern systems provide.
Below are the results of these journeys, primarily for House of Cloth, however future works may sprout from these.

Project 1: Fieldbook + Shopify

Shopify, for better and worse, was selected as a website/ecommerce/pos all-in-one system about 18 months ago. While it works (mostly), there are things that aren't overly user-friendly, or are simply lacking, like assigning product SKUs based on category. Originally an SQLite database was used for this purpose, but was severely lacking in terms of what was possible (primarily due to setup). Fieldbook provides a simple path to creating a database by uploading a CSV (the hardest thing is getting the CSV up to standard). After migrating, learning how things work and expanding the database, that was the end of things. Then webhooks, APIs were discovered and explored. What now exists is a system whereby when an order is fulfilled in Shopify, or a product is updated, the quantity in Fieldbook for that product is adjusted. There are if's and else's to deal with quick-sales where an item does not exist in either system (some things just aren't worth putting in there) but the system works and come stocktake, most of the counting will have been done.

Project 2: Fieldbook + Elastic Email + Twilio

When a machine service is completed by House of Cloth, the customer is notified via phone call. Service jobs are now maintained in Fieldbook by the technician to easily track parts usage and historical records as time goes on. With a simple checkbox field and a webhook triggered on sheet update, a customer is now notified via email or via SMS, using the APIs of Elastic Email and Twilio. While Elastic Email does SMS too, text messages are sent from US numbers (the business operates in Bendigo, Australia) so Twilio was selected as they offer local mobile numbers which are only used by one entity (for a relatively small fee compared to some local service providers). While the potential for time-saving is there, only time will tell if the cost of this time-saving measure is justified.

Project 3: Twilio + Fieldbook

Built partially as a demo-system for a local business, and partially because the idea was there for the doing (a nice challenge). Fieldbook hosts a small database with customer information, (mobile number, name, address, preferred contact method [pcm]) and allows them to subscribe to various notification lists. A message is sent to a Twilio hosted number, which is forwarded to a specified webhook. This takes the body of the message and processes the commands within. The system works similar to twitter via sms accepting only a defined set of commands, in a strict format, to allow customers to add themselves to the system, update their details, subscribe to/unsubscribe from lists, and leave the system.
As an afterthought, a bridge between email and sms was built (using Elastic Email) accepting a phone number followed by system commands as the subject. Because why not.


On the drawing board is the reverse of Fieldbook + Shopify where when a product is added to inventory in Fieldbook or updated, it is automatically created/updated in Shopify. Then there is the sending out of emails/text messages to the people subscribed to a list (project 3) using Elastic Email/Twilio after pulling the lists from Fieldbook. And no doubt many more exciting times ahead.

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from shopkins

For some of us humans — mostly the introverts, I'm sure of it — we dig holes, jump in one, and proceed to try and climb our way back out of it. For if there were no holes, no jobs we hated but did anyways — nothing to make us miserable — we could just amble down the sidewalk wearing nothing but a grin. You'd look up at the sky and trees around you and your only thought would be, “Wow. This is great.” You'd think, “I'm alive, this is wonderful,” and maybe “Look at all the things I can do! I can climb a tree or run or stop or breathe through my nose.” And you'd be happy.

Most of the time we are probably happy but don't realize it. Because anyone who has been so happy that they can no longer ignore it knows what happens once it is realized. The thoughts of tomorrow suddenly show up, or the futile stretching and grasping for this feeling begins — the hope to just keep it forever. The incessant use of the internationally-known phrase “I love you” is this hope. Happiness, like the heart or the entire human body, doesn't maintain its original manifestation forever.



OK so I guess I am posting anonymously I *want* to write as my username on here (tm) but I cannot seem to do anything but log-in on this BlackBerry & therefore cannot post to the blog. Logging in: good. Actually posting on that acct: no go. :( But anyway, I am feeling better from what I was going thru yesterday. I am not upset anymore. I am going to see Tayla Tuesday & I am going to move on w/ my life. Dad is having his foot amputated (as it seems) & I am just going w/ it. I am going write about it @ length, I am sure but only on this blog & not as candid as on Twitter (though you will be able to click said blog post on Twitter should you be so inclined). Anyway, I always have & always will like writing little blog posts on this BlackBerry. Just a fun experience. Be back in a bit!


from Owam

**Ukhona but You took her away **

“Where's Lwam?” my reaction to torn apart screaming women. There she was flying like an eagle over You .“She's at it again ” I thought. “Lwam Stop it!” I exclaimed...Who was I kidding because ukhona but You took her away.

In just one blink of an eye, one flip of a coin, You took her with but she's still around. Your friends, yes the one with the siren ,and the one who transports man in blue uniform. They came to your rescue, as usual.

Blood , that was blood right? I'm not surprised, you had hit her so hard that she flew like a bird,and fell back on the tar road. Now your friends couldn't undress her. They had to tear her favourite dress, .

Well mom? Mom and aunt Pinda were kneeling helplessly, their hands shaking ,lips trembling , tears down their cheeks this was all because you took her but she is still around .

Me, I have no world. I watched it flash before my eyes. I watched it laying there helplessly .Yes It has come to an end.This was the first cut, it was indeed the deepest.

Honestly, I pray once a day, before I go to bed and then only. But when you took her, when she tried to breathe for, mom ,Pinda ,herself and I, I was conversing with God.

I had opened up my not so pure heart to him and begged for her life. A life full of love and laughter, a life of unnecessary drama and 2 seconds fights, a life I didn't want to lose. I wasn't ready to lose.

I had a huge lump in my throat? But hey I knew God, I know him still. I trusted him as much as I do now. He couldn't let me suffer the pain of losing my everything, because he knew that all I needed was nothing but a little sister.

Well done. Ukhona but You took her away. Oh yes she made it out alive. Four months away from her felt like I've never been with her before, I missed her so much like I've never met her. I ate after being shouted at for at least 4 times, because eating wasn't fun without her and Pinda and mom didn't get it.

Ukhona but You took her away. Well done. She's still my little sister, she's still alive but you took her away. I don't know if I can but I want to accept and forgive that you left her mentally ill.

I want to forgive,but you took her away. I want to vent to her, her to vent to me . I want to kick the boy who broke her heart. I want to make huge life decisions with her,I want her to be everything she once was and more. I want to see her work as an electrical engineer ,that was her dream. Still is. But because you took her away. It'll only be a dream and I'll always want what I can't have.

But at least. At least I know her love is unconditional. I know I'm her everything as she's mine. I love her as much as she loves me, and maybe I shouldn't want all these but warmly receive the love she's giving me whole heartedly.

You took her away but she's still my sister.

**Ukhona but You took her away **



Knowledge Question: To what extent might a lack of knowledge be an excuse for unethical conduct?


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