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I went ahead and checked my banking app just now on my phone, not expecting (at all) to see the $250+ refund from the Amtrak trip on there, but it was! Awesome! The refund comes at a time when I certainly NEED the money, as there are numerous “house things”, “life things”, and other various objects of interest which I require to keep the boat afloat, so to speak.

Just a nice surprise, is all :)

back soon

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Notice how it is blank next to where it says “C (digital)”. That is the cover for the digital edition, which I approach differently to print editions for good reason.

Where I added “BM” slots at the very bottom? That's “Backmatter” which I realized I hadn't made much space for on my chart. I have it indicated as 3 pages there, but they actually ran to 9! All finished though. So yeah, this chapter runs quite long. I don't imagine the next three will need to run as long. 🤞

Saw Gaiman speak last night, part of a book tour apparently. Not sure I know of any other author who can fill a sizable auditorium with a paying audience for what is ostensibly a book promotion event. To Gaiman's credit though, he didn't read exclusively from his book, but read other stuff as well; a couple never published poems. He also includes little anecdotes and life stories between each reading. The entire event was 2 hours, Gaiman standing, never sitting, and never even moving around the stage. To be stationary for two solid hours, and do nothing but talk at a dimly lit crowd of some, I dunno, 2500 people and manage to be captivating, insightful, charming, and also damn funny the entire time is an immensely admirable feat. Again, I can't think of a single other author capable of pulling it off.

He even read a Batman poem.

A Batman poem.

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I had to get cigs. I was completely out, but as mentioned in my last blog post, I had to run to Schnucks, as well. But I had to be at the apartment at “sometime” today to receive my delivery for prescription strength Nexium (a medication for severe heartburn – I don't know if everyone knows this), and I couldn't miss that delivery drop off. Because they would try to call me from outside my apartment, and if no one answered, or if I wasn't home, they would go back to the pharmacy and I would have to wait to have the meds delivered the next day.

I gave the delivery until 1:00 PM, then said “fxxx it” and went to Schnucks, got a few items, and then came back to my apartment to drop off those items, then went straight to BP and bought a carton of Edgefield non-filters (nonny's), decided to roll the dice and see if my neighbor “S” was home, so I could give him three of the packs from the carton (because he was a long-suffering saint by letting me bum a pack here and there in the past couple weeks). Dog Bless neighbor “S”! Then I walked to my apartment, walked in the door, checked my phone to see if I missed any calls (from the pharmacy), and no missed calls, and then a knock at my door with the delivery drop-off!

Timing, man. Wow!

I took one of the pills and staved off bad heartburn for yet another day, and then fired up a cig and started this blog post.

So, an active little afternoon :)

I am cooling off in the AC, and about to venture out onto the balcony.

Hope all are well

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from Open Source Musings

Anyone remember the term desktop publishing (DTP for short)? It first came into the wider lexicon in the 1980s, and referred to the ability to use software on desktop computer to layout, typeset, and print, your own material like flyers, newsletters, books, and like.

It's been years since I've heard term desktop publishing uttered by anyone, but still goes on. Nowadays, though, a lot of that publishing is electronic only — publishing non fiction books, novels and short story collections, reports, and such in formats like PDF and EPUB.

Let's take a quick look at four open source tools that you can use to publish your words and ideas, whether for sale or just for sharing.


Sigil is a WYSIWYG tool for creating and editing EPUB files. It does EPUB and nothing else.

Using Sigil is easy. Fire it up and create the shell of a new ebook. Then, add chapters. You can write in a very basic word processor-like interface, or edit the book's HTML directly (remember that an EPUB is basically a contain for HTML files).

You can add or import multiple chapters, add a cover image, include custom fonts, and change the look of your book using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS for short). You can also add images, which are saved with the file.

Sigil also has several other useful tools. There's a built-in spelling checker, a function that generates a table of contents, a built-in EPUB validator, a metadata editor, and plugins.

LibreOffice Writer

My first foray into DTP was in the early 1990s with WordPerfect 5.1. Yes, the DOS version. The process, guided by the book Desktop Publishing with WordPerfect 5.1, was painful. Very painful. But I was able to get things done. You'd think that would have scared me off using a word processor for personal publishing. It hasn't/

LibreOffice Writer is a lot easier to use that WordPerfect 5.1 and its results are better. You might not get pinpoint typography, as some dedicated publishing tools do, but Writer is more than good enough for most of us and most of our needs. I know a few people who've published books written with Writer, and I've done so myself.

The key to using Writer for publishing isn't to fire it up and start typing. Instead, start with a template.

You also need to structure your writing with chapters and sections, as well as applying styles rather than using bespoke formatting. And you're not limited to creating one monolithic document, either. Instead, you can create a master document and work on individual chapters or sections as separate files. Use the master document to pull them together into a whole.

When you're ready to publish, you can can generate a PDF or an EPUB file with a click or two. As part of the process to create both types of files, you can add metadata before you publish the file.


If you want precise typesetting and don't mind working in a text editor, then the LaTeX typesetting system might be worth looking at. It's been used for decades to publish articles, reports, books, and more. The results can be pleasing to the eye and elegant in their simplicity.

LaTeX is essentially a markup language that you process using a variety of tools. You can generate PDFs and EPUBs from LaTeX source files, and you can even create something akin to a master document (like the ones you would with LibreOffice Writer) to combine individual chapters or sections into a whole without creating a long document.

Out of the box, the stock output from LaTeX is OK but lacks some visual panache. You can use templates and document classes to change the look and feel of your documents.


pandoc isn't, at least on the surface, a publishing tool. It's more a digital Swiss Army Knife to convert between file formats. Using pandoc, you can publish books that are formatted with several markup languages, including Markdown.

pandoc can generate EPUB files out of the box, and can produce PDFs either using LaTeX or with a couple of PDF generation tools. As with Sigil, you can use a CSS file to add formatting to the books that you produce in both of those formats.

As pandoc is a command line tool, you need to remember (at the very least) a handful of options. Or more, depending on what you need to do. If you don't regularly create a PDF or an EPUB, it's easy to forget those options. You should consider writing a script to encapsulate the options that you use.

Final Thoughts

The four tools I just looked at aren't the only open source publishing applications out there. They're definitely not for everyone or for every purpose. But if you want to publish a book (sort or long) for fun or for profit, you should consider giving those four tools a look.

Scott Nesbitt

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from Poetric

Emptying into the larger river The brook

Summer arrives It doesn't exist A place for floating dandelion to collapse Try to take hold

Mostly scrabble Stone and gravel Harsh Gritty

Baked by rays Hot Shimmering Parched

Until the snows come again



from Paolo Amoroso's Journal

Chrome OS 101 was supposed to prompt to upgrade Crostini, its Linux container subsystem, from Debian Buster to Bullseye. A 9to5Google article on Chrome OS 101 noted:

Linux on Chrome OS now uses Debian 11 (Bullseye) with upgrade prompts available in the Settings app for those on Debian 10 (Buster). You also now get an upgrade log that’s saved in the Downloads folder.

However, when Chrome OS Stable 101.0.4951.59 landed on my ASUS Chromebox 3 with Crostini running Buster, I got no such prompt. A comment by the user Mr. Smith on an About Chromebooks post about upgrading to Bullseye clarified the prompt is hidden behind a flag.

I went through the upgrade process Mr. Smith outlined and it worked, sort of. Here are the steps I took:

  1. enable the flag chrome://flags#crostini-bullseye-upgrade
  2. reboot Chrome OS
  3. accept the prompt to upgrade to Bullseye
  4. open the Terminal app
  5. run the following shell commands:

    $ sudo apt update
    $ sudo apt full-upgrade -y
    $ sudo apt -y autoremove

Sure enough, after rebooting the system I got the upgrade prompt, accepted it, and watched a dialog reporting on the upgrade progress. A dozen minutes later the process ended with the following errors:

Failed to connect to bus: No data available
Failed to connect to bus: No data available
invoke-rc.d: initscript sudo, action "restart" failed.
Failed to connect to bus: No data available
dpkg: error processing package sudo (--configure):
 installed sudo package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I'm not sure what triggered the errors. But a few quick checks of Crostini suggested the installed apps work and nothing major seems broken. Therefore, I'm leaving the container upgraded to Bullseye 11.3 as is and monitor it.

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In those darker years Midnight stories guided under winged shadows From rituals of the crevice in the under sky. To daylight above obstructed by Dense plumage headed for greener meadows.

When curious eyes land on Poe, Philosophy, and Algorithmic Theory A Raven synchronizes flight and flips over to a path of repetitions: One, to stir a cast of thoughts overhead in sparse, gray clouds Two, not having formed the right words from the pall at all.

Three, lounging on a verdant canopy Black-jeaned limbs tucked in Docs flies through Concepts, figures, and patterns until the mind starts doing aerobatics; Mind on matters at hand, thumbing through weathered pages Weaving through a course in number and lightning by calculations.

Thoughts free like the wind above trees and houses below the hills; Pleasant breezes would brush past tufts of hair Drifting along the edge of vibrant flush of blooms across the village until Series of then secret-coded language ended in loops and endloops.

Sequence of thrills performed into horizons When letting go felt natural, fewer commands or instructions When everything felt closer and far from home, it was different from Trips by planes and tickets to new destinations.

Never mind the ongoing navigation Those were old rituals of habit, and now shadows fly By the old tree shade above, tore an opening below the surface; Things that had not left those greener meadows in a long time.

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from Un blog fusible

je voudrais

un carré de bleu vif par la fenêtre ouverte pour faire entrer le parfum d'un autre matin

la torpeur des rochers sous la pluie pour me donner un peu de leur tranquille indifférence

la largeur d'un sentier de montagne pour entrer lentement dans l'alpage


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It's 10:30 AM. No clouds in the sky. Not even a “poof” of them, lol! No gradients of white amongst blue. Not even an isolated “chem trail” (not the real term) can be found in the air above. Just blue, blue, blue!

Oddly, the temps in STL have remained unchanged all morning – upper-50's. I suppose it is the last hurrah of Spring before the warm temps settle in? But it is all the same to me, meaning it is quite pleasant.

I called to have my stomach meds delivered today. They will be delivered “sometime today” (heaven forbid they paint themselves into a corner and say “in the afternoon” or “in the morning” – just, SOMEtime today). So I will try to be available at sometime today – I have to go to Schnucks, and will visit with the neighbor “S” in a bit, and I have to see what this placement-type place says about a possible writing job or/and training (which I inquired about (through E-mail) on Saturday). But, I should have a clear schedule around “SOMEtime”. LOL!

Hope everyone is well. Just wanted to write some stuff real fast.

Back later

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from The New Oil

If you haven't read my last post you probably should. As the title suggests, I'm going to build heavily from it. In that post, I primarily wrote about “disinformation” – how to define it, when to use it, etc. But for many, knowing what to use can be an agonizingly difficult and confusing decision. In this post, I'll share my strategies for developing effective disinformation and hopefully give you a framework on how to do so yourself.

Identifying What You Need

The best place to start is by identifying your needs. This comes in two forms: the actual information (addresses, phone numbers, etc) and the context. By “context” I mean the kind of information you need. Does the address need to be local to confirm a story, or can it just be any random address? Does the name have to be one you'll use a lot or never again?

For example, in a prior blog post, I mentioned the idea of not using your real name when dating. But in this context, your fake name is one you'll have to reuse frequently. You'll need to respond to it when people call you from across the room, or you'll eventually have to explain that it's not your real name. There's numerous ways to handle this – some of which I discussed in that post – but ultimately you'll have to think in advance about it so you know the drawbacks and how to handle them.

Consider another scenario, one I've actually encountered many times: online ordering. I'm pretty vocal about my usage. is a service that offers you digital debit cards where you can put in any billing information you want, allowing you to be John Doe at 123 Main Street, Smalltown USA. The problem, I quickly discovered, is that there are three parties involved in an online transaction: you, the bank (in this case,, and the vendor. While doesn't really care what information you put in the billing form, the vendor probably does. “John Doe at 123 Main Street” raises more red flags than a Chinese Communist Party rally on most vendor anti-fraud systems. I soon found that it was much, much easier to pick a generic sounding name – like Nathan Bartram – and an actual street address. This almost never flags the anti-fraud systems anymore.

Finally, you'll need to identify what information you actually need. This is based on your lifestyle and threat model. Perhaps you only ever buy physical goods online and never really buy software or other non-tangible services. In this case, you don't need to bother coming up with a fake address because you'll always need goods delivered to your actual address (PO Box or otherwise). Or perhaps you tell people that you’re from a certain part of town, so you’ll need an address in that town as a billing address to confirm your story and hide your real address.

Ultimately it’s important to think about what kinds of disinformation you’ll need and what the context for it will be. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to prepare.

Preparing Your Story

If you’re not prepared in advance with disinformation, you’ll probably end up folding every time and handing over real information. It’s just human nature. Therefore it’s important to pick your cover stories now. First off, you probably won’t remember your fake information – at least not at first. So when you’re digging through your notes app looking for it, you’ll feel compelled to explain why you don’t know your phone number or address.

Let me pause right here and deliver some wonderful news: most people don’t care. If you say “hold on, let me find it” and start scrolling your phone, most people will accept that and leave it at that. I’m willing to bet that for most readers, most of the people you interact with in day-to-day life (that you’ll be giving disinformation to) are underpaid and overworked employees. They don’t get paid enough to wonder why you can’t remember your information, and frankly they’ll probably forget about you about ten seconds after you walk out of sight. A lot of people get social anxiety over the idea that if they do anything “unusual” that people will somehow be suspicious of you. Let me reassure you: nobody cares. Everyone has their own lives, their own problems, their own boss constantly reminding them to do inventory after the registers slow down or their own fight with the significant other at home. Trust me, you are the last thing on their minds. Even if they did find you suspicious, what are they going to do? Refuse to sell you that coffee? Call the cops on you for not having your phone number memorized?

All you need to say when looking up your information is “one second, let me find it.” This lets them know you’re looking for the information they’ve asked for and you’re not just ignoring them and reading your text messages. If you feel compelled to say anything to explain, then just say “I just moved and I haven’t memorized the new address yet” or “I got a new phone and I can’t remember the number.” Again, however, this is almost never an issue.

With that handled, let’s turn to actually finding the information. Names and addresses are the easiest, so I recommend starting there. For names, I prefer to use Behind the Name’s Random Name Generator because you can narrow it down by sex (including “ambiguous”), how many names you need (first only or first and middle or more), and even ethnicity. Generate several options until you find one that sounds generic that you’re okay using.

For addresses, my preferred method is to use a local hotel. They already get tons of junk mail and they are a real, valid address so you’ll encounter less resistance from places that actually verify the address. If I need something sent to me, I use my PO Box.

Email addresses are a little tricky, but not much. For starters, I strongly encourage the use of an email forwarding service. If you pay for a premium subscription with either of the two I recommend and link a custom domain to them, you’ll be able to make up “wildcard” or “on-the-fly” addresses. So for example, I could make up “” at the register for my e-receipt and as soon as the store emails me the receipt, the forwarding service will automatically create it and forward the email to my inbox – no work needed on my end. If you’re unable to afford one of these services, you could try generating a few “junk” email addresses and writing them down in advance to hand out if you need to on the fly. Truthfully I’m rarely in a position where I must give someone a fake email address, but it never hurts to be prepared if you think it may happen.

Phone numbers get kind of tricky. If you just need to give them any kind of number, there’s lots of options. There’s the classic “867-5309” (this is from a hit 80’s pop song, in case you’re unaware), you can find an automated phone number online – something like a tech support number that leads to a phone tree, you can use Michael Bazzell’s “619-364-0090” through “0099,” and there’s tons of prank or false numbers online. My personal favorite is “248-434-5508.” Call it if you can. If you live in other countries, just do some research online. You’ll find tons of options. But what if it’s a number where you do need someone to reach you? Voice-over-IP is going to be your best bet by a wide margin, but again options are relatively limited if you live outside the US or other certain areas. There’s also the fact that most of these services don’t work if you need to verify a phone number for an account, like Twitter for example. In this case, your simplest bet is a second SIM card you only use for this purpose. There’s actually a few options here, but that’s going to be the most direct and simple. I could write an entire blog post about phone numbers alone, but if you ask around on some forums and do your research you should come up with some options that work for you.

Finally, you may be in a situation in which you need to invent a “backstory.” I’ve been known to frequent hobby-based meetup groups in the past – the kind where you find the posting online to get together to do nerd trivia with a bunch of strangers in a bar, stuff like that. This means I don’t know if the person next to me is my new best friend or secretly plotting to wear my skin and stash my body under their crawlspace. I’ve discussed in other blogs – namely the dating one I linked earlier – the idea of being vague when you disclose information. I tell people all the time that I work in audio-video, but not the company. I tell people I grew up in another state, but I don’t always say the city. If your threat model is high enough, you may wish to lie entirely and say you grew up in a state you never did or a city you never did. My only advice here is to make sure it’s a place you’re at least somewhat familiar with. I have visited Seattle, but I haven’t spent enough time there to be familiar with it. I would have a hard time saying I grew up there because I don’t know it well enough. If I ever met anyone else from Seattle, they’d be able to poke holes in my story instantly. On the other hand, I’ve visited San Diego multiple times for various reasons, and I could reasonably say I grew up in that area and be able to pass it off.


It’s pretty common to see people struggle with disinformation: how to come up with it, when to use it, etc. I hope this blog post has been helpful and given you a starting point, presented the right questions to ask yourself so you know what you need, the pitfalls to watch out for, and given you some ideas on where to go to find information to use. Now get out there and start protecting your privacy on a new level.

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from My recovery blog

Day three of my new morning routine. I deleted Facebook that must be a good sign. After I finished my morning routine I could not stop laughing. This morning when I woke up I felt VERY anxious and worried and it only took me 2.5 hours of self care to get balanced! I thought that was funny... This morning on my walk I had the thought that apart of addiction is a decision to stop living. I feel as though I have stopped living, I stopped hanging out with friends, I stopped pursuing interesting things, I stopped learning, I stopped planning fun things to do, I stopped everything besides trying to be successful and I still suck at that. It is pretty crazy that the pressure of being successful had already unconsciously snuck up on me within 24 hours. I feel as though I am in a tough position financially but after this morning routine I feel more up to the challenge and optimistic and creative. I can't believe my morning routine before was just wake up, pound a coffee, immediately start scrolling, go get some more coffee before work, and then start my day.



Hampir dua tahun selepas Junkyu sama Giselle putus. Makin banyak yang gencar deketin Giselle.

Kayak si Wibu Jihoon, setiap hari ada aja kirimannya ke dorm aespa buat Giselle. Padahal akhirnya yang makan atau pake itu member lain yaitu Winter kalo gak ya Ningning.

Atau si Jaemin, yang gencar banget deketin Giselle nya pakai gerakan bawah tanah. entah kapan-kapan, tuh anak udah gombalin dia sana sini sampai kadang Giselle malu karena dia di gombalin di depan senior mereka. Yeri.

kan abis itu Giselle di godain habis-habisan sama anak RV :((

Hampir semuanya tuhh pada gencar banget deketin Giselle sampai bikin Karina enek sama dia. gimana ya? hadiah yang dikirim mereka itu loh, sampai di angkut ke kamarnya Karina karena kamar Giselle udah gak muat 😭😭

Tapi gimanapun, gak ada yang nyangkut sama dia.

Eh tapi sekarang Giselle tuh lagi deket sih sama Jeno, kalo kata lamtur mah mereka otw jadian.

Padahal aslinya Jeno cuman dijadiin penampungan tangisannya sama kalo dia lagi galau gelisah merana doang.

Soalnya cuman Jeno yang gak ngatain dia lebay pas dia lagi kangen atau lagi galau gara-gara Junkyu.

Cuman Jeno doang. iya cuma si sipit ganteng doang :((((

Pernah Giselle nanya Jeno gak capek apa ngeladenin dia.

Jeno nya malah jawab, “Kalo capek ya istirahat, gimana sih?”

Ya pokoknya dia doang yang ngertiin Giselle.

Oke cukup nyeritain Jeno nya.

Sekarang kita ceritain tentang Junkyu. Junkyu tuh sekarang jadi bangsat banget.

lya bangsat banget

Giselle tuh mempunyai tekat yang kuat dan bulat buat move on, tapi ada aja kelakuannya yang bikin dia oleng.

nanti tiba-tiba manis banget

nanti tiba-tiba bikin baper

Nano nano deh pokoknya. pengen banget Giselle hanyutin di rawa rasanya.

“Waduhh dari siapa tuhh?? ” tanya Junkyu yang langsung loncat ke samping Irene, “Jihoon? Jaemin atau Jeno? Siapa nih siapa?? Banyak banget fans nya nih ibu negara,”

Giselle langsung tegang pemirsa sekalian.

lya coba gimana gak tegang, ini si Junkyu naruh dagunya di bahu Giselle. abis itu hidungnya sampe nempel di pipi dia. Mana tadi apa dia bilang? Ibu negara? Huhu, Giselle auto oleng untuk ke ratusan kalinya. tapi dia lagi duduk adem di lobby :( harus jaga image y'all

“Mana adaa,” balas Giselle ngegas

“Mana ada-mana ada tapi pipinya merah gitu ciaaaaa,” ledek Junkyu sambil nyolek-nyolek pipi Giselle tapi tangannya buru-buru di tabok si cewek blasteran.

Seandainya Junkyu tau ini pipi Giselle merah gara-gara tingkah dia.

“Diem gak,”

“Gak mauu wleeee, “

Giselle mendengus kasar dan membuka paket yang ada di tangannya.

“Ih ih, mainan, ” ucap Junkyu heboh dan ngambil gameboy di tangan Giselle, “Dari siapa nih,” tanuanya antusias.

Giselle ngeraih kertas yang ada di dalam box nya. 'Nih nih gameboy nya, biar ada mainan lo kesian liatnya. Tapi jangan sering sering mainnya, nanti rusak mata lo.. Hehe

From the most handsome boy in the world Sipit ganteng.”

“WADOHHH KEDILANAN SEKALI NIH, ” pekik Junkyu yang diem diem juga ikutan baca surat dari Jeno itu.


Giselle menarik hoodie Junkyu dan mendorongnya, lalu memperhatikan gameboy yang diberikan oleh Jeno.

Mohon maaf ini dia mau nyalain tapi gatau gimana caranya :(((( dia noob untuk main game beginian. haruskah Giselle ngamuk karena Jeno ngasih mainan yang menambah kejelasan noob seorang Giselle??

“Jel, “

“Hm?” sahut Giselle sambil masukin gameboy nya lagi. dia mau nanya Winter gimana nyalainnya tapi nanti aja biar gak dihujat pemirsa sekalian.

“Lihat Junkyu dulu sini,”

Giselle langsung noleh ke Junkyu yang lagi senyum kearah dia.

Damnnnnn, senyumnya tuh teduh banget. Perasaan Giselle langsung gak enak.


“Hampir dua tahun tanpa gue, gimana rasanya?”



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