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I've never been good at chess. There are a few reasons for that, of course. One is that I don't play very often. And perhaps I just don't have the right kind of brain for chess to come to me naturally.

But I really do enjoy chess. In theory. In reality I kinda hate playing chess because everyone on earth seems to be better than me, and my ego can't really take that.

I just won this game against a chess robot. If I ask them to be bad enough at the game even I can win!

But I'm still playing, and I've found that Chess dot com is a good way to play without the stress of playing other people. I like to play against robots. They're also better than me, but at least my ego is less bruised when they beat me.

I enjoy studying my games afterwards, learning more and thinking about the overall strategy.

So anyway, here's to chess robots! I used to love Chessmaster back in the day when it existed and was modern enough. I know it wasn't a great game, if you're an actual chess player type person. But it was pretty and had good tutorials in it. also has plenty of tutorials.

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Happy Birthday to Me! Birthday 43! A strange one with this pandemic. No celebratory drinks in the pub or even a work day off since it falls on a Sunday. Still, a few nice cards through the post, a bottle of Islay whisky from some close friends, a good run, a birthday haircut from my wife, a few calls with friends and family, and a takeaway dinner will do nicely!

Week 3 complete (couch to 5k)

Another three runs completed this week (Tues 12th, Fri 15th, Sun 17th), this time two cycles of 90 secs running, 90 secs walking, 3 mins running, 3 mins walking, kicked off by 5 mins brisk walk at the start. My new running tights kept me warm and I found some new back alleys to run down nicely clear of people. Had to be a bit more flexible with the running days as we had some good wet Welsh weather. I'm looking forward to the 5 min chunks of running next week too.

Dieting sucks

So far I've lost about four pounds through the Slimfast diet plan in a week and a half. I wouldn't say I'm loving it, I've definitely been hangry and the meal replacement bars/shakes are a little too sweet-tooth orientated but it seems to be working without too much effort. Let's see if I can keep to it – I am enjoying not feeling bloated.

That's all for now – trying to type this out without disturbing the baby sleeping on me is tricky!

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Got Rid of My GitHub Account

I deleted my GitHub account and moved some repositories to Source Hut today. Mostly because I keep hearing terrible things about GitHub's business practises. There is also the fact that Source Hut uses no JavaScript for its website and is still quite easy to use!

One issue I ran into was how to serve my website through Netlify. Previously whenever I would push a new commit to GitHub my site would then be updated on Netlify, but without the GitHub part of the equation I had to change things up. At first I thought of using the Netlify-CLI tool but that seemed too complicated. Then I realized Netlify lets you drag and drop the folder that my static site generator outputs and will serve that!

So yeah I solved that problem and despite being in alpha Source Hut is definitely worth checking out!

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A recent Activity Report over on Haiku’s Blog-O-Sphere mentioned that two developers are currently working on the ARM port of the OS. I think this is important for a couple different reasons.

For those of you not familiar with Haiku, a free and open-source operating system derived from BeOS. BeOS emerged in the 90s and didn’t ever really catch on. The duopoly of macOS and Windows pretty much crushed it out of existence. Most of that crushing came from Microsoft. It’s a whole long, sordid tale that I’d be willing to tell if anybody is interesting. Just hit me up on Fosstodon.

Originally BeOS, and then Haiku, were designed to be a multimedia platform that would make the best use of it’s hardware. That philosophy stands today, and Haiku has very little overhead.

Last June I wrote about the Beta 2 release of Haiku. In that article I first stated “I'm guessing this would work great on a Pi, but I haven't had a chance to try that out yet” only to have to go back and note later on “I discovered that Haiku isn't compatible with ARM processors at the moment, so it won't run on a Raspberry Pi. In my opinion, that's extremely unfortunate.”

I was very disappointed when I found that out as I felt like the Pi would be a perfect little media computer running Haiku. I still do, which is why I’m thrilled by the news that Haiku is working on their ARM port. Others have noted (and hypothesized) that this move could be in anticipation of seeing more ARM in mainstream PCs after the release of Apple’s M1 based computers. Honestly, I don’t really care about that. It’s possible we could be seeing that in the future, but I’d love to see Haiku run on ARM machines we have right now.

All in all, this is welcome news. I can’t wait to try it once they have their port complete.

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