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I have been mulling over the past few months to see if I wanted to spend another £15 to get the iOS app for platform. I think it will be a good investment to start microblogging some of my random thoughts on the go.

Let's rock and roll, baby!

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For the past month, I've been having overloaded days at work. It has disrupted my routine, my downtime and my sleep. Handling many projects at a time with deadlines within a couple of weeks is not easy! And although I have a productivity system in place, I organize my day, I have routines and I take notes... things started to fall through the cracks. And I caught myself having to work after-hours to finish things. And sometimes I do work a little bit more, let's say once a month before an important deadline. But what happened last week was insane. I was working extra 4-5 hours for 3 days in a row! And that took a toll on my health. By Friday I was lightheaded, sleepy, anxious, brain fogged, exhausted and with a headache... My right shoulder started hurting again (it usually happens if I spend too much time doing intensive mouse work on the computer). I thought I got rid of this pain... but it's back.

I couldn't prioritize anything, I couldn't organize my notes, I couldn't even take a break. Whenever I stopped to try and breathe I started worrying about the things I was not doing. That's anxiety, right?

Anyway, I've been focusing on some habits to get back on track. It takes time, I can't recover in a couple of days. It takes time for me to get back to my baseline. My self-care focus is:

  1. Sleep. Get as much sleep as possible. But still keeping the same wake-up time. I noticed that when I sleep in I wake up feeling like crap and then all my morning routine is easily put aside.
  2. Meditation. 10 minutes in the morning doesn't look like much but it makes a difference. I feel better when I meditate for 15 or 20 minutes. On the days I worked too much, meditating before bed for 10 minutes helped me have a better sleep.
  3. Stretching/Yoga/Moving. I need to move in the morning. It doesn't have to be anything intense, but I need something. I got into a trap: I woke up tired, I barely stretched in the morning, and that made me feel worse throughout the day, and then I didn't sleep well and the whole cycle repeated itself. So, I NEED at least 20 minutes of exercise in the morning. It's vital to manage my chronic pain.
  4. Waking up early even on weekends. This one I've been neglecting for a while. But every time I sleep in, I regret it. Especially when I skip my meditation/exercise routine first thing in the morning.
  5. Journaling/Writing things down. I've been feeling too tired to write at all. I want to get back to writing for longer periods of time. To reflect, focus on feelings, scrutinize thoughts, let them go and wander.
  6. Reading. I've been too foggy-minded and tired to get any amount of quality reading done. This weekend I finally could get back to my normal reading habit.

For my work routines, I will focus on the following:

  1. Check e-mail less frequently I check email too often. In fact, I leave the email tab open at ALL TIMES! I recognized that it is extremely anxiety-inducing. It's one of those old habits that are hard to get rid of. So, this will be a mini-goal for next week: Check e-mail in the morning, at noon and by 3 pm.
  2. Protect my time. I want to be less reactive to other people's demands. I believe avoiding checking my Inbox might help with this. Unless it's something high priority my manager is asking, I'll take my time to get back to people.
  3. Time block my Calendar. I'll plan my day in the morning, blocking off deep work sessions to focus. No cheking email, social media, news, messages, whatever during deep work.
  4. Stop working at 5 pm. As recommended by Cal Newport, I will start a shutdown routine at 4:45 pm so that I'm off at 5 pm. It might help to do a brain dump session at the end of the day to externalize all my worries and transition to my evening rest.

Phew, I feel better writing this down.

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from Flat Mountain Dispatches

The snow returned this week. A little Winter bleed-through that sent the first traces of Spring into retreat.

Poetic April showers and all that...

Sunlight still warms the ground when the clouds clear, and the overnight ice is gone by the time we wake up. Early flowers continue to blossom regardless, scattered in patches of purple and yellow. They sprout wherever the winds, birds or insects seed them, highlighting the mostly unkempt inner garden. Rhubarb, garlic and wild garlic shoots are pushing up through the earth, winter sown onions and cabbages too. The rest of the plants lie dormant still. Patient.

The house is filled with other seedlings waiting to be planted. Hundreds of green shoots huddled beneath grow lights, stacked on window-sills, tables, chairs, shelves.

Out in the warm compost, lizards have begun to stir uneasily. Unsure of the season. Overhead, migratory birds return in flocks. Cranes and geese chatter and warble, Kestrels and Falcons join in the hunt with the circling Buzzards. Out in the forest, farrow turn over their first mossy stones. Eventually they will mature into the great boar that will rampage across the forest floor. Roebuck rub their antlers on trees, tearing off bark and leaving wounds that will eventually leave the tree dead. Dry. Rotten. Fallen. Providing new habitats for other, smaller forms of life.

Destruction // Rebirth // Cycle // Succession > Repeat >>



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