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God, today started out pretty rough because of Windows. As I mentioned in A Day in the Life, I use a VPN to connect to my work network and then use a remote desktop connection to access the work machine. Well, apparently there's a bug in Windows 10 with VPNs.

When I started up my desktop, none of my normal programs that connect to the internet were working, which was odd. Trying to pull up websites on my browser was hit or miss. I could get Google, but not Microsoft, for example. My e-mail client was not able to load any new e-mails. At first, I was able to connect to the VPN and remoted into the work machine. It had no issues reaching any websites. Eventually, the connection died out and couldn't do anything.

I did some research and there is a bug in windows where regardless of your connection to a VPN, some internet functions just might not work at all. I tried switching my laptop over to Windows as well, but it ended up having the same issue.

Moving back to the desktop, I uninstalled my VPN apps altogether, rebooted, and that cleared the issue. I've since been able to reinstall the apps and haven't had connection issues, but it was a massive headache trying to figure it out. Just searching “Windows 10 no internet” is too vague, and I originally ruled out my VPNs since the issue was apparent regardless of if I was connected or not, or if the service was running or not.

I'll stick with Linux for a while.

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