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The density of Washington DC. The avenues whipped past on bikes. Riding back to the hotel in an Uber we pass a gang of Asian kids congregating in front of a boba tea bar, their scooters strewn across a few parking spots in a way I find threatening but inspiring all in one.


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Thursday 18/Apr/2024

Prayers, etc.: • 05:00 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel • 06:00 – the Angelus • 07:20 – Praying the Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, followed by The Memorare • 07:50 – Thought for today from Archbishop Lefebvre: In His beautiful prayer before the Passion, our Lord said to His Father, “Now this is everlasting life, that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Him whom Thou hast sent, Jesus Christ” (Jn. 17:3). That is the life we should already be living here below. Suddenly we sense the call of God. So now, yes or no: Do we have the will to answer? We have to go forward. We must not resist the grace that is calling us to know God, to love Him and to serve Him. • 12:00 – the Angelus • 18:00 – the Angelus • 19:45 – The hour of Compline for tonight according to the Traditional Pre-Vatican II Divine Office, followed by Fr. Chad Rippberger's Prayer of Command to protect my family, my sons, my daughter and her family, my granddaughters and their families, my great grandchildren, and everyone for whom I have responsibility from any demonic activity. – And that followed by the Thursday Prayers of the Association of the Auxilium Christianorum.

Health Metrics: • bw= 220.50 lbs. • bp= 132/68 (71)

Diet: • 05:45 – 1 banana, 1 pb&j sandwich • 10:05 – applesauce & cottage cheese • 11:50 – meat loaf, white bread , 2 enchiladas • 16:00 – 1 big bowl of noodles, vegetables, and meat

Chores, etc.: • 05:00 – listen to local news talk radio • 06:30 – monitor bank accounts activity • 08:00 – work with computer printers • 09:30 – rearrange office furniture • 10:30 – leisure reading • 11:00 – watch old eps. of Wheel of Fortune • 13:00 – start following this afternoon's Rangers / Tigers game, already in the 3rd inning • 15:40 – follow news reports from various sources • 18:30 – a new Ep. of Wheel of Fortune • 19:00 – relaxing music and leisure reading

Chess: • 11:30 – moved in all pending CC games

posted Thursday 18/Apr/2024 ~21:10 #DLAPR2024


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Have you ever needed to reference a command line tool's capabilities only to find out there is no manual page and that only the -h (—help) option is available?

Normally, this isn't a problem, but -h doesn't let you search for strings the way man does. That means if you are trying to use a tool that is quite extensive, scrolling and sifting through the help option's results manually can be quite cumbersome.

The ffuf command is a good example of this, but this can be a problem for many other CLI tools out there.

Thankfully, I just found a quick and easy way to search these help messages, and I feel so silly for not thinking of it sooner.

All you need to do is pipe the output of the -h message you are trying to reference into something like less or more:

ffuf -h | less/more

Now, after typing backslash (/), you can search throughout the -h message without manually scrolling through the whole thing, similarly to how you might search through a manpage.

I'm sure there are other ways to achieve this same result. But this is the one I have found works for me and that I will be using going forward.

If you know an even better way to achieve this, or you have any other underrated Linux command line tips and tricks, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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He read from his email on his phone, the car wash station is open now

Why are you telling me?

I don't know I thought

You thought I'd run down there and wash your car

She laughed at the thought, staring at her phone and seated on the other side of the couch.

The television ad asked, remember when you thought your love would survive any challenge?

They both laughed out loud at their phones on opposite ends of the couch.

The television ad intoned, real love recovers. Another, real love lives. Reintroduction.

They looked up from their phones, he grabbed his beer and finished it. She looked at her empty glass and pulled out the cherry by the stem, finished that off. The bartender glanced over but they had already looked back at their phones.

When did these broken moments arrive?

I'm not sure but they are really here

Is that what you hope to accomplish here?

I do not remember

What have you been doing?

Ordering shelves and furniture on the internet and building them

In case she comes back

She has to come back

She tried to wave down the bartender but her back was turned. Someone sniffled and the bar went quiet, everyone looking for the culprit. Lucy looked up and a doctor in personal protective equipment had a vial and a q-tip and was administering a dose to a beaming woman sitting in a hospital gown kicking her feet like she could not wait to forget her lover. The video swiped and split and a guy who was presumably her lover was undergoing the same experience, mirroring her reactions.

She looked at him seated next to her, playing a game on his phone, oblivious, his empty beer bottle. She sighed, sad frog face. She looked around the bar and everyone was doing the same thing, on the phone, staring at the game on the television, finding any excuse to avoid talking to the person next to them. Each with a drink in front of them, cell phone next to it.

She pulled up her web browser and searched for reintroduction services.

Why don't we talk

He turned on the car and the stereo came on. She reached out and turned it off. He turned and faced her from the driver's seat.


Don't give me that, Quincy, you know what I mean

No, I really don't

The phones


He looked at the dark glass on the side of the bar in the strip mall.


He looked at her again, you do it too

Well I want to stop

Fuck off

She stared at him in disbelief, claw hands open, urging him to continue.

You are not going to stop

Let's try

He pursed his lips and squinted at her.

Let's make a deal, no phones the next time we go out

You got it

Next weekend, the television at the bar asked, remember when you thought your love was true?

She glanced sideways from her phone at his, he was playing the game again.

She looked up at the television and the commercial panned in on the puzzled look on the man's face, his nose dripping before he wiped it with a tissue, who is she?

That's your wife, Stella.

His eyes teared up, she's beautiful.

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La Loi 21 sur les signes religieux est devenue l'objet d'une bataille légale contre le port de signes religieux par les employé·e·s de l'État que le gouvernement au pouvoir semble avoir jusqu'ici remportée. Peu importe le cheminement politique et légal qui va suivre, la question demeure tout de même de savoir si déroger aux chartes des droits et libertés aurait dû être la voie choisie par le gouvernement québécois.

#CharteDesDroits #Discrimination #Feminisme #Libertes #Politique #Religion

Sur le plan politique, la décision d'interdire le port de signes religieux aux employé·e·s de l’État – les juges, les policiers, les procureurs de la Couronne, les directeurs d’école et les enseignants, notamment – n'a pas fait et ne fait toujours pas l'unanimité à l'Assemblée nationale du Québec.

En gros, le Parti Québécois est pour et a même invité le gouvernement à aller plus loin dans l’application de la Loi sur la laïcité, le parti Libéral est contre, mais sans s'y opposer frontalement, tandis que la position de Québec solidaire sur la loi 21 s’embrume.

Le PLQ a récemment déclaré qu'il s'oppose au renouvellement du recours à la disposition de dérogation de la Constitution canadienne pour blinder la Loi sur la laïcité de l'État contre les poursuites judiciaires. Mais celui qui est considéré comme le principal candidat dans la course à la chefferie du PLQ a dit qu'il ne touchera pas à la Loi 21.

Vous me suivez?

Ce qui complique les choses, et pas seulement politiquement, c'est qu'il y a deux dispositions dérogatoires: celle qui permet d’adopter une loi qui déroge à certains articles de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés, et celle qui en fait autant en ce qui concerne la Charte des droits et libertés de la personne du Québec.

C'est à la première des deux que s'oppose le PLQ, enfin tant que la course à la chefferie libérale ne sera pas terminée.

Québec solidaire n'est pour sa part pas certain de voter en faveur du renouvellement de la clause dérogatoire à la Charte canadienne parce que le Québec n'a pas adhéré au rapatriement de la constitution canadienne. Mais il va voter pour si la clause dérogatoire à la Charte québécoise est enlevée de la Loi.

J'ai beau soutenir QS à chaque élection, je trouve que cette position est pour le moins incongrue. On ne peut pas dire qu'on est contre la Charte canadienne mais qu'on va se boucher le nez et voter pour la Loi 21 si la dérogation à la charte québécoise est enlevée.


Derrière ce débat entre les partis politiques sur les clauses dérogatoires, il y a celui beaucoup plus fondamental de l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes.

Et là, ça se complique vraiment.

On ne va pas se faire de cachette, la Loi 21 vise essentiellement les musulmanes qui portent le voile et là, ce sont deux approches féministes qui se confrontent.

Bon d'accord, il y a aussi du racisme dans l'opposition au voile, mais mettons-le de côté pour ce billet.

Marie-Claude Girard, retraitée de la Commission canadienne des droits de la personne, écrivait en novembre 2022 que «le choc des approches universaliste et intersectionnelle, en ce qui a trait au droit des femmes à l’égalité, se retrouve aujourd’hui au cœur du procès de Loi sur la laïcité de l’État (loi 21).»

Un exemple de position universaliste est celle de Nadia El-Mabrouk, une militante pro laïcité qui a souvent pris position à ce sujet dans les médias. Pour elle, «le voile transmet la « très mauvaise image » d’un islam « sexiste ». Il est crucial que les enfants n’intègrent pas qu’il est « normal » de porter un signe religieux, et donc, de facto, que la femme est « inférieure » à l’homme.»

Du côté de l'approche intersectionnelle, on retrouve la position de la Fédération des femmes du Québec (FFQ) et du Fonds d’action et d’éducation juridique pour les femmes (FAEJ-LEAF), pour qui «la récente décision de la Cour d’appel du Québec concernant la loi 21 a profondément ébranlé la protection du droit à l’égalité des genres énoncé à l’article 28 de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés.»

La question essentielle est de savoir si le port du voile enferme dans un patriarcat religieux contraire au droit des femmes à l’égalité, ou si le fait de l'interdire ajoute une forme supplémentaire de discrimination envers les femmes qui le portent.

Pour la Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse qui l'écrivait au moment du dépôt du projet de loi 21, «la laïcité ne peut viser à limiter l’exercice de la liberté de religion à la sphère privée. Ceci serait contraire aux objectifs de la laïcité.»

Oui mais, il y a le patriarcat religieux contre lequel il faut lutter.

Pour moi, la lutte contre le patriarcat et l'extrémisme religieux est fondamentale, au même titre que la lutte contre toutes les formes de patriarcat.

Cependant, elle ne devrait pas se faire en dérogeant aux droits et libertés de la personne.

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PROJECT OLDBOOK trudging along, around the midway point now. Really need to move faster though.

Very early on in the project, the idea of something AI-based was suggested. But no, I ended up going in the absolute polar opposite direction with the most tactile and labor intensive thing imaginable for some reason.

Masochistic tendencies probably.


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Accomplished a surprise but significant chore this morning. Got my old computer printer working. Took me an hour and a half, but the darned thing prints now. It's been disconnected from my office ecosystem for approx. a year. I set it on the floor in frustration after it stopped working then, but now it's back up on the table. I'll be installing new ink cartridges later today or sometime tomorrow, after they're delivered.

posted Thursday, Apr 18, 2024 at ~2:05 PM QNAPR2024


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best quality,8k, realistic, masterpiece, RAW photo, side view, full body, a tall Japanese voluptuous short-haired intelligent beautiful girl crawling on all fours in agony and shouting, wearing dark green headband, white tight silky hotpants, dark green tanktops with a large open chest area, white long boots.

This image is created by NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI.

 明日・20日(土)には渋谷で「STOP改悪入管法デモ at 渋谷」がおこなわれる予定です。自分は当初参加するつもりでおり、先日からの体調不良の状況次第ではやはり参加を見合わせようかと思っていましたが、本稿執筆時点の状況ではどうやら参加出来そうです。


#2024年 #2024年4月 #2024年4月19日 #雑談 #ひとりごと #体調不良 #頭痛 #風邪 #仕事 #五苓散 #お買い物 #東京 #渋谷 #政治 #入管法 #入管法改悪反対 #入管法改悪反対デモ #入管法改悪反対渋谷デモ #入管法渋谷デモ0420 #入管法改悪反対アクション #改悪入管法の施行に反対します #改悪入管法を廃止へ #入管法施行阻止に国会よ動け #永住許可の取り消しに反対します #永住許可の取消しに反対します #強制送還ではなく在留資格を #難民条約に沿った難民審査を求めます #仮放免の子どもたちと家族に在留資格を


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Honolulu, Antananarivo, la Conchinchina, Maracaibo. Topónimos claramente inventados a juzgar por la sonoridad de sus nombres, y que, salvo la ciudad venezolana, se libraron de que el grupo La Unión les dedicara una canción que acabaría en cutres karaokes.

En Maracaibo encarnaremos a temibles piratas, y por temibles me refiero a que vamos a acumular recursos y puntos de victoria, a guerrear por la potencia colonial que nos apetezca, o explorar la selva amazónica, todo esto mientras damos vueltas con nuestro barco pirata por el Mar Caribe y esclavizamos/contratamos/ayudamos a los habitantes de las Antillas.

El juego consta de cuatro rondas, cada una representada por una vuelta completa al Caribe. En cada turno, moveremos nuestro barco y escogeremos la localidad a la que queremos ir. Si hay un poblado, podremos entregar una mercancía y mejorar nuestra embarcación. Si hay un tripulante que hemos dejado previamente, podremos hacer su acción. Si hay una misión, podremos completarla para conseguir puntos y el beneficio de dicha misión y, si no hay nada, podremos comprar cartas o conseguir monedas. Entre las acciones que podremos hacer en los poblados están guerrear y explorar. La primera opción consiste en mostrar una carta con valores de guerra para cada una de las tres potencias colonizadoras (España, Inglaterra y Francia), cada una con un valor de ataque. Entonces, escogeremos una nación y usaremos ese valor de ataque para conquistar alguna localización y ganar prestigio de cara a este imperio. Si exploramos, avanzaremos nuestro explorador en un track situado en la selva amazónica, algo que nos dará diversos beneficios.

You would never download a Caribbean Sea.

Pues un buen euro con un tema llamativo y relativamente bien ligado. Hasta aquí la review.

Obviando el tema de que el colonialismo es la razón por la que hay barcos piratas en esa zona del planeta, es divertido avanzar, mejorar tu barco, explorar la selva y, si te lo montas bien, hacer combos y completar misiones. Aunque la acción de luchar se haga individualmente con vistas a quedar bien frente a los imperios, sí hay mucha interacción entre los jugadores a la hora de conseguir cartas y objetivos, además de poder acelerar la partida si avanzas por el Caribe a toda vela. La estrategia puede estar un poco determinada por tu mano inicial y los objetivos personales que te toquen, aunque pueden servir más de faro durante la partida que como unos raíles impuestos: Te indican cuál es el destino si quieres hacerlo bien, aunque tienes margen para optar por diversas estrategias, y, según mi experiencia, no hay ninguna predominante.

Como punto negativo, hay acciones divertidas (que suelen dar puntos de victoria) y acciones que no lo son (que suelen mejorar tu motor). Puede que el orden de turno y el ritmo impuesto por tu rival hagan que sólo te dé tiempo a hacer un tipo de ellas, con lo que tú, grumete de poca monta, te veas ralentizado a la hora de conseguir puntos y monedas por haber estado mejorando tu motor sin haber conseguido puntos de victoria o viceversa.

En resumen, es un juego complejo, divertido, con múltiples mecanismos bien engrasados y con barquitos.

  • Distancia máxima recomendada a un balcón si consigues prestigio entre los ingleses: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Cantidad máxima que puedes comer de un único plato durante la cena si consigues prestigio entre los franceses: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Incomodidad porque la bandera española sea rojigualda pero con la forma de la cruz de Borgoña: ★★★★★
  • Comodidad de los jefes de la editorial que publica la edición en castellano porque la bandera española sea rojigualda pero con la forma de la cruz de Borgoña: ★★★★★

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Buontutto creature e benvenute all’appuntamento mensile con la newsletter di Scartafaccio. Il mese scorso ho dato buca, ma aprile mi vede fresca e spigliata.

Il tema del mese è il viaggio. Vi ricordo che avete tempo fino al 25 aprile per partecipare al contest di scrittura. Le regole: 5'000 battute, genere fantastico (fantasy, fantascienza, horror, weird e tutto quello che ci sta in mezzo) da inviare a Titolo del racconto e nome dell’autor* dovranno essere presenti sia nel nome del file che all’interno del testo. Il racconto che mi colpirà maggiormente sarà pubblicato su tutte le pagine del profilo (IG, Facebook, blog) e inviato a chi è iscritt* alla newsletter.

Bene, ora che ho adempiuto agli obblighi fatemi sfogare.

Il turismo è una delle industrie più fiorenti e redditizie al mondo. Ma è sicuramente anche una delle più inquinanti. L’impatto che il turismo ha su ecosistemi fragili o, banalmente, città storiche è tremendo.

C’è chi dice che è tutta colpa del turismo di massa. Ora che tutty possono permettersi di viaggiare (sottinteso: anche y povery) i posti più belli sono stati invasi! Anche y pezzenty possono fare il Grand Tour, dove andremo a finire signora mia. 

Proprio per sfuggire al rischio di dover avere a che fare il resto dell’umanità, la nuova élite mondiale – i superricchi – the billionaires hanno trovato nuovi sfoghi per la loro wanderlust: i viaggi spaziali. In questo modo il turismo torna al suo concetto primario: gente ricca e annoiata che va in posti esotici per cambiare aria e meravigliarsi.

Sono molto curiosa su come si svilupperà in futuro il viaggio e il concetto di turismo. Finiremo come in Elysium? Con i privilegiati a vivere lassù nel regno dei cieli mentre la povera gente si arrabatta in mezzo ai rifiuti tossici? Passeremo al turismo virtuale perché il cambiamento climatico ci ridurrà a vivere sottoterra? Emigrazione di massa verso le stelle? Crollo del sistema capitalistico e avvento di una società solarpunk dove fare turismo consisterà nell’andare a trovare la fattoria solare accanto? Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate, basta rispondere a questa mail.

Un’osservazione: ogni mese mi arrabbio con il mondo editoriale nostrano. Ogni mese, infatti, scopro opere di autor* imprescindibili che non sono disponibili in italiano. 

Facciamo l’esempio di Joanna Russ, considerata una delle più importanti scrittrici di fantascienza. Di suo attualmente troviamo su IBS solo un saggio sulla scrittura edito da Enciclopedia delle Donne e il romanzo La Barca. Il classico che avevo selezionato per il tema del mese, Picnic su Paradiso, è uscito per Urania nel 1986 e oggi risulta praticamente introvabile. Sgrunt.

Ma, come detto, aprile mi vede motivata. Quindi a sorpresa tornano le rubrichette.

Da vedere Crowded out (su Youtube, sottotitoli automatici in italiano) è un breve documentario che parla degli effetti dell’overtourism.

Da leggere Oltre il turismo, Eris Edizioni (più diversi articoli sullo stesso argomento da parte dell’autrice su Internazionale)

Da ascoltare Le città invisibili, una produzione audio della Radio Svizzera Italiana che fa raccontare le città a chi le vive.

E per finire vi lascio qualche aggiornamento sparso dai quattro angoli dello Scartafaccio:

Ho scritto sul blog la recensione di La Resa di Vargas, un libro che mi ha ossessionato. Ho inoltre scritto tutto un delirio sulla storia dei blog e sul perché questo medium non dovrebbe morire.

Su Facebook ogni tanto segnalo qualche evento interessante. Se vi va seguitemi.

Inoltre, vi ricordo che se volete pagarmi un caffè, una pizzetta, o l’hosting del sito che verrà potete farmi una donazione tramite PayPal (dai, non fatemi aprire un crowdfunding).

E con questo è (finalmente, direte) tutto. Ci leggiamo verso fine mese con il racconto vincitore. Se ti è piaciuta questa newsletter parlane con i tuoi amici e girala a chi ti va. Il bottone per iscriversi lo trovi nei link in bio su IG oppure andando in alto e cliccando il link nella mail.




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Another type of grain filling is when you’re finishing and have some small imperfections, either from tear-out or from pores in the wood. Ideally, you fix as many of these problems as possible before applying any finish, but sometimes things don’t work out perfectly. This is also basically the method used in French Polishing (though that uses rottenstone rather than sandpaper as the abrasive).

Note that all of the pictures here show about 1 square inch of surface (2.5 cm square), so you can get an idea of the scale of things.

Some minor tear out near the center of a bowl

In a Russian olive bowl I’m working on, I had a tiny bit of tear-out near the center of the bowl, as shown above. This wasn’t obvious until I got some shellac on the bowl. I’m going to fill this using shellac and a bit of sanding dust (which is probably going to be mostly shellac, as well, but will include some wood dust).

A circular scratch pattern with some dust

First I sand very lightly with 400 grit sandpaper. Finer will work, but will take longer. Coarser will leave visible scratches. I try to sand across the depressions, so sanding dust will be deposited in them, but I’ll also use a circular motion when I’m starting because it’s quicker and lets me see what direction will work best.

Then I put a drop of oil (I use tung oil, but linseed oil will work, too) and 4-5 drops of shellac on a piece of folded up cloth. Old t-shirts work great.

The shellac I use is roughly a one-and-a-half pound cut. That is, I dissolve about 2 oz of shellac flakes in 12 oz of alcohol. You can use a heavier cut, but don’t go any lighter.

T shirt with shellac and oil on it.

I rub this mixture onto the sanded area, also working across the tear-out. If you go with the direction of the tear-out, the cloth will tend to pull the dust back out, which is not what you want. You also don’t want to rub enough that the new shellac starts dissolving and removing previous layers of shellac. The idea is to build up the shellac, filling the voids. The oil is there mostly so that the partially cured shellac doesn’t “grab” your pad and get messed up as you’re adding a new layer on top of it (and partially dissolving the previous top layer). A little lubrication goes a long way towards making things work smoothly.

You can also see that the weave of the t-shirt has gotten filled with shellac. I typically use a fresh piece of t-shirt each session, because once the shellac is dried in the fabric, it won’t flex to follow the contours of the surface. You don’t want it dipping into every hollow, since you’re trying to fill those, but you don’t want it stiff as a board, either.

The wood after the first bit of grain filling

This is a fairly slow process. But each iteration you can see a little progress.

Sanding dust filling the voids again

And at some point, the dust is almost entirely filling the voids, and not sitting on the surface. That means you’re getting close. The dust will compact as it gets wet, leaving a smaller void, but the results can look pretty darned good.

Grain filled almost completely

My take is that this is almost good enough. I think I’m going to varnish this bowl, which will flatten out the finish a little more, so maybe one more bit of sanding will do the trick. But I’m going to let the shellac cure for a while and then look at it and see. That will also give time for the little bit of oil present to cure, which will make for a tougher finish.

#technique #woodworking

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