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Dear Reader, So, it is currently 4:27 A.M. and I have not slept in twenty four hours. I have been watching Tik Tok and texting anyone who is awake, but they have all gone to bed and I’ve become bored of Tik Tok. So, it was either lay here and stare at the ceiling or get on my computer or any of the other three electronics laying around in my bed, and I guess you can probably figure out what option I chose. I’m surprisingly not tired for someone running on less than an hour of sleep, not to mention the thanksgiving dinner I just remembered I have today. Heh, I don’t like most of my family so this is going to go great. I am excited to see my little cousin. OH!! He’s so cute!! I can just see his face! Anyway, I know why I can’t sleep tonight. It’s because I haven’t been very good at taking my melatonin lately, and by time I realized I forgot to take it today it was already midnight so there really wasn’t a point in taking them. Well, I’ll update you later on how the dinner goes. Bye!

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Morning run.

I woke up early this Saturday morning. The last time that happened was, well I don’t remember. I have been so tired for so long. I used to run three times a week, the last six months it’s happened a few times all together. So when I was laying there in bed, awake before everyone else in the family, I made a decision.

Read more This is the morning I’ll go out for a run before breakfast. All by myself. No headphones, no distractions, just running for 45 minutes. And I did it. My bad knee was hurting a bit after 6k but I ignored it. The doctor told me the pain isn’t much to worry about.

I’m back at the house writing this and the endorphins are kicking in. Now: coffee. Black. Strong.

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“One thing that bothers me is that if you don't enjoy life and think it's pointless, then according to psychologists you're depressed. So if you don't enjoy life there's something wrong with you. And I don't agree with that at all.”

“I think there is a difference between not enjoying life and being realistic. Besides, not that we don't enjoy life. Like.., I do enjoy being with you. Enjoy good food, good books, movie and all. But I'm not gonna say anything about something or anything that worth living or worth dying for.”

“I just don't think there's a real meaning to life. Any life. We just exist, and it doesn't mean anything. We're here for the same reason that trees and rocks and water is here. So people say that we have to create our own meaning, but it just feels like we're trying to trick ourselves.”

“Which maybe not entirely wrong; to trick ourselves. Since we are not completely trees or rocks or water as well. We have the ability to value time and build complexity around it. That alone, is very much different.”

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• 𝕷𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖌𝖔 𝖎𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖆𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖌. 𝕴𝖙 𝖎𝖘, 𝖎𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖆𝖉, 𝖆𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖍𝖔𝖓𝖔𝖚𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖙𝖎𝖒𝖊. •

And letting go is not always about something or someone else. Sometimes, letting go is also about yourself.

Letting go parts of yourself that are no longer fit or related to who you want to be in the future.

It doesn't mean forgetting who you were. It simply means rediscovering who you are and mapping how you want your future self to be.

To live the life that you deserve and to be the one you've always wished to have.

To honour the time, when a new start and changes that is needed, has come.

Letting go is about respecting the past, present, and future, appropriately.

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“Our value and strength are not determined by what we have now.

Instead, they are determined by our ability to build everything again from zero, right when we have lost everything.

Say, the business collapsed for whatever the reason is. Fire. Flood. Stock crashed. Client didn't pay. Worker corrupted and brought the money away. Government changed the rules. Economy collapsed. Pandemic. Whatever it was.

What's left with you when you lost everything?

Do you still have the skills that you acquired for years? Do you still have the knowledge that you foster all those years? Do you still have the trust of your family, friends, partners, colleagues, and clients?

And do you still have the courage and confident that you used to have, to decide not to losing yourself and try again once more?”

“When we are still able to manage what we have left with us, we will never run out of ways.”

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Revival Introduces New DEX and Governance Token

Revival, a BSC-based 100% community-owned DeFi project, is proud to unveil their new DEX token REVIVAL(RVL). The platform allows holders of its native token (RVL) to earn passive income in BNB and enjoy a safe and seamless experience within the DeFi space.

Revival has created a platform in which users can diversify, grow and safeguard their crypto investments while earning BNB rewards. Revival also strives to build fundamental foundations for individuals, businesses and crypto startups to develop and thrive within the DeFi sector.

Any investor holding 10B RVL or more automatically receives reflections and can watch their crypto portfolio grow in real-time via the ‘Revival Wallet Connect’ feature. Investors can withdraw their BNB at any time or reinvest the rewards back into the Revival protocol to generate more earnings. The team behind the platform is fully doxxed and rug screened to instill investor confidence in the DeFi platform. The project has also submitted their smart contract for an audit by DessertSwap to guarantee Revival's investors that their funds are in safe hands.

RevivalDex: A New Way to Earn Rewards The Revival team is delighted to introduce its new DEX platform that offers more options for RVL holders to earn more rewards.dividends. The DEX facilitates the expansion of the BNB reward system on Revival, which has so far issued 1100+ BNB in rewards to holders.

The RevivalDEX will enhance this reward system by integrating a new option for holders to stake their RVL and earn more tokens. Holders can also stake RVL to bag VVL, the platform’s new governance token.

The DEX also facilitates the team to create many additional pairs for the RVL token, offering holders more options than just RVL/BNB. New tokens that will soon be available for pairing with RVL include leading stablecoins USDT and BUSD. The introduction of more pairs is excellent for Revival; it enables the DeFi project to broaden its reach and build a cryptocurrency compatible with mass adoption.

Users would need to add equal amounts of any available pair, say RVL/USDT or RVL/BNB, to the liquidity pool (LP) via RevivalDEX. They then get an LP token that serves as proof that a holder owns that portion of the liquidity. LP holders can use this placeholder token to redeem their liquidity pair at any time.

Earn more on the Revival Farms and DripPools RevivalDEX is designed to be dynamic and offers token holders diverse options to earn more BEP-20 tokens just for holding. It introduces a new “Farms” tab on which holders can leverage their LP tokens to generate more RVL or VVL.

Investors have a different ‘wrapper’ option that allows them to ‘wrap’ RVL into WRVL, a token of equal value at all times that is transferable back into an equal amount of RVL. Holders can add their WRVL to a Revival liquidity pool and use it to receive rewards in RVL or VVL.

An even more straightforward way to generate more passive income is to utilize the Revival Drift pools. This option allows users to lock RVL or VVL for a day, week or month and receive lucrative rewards.

About the VVL Governance Token VVL is RVL’s CEX-centric, supplementary token that allows the community to vote on the future development of the Revival project. The newly launched token supports the Revival DeFi system by working with RVL to deliver additional options to holders. VVL introduces a more straightforward way of delivering rewards and fills gaps within the Revival ecosystem that RVL cannot fill alone.

Connect with the Revival Community Revival is dedicated to fostering DeFi growth while offering investors diverse ways to generate passive earning streams. The project is developing ‘Kickstand’, a unique all-in-one crowdfunding app that allows users to create, view and fund upcoming projects. Investors can join the Revival movement by purchasing RVL on PancakeSwap and FEGex. They can track the token’s price action on crypto ranking sites CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

To learn more about the Revival project and its new DEX, or connect with the fast-growing community with 10,000+ holders, please check out the resources below:

Press release: This is a paid press release! Crypto Adventure does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. Crypto Adventure is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the press release.


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Doxxed Santa Bringing Gifts to the Crypto Community this Holiday

Doxxed Santa, a community-driven token, is here to change the pace in the crypto world a month before Christmas. As recent scam victims, the project aims to bless the BSC community with extraordinary gifts. They range from security, transparency, low taxes and a token that will shoot to the moon. Doxxed Santa has a single primary goal, to give the users a safe space to trade. Their marketing wallet is committed to marketing with an assurance that it will keep shooting for the moon even after the holiday season. You can purchase the token during the upcoming event. The presale is set to happen on 29th after it hits the hard cap. It is your chance to grab and hodl Doxxed Santa.

Presale Details Doxxed Santa will soon launch the presale on 29th on Unicrypt. Later on, the token launch will take place on PancakeSwap. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000. Notably, there is automatic liquidity, with 70% of the total presale going to a secure lock for one year.

Security and KYC DoxxedSanta has already carried out KYC. The project owner has provided personal details to a third party. It will ensure that the project increases trust among investors. To prove the badge appears on Unicrypt, upon looking at its profile on the exchange platform. In addition to KYC, Doxxed Santa has already carried out an audit through Solidproof. The project's code has been thoroughly checked to find vulnerabilities using manual and automated tests. The report shows that it is entirely safe; hence you can be sure that it is free from attacks.

Doxxed Santa's Journey in Detail The project has very quickly followed the journey on what it is planning. The first step is to create a website and have a social media presence. Next up is the audit and KYC, followed by the presale. At the moment, all the rest have taken place except the presale. From there, the marketing will take place with a positive approach as the holiday season is here. As more marketing goes on, the platform will attract more investors, taking the token to the moon! Afterall, that is what every project is about; marketing to stand out from the rest. Doxxed Santa is here to give you all gifts of joy on its journey to more development.

How to Buy the Token Buying the Doxxed Santa token is very easy. You can click on the button on top of the website, saying buy on Pancakeswap. Then, you can proceed to buy the token by connecting the metamask or trust wallet on the exchange and looking for the token. Just like that, you can have your own Doxxed Santa token. As Doxxed Santa says, “I know you stopped believing in Santa since you were 6 years old , but you are old enough now to believe in Doxxed Santa!” For more information on Doxxed Santa, you can visit their;

Website: Whitepaper: Main Channel: Announcement: Chinese Channel: Twitter: Reddit:

Press release: This is a paid press release! Crypto Adventure does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. Crypto Adventure is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the press release.


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November 2021

Check out my short article on new tools that enable Artificial Intelligence to understand abstract concepts, and allow it to contribute to the artistic and creative process like never before.

The full article is available here:


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A while back I wrote a story about my first computer, and at the end of that story I briefly talked (i.e., mentioned in passing) about that one time my mother and I watched porn together—on accident. Since writing that little blurb the memory of that awful day has haunted my waking hours and now that sufficient time has gone by, I believe the time is good and ripe to explain the before, during, and after of that horribly awkward and embarrassing moment.

Ok, here we go….

I was a gentle and naïve child before this unfortunate event occurred. Our computer was brand new and after getting over the excitement of owning something so fancy and cool, I remember innocently going on a wild internet search to find an email provider (AOL, our dial-up internet provider, did not have the username I wanted available). Everyone at school who owned a computer had one yours truly was not going to be the exception.

After clicking and clacking my way through Google, I finally came across an article that listed all of the “hottest” free email providers. After clicking through a few websites and reading though the terms and conditions (and not understanding a damn thing because none of it made sense) of a bunch of them, I somehow managed to successfully make a Yahoo! email to share with my friends. I spent about an hour clicking and exploring every nook and cranny of that inbox, customizing the colors, the email signature, and tentatively adding contact information for all of the friends I knew had emails.

When my mother told me it was time to go to bed, I remember asking for a few extra minutes to write down my new email address. I tore several pieces of paper from an old notebook and after making tiny strips with my email address on it I went to bed.

The next couple of days were spent swapping email addresses with my classmates and friends. We always tried to be discrete to avoid getting in trouble, but a few kids got caught (including yours truly) here and there. Out of everyone who got busted I particularly remember a boy in my class getting into huge trouble because his email address had an “inappropriate” word in it. This kid had been trying to pass a note to a friend of mine and when the teacher caught him and read his email address, she grabbed him by the hand and escorted him out the classroom. He was a pretty naughty kid, so after cussing the teacher out and telling her a bunch of stuff I cannot repeat here, he went to the principal’s office and then home. The teacher warned everyone in class to stop sharing email addresses and after confiscating any and all papers she found, the day went on as normal.

That same day after getting home from school I got a mysterious email from a classmate who didn’t want to give me his name. After replying to it and threatening to block them (feel free to laugh, I honestly don’t know why I felt like this was such a power move at the time) I was eventually able to figure out that it belonged to Teddy (not his real name). Teddy had gotten my email address from one of my friends and had decided to hit me up in order to send me “something cool”. After asking him what it was, he said he would seed it soon, but not that day, as it was getting late, and he had to go to bed early.

A few days passed (in which nothing fun or eventful that I can recall happened) and then one day out of the blue Teddy sent me a link to a mysterious website. Thinking it was that exorcist game where the girl’s face pops up if you go outside the lines, I prepared myself to not feel scared and then I clicked on it. My mother happened to be sitting next to me (remember that at this time the computer was in our dining room table) and then….well you know what happened. The link opened and the most horrifying sounds escaped the girl’s lips.

[Interlude: I am not gonna go into a lot of detail because it’s not relevant to the story (my reaction is). Additionally, I don’t remember much of the video itself except THAT part, that it is notoriously famous for. If you are interested in knowing what I’m talking about search 2 GIRLS 1 CUP on Wikipedia. The wiki will tell you everything you need to know.]

My mother and I, taken by surprise by what was rapidly unfolding in front of us, stared at the screen in disbelief, disgust and shock. I think we watched about 20 seconds of the video before my mother’s soul returned to her body and she turned the monitor off. Now back in the day (and I suppose even now, although it is much less common) you could make it so that the person would have to frustratingly click though a million and one pop-ups OR make it so that you could not exit the page you were on a browser. And that’s what happened in this case. The website would not quit and once the video ended it replayed again and again and again. My mother tried unplugging the speakers and that managed to take care of the auditory problem, but we still had to face what was playing on the screen. My mother spent the next couple of minutes trying to get rid of the page with no success, and eventually she managed to turn the computer off by pressing the tower button. When she turned it back on, however, the website was STILL up and after shaking her head in defeat she asked me to come over.

So, there I was, a pure and innocent child no more, sitting awkwardly next to my mother; trying my best not to listen or look at the disgusting scene unfolding (once again) in front of me. After clicking through a bunch of stupid pop-up windows and several (even nastier) ads I eventually managed to exit out of the damn website/video. My mother immediately ordered me to close the website and the rest of the day was spent doing everything except going on the computer.

Teddy was not at school the next day (you can guess who Teddy was) and after he came back to school, I reported him to my teacher for sending me that video. Since he had sent it outside of school hours there was nothing my teacher or the school could do, but they did agree to talk to his parents on my mother’s behalf to let them know what had happened. Teddy came to school the next day super upset and as soon as he saw me, he tried to blame him getting grounded on me (the damn nerve!).

My mother talked to the school as well and (I think) she may have gotten in touch with Teddy’s parents too. The entire ordeal was incredibly scarring to both of us and for a while my mother was incredibly paranoid whenever I used the computer. She would constantly remind me to not click on ANYTHING my friends sent me and to be careful about the websites I went to or clicked on. After a while we both forgot about the incident, but ever since then I’ve been really cautious when giving out my email address. I am not to receive another boob-filled, poop explicit video anytime soon.


C. W.


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Turning Point

“My turning point was, when someone asked on a group that I randomly followed, one very simple question;

“Have you ever thought of packing a bag and leave everything behind?”

And I found out that 85% answered “Oh yes” or “Everyday” but 90% of them didn't do anything in the end, mostly because of the fear of uncertainties.

I don't even wanna count, how many percent of them that admitted how they regreted that decision of staying the same and then things were too late.

That's just insane to me. How could you hold yourself from the life that you have always wanted to have? What could be more important than that?

Some answered children as the reason, but what is the message that you want your children to learn? That life is all about holding back? That they can't pursue the life that they will be dreaming of because it is selfish and other reason? Or that to regret about their life is normal? That's life? Again, that's insane to me.

Since then I promised myself, I won't be that 85% of people. I will be the 5% who do the changes that they need to do to have the life that they want, and who answered “No. I f*ckin love my life.”

Some people took me as a selfish spoil person for that, and I just laugh. Yeah they can be the unselfish ones and hopefully they will feel satisfy with their choices by the end of the day. I'll just be a happy selfish spoil b*tch. Lol.”

Some part of a long conversation with some strangers.

I chose this traffic photos as it somehow shows the contrast with what I write, ironically yet also beautifully.

Us wanting to be happy and away VS us spending most of our time during the traffic back then on normal days before the pandemic.

Will you do it again?

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“I'm not looking for someone better. But yes, I'm always looking for people who could challenge and make me wanna be a better me.

I used to wish that we could see love and commitment as tools to grow our characters into our best version.

But now I realized, none of it matters in the end.

Growth is a personal thing. No one can force or take it away from me or you. And our best version might be very different as well.

For me, rather than being stucked into a mediocre life for stability, I choose to be challenged, experience changes, and be alive more, however the way is.

I'm not looking for a better person, but yes I'm looking forward for a better me. Always.”

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There is something troubling going on in the politics of the Pokemon universe. In the first four RPGs of the main series, the antagonist is a shadowy organization with curiously loyal grunts setting out to harness the power of some legendary Pokemon in order to establish a New World Order. Team Rocket, Team Galactic, Team Magma, et al., all of them want to bring “peace” through domination.

If the Pokemon world were decimated by internecine conflict or even going through some kind of economic recession, I could understand why so many young people might be vulnerable to the promises of a cult like this. But in all my conversations with NPCs, I have never heard someone complaining about not being able to find a job, or having insufficient disposable income to satisfy their basal requirements, or really anything at all other than the death cults. We play these games through the eyes of adolescent protagonists, so maybe the adults are all sparing us the complexity of the social issues, because it makes no sense that a pattern of death cults is a society's only problem. They are an effect begging for a cause.

The most telling indication of economic troubles that might undergird revolutionary impulses is the single-industry commerce. Even in the large cities, the only things to buy are Pokemon supplies. Veilstone city is the best candidate for some kind of regional commercial center. It's got docks, cargo, and a gym challenge to attract tourists, and at least in the Sinnoh region it's a population heavyweight with four residences.

Yet the only store is a department store for Pokemon supplies and the largest employer is Team Galactic, whose stated mission is to control the world in order to bring peace. Peace from what?

Because we can use the same currency (Pokédollar) in multiple regions, we can conclude two things about the Pokemon economy

  • A powerful government exists to control the currency
  • There is debt

A Powerful Government

For most of human history, commerce took place between people who knew each other, not strangers. Today we take it for granted that bills we receive are not counterfeit, or conduct our business in the form of wires or ACH or debit or whatever else without thinking about all the fraud prevention work the institutions moving that money do on our behalf. Without these institutions, it was hard to trust a random stranger passing through. If they defrauded a shopkeeper with illegitimate currency, who would hold them accountable?

During the colonial period of US history, most transactions were recorded in a ledger of interpersonal debts. Gordon S. Woodward says of commerce at the time:

Merchants, shopkeepers, and craftsmen all tended to regard their businesses as a series of personal transactions with familiar persons. Their records exhibit these personal relationships—a single page of their ledgers for each person they dealt with.[a]

In fact, it was so essential for accountability that the two parties were local and knew each other that there was no freedom of movement. Some places would literally force you out, if you were trying to travel through and buy things.

Under the warning-out laws, for example, towns could legally eject “strangers” and have constables convey them from town to town until they were returned to the town where they legally belonged.[a]

For it to be possible, as it is in Pokemon, for us to travel throughout regions and use the same currency, there must be some powerful government regulating inter-regional commerce and controlling the currency.

There is Debt

Quantifiable currencies and debt are not separable concepts. Numbers and debts come into the world together. Debt historian David Graeber describes it this way:

Not only is it money that makes debt possible: money and debt appear on the scene at exactly the same time. Some of the very first written documents that have come down to us are Mesopotamian tablets recording credits and debits, rations issued by temples, money owed for rent of temple lands, the value of each precisely specified in grain and silver.[b]

But what form does the debt in Pokemon nation take? We know people work. There are mines in Sinnoh Region; there are shopkeepers in every city; there is a Pokecenter operated by a clone of nurse joy within 300 paces no matter where you go. But money doesn't seem to be good for anything outside of Pokemon supplies. We never worry about food, housing, education, or gadgets. They're all free. And based on how common it is to interact with an NPC and receive a valuable gift from them no-questions-asked, it seems like people have plenty.

Most curious of all, small towns with next to no evidence of commerce have high-tech infrastructure and live a life of leisure. Celestic town has two residences and one small Pokemon supplies shop, and half the citizenry is taking a walk or pacing all hours of the day. I don't know from whom the municipality would be raising taxes, yet there is a free Pokemon hospital with all the amenities in good repair.

Where is the money coming from?

The Pokemon World is A Post-Scarcity Communist Regime

The one way to tie all of this together, that I see, is that the national government commands so many resources that very few people need to work. If they've secured the cooperation of (or enslaved) a sufficient number of capable Pokemon, maybe that meets the total of the labor demand excepting specialized jobs like constructing a mine or social jobs like shopkeeping. In our world, centrally planned economies tend to implode because information about scarcities can't propagate through them fast enough, but if there's no scarcity, state-planned communism just makes sense.

In this theory, the money is single-industry. Things like housing, healthcare, gadgets, transit, etc wouldn't need a currency to track. If there's no scarcity, there's need for debt and therefore no need for numbers to measure it. That the Celadon Casino in Kanto region (pictured below) grants entry to adolescents is consistent with the Pokemon currency being domain-specific, otherwise these people are letting children gamble life fortunes.

I suspect the jobs we've mentioned are conscripted like a fixed-length mandatory service to country, plus non-monetary compensation of some kind because none of the miners seem upset that they have to operate a mine while others get to sit and read books behind shop counters.

But outside a brief conscription you have a real social problem. The ideal form of a job, as in the anarcho-primitive form, is a way to find fulfillment through devotion to one's community. Without some kind of community fabric, which could be almost anything as long it's inclusive of all citizens, like sharing art or scientific research or a grand national effort, public policy risks atomizing society into sad, idle loners.

Enter: Pokemon battles.

From a policy perspective, creating a limited meritocracy around Pokemon battling is genius. The artists can go be artists. The researchers can go research. But for everyone else who doesn't care about that stuff, and wants rather to indulge their natural human instinct to exploit and dominate nature, there's a way to contextualize oneself.

The heavy-handedness of the rhetoric around Pokemon battling fits into this scheme as well. How many times are we told that Pokemon “like” to battle. If it is in fact a Pokemon-slavery-based utopia everyone is living in, society needs to numb people to the suffering of Pokemon and normalize their abuse.

There's a famous philosophical short story by Ursula K. Le Guin, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, about a perfect utopia dependent on the suffering of one defenseless victim. Some people, when they learn that the utopia is founded on abuse, leave. In the Pokemon nation, the elders can protect against the threat of defection by indoctrinating children into the abuse at a young age, which may be why so many trainers are not even sixteen yet. By the time they're of age to question things, they won't be able to without the immense discomfort of their own guilt and the possibility that if they find uncomfortable answers it would require them to alter their way of life and alienate them from their existing social network.

So People Join Cults

To resolve this cognitive dissonance, people defect from the dominant ideology in two directions. Some people double down and join cults like Team Rocket and Team Galactic, where they shut their minds to the pain of victims. They identify completely and totally with the abuser and want to capture legendary Pokemon to exploit them in world domination campaigns.

Others join cults like Team Aqua, who want to expand the oceans to drown human port cities in order to give Pokemon a better chance at life on earth. They flip sides, identifying completely and totally with the victims. They are even willing to die themselves. Yet even the martyrs in Team Aqua rebel against the Pokemon world's institutions using the logic of those institutions: in order to expand the oceans, they want to exploit the Pokemon Kyogre, which they bungle, almost drowning Earth in the process.

In the end the psychology of submission to a cult in the Pokemon world makes a lot of sense if we assume Pokemon oppression (and very little sense if we don't). These people are idle and materially comfortable, yet ailed by guilt over the fact that that very comfort is contingent on the oppression of the creatures they claim to love.

[a]: The Radicalism of The American Revolution, by Gordon S. Woodward

[b]: Debt: The First 5000 Years by David Graeber


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