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Jemand schreibt Dir und sagt, „Hey Du kennst Dich doch mit LaTeX aus. Weißt, ich hab da meine Diss, und ich müsste da drei Zentimeter Seitenrand haben, das kannste doch bestimmt schnell, oder?“

Du weißt, was kommen wird. Sagst aber trotzdem, komm schick rüber. Und bekommst, was Du befürchtest hast: Ein uraltes Ding, Template aus den Neunzigern und eine Präambel direkt aus der Hölle 😫

Du beginnst, zu überlegen, was Du lieber machst: Raussuchen, wie man in article mit a4 die Seitenränder anpasst, ohne alles zu zerstören. Oder alles auf Koma umstellen, und den ganzen alten Kack rauszuwerfen.

Und ganz kurz, aber wirklich nur ganz kurz, denkst Du, dass es vielleicht einfacher wäre, die Freundschaft zu kündigen 😬

Am Ende war’s dann aber doch nur ein a4paper in den Optionen für geometry. Glück gehabt.


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The past

In the past I've journalled in a very specific and rigid way on a very regular basis, however covid saw that habit change and pretty much disappear, this has given me enough of a break from it to re-evaluate and I've reached the conclusion I'm going to change how I journal

Digital Journal

Firstly I went digital, using obsidian, having templates, the ability to search, plugins to encrypt information, internote linking etc makes the journal entries much more usable – but in this “journal” I mostly use it for bullet points, a quick rundown of the day a chronology. Then I will also use other templates as/when needed I will include the templates below.

Daily template

# Journal
## morning
- [ ] Something you're grateful for
- [ ] Go over yesterdays note (if applicable)
## afternoon
## evening
- [ ] A nice memory
- [ ] meditation

[[month-21]] #month #journal 

Work template (based on newports idea of deep work)

# Work Start
#### How do you feel?

#### What do you plan to do today?

#### Why do you want to do these things?

#### What might get in your way?

#### How can you overcome this?

# Work End
#### Did you do good enough today?

#### What did you do?

#### What helped you?

#### What hurt you?

#### How do you feel?

#### How do you plan to rest tonight?

[[<% moment().format("DD-MM-YY") %>]]
#<% moment().format("MMMM") %>

Stressed template

# Stressed

**List things making you stressed:**

*Highlight the most important*

**What can you do about it?**

**Is there anyone you can talk to about it?**

**Why are these things making you stressed?**

**What do you think you should do?**

**What was the outcome?**

[[<% moment().format("DD-MM-YY") %>]]
#<% moment().format("MMMM") %>

How it's used

I use plugins to create new notes with both work and stressed templates then insert a link to those notes in the daily note, this is all a hands off process and since they're separate notes in separate folders it keeps everything free from clutter and organized.

The structure

  • Journal/
    • 00-Events/
      • 2021/
    • 00-work/
      • 2021/
    • January-21/

Physical Journal

My physical journal will be used more for long form thoughts and feelings about life, mine and others. A more sort of decompression, I'll carry it wherever but will think before writing in it, the format and structure will be simple, on the front will be month-year month-year so I know when it was start and when it was full, inside it'll just use a title and month on each entry, anything more granular gets lost in the pages anyway, if I need to know specific things about a specific date then I should just ctrl+f my digital journal, if I want to reflect then dates aren't nearly as important and neither is a chronology of what you did on that day.


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While Apostrophe is my Markdown editor of choice at the moment, others occasionally catch my eye. It's not that I'm constantly looking for a new Markdown editor, but part of me likes to know what's out there.

Recently, I stumbled across an editor called Ghostwriter. Well, stumbled across isn't quite the way to describe this discovery. I've used Ghostwriter in the past, and was impressed by its combination of a minimal design and a decent feature set. So I thought it was time to revisit Ghostwriter.

Let's take a look at it.

Getting Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter is available for the Ubuntu and Fedora Linux distributions. You can also install it under MacOS if you're willing to compile the source code.

To install Ghostwriter under Ubuntu or Fedora, you need to add the software's repository. You can find out how to do that here.

Ghostwriter is also available as a flatpak and from the elementary OS AppCenter. As you might have guessed, the latter is how I installed it on my laptop.

Using Ghostwriter

Launch Ghostwriter. You have pretty much a blank canvas.

A blank page in Ghostwriter, waiting for words

From there, you start typing. Nothing too spectacular there, I admit.

Writing in Ghostwriter

You can do the same in any text or Markdown editor. If you don't want to add formatting by hand, or are just learning Markdown and don't know what to add, then you can select basic formatting from Ghostwriter's Format menu.

Ghostwriter's Format menu

As I said, that formatting is basic — lists, character formatting, blockquotes, and indenting. You'll have to add headings, code, and the like by hand. But the Task List option is interesting. While I don't do it myself, I know a few people who create their task lists in Markdown. This makes creating and maintaining one much easier.

Previewing Your Work

Ghostwriter doesn't have a dual-pane inteface — with code on one side and a preview on the right. But it does let you do a preview of your document by either selecting View > Preview in HTML or by pressing CTRL+M.

Previewing a document in Ghostwriter

Notice the cog icon in the bottom left of the editor window? Click that to choose the Markdown processor to use to render the preview.

Ghostwriter's preview options

Your choices are:

Obviously, you'll need at least one of the Markdown processors in the list installed on your computer.

In that window, you can also choose a custom Cascading Style Sheet to use to format the preview from the Style Sheet list. If you don't have one, Ghostwriter uses the stylesheet used by GitHub (a popular code repository).

Exporting to Another Format

What happens if you want or need to save your document to another format, like HTML or ODT? Either click the Export icon on the bar at the bottom left of the editor window or press CTRL+E to open the Export window.

Exporting a file from Ghostwriter

The export options depend on the Markdown processor you choose from the Markdown converter list. Choosing Sundown or Discount, for example, you'll only be able to export your documents as HTML files. If you choose any of the Pandoc options, you can export as HTML and in these formats:

  • HTML5
  • OpenDocument (.odt)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Word (.docx)
  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • FictionBook 2 (.fb2)
  • LaTeX
  • groff

You can also click the Copy HTML button in the bottom left of the editor window convert your document to HTML and copy the results your clipboard. You can then paste that elsewhere — for example, into an HTML template or a blog editor.

Final Thoughts

Ghostwriter is a simple, minimal yet effective Markdown editor. It's not my go-to Markdown editor on the Linux desktop, but that doesn't mean Ghostwriter isn't a solid application. It is. Give it a look. It might be the Markdown editor that you're looking for.

Scott Nesbitt

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An Excerpt From An Unknown Document

I mostly had lost patience with the saliva dripping onto my neck. The serpents smoked cigars, and the cigars gave off a thick smoke. Everything felt thick because of it. It was a warm thickness, and the wetness of the saliva created a feeling I no longer desired to sit with. It seemed funny now, but desire was the thing which led me to this seat to begin with.

I pushed my chips outward towards the dealer, just like the start of any other hand, except I pushed out all of the chips I had remaining. There weren’t many left. There weren’t few either.  There were enough that it was more than a typical hand, but not so many that the action felt flashy or “High Roller-ish.”

As I stood up, the dealer asked, “Cashing out?”

“No,” I replied. “Just let it ride.”

“You’re leaving?” he asked.

“I’ll be around. Keep dealing me in.” This may have not made complete sense in retrospect, but his silence denoted acceptance of my request.

Perfect. The chips would hold a place for me. I needed to stretch out a bit. I needed to get out of this place. Pushing through the smoke, I wiped away the wetness from my neck.

If the picture isn’t clear, at this point, I am moving towards the exit of some cramped, stale, smoke filled casino in some desert somewhere. Leather skinned serpents move throughout doing serpent things: grunting, shuffling, sipping, smoking, laughing. I overhear conversations. They’re the typical serpent kinds. All parties are given ample time to speak, though no one listens. That’s the things with these types, an agreeable detachment.

On my way to the exit, I pass a washroom. I choose to step inside. I could probably use a bit of a wash so a washroom is the perfect place.

After immediately splashing a few handfuls of water against my face, I catch a glimpse of my own reflection in the mirror and laugh out loud. More times than not, I forget who I am. Surrounded by serpents and the casualness of it all, it is easy to do.

Breathing smoke and drenched in mouth droppings, it is easy to do. I don’t know if it is the typical experience of others, but the lack of acknowledgement of my presence, or at least my presence as an outsider, ads to my temporary amnesia.

Sometimes I’ll smoke their smoke. I have drank their drinks. I’ve even mindlessly listened to their ramblings and had a chuckle while sharing a story of my own. Maybe we’re not that different. Maybe that’s why they barely acknowledge the difference. What is the difference anyways?

I am able to avoid this question. I’m familiar with the thought, and I know it has led to quite the existential crisis in the past. No time for that. Not now.

I look in the mirror once again, as I thank it for the reminder. “Now straight to the exit,” I tell myself. I know there is a portal near, and I know I plan to find it.


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A sad but beautiful song from Yellowcard.

No looking back when I am gone Follow your heart, it's never wrong No looking back when I am gone Don't second guess the note you're on

Out of time All out of fight You are the only thing in life that I got right

Say tomorrow I can't follow you there Just close your eyes and And sing for me I will hear you Always near you And I'll give you the words Just sing for me ♪ ♫ ♪



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18:16 PM

Made new store, ads scheduled for tomorrow ($80/day), new ad account so that'll take a while to warm up.

Did some stuff at other house.

Still trying to figure out gmail img src button thing for attachment.


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In het park is er een specifiek en ook nog eens idyllisch paadje dat heel smal is. Je kijkt er aan de linkerkant uit over het water met in je rug het groen van het park. Op de palen in het water zitten vogels, de dijk in de verte maakt de boel af. Rechts van het pad wonderlijk kleine huizen, bewoond door, ik vermoed, een woongroep met veel studentikoze hipsters. Hartstikke leuk.

Het pad is zo smal dat er aan de ene kant een bord staat met het vriendelijke advies even om te lopen. Ofwel, eenrichtingsverkeer heeft sterk de voorkeur. Prima, dan houd ik mij daar dus netjes aan, brave burger die ik ben. Er zijn gelukkig ook heel veel mensjes die er schijt aan hebben en zo kom ik dus met regelmaat in vervloekmodus als er mij weer een stel eigenwijze drollen tegemoet strompelen. Soms zelfs met een fiets aan de hand. Handig. En gedoe gegarandeerd.

Zo ook vandaag. Maar nu geen wandelaar, ook geen lopende fietser. Nope, beter nog. U kent ze wel, zo'n mannetje met de natte droom ooit toch eens een echte wielrenner te zijn. Dus heeft het sujet alvast zijn wielrenpakje aangetrokken, helmpje opgezet, beentjes geschoren en een kek zonnebrilletje om de boel lekker modieus af te kleden. Nou, en dat racet mij dus tegemoet. Ik herhaal nog een keer, het pad is niet veel breder dan een persoon. Het kereltje remt niet af en verwacht blijkbaar met zijn leesblinde kop dat ik wel opzij ga. Hij heeft tenslotte een persoonlijk record te verbreken en is hard op weg naar de Eiffeltoren. Dikke doei, ik ga niet opzij. Wat ik wel doe is hem een zwieper geven. Plons, zo het water in.

En zo liep ik dus over die twee laatste zinnen te fantaseren nadat we elkaar, zonder dat ik opzij ging, schampten. Het verlichtte mijn frustratie toch zeker een minuut.



from Drupal Association Journey: Pedro Cambra

The self-nomination period for the Drupal Association Board has already started. There are two At-Large positions on the board that are filled by an election process that used to be open to the community and since last year requires a Drupal Association membership to vote. One seat will be elected for the 2021-2023 period in October.

As the Elections page from the Drupal Association states:

Simply put, the At-large Director position is specifically designed to ensure community representation on the Drupal Association board.

The self-nomination period is open up to September 27th and you need to fill this Google form to be considered as a candidate. Please make sure you check the eligibility, legal stuff and responsibilities before running for the seat.

All the information and dates are available in this article:

As a personal note, I want to bring up that I wanted to move a vote to revert the election process to its previous form that didn’t require a Drupal Association membership to vote, but life comes at you fast. I want to keep bringing it the matter on next board meetings, as it seems that creating a task-force to open the communication with the community and review the issue could be on the table.



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#fear #health

I cried when I read the lab results from my latest annual exam. Not because the results were bad. Quite the opposite—I'm a healthy adult male with imperfect cholesterol. But I'm not alarmed; I'm simply aware.

I smiled as I re-read the results and then I thought back to my first visit with that same doctor four years earlier. I had cried when my doctor asked if my parents were still alive and I had to tell her no—they've been dead for a while now. Cancer got them. I would later break down when I got to my car and then somehow fake my way through the rest of the workday.

Then I thought back to a moment before that doctor's visit, when I told my counselor I was afraid to get a checkup.

“What if you go to the doctor and everything is fine?” my counselor asked.

“I'll just think the cancer hasn't come yet,” I told her.

For a while, that was my fear, and that fear kept me away from the doctor for years. But that fear was nowhere to be found as I leaned against my car, in front of my mailbox, and shuffled through the paperwork from my latest visit.

To say I no longer worry about cancer would be dishonest. Cancer has taken more family than just my parents. But I do have certain factors in my favor. For one, I don't smoke. I don't work around the smog of heavy machinery. I'm prioritizing exercise. And I now get regular annual exams. I do have some things I need to improve on—like my diet, as my doctor reminded me.

Still, that old fear may come to be true. But it's not true now, so I should live my best cancer-free life while I can.

For too long, I let fear paralyze me. Fear led to inaction. But action has proven the best antidote to fear. Our fears are often worse than reality. This is a lesson I'm constantly relearning.

How else am I letting fear get in the way? Where else can I take one small step to shut down that unhelpful part of my brain?

Enough about me.

What about you?


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Adopt Nancy September 2021

Who wants a broken Golden Retriever scraped from the bottom of the discount bargain bin? While Nancy is currently fractured in a million places, she will soon be like a Kintsugi pot, more beautiful for her history. And her adopters will be rewarded ten times over.

A breeder surrender, Nancy has lived her entire eight years in a kennel, birthing as many litters as her owner could force on her. Today, she has learned that outside isn't such a bad place, with lots of things to look at and smell. If you enjoy stopping often to smell the roses, you'll love walking with Nancy.

Nancy is housetrained and has no desire to soil her home ever again. She has discovered the joy of chewing bones and bully sticks. While doesn't carry things around as goldens typically do (remember, she's broken), she does move things around, often times hoarding them in an unused dog bed. Kinda like a racoon. Last night she dug my bra out of the laundry basket and slept with it.

She falls back on the familiar. For example, with great effort, she's learned to use the three steps to the patio. She finds the front door very suspicious and refuses to consider coming or going through it. But she knows the back, so we just always use the one she knows.

Getting in and out of a car would be traumatic for everyone. Maybe someday soon Nancy will learn the joy of hanging her head out the window and letting the wind blow through her hair and catch in her jowls. Meet and greets will need to be in her foster home and transport to a new home will need to be very thoughtful and intentional.

For today, we're not making Nancy do anything she doesn't want to and she's getting a little more comfortable every day. She'll do best in a home with no stairs, another do to show her the way, and with people who enjoy leisurely strolls through their own neighborhood.

Nancy currently resides in a foster home in Overland Park, KS with @lucky13rescue.


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NFT Sniper Drop Releases New Service for Well-Informed NFT Investors

NFT Sniper Drop, an advanced non-fungible token (NFT) platform, has released a new service, NFT Projects Overview. With it, NFT enthusiasts can find out about NFT drops sooner and understand if they fit their portfolios. “NFTs are hot, and it is hard to find all the upcoming ones with dates and all that necessary info. NFT Sniper Drop aims to give these projects more exposure,” says one of the NFT Sniper Drop developers.

He added, “We fix it with an NFT drops calendar, where you can directly add the drops you are interested in adding to your portfolio. Here, you will find some useful, basic info and main project links. To avoid being scammed, we have a review system that lets users give honest reviews.”

In September 2021, NFT Sniper Drop started operating. Its aim is to fill one of the most ardent needs of the NFT sector, quicker notifications about NFT drops. Since its launch, the platform announced more than 10 upcoming NFT drops on Twitter in less than a week.

Meanwhile, the project developers are working 24/7 to release their website. This way, the platform can provide followers with even more NFT information via different channels. The NFT Sniper Drop website should be up and running soon.

With an innovative feature of the NFT drop announcement, investors and traders can find out about new drops as soon as they become public. As a result, they would no longer have to scour the web for new non-fungible token projects.

Analysis Tools NFT Sniper Drop also offers a comprehensive suite of Analysis Tools. With this feature, NFT investors can analyze previous NFT drops. This way, they can get a better understanding of how future NFT drops may take place. With this release, NFT Sniper Drop is ready to set a foothold in the NFT market. By offering a complete and in-depth analysis of NFT drops, the platform should attract many who follow the NFT craze. The project plans to become the go-to place for finding out about NFT drops ASAP. The NFT Sniper Drop team is looking to build on its current momentum and help its followers with quick and accurate news on NFT drops. At the time of this writing, their Twitter account showed more than 15.5k followers, and that number is rapidly growing. You can learn more about NFT Sniper Drop on the project's Twitter account for now. Also, you can find them on Discord. The website is still in the making, but the developers are close to launching it. Then, the platform should take off and enable NFT enthusiasts to shoot down NFT drops as soon as they come out.

Useful Links NFT Sniper Drop on Twitter NFT Sniper Drop on Discord

Press release: This is a paid press release! Crypto Adventure does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. Crypto Adventure is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services mentioned in the press release.


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Der dystopische Science Fiction Snowpiercer liest sich wie ein Kommentar zum derzeitigen Zustand unserer Gesellschaft. Entstanden sind die drei Bände des Comics in den 80ern des letzten Jahrhunderts. Die Welt ist eine Eiswüste, einzig in einem Zug, dem Snowpiercer, ist das Überleben möglich. Allerdings muss der Snowpiercer stetig weiter durch die Kälte rasen, nur wenn die Maschinen laufen, kann sich gegen die extreme Kälte geschützt werden. Innerhalb des Zuges ist die Gesellschaft sehr hierarchisch organisiert, vorne residiert die Elite recht komfortabel, während im hinteren Teil des Zuges die Ausgestoßenen vegetieren. Ständig finden Kämpfe um die Macht statt, Intrigen und Manipulation sind an der Tagesordnung.

snowpiercer comic cover

Es ist beeindruckend und gleichzeitig frustrierend wie präzise Snowpiercer ein Bild unserer Gesellschaft zeichnet. Die Maschine muss immer weiterlaufen und wird religiös aufgeladen. Brutale Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung werden ideologisch gerechtfertigt. Statt ihre Situation zu erkennen flüchten sich die Menschen in Verschwörungsideologien (man sei in Wahrheit gar nicht in einem Zug, sondern in einem Raumschiff) und lassen sich durch dumme Quizshows benebeln.

Gleichzeitig ist der Comic künstlerisch sehr interessant, alles spielt sich in der räumlichen Enge eines Zuges ab. Es ist beeindruckend wie der Zeichner Rochette mit der eingeschränkten Perspektive umgeht. Diese wird ständig kontrastiert durch das weite, lebensfeindliche Ödland außerhalb des Zuges.

Egmont verlegt die neue Gesamtausgabe der drei Bände aus den 80ern im festen Einband und mit einem ausführlichem Nachwort. Ende des Jahres erscheint die wesentlich später erschienene Fortsetzung Terminus.

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 Twitterを覗いていたときにも、「新型コロナウイルス感染予防 マスクの効果について」というトピックにおいて、厚生労働省がこんなツイートをしています。











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