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The Weird Things By:Noah Mosler One Friday morning I woke up I don't know why probably because I heard a noise in my bathroom. The time was 5:23 AM. I was so tiered and I got out of bed to go to see what happened. I went into the bathroom and turned on the light and opened the shower curtain. Nothing was there. Then I thought inside my head and thought that i'm haunted no way. The next day on Saturday night I listened to the bathroom and. then the noise was there at the same time. Next I stayed in bed and got mad because i did not like this. I went back to sleep, before i went to sleep I told my mom. Somehow the The noise stopped. At school there was a bully named Max. He is the biggest bully in the whole 2nd grade. When i tried to go past him he tripped me. My friend named Jack came over and helped me. The next day after school I played outside. Max came outside 5 minutes later that's when I ran. Max tripped me and i fell on my head i thought my head was ganna break. I had a concushoin. After 6 Summers inside the hopital i got fixed and was able to play inside. My mom let me never go to school again.


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Deep Inclusion as Practice – Intro (excerpt)

Recently, a former work colleague and product designer shared with me that the phrase “soul-driven” smacked of “crunchy, granola” sentiments – causing a real sense of discomfort. In that moment, as kind and honest as they were, I realized they weren’t open to discover what a soul-driven leader and team is actually made of.



We're wrapping up our pricing plans as we approach our April launch date for albums / galleries on, and wanted to share what we've come up with so far. As always, we'd love to hear what you think via email or on Twitter.

Everything we've learned from selling subscriptions has played a major role in how we're pricing Besides the times that we've offered discounts on our Pro plan because someone didn't need every feature, we've heard many people say they wanted a more à la carte pricing model — and we agree! Pricing that allows people to spend exactly as much as they're comfortable with feels better and more honest, so that's what we'd like to implement with

Today, anyone paying $4 per month for a Pro subscription can upload their photos to In April, they'll be able to create simple photo albums like this one that they can share anywhere — and getting that feature will be a simple one-time charge, just like an in-app purchase you'd see in a mobile app.

We see these one-time charges for new functionality as a way to make sure people get the features they want without overpaying, but also in a way that works for the both of us. In the future, optional features like design customization and custom domains could be small add-ons that you buy once and enjoy indefinitely.

Besides that, we'll only charge for storage — i.e. how much server space you're using to store all of your photos. Pro users will see a larger amount of storage included with their subscription before they're ever charged, and users will simply pay based on how much they use.

You'll see more specifics around our pricing in the coming weeks, but we wanted to give everyone a heads-up ahead of time. We can't wait to show you what we have in store!



I didn't take a nap yesterday afternoon which is quite unusual. I'm feeling a bit behind my proposed (daily 4-6 hours) coding schedule so I decided to skip my afternoon nap to catch up with coding. Making such sacrifice tells a lot about how passionate I am about coding because after all, sleep is one of the most pleasurable human experiences in life.


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The constant debate over WWI generals continues, and no debate is more fierce than that of which surrounds Sir Douglas Haig. Haig became Commander-in-Chief of the B.E.F and the 'New Army' in 1915 after the failure at Loos by Sir John French. He became known as the 'butcher of the Somme' but arguably he had more strengths than weaknesses as a commander.


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Photo by María Victoria Heredia Reyes on Unsplash

Hello Anti-MLM world! For purposes of the blog, you can call me MaidenDisenchanted.

A little bit about myself. I am currently a SeneGence Distributor, disenchanted and maneuvering my way out. I signed up in early 2017 just before everything went out of stock. I tried LipSense in 2016, and immediately fell in love with it (I had used long-wear lipsticks for years and this was the best I had ever experienced). I still love LipSense! But over the course of the last year, I have come to realize that the business opportunity is just bad.

See, I had originally signed up just to get a discount on my own products. I honestly wanted almost every color, and thought signing up was the way to do it. Yet, I still had a “launch party” and invited some friends to try it. And I even sold product at cost to them, because I wasn't going to be doing this as a business (yes ... I know that's against the rules). Well I was honestly floored at how many people wanted LipSense! So, I decided to give the business thing a go (and sell at retail, or only discount up to 15%). And then everything went out of stock.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

I had been a demonstrator for another MLM (rubber stamping), about 10 years ago. Their commission was only 20%, so I was thinking I could run my LipSense business the same way (have parties and place orders). And with SeneGence, the commission would be a lot bigger, right? Well … not quite. First, there wasn't enough product to take orders, compile into a party, and order. And wait, if I actually did a party, I was stuck having to give away product for the hostess rewards! My old MLM had a smaller commission, but at least they provided the hostess benefits and everything was generally in stock!

But, I wasn't smart enough at the time I was realizing all of this. I thought that because so many people I knew loved LipSense that it would actually be profitable for me to just buy product and sell it. So I started buying colors, one at a time, as they came in stock. I spent HUNDREDS on shipping costs alone in 2017! But at the same time, I really was selling, and I was selling a LOT! And I ranked up just three months after signing up!

At times I had more Facebook parties than I could keep up with. (My husband came to dread times when I was doing a Facebook party because I would literally disappear. I would be “home” but not really “home.”) So I justified how many orders I was placing because I was genuinely selling at least enough to offset what I was ordering. But then I was also justifying a lot of expenses in materials, mirrors, shelves, brochures, etc. I thought this business would work in the long run. I did vendor events (but I barely broke even on them, and I spent hundreds of dollars in supplies to get ready), only to decide I didn't really like spending all day on a weekend away from my family. Vendor events were way outside my comfort zone.

I had an active Facebook group (and I spent WAY too much time on it!), and I was introduced to people I would have never met otherwise. Some of these women have become close friends, and I am grateful that I didn't run my business in a way that people felt “sold” every time they talked to me. I really kept my personal life and “SeneLife” separate for the most part.

Photo by on Unsplash

However, it was not until I started compiling my records to do my taxes that I realized what the real damage was. See, first I was getting things like my 1099 from SeneGence and my credit card processors. I realized that I had moved over $12K last year and I thought that was amazing! Until I saw that I had spent closer to $20K in product orders, supplies, and shipping etc. And SeneGence doesn't make it easy for you to track how much you ordered. Yes, it's all there, but if you want to total it out … you've got to do that yourself. I had about $3K in inventory left at the end of 2017. It was eye opening to realize I had given away so much product in giveaways and incentives. I had often done free shipping and no tax, so I was eating a lot of costs. There was literally NO PROFIT, even though I moved THOUSANDS of dollars in product.

Prior to seeing the exact numbers in my tax documents, I had already begun seeing large numbers of distributors going out of business. In many cases, these distributors had bought more than I had, and for the same reasons. When nothing was in stock, you bought what you could, when you could. And many of these distributors were realizing that inventory left over at the end of the year is taxed as an ASSET and isn't deducted from your income. So they were having to pay taxes on the product they overbought! I was seeing GOOB (going out of business) posts in groups on Facebook selling product cheaper than I could buy it directly from SeneGence. I was really concerned that so many had overextended themselves, and then I started feeling like a jerk keeping these deals from my own customers and expecting them to pay more from me.

And then I started seeing the posts in my team group pages that were encouraging FRONT LOADING* every month.

I ran across a two-part video of a leadership training by none other than Joni Rogers, the Founder and CEO of SeneGence:

Inventory Build Part 1

Inventory Build Part 2

It was EYE OPENING. For one, Joni mentions in the first part that not building inventory (front loading) is “Hold[ing] back [your] opportunity to sell.” Seriously!?? Taking on more inventory than you can sell is just putting yourself in debt, or spending money that could go ANYWHERE else. If product had been in stock, I want to say I would have not stocked up as I did. But then again, this is where the SeneGence compensation plan manipulates you to buy more. Remember, in order to get 50% off, you have to order $1,500 in retail product! To get 40% off you have to order $600. And pay sales tax on the retail value!

In the end of Part 2, she refers to a woman with a $100K budget of her husband's money as “Ms. Rocks-a-lot.” (I guess this was me.) It really showed me what SeneGence really thinks of its distributors. They are dollar signs, plain and simple. The entire premise of Joni's method of encouraging inventory and budgeting it is an assumption that EVERY booking will net $500 in sales. This has been proven to be false. (Yes, I had some parties get way over $500, but I had others that barely qualified at $150.) Plus, with market overflow as we currently are experiencing (and so many going out of business—understandably), I feel it is absolutely dishonest that Joni is encouraging Crown Princesses to use this dishonest method of accounting to their new recruits.

And then I saw these types of graphics flowing down from the Amethyst Queen (or Ruby Queen? I can't keep track) way above me.

I mean, really?! There is so much in this post that is misleading. The assumptions in the numbers here are that every person who signs up will spend 300PV every month ($600 retail at 40% off). This is simply not true, especially for those of us who got wise as to how much we were ordering.

Additionally, when I was doing two Facebook parties in a week, I was spending multiple hours every night in that week to prepare and engage in those parties! And I sponsored only ONE person EVER as a result of a party. Granted, I have never been a fan of MLM pyramid style compensation, so recruitment was never a priority for me. The only people who signed up with me were people who came to me asking about it and wanting to do it. And I have never encouraged any of my team to keep inventory or recruit. And, I was mistaken to believe an income could be had by selling LipSense alone.

What I have referenced above is only a drop in the big fat bucket of misleading information flowing down the ranks of SeneGence distributors. And there is absolutely no forum to question any of the Kool-Aid in team Facebook groups. I have been called out for being negative, just because I questioned the numbers in posts like the one above. I thought by openly questioning them, perhaps other distributors could avoid making the same mistakes as so many of us.

So, I am leaving SeneGence. I am lucky to be one of the few that didn't take on tons of debt, but I spent money that could have taken my entire family on a cruise! It makes me sick to think about that. I am trying to figure out how to get rid of my inventory. I love the products … guess I could have a 10 year supply … if it actually is any good after that long.

And if this post helps someone avoid making the same mistakes I did, then it has been worth it. Even if you want to stay with SeneGence, please read the above, get all the information, keep detailed and accurate records, and DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!

— MaidenDisenchanted

*Front loading or inventory loading is the practice of buying a large amount stock up front, generally more than you can sell easily.

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Hi, my name is, wait for a minute, were you trying to pry my name out of me, well not a chance. I am not really a writer, but I like to blog. I am guessing that you are reading this while sipping your coffee and thinking, that doesn't make sense. Well, it does to me. I like vlog(even though I have never vlogged before). So what are my blog posts gonna be about? Well, anything. It can range from school to a snowstorm. FYI, it is snowing in Connecticut unless you are looking at this on any other day other than today, March 13, 2018. Let me wrap this up. This blog is gonna be about anything and you can comment what you want me to blog about.

“Life is too short” -A smart woman


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from Connor Martin

There are numerous theories that sound amazing, yet wretchedly fail in true practice situations. Communism is one of them. An astounding manifesto of equality and state and individuals joined together which in practice miserably fails, often because of the ascent of dictatorships that demolish everything Communism stands for.


from engonzal

This year I opted to purchase a new motherboard/CPU for my gaming PC. I have 2 x Nvidia 1080Ti GPUs and realized that my CPU was likely the bottleneck on increased seeing better performance. I haven't spent a lot of time gaming lately, but I've been following the new Intel CPUs pretty closely and really wanted to get one. So here's what I went with:


Krait Z370 Motherboard Intel 8700k 16G Corsair RGB RAM


I was going back and forth between the 8600k and 8700k. Ultimately the 8700k was on sale for ~$300 and it seemed like too good of a deal to pass (at the time the 8600k is going for $234 and 8700k is normally $334). I'm also optimistic that having hyper-threading might be of some benefit in the future as gaming studio beging optimizing for that.


I had a couple days to wait for the parts to show up, and decided to invest some time into cleaning my current case. I took out the motherboard, drives, fans and PSU. Spent some time wiping things down and snipping old zip ties. I had a couple 7200RPM hard drives just laying in the case that I took the time to mount. Same for a couple SSDs. Removed the CPU cooler and sprayed that out with canned air. The fans on the cpu cooler are probably the loudest part in the case, I added a drop of yoyo oil to the fan which seemed to help a bit. Empty Case Rear Case


When the parts arrive I got to unboxing, taking some pictures, and cleaning up my workspace. Before Mounting the motherboard I installed the memory, then the CPU cooler. Motherboard Prep

The PSU slid right in, and since all the cables are modular I connected all the one's I needed off the bat. I like to do this asap as it gives me an idea of how the cables will need to lie when I start making connections. Mounting the 8-pin CPU power cable is always a struggle with this case, so I snuck that in before mounting the motherboard. I popped in the metallic panel for the usb/audio/video connectors. With that in place I slid the moatherboard in and used some thumb screws to secure it. ThenI patched the main power cables and some of the fans.   Motherboard Install

With the motherboard in place I was able to start connecting everything. Drives were patched, some PCIe cards added and a generous amount of zip ties used to get things laying down nicely. 

Next installed the GPUs and SLI bridge. One of the GPU's is a hybrid water cooled setup, I had to install the radiator next to the CPU, hopefully that doesn't generate too much heat.

Voila, that was it. I started it up and surprisingly my old install of Windows 10 came right up (albeit not activated). I did opt to re-install Windows from scratch, but I'll talk about that in another post. Here's the final product:

PC Final

  • Noe Gonzalez



from Connor Martin

So, the mocks are finally over. Phew! A much needed relief, or not. Today I got my results back for history, which promised a much needed relief from the ongoing stress of school life.



Dream can com true that to have a dream
To have a good dream and that a dream
Is a nice and to believe in your dream Follow your dreams Keep having a dream How many dream you have
Tata a dream is good to have
You will like you your dream Do you like your dream 💭💭


from Deanjbaer

The Red Door

I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with many fascinating, accomplished and inspirational people and Jennifer Goodman Linn is one of those people. Faced with a rare cancer she transformed a personal struggle into hope for millions by spreading the message that “without fear anything is possible” and, along with her husband David, founded Cycle for Survival in 2007 to raise crucial funds for rare cancer research.

Red Door found the perfect home with Jennifer who sadly passed away in July of 2011. In Jennifer’s profound words, the painting meant the following:

“I see is a woman who is standing in front of two doors — one is open and one is closed. She is choosing which door to enter/which path to take in the next leg of her journey. To me, it symbolizes the fact that we always have a choice in how we move through our lives. There are “doors” that present themselves to us all of the time and WE choose whether we see that door as open or as closed, as an obstacle or as an opportunity. I find the painting so empowering. It symbolizes that your life is what you make of it. No one else has the ability to choose your path but you.” – Jennifer Goodman Linn ( )

  • * *

Cycle for Survival : Since its founding in 2007, has raised over $64.9 million to directly fund clinical trials and research studies that bring new hope to countless lives touched by rare cancers.

Red Door, acrylic on canvas, 40” x 30” –



sometimes we cannot hide the scars internal and external they litter our skin; our minds tiny little marks of imperfection proof that we have truly lived

scars are something that shows we are alive that this is real they are not horrid imperfections, perhaps but nothing real is ever perfect

scars are a story written out on skin each with a tale of their own they are not something to be ashamed of hidden, despised scars are real and they remind us that we are human

they mark us as people fighters, soldiers, with countless ones hidden in shame, instead of shown with honor the clumsy or the unfortunate the small little things on us these set us apart from stone

scars are a reminder of our past stories of our lives and they should not be looked down on scars tell tales of survival and that is a true marvel



this is where we lie broken and bruised where we cannot run or hide from the inevitable truth of ourselves

this is where we lie alone and defeated all because we could not trust

none of us were able to stand the monsters they lurked in the shadows, but they were there; you could feel the chill, hear the scream but they weren't the ones that scared us the monsters were physical and we could see them; we could not see ourselves eachother and this is why we're here

terrified of the monsters in us, not around us hid the truth, tried to believe the lies these broken things led to our fall, our demise we couldn't stand the people inside us we turned all of the mirrors around projecting an image a lie. a lie.

this is where we lie. surrounded in the ruins of a failed second chance that was built on treachery and deception a place where trust was a myth and the only thing that fell from our lips were lies



Il destino è per i perdenti. È soltanto una stupida scusa per aspettare qualcosa invece di farla accadere Blair Waldorf


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