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from Alex Aldridge


I have been in my Uxbridge, Ontario apartment for 4 consecutive days now. I do not exit the building or walk around the urban areas. My mother has made up excuses to block my number and my dad and brother ignore my calls. I have –$27 in my bank account and a headache. I am disabled and rely on ODSP income support.


from ICANN Insider

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Sudowski Appointed ICANN Nominating Committee Chair.

Jay Sudowski was appointed Chair of the ICANN Nominating Committee on 08 September 2019. Sudowski is Co-founder and CEO of Handy Networks LLC, a data centre located in Denver Colorado. He is also a member of the i2 Coalition, a US based Internet Infrastructure lobbying group. Sudowski is part of the ICANN Business Constituency. He will remain chair until 2020, when Chair Elect Ole Jacobsen will take over the role.

The ICANN Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting 8 out of 16 of ICANN's Board members. It functions independently of the ICANN Board of Directors.

ICANN Joins ITU-D as Sector Member

ICANN's application to join the ITU-D was approved in June 2019. The International Telecommunications Union's Telecommunications Development Sector is responsible for creating policies, regulation and providing training programs and financial strategies in developing countries. ICANN sought the role following dissolution of the ITU's Telecommunications Liaison Group. The role will enable ICANN to more closely track and influence ITU policy-making.

Muscovitch Calls for Apology from ICANN Ombudsman Waye

Zak Muscovitch, General Counsel of the Internet Commerce Association has called on ICANN Ombudsman Herb Waye to apologize for calling over 3,200 comments opposing ICANN's renewal of the .ORG registry agreement “akin to spam”.

In the 12 September 2019 letter posted to ICANN Correspondence, Muscovitch states “Your disparagement of public comments from concerned stakeholders, which were duly submitted through the ICANN comment portal, is deeply concerning, particularly for an Ombudsman.” He goes on to call for an apology and retraction of Waye's statements.

The flare-up occurred as part of a Request for Reconsideration filed on 21 September 2018 by Namecheap, a domain name registrar. Namecheap opposes ICANN's decision to renew the .info and .org contracts without price caps. On 07 September 2019 the Ombudsman's evaluation of this request was rejected, with Waye stating that the request “doesn't not merit a recommendation by me to the BAMC or the Board to take the action Requestor requests, or to take any action at all.”

Reconsideration Request Log:

Waye rejects Electronic Frontier Foundation Opposition to .INFO and .ORG Contract Renewal

On 7 September 2019 ICANN Ombudsman Herb Waye rejected the Electronic Frontier Foundation's request to reconsider ICANN's approval of the .ORG and .INFO contracts.

Waye relied on the distinction between policy and corporate governance to reject the request. His evaluation focussed on the ICANN Board's right to delegate matters relating to legacy renewal of contracts to the ICANN CEO and Staff.

In other words once a contract has been awarded changes to that contract become the purview of ICANN staff to re-negotiate and renew, absent other direction from the ICANN Board of Directors. This means contract renewals are not a policy matter, and are therefore not open to reconsideration.

75% of Internet users say Social Media Companies Fuel Distrust

A Centre for Internet Governance Innovation (CIGI) survey released on 11 June 2019 found that 75% of 25,000 Internet users surveyed blamed social media companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google for sowing distrust. 52% felt that governments were not doing enough to protect their personal information.

Full Report:


from 365 RFCs

by Darius Kazemi, August 9 2019

In 2019 I'm reading one RFC a day in chronological order starting from the very first one. More on this project here. There is a table of contents for all my RFC posts.

FTP for mail

RFC-221 is titled “A Mail Box Protocol, Version-2”. It's by Richard Watson of SRI-ARC and dated August 25, 1971.

The technical content

This RFC updates RFC-196, which is a proposal for a protocol for an email-like thing. The original proposal uses the Data Transfer Protocol for data transfer, but Network Working Group members would prefer to use File Transfer Protocol so this RFC incorporates that protocol instead.

The big issue with using FTP for the Mail Box Protocol is that FTP assumes the user understands something about the file system and path names of the remote site. The Mail Box Protocol would ideally not involve the end user who is sending a message to know anything about the file system of the recipient.

The proposed solution is for the ARPANET sites to agree on a virtual pathname for a Mail Box, then connect via FTP to the special Mail Box socket, issue an Append request to the path, and pass the ASCII string “NETMAIL” followed by an 8-bit byte corresponding to a mail box number. This would mean each host computer could support up to 256 inboxes.

The issue of spam and abuse is raised (”the possibility of someone accidentally or deliberately flooding the printer of a site with garbage”), but no good solutions have been discovered. The suggestion is made that the protocol not involve any safeguards and that it's up to individual sites to add their own safeguards, though perhaps at a later date there could be standards for safety agreed upon by all.


I'm wondering why they would have to agree on a path name at all for the Mail Box, when there is already a specific socket reserved for the protocol. Individual host sites could simply interpret any Append request from FTP on the mail box socket as a request to append to the local mail box, wherever it happens to be on the file system.

A purely nerdy aside is that the end note of the RFC lists the author as “Richard W. Watson/RWW”, which means he typed up this RFC himself. I've wondered what percentage of RFC documents are prepared by secretarial workers...

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About me

I'm Darius Kazemi. I'm an independent technologist and artist. I do a lot of work on the decentralized web with ActivityPub, including a Node.js reference implementation, an RSS-to-ActivityPub converter, and a fork of Mastodon, called Hometown. You can support my work via my Patreon.


from Hello. My name is Bix.

U.S. Forest Service fire lookout Philip Connors is right that “[e]very culture should have a couple of outsiders bringing a message from outside of the dominant culture” but I'm not sure an old white guy sitting atop a tower in a forest is really outside the dominant culture. That said, Nathan Rott's profile of Connors (via Digg) is a nice little look at the vocation and the ways in which it's being impacted by new technology. Once upon a time, long ago, I think after reading some Kerouac book (probably The Dharma Bums), I briefly flirted with following in his footsteps, but I don't think I would have managed very well.

#Nature #Technology #September2019


from Climate Issues

A song for Jules Radich.

The South African Embassy in Trafalgar square always used to have people protesting outside it back in the 80s due mostly to Mandela's popularity in left wing circles and the South Africa apartheid governments intransigence on his release. It was far more political in Europe back in the 80s, feminism, workers rights and racism were the main issues that I remember. As well as the poll tax riots and CND protests outside the American military bases. Thatcher, and much of the right of course didn't take too much to Mandela until after apartheid collapsed. If they had of, such songs as this one would never have needed to have been.

I wasn't asked who my real life hero was at Opoho (Phillip tended to miss some questions of all of us on occasion). I wasn't even sure who I was going to say at the time as I don't really believe in 'heros' as such but it probably would have been Chomsky for being so on song for so long despite the flak that he's had to put up with over the years. My wife certainly expected that was who I was going to mention and he was first to mind. Others might have been Magdalen Berns who died only a few days ago or the Suffragettes who were sometimes rather novel in their protest methods. But my focus changes often and I think 'respect' might have been a better question rather than 'hero'. Michael Joseph Savage and John A. Lee would be two from New Zealand a social reformer from Melbourne and a radical firebrand from Otago.... One remembered with fondness and the other somewhat forgotten despite the fact that the policies of Savage were often actually Lee's. But left wing politics these days is very much an identity parade. I can't even.

The fire today on Signal hill was arson by most accounts. There was much wind and sun today, so it did take off. Later tonight at Waitati there seemed much support for harnessing these two forces of nature, rather than just releasing them.

And as Peter from Waitati said tonight, we're one people now, no matter where we originally came or come from. Climate change is something that we can only do together in as he said 'the same waka'. After 180 or more years together it would be hard to separate us anyway. And we should not try to. I can remember being quite upset when Eva Rickard died, and I never went on a march with her. But I certainly grew up with her, and both of us were/are from the Waikato. Plus who is we exactly? We have mosques and temples as well as churches and maraes these days.

#music #politics #SpecialAKA #julesradich


from inquiry

This strikes me as a classic example of rampant, fundamentalism in using another's imperfections as opportunity for attention to one's own self-righteousness.

That it lives in “Medium” makes perfectly good sense.

Then again, I've been wrong before.

But I'm just so tired of gleeful zealousness for punishment seemingly far exceeding gleeful zealousness for mutual understanding and/or acceptance.

I'm starting to believe that calling people out publicly without having first attempted to interact with and possibly more fully understand them is just so much Verbal Great And Powerful Oz masking rather typical – and, thus, pathetic – curtain-limited egos.

I find this statement particularly sadly hilarious:

The answer is that we should be proactive instead of reactive.

because that article represents the pinnacle of being reactive (public shaming) instead of proactive (actually interacting with the person one wishes to publicly flay).


from This Is The Best

Kind Words is barely a game. And that's a good thing.

A while ago I started thinking about the sort of game I would like my kids to play. Ideally I'd love for them to have a game that teaches empathy instead of conquest. It's fun to go around and blow up bad guys, but it's not a life skill. What if we could use the power of video games to teach people to see others in a more human way? What if we could create experiences that help us connect to each other?

Kind Words is that.

Here's the game:

You can choose to answer letters. These letters come from random people online. They are all questions. You get seventeen short lines of text to give this random stranger some encouragement, advice, commiseration, whatever you like. The rule of the game is in the name: these are meant to be Kind Words. You send your letter and that's the last you'll hear from this person. There's no real payback, just the joy of sending happiness out into the world.

And, of course, you can also ask questions, or send your own letter out to be answered by random people. This is a surprisingly difficult thing to do. Even though there's no real way these people can trace anything back to you, it's still a moment of vulnerability. But if you can open up and accept that vulnerability the payback is immense. I wrote about a problem I'm having. It's nothing huge, because my life is good. But It's something that does keep me up at night.

Within a few minutes I had five letters from complete strangers telling me that I was doing okay, that things would get better, that people out there have faced similar problems and have made it through.

I went back to answer other people's questions, occasionally stopping to read the little happy thought paper airplanes that float through the game (also written by other people) and to write a few happy thoughts of my own to send out there. I got a few more notes of encouragement from my letter. And I realized something:

I'd been “playing” for about an hour, and I couldn't stop smiling.

When was the last time you could say that about a game? I felt genuinely happy. It feels good to help lift other people's burdens, even if you don't know them at all. It feels good to go into a place where everyone is focused on being kind to one another. This game feels. good.

So I'm formally inviting you to send out some letters. Let others give you some encouragement, and try your hand at encouraging others as well. If there's one thing we need, heading into 2020, it's more Kind Words.


from inquiry

Preparations are underway for my move from to

The more things change, et. al.

That said, I'll be keeping my eye on the public reader feed here, since there are some interesting people coming through

I'm trying to remember how I became aware of but can't. It was most likely something that popped out at me while looking at the selection menu presented by my scraper, e.g.:

1) (fhackernews)
Mux (YC W16) is hiring across the board to build the future of online video

2) (fhackernews)
Most Massive Neutron Star Ever Detected, Almost Too Massive to Exist

3) (fhackernews)
Where you are born is more predictive of your future than any other factor

4) (fhackernews)
Richard Stallman Resigns from the FSF after Epstein Comments

5) (fhackernews)
What it was like to fly the baddest airplane the world has ever known

6) (fhackernews)
Realtime Surveillance Will Test the British Tolerance for Cameras

7) (fhackernews)
Gary Larson's the Far Side: Uncommon, Unreal, and (Soon-to-Be) Unfrozen

8) (fhackernews)
Richard Stallman Resigns as FSF President

9) (fhackernews)
Ribbon (YC S17) is hiring data engineers who love making messy data useful

Wow. People getting worked about Richard Stallman. Fancy that...

(I actually had brief email interaction with him over a song spoof I recorded, whose title and lyrics featured the word “gnu” – so, of course...)

Gosh, I wish I could write more personally like this.

Ok. That's enough. I'll write more later.

I do hope so.

And a whole lotta ditto on here as well.



I wanna lean on something On top of the blue clouds It's just time to go I’m letting go If this is a sin, I have nowhere else to go Nowhere else to go

-Jung Ilhoon, Spoiler.

Chanyeol pernah berkata “kamu itu rumah yang sebenar-benarnya rumah. jadi kalo lo gak ada gue jadi gelandangan” yang bisa kamu jawab dengan tawa. “iya gue mau kemana sih emangnya”

Ngomong emang gampang ya, tapi mempertahankan omongan itu yang susah.


from late night fiction

There is a sage that appeared one day, emerging from some unknown place. When questioned on his origins, he never found it important enough to answer; the same when asked where he'd traveled and what he'd seen.

All that was in his mind was calm contentment. The people around him saw nothing but wide, glowing eyes as he stared up towards the sky, or stopped in the middle of a path to look at the leaves on a tree. They wondered what was going through his head — the ones curious enough did, anyway. Others were mildly irritated to see a man walking so slowly in front of them, or stopping in the middle of a moving crowd to watch a bird.

See, though he could blend with any crowd of creatures in the world (including humans), the crowd of humans never blended back. In the human city all are expected to be dutifully on their way to somewhere important. None amble or loiter — if you do you are marginalized. The streets exist only to serve the busy or affluent. The cool, air-conditioned buildings are only there for your use if you have official business to conduct. Parks are to be enjoyed by all, but run on the time of humans, and the sage didn't wear a watch.

He wandered the public squares, but they contained more automobiles than humans — they never seemed to loiter there as much as those monoliths of metal and glass.

He never told anyone, but he'd noticed everything speed up as he approached the center of this human city. Even when their mechanical carriages were slow, the humans could be seen inside, their emotions moving fast toward anger, their impatience and intolerance of slowness overflowing.

It was less strange to him, observing this, than it was profound. At the sight of it he saw a time in his past where he was no different. He had lived at that speed, relishing it, feeling comforted in his solitary quest to hurl himself into the future in a seat of a car, right next to his fellow city dwellers. He had lived with and among them, without speaking to most of them.

#stories #thecity #thesage


from ego echo

Ik geef de schuld net zo makkelijk aan alle consternatie gisteren met die fikkende olievelden, pompende prijsstijging, beursdaling, jemig, nou, ik was het even kwijt. Zo bleek tenminste toen ik de boel nog eens nalas. Maar ja, toen hadden mijn volgers via e-mail al een berichtje ontvangen. U begrijpt dat ik mijn post hier ter plekke op de website direct heb aangepast, maar ik moest de schande van de vergissing en verwisseling van de woorden kelderen in plaats van stijgen een dag lang doorstaan. Vreselijk natuurlijk. En daar deed vrouwlief nog eens een schepje bovenop met haar opmerking dat wij, de mens, het vuur niet hebben uitgevonden. Mijn tegenwerping dat wij wel uitvonden hoe we het konden controleren (hoewel het niet geheel verrassend nog wel eens ernstig fout gaat) en dat de lezers heus wel zouden snappen hoe ik het had bedoeld, maakte het er voor mij nog ingewikkelder. Wat een dag was dat zeg. Shame on me.

Verder kan ik er vandaag nog maar weinig chocola van maken. Behalve dat ik de veegpieten toejuich en tegelijkertijd niet snap waarom ze nog steeds kroeshaar moeten hebben. En dat in een tijd dat een museum eindelijk eens lef toont en de Gouden Eeuw als naamgeving in de ban doet. Uitstekend. Zo goud was het allemaal niet. Wij vierden hier in ons kutlandje hoogtij, ten koste van anderen. Overigens iets wat nog altijd globaal aan de gang is. Wat nog eens wordt onderstreept door het huiswerk van mijn dochter. Geschiedenis, aardrijkskunde, kolonisatie, christendom dat met geweld de wereld overgaat, het is om ziek van te worden. Ondertussen poept men alhier in den broek vanwege islamisering. Het zal dan toch wel karma zijn, denk ik. Hoewel ik killing in the name of welke overtuiging dan ook per definitie afkeur. Gij zult niet doden, niet onderdrukken, niet bekeren, en gewoon eens samen gaan leven. Een utopie, ik weet.

Overigens, over huiswerk gesproken. Ik zag bij het dichtdoen de kaft van het geschiedenisboek. De afbeelding is schokkend. In de stijl van de jaren 20-30 zien we een stoere matroos die een vrouw ver achterover houdt en haar vol op haar mond kust. De vrouw heeft hier blijkbaar niets tegenin te brengen, moet de stoere brute kracht ondergaan, en houdt met een kuis lijkend gebaar met een hand haar rok tegen haar benen. Een misselijkmakend staaltje seksistische propaganda van uitgeverij Malmberg, als u het mij vraagt.

Verder wens ik u een prettige dinsdag, de dag waarop we prins carnaval de das omdoen en met een tas vol niks huiswaarts keren. Alaaf.

#prinsjesdag #seksisme #slavernij #waanvandedag #geweld #religie


from Ajes Undaily

Hello how är you?

Jag har inte varit här på ett tag på grund av att jag testat några månader. Båda tjänster har sin charm, men själva skrivarupplevelsen är bättre här.

Läs mer...


as if i don't understand as if it's written by all the scars as if i am running far away from you

i don't know maybe i just don't get it all smile laugh it's just human emotion

fear and you it's all the same

i have known fear for a very long time probably since i met you



As fuuuuuck

Just haven't been feeling well lately. It started about a week ago or so when I truly felt like I was doomed to die a brutal and lonely death at some point in my life because

A) I do not have a family of any type besides distant adult family members

B) I had watched my father pass away several months ago and actually was overcome with jealousy that he got to leave the earth and I didn't

C) I am just a lonely person in general and spend all my time by myself

It wasn't that I was even depsressed or that I was self harming or anything, just that death was A-OK with me at that time and I didn't fear it at all

Because of this, I gave up on my side projects, sold and threw away some cherished possessions and just sat at home alone and did nothing for the past week.

But now I am on the mend again. I am going to get back to working on my projects, try to stay positive, and just try to do that.

It really is a struggle though. My economic disposition in modern society is grim to say the least. I live on what amounts to roughly $10K a year (not a month, a YEAR) and sometimes I don't even clear that amount. I did have plans for whatever reason to get my life on track, but whatever plans I end up making I always change my mind on. When psychologists and economists say that “being poor is very similar to having a mental illness”, they are speaking the flat bold truth. To be quite honest, I am not even sure 100% if I HAVE psychosis or if I am just perpetually broke all the time. LOL.

Quick facts:

Never had a car. Never had a license. Never had more than a couple grand in my pocket at any given time. Never had a full-time job. Never had a job that paid more than minimum wage. Never had a mortgage. Never had a serious girl/boyfriend. Never travelled outside of the United States. I could go on....

...and I am 35 years old(!)

Anyway, not to sound too philosophical or religious or anything – but I always believe that everyone one life has a good “change of pace”. Something that is life-changing/eye-opening that helps them get through the rest of their time on this planet. My father's death was not that thing for me, as for one it was not positive, and two it was more just the end of his immense suffering (he had been incredibly sick for a very long time and I am happy (for him) that it ended.

I used to think that the “big positive” change that is supposed to happen is everyone's life already happened to me when I was 14 years old (and several years after) when I started to take LSD on a regular basis. Such an intense experience that was! Every time I took it after was an intense experience, too! So I figured that that was me more or less “sewing my wild oats”, but damn, I was wrong.

35 and I still wanna travel. I still drink sometimes. I still wanna get wild. And I still want BIG and FUN things to happen in my life and I am willing to work to MAKE them happen. I just have to be in the right frame of mind to do so, I suppose.

Ok. That's enough. I'll write more later.


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