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By Sam Whited

The fiddle player sat upon the stage Surveying all she saw; The dancers pranced upon the floor As many more came through the door And walked on down the hall.

Beside the band the caller stood, He looked at his cards and frowned: Circles and squares raced through his head As the new dancers stood around in dread Or fell down on the ground.

The banjo was played by a drunken fool Who’s wits were drowned in booze; But even Ale couldn’t make him so daft That he would forget his banjo craft Or cause him his skill to lose.

Beside him sat a mandolin, His hands o’er the strings took flight He’d stamp and stomp in time to the beat While his fingers tried to keep up with his feat And his eyes watered with delight.

There also played a sweet guitar, Without a penny to his name, But he was rich in other things, Music and dance were his diamond rings And he loved them all the same.

Far upstage the drum stood tall But its player was fast asleep; He always woke before his cue And with the rest he’d pay his due And work to earn his keep.

The bandmaster glanced into the crowd, Then signaled the fiddler to start With a neck-breaking tune By the light of the moon To quicken the pace of every heart.

The banjo and guitar strummed madly away, With a squawk and a screech they played, In the key of G, To a veritable sea Of dancers well arrayed.

The fiddler started to quicken her pace And the dancers became a blur Of tapping feet and moves so neat That the caller ran off down the street, Forgetting just where they were.

No matter that the caller dropped out; His dancers now knew the drill. Each petronella and dosido They executed with much gusto, Never allowing their feet to still.

The mandolin made a mournful twang, As all its strings did snap; With a whoop and a holler he jumped from the stage And started to dance with a passion and rage Til his feet could no longer tap.

Faster and faster the band played on, The fiddle player kept the time, With a start and a yalp the drum player woke He thought the whole thing a mighty fine joke So he played without reason or rhyme.

As the next phrase started up again With a faster pace than before, The drum head broke with all the strain Of beating hands like falling rain, So he threw it right out the door!

The bandmaster knew their time had come They couldn’t keep up with the pace, So he threw up one hand To stop the band But only the guitar fell out of the race.

The fiddle and banjo still played on Paying no heed to the crowd With a yip and a yaw, and a mighty yee-haw They played both soft and loud.

Finally the banjo could endure no more His fingers had all gone wrong With one last strum And a bit of drop thumb He finished up his song.

Now only the fiddle player could still be heard She bowed with all her might Playing away, Till the slow break of day Gave her quite a sight!

Daylight crept into the hall, (The clock read half-past four) And though the dance was finished at last The dancers into sleep had passed And were lying on the floor!

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Thoughts On What Could Have Been For the Music Industry

According to an article from Bandcamp started to become a big thing in 2017. What I'm wondering is what would the music business look like now if Bandcamp was around in say, 2001? Sure the iTunes Store was started in 2003 but it was encumbered with DRM until 2009 when it was probably too late as Spotify was starting to become a thing even then.

The iPod launched in 2001 with a 5 GB model. Pair that with the ability to download albums in whatever digital format that you want (within reason) and there might have been something there. Basically what I'm wondering is if Bandcamp or something very similar was available would the music industry be in the same streaming controlled world we currently live in?

Also if Sony had been smarter (i.e. more open with the format) about SACDs could that have been a market? I really have no idea if DSD makes a difference but the larger storage capabilities and 5.1 support are differentiators from a regular CD. SACD is of course a tiny market these days and I don't think there was a way to make it as big as CDs were, however it probably could have been bigger.

I'm not sure if these thoughts make any sense I've just been wondering about this issue. Artists seem to be getting the short end of the stick whether or not the huge music companies make tons of money or not. The form in which they make this money such as physical media or streaming doesn't seem to matter either. They just come up with new ways to stop the money coming in from going to artists. Hopefully that changes at some point in the future!

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I was working with someone else's computer code the other day. It was good code: clean, lean, and efficient. At the same time, because of the combination of a particular language (in this case typescript) with particular methods and clear logic, it was highly legible code. It was easy to parse and grasp what was going on.

This is common with computer code, that some languages are more easily legible than others, and would be even to developers without much experience in that specific language, or that some code has cleaner logic than other code. But it got me thinking about how this translates to the manifestations of code that we see in things like educational technologies. Not so much the question of whether code legibility translates, but rather, what might “legibility” mean in terms of interacting with edtech. Are some technologies more legible than others? Do some require you to be an expert or work with them multiple times over before you can figure out what the logic and structure is? Is legibility ever a value that is promoted in edtech?

I thought immediately of kahoot, in part because its use and its game-play, from both teacher and student perspectives, seems immediately legible. You don't need a manual to understand how this thing works. Despite the fact that the building interface can sometimes be a little busy (emphasizing a little), the functionality seems readily graspable. It strikes me as a highly legible sort of edtech.

On other hand, something like an LMS [insert most major LMS-es here] tends towards the barely legible, if only because the number of options and integrations makes the task of sorting through what is what something of a chore. You need to have a little bit of knowledge to know how exactly Assignments different from Modules and where to put in Rubrics, for example, in Canvas. You need a specialized vocabulary of sorts. And to use most gradebooks effectively you probably need at least a primer on idiosyncrasies. It's not obvious how to best use events or calendars in Schoology (to take one more example) and so some people put assignments for the day they're due, others for the day before or not on the calendar at all. LMS-es are of course a more complex sort of product, doing multiple things at once. That's their pitch for their value, as integrators and “management” platforms.

But what if they have become functionally illegible? I often grow annoyed with inordinate amounts of required clicking or so much busy-ness in software that it seems to be yelling at you. I wonder now whether what connects those various disgruntlements is a nagging sense that these technologies have slipped into a kind of illegibility. It's like looking at messy code. I can understand it, with a minor amount of effort; but it feels not quite right.

This past year has seen huge numbers of teachers engage with certain technologies on a near daily basis in ways that they may not have before. That engagement varies by level and context, but many teachers in higher ed in particular were compelled to use LMS-es where they had minimized their use before, or video chat where they would never have thought to do so in the past. Legibility helps explain in part why certain technologies worked better than others , for example why, even with lots of drawbacks and problems, something like Zoom might be readily adopted. It is a very legible product, even in comparison to its near competitors. Even more so, Class for Zoom is an immediately legible product, both to teachers and, as evidenced by the money going to that venture, it's immediately legible to investors

Those examples raise another take on that legibility too. A legible technology may be legible in part because it reinforces some idealized notions of the classroom, (for example, that professors are at the front and there's a hierarchy of TAs and then students.) In the case of Class for Zoom, it reads as a conventional sort of classroom, with things in their proper places (vs. vanilla Zoom, where there are only two options, both forms of a more professional meeting among a small number of equals or co-worker where all that matters is who has the floor to speak.) In that sense, legibility can be desirable but also a hint that perhaps something is legible because it is conventional.

In that sense, if legibility is a marker of conventionality and fidelity to what already exists, then perhaps legibility is not as clear cut a marker of quality as I might have thought.


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I have been mulling over the past few months to see if I wanted to spend another £15 to get the iOS app for platform. I think it will be a good investment to start microblogging some of my random thoughts on the go.

Let's rock and roll, baby!

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Wales has opened up vaccinations to 40-49 year olds so my wife phoned up the local number for the Mass Vaccination Centres (MVCs) a few times last Friday (patience needed before getting on the queue!) and we had our jabs yesterday! Very well organised so thanks to all involved with this!

We are lucky enough to live within walking distance of one of the MVCs. All very smooth – people there to signpost where to go, lines move quickly, a few military personnel mixed in with NHS professionals (medical and administrative). My jab was given by a very nice yet efficient lady. Pfizer-BioNTech, which makes sense logistically – easier to have the freezers needed at an MVC and distribute the AstraZeneca vaccines to individual doctors' surgeries.

My arm hurts today but other than that no side effects. Should get the follow-up jab in 4-12 weeks. Step in the right direction for our own route out of lockdown.

We also went to Penarth over the weekend and saw the sea. Furthest we've been in over a year but a medical appointment over there necessitated it. First time in a taxi in that long too! Dragon Taxi (great name!) were very professional... we do like supporting them rather than Uber etc. They seem more rooted in the place somehow.

I've never really jumped onto the whole app-enabled “gig economy” bandwagon, probably as a result of living in the Bay Area where Uber started and where the individual drivers had far fewer rights and protections than UK gig economy workers... although I have grudgingly used food delivery apps like Deliveroo during the pandemic every now and again to get variety in our lives after resisting for months at the start.

With the large gig economy tech firms, something about their shifting of responsibility for both the services and worker-welfare onto individuals rather than taking company level ownership of it has always rubbed me the wrong way, although I've been watching the push back with mild interest to see where different societies draw (and re-draw) their lines on this.

A tech professional friend of mine once said something on this topic that stuck with me. Gig economy tech firms had a definite choice. They could always have just developed their platforms and sold/licenced them to existing companies but instead have sparked a wider societal transition in how people access and use services across transportation, hotels (Airbnb) and other sectors. Could be that I was just a little too old and grumpy when this came along but I still prefer (and trust!) the more regulated traditional service deliverers.

Anyway, one jab down, one to go; the weather is sunnier... and so (with caveats) am I!

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its sunday again. the days go by and it still feels like a blurr. sometimes i wonder how i got through the day.

i get up and go to work and come home. repeat. this is my weekend off and i am trying to get a few things done. i am making a boiled dinner for today. i have started to clean the gardens too. i use the timer so i am not out there too long. an hour at most so i dont hurt myself. i was out an hour this morning and will try for an hour this afternoon. i just cant spend all day doing gardening. my body wont let me. i am not sure how i will get the vegetable beds done. they need to be turned over again.

blake was supposed to move in at the end of june. he wont be. i sensed something was off. i finally messaged him and asked what was going on. and all he could say was he has to get going on the sunroom. and suddenly i felt he should not let him move in. at this point i still dont know who his gf is. i said to blake i dont think he should move in because i dont need flack from his gf. then he says i would like her and i might even know her. he tells me her name and my heart stops. its like this is a horrible nightmare. his gf is the one who tried to get me fired last fall. i said no way no how are you living here. go live at her house. i think i was a back up plan anyhow. if things didnt work out with her he still had his room here. now there is no back up plan. but i also have no help around the house.

so i am now having to do all the chores on my own. its the heavy stuff that is hard on me. i can do some of it...but when it come to asking for help who do i ask??? and if i ask will they say no or are they all too busy. i dont know. i am sore right now and will take some pain meds soon. i am going to try and get another section done in the front garden later. i sure miss having brent here to help with the outside work. he did so much to help keep things going.

i did the aviary yesterday and the cages in the back room. cat boxes done on friday. today is the rabbit cage.

all i want to do is sleep right now. i need to bring some things upstairs and try and get another bag sorted. now that the sunroom is on hold i will continue to go through things and get as much out as possible. maybe i can finish it someday.

i still have not heard from my youngest son since january when he asked for money. i dont know where he lives or if he is even still working.

ok back now...had dinner and will go back outside soon to do another hour outside. see how i feel tomorrow. i hope i wont be too sore. i am trying to get an hour in the yard everyday. not much i know but its about all i can handle.

the dating site had yielded a big fat egg. will give it one more week and then delete profile. i met brent online i was hoping lightning would strike twice. all the guys want is sex. no friendship. and i am getting men from everywhere but here messaging me and that is even more annoying. so it looks like it will be just me from now on.


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I have an interesting idea for the rest of my pause from my PhD. It is an ambitious project, with a direct connection to my interests. It spins in a lot of skills which I will greatly utilise in the rest of my PhD and my life in general. I am excited, in a good way and a bit terrified. My mettle will be tested and that is exactly why I am embarking on such a project. I hope that you can also find something that you are a bit scared to do, and follow it through. Fear can be a compass to the things you will learn the most from.

All the best.


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Low Carb Fast Food

  • It's difficult to find low-carb fast food. The bun, crust, breading, condiments, and, of course, fries are all rich in carbohydrates. In general, it is preferable to cook and eat meals at home, but convenience or affordability can force you to eat fast food. Fortunately, low-carb fast food is accessible. We've included a few of our favourites below.

  • These fast food foods are your best bets for sticking to your low-carb diet. Quick food is rich in calories and trans fats, so it's not a good idea to make it a regular part of your diet. If you're on the go or need a quick dinner, the tips and choices mentioned below will help you stick to your low-carb diet.

  • Ordering Low-Carb Fast Food in General

Skip the Bun : Certain restaurants offer lettuce-wrapped burgers, or you can still cut the bun and eat the inside with a fork. Avoid fried foods: Some restaurants also sell chicken that has been baked, broiled, or roasted rather than pounded or breaded. Peel the bruised skin off a piece of fried chicken or fish and eat only the meat if you're in a hurry. Limit the intake of french fries, which are rich in trans fats and have been shown in research to increase cravings for more.

Sauces and salad dressings can contain sugar or corn syrup, so have them on the side. Check the ingredients, order it individually, or bring your own.

Fill up on vegetables by visiting the salad bar or ordering a salad from the menu. Add proteins like ham or chicken, as well as healthier fats like sunflower seeds, to your salad. Making a search Information on nutrition: Larger chains publish full dietary information about their products on their websites. Keep an eye on the portions: Share your dinner with mates, or portion out half of your meal as it comes, and take the other half home.

  • Restaurants & Meals with Reduced Carbs When you're on a low-carb diet, here's a rundown of fast food recommendations for what to order and what to skip. Know that the safest plan is to make up your mind ahead of time and stick to it.

  • Arby’s

Thumbs Up: Minus the bun: Roast Chicken, Roast Turkey, Roast Ham, Roast Beef, Roast Beef melts, Reuben Corned Beef, and BLT sandwiches and the contents of all subs; Chopped Turkey Club Salad with Buttermilk Ranch dressing.

  • A & W

Thumbs Up: Minus the bun: Hot Dog, Cheese Dog, Coney Dog, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Grilled Chicken sandwich; Ranch dipping sauce.

Thumbs Down: Chicken Strips, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Corn Dog Nuggets, BBQ and Honey-Mustard dipping sauce.

  • Blimpie

Thumbs Up: Minus the bun: Deli Subs, Super Stacked Subs, Hot Philly Cheese Steak and Hot Pastrami subs; also Antipasto, Chef, Grilled Chicken, and Tuna salads; blue cheese, Caesar, and oil and vinegar salad dressings.

Thumbs Down: All panini grilled subs, Hot Meatball Sub; Chile Ole and Roast Beef ’n Bleu salads; Blimpie Sauce and Dijon Honey Mustard.

  • Burger King

Thumbs Up: Minus the bun: All burgers and Whoppers and Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich; Tendergrill Garden Salad (remove the carrots if you're in earlier phases); Ken’s Ranch dressing; Ham Omelet Sandwich with/without bacon/sausage (minus the bun and honey butter sauce); Veggie Burger okay for Phases 3 and 4 (minus the bun).

Thumbs Down: Tendercrisp Chicken, Tendercrisp Garden Salad, Chicken Tenders; Honey Mustard and Ken’s Fat-free Ranch dressings.

  • Carl’s Jr

Thumbs Up: Low-Carb Six-Dollar Burger (wrapped in lettuce leaves); minus the bun: Famous Star, Big Carl™, Guacamole Bacon Burger, most other burgers/cheeseburgers, and Charbroiled Chicken Club; Charbroiled Chicken Salad (lose the croutons); House and blue cheese salad dressings; house and buffalo wing sauces.

Thumbs Down: Teriyaki Burger, Parmesan Chicken Sandwich and all other fried chicken and fish dishes; thousand island and low-fat balsamic salad dressings; BBQ, honey, mustard, and sweet and sour sauces.

  • Chick-fil-A

Thumbs Up: Minus the biscuit: breakfast egg, cheese, sausage, and bacon dishes; sausage breakfast burrito (unwrap and discard the tortilla); Chargrilled Chicken Club and Chicken Salad sandwiches minus the bread; blue cheese, Caesar, and buttermilk ranch salad dressings; Buffalo and buttermilk ranch sauces.

Thumbs Down: All breaded and fried chicken dishes; Chick-fil-A sauce and barbecue, honey mustard, and Polynesian sauces; fat-free honey mustard and other low- or no-fat salad dressings.

  • Chipotle

Thumbs Up: Salad of Romaine lettuce with Chicken, Beef, Barbacoa, Fajita Vegetables, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese, Tomatilla Salsas, Sour Cream, but NO Vinaigrette (it has 18g NC – sugar!). Burrito Bowl with Chicken, Beef, Barbacoa, Fajita Vegetables, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese, Tomatillo Salsas, Sour Cream and/or queso.

Thumbs Down: Any of the burritos, tacos, or quesadillas – due to the high carb wraps. Also avoid chips, corn salsa, sofritos, beans and rice. Be cautious not to add on too many “extras” – as they do add up quickly.

  • Dairy Queen

Thumbs Up: Minus the bun: Grillburgers, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, cheese dogs, grilled chicken and turkey items; side salad (lose the carrots in earlier phases); BBQ, Wild Buffalo, and Ranch dipping sauces.

Thumbs Down: All crispy chicken items; blue cheese, sweet and sour, honey mustard, dipping sauces, all fat-free salad dressings.

  • Hardee’s

Thumbs Up: Hardee’s Alternative Options menu: Low-carb Thickburger, low-carb Breakfast Bowl, and Charbroiled Chicken Club “Sandwich” salad.

Thumbs Down: All other burgers with buns.

  • KFC

Thumbs Up: Roasted Chicken Caesar or Caesar side salad, both without croutons; roasted chicken BLT salad; Heinz Buttermilk Ranch Dressing; most wing dishes; green beans, KFC Mean Greens.

Thumbs Down: All fried, breaded or crispy dishes and salads; biscuits, most sides.

  • Starbucks

Thumbs Up: Cauliflower Tabbouleh Side Salad,Garden Greens & Shaved Parmesan Side Salad, Sous Vide Egg Bites: Bacon & Gruyere, Any of the egg sandwiches without the bun/biscuit/croissant (i.e. Bacon, Gouda & Egg Breakfast Sandwich without the bun/biscuit), Certified Gluten-Free Breakfast Sandwich.

Thumbs Down: Any of the pastries, Caramelized Apple Pound Cake, Cinnamon Raisin Bagel, Cranberry Orange Scone, Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie


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Keto After 50 Desserts

  • This dietary approach, known scientifically as the ketogenic diet, emphasises a reduction in carbohydrate consumption and an increase in fat consumption. Participants' bodies are said to enter a biochemical and metabolic mechanism known as ketosis as a result of their decreased carbohydrate consumption.

  • Medical experts assume that after ketosis is accomplished, the body becomes more effective at burning fat and converting it to electricity. Furthermore, the body is believed to metabolise fat into chemicals known as ketones during this process, which are often claimed to have important energy sources.

  • [An accelerator of this is intermittent fasting, which allows the body to access the next available energy supply, which is ketones obtained from stored fat, while carbohydrates are limited. Fat is now consumed by the body for energy in the absence of glucose.]

  • There are a variety of other ketogenic diets available, including:

Specified (TKD)

  • This version requires participants to gradually introduce small quantities of carbohydrates into their diet.

cyclical in nature (CKD)

  • This dietary schedule requires followers to eat carbohydrates on a cyclical basis, such as every few days or weeks.


  • Those who follow a high-protein diet eat more protein than those who follow a low-protein diet.

Typical (SKD)

  • Typically, this most often practised diet intake dramatically reduced carbohydrate amounts (perhaps as low as 5% of total caloric intake), together with protein-rich foods and a high quantity of fat items (in some cases, as much as 75 percent of all dietary needs).

  • The regular or high-protein versions are most often consumed by the normal dieter or someone who is new to the keto diet. Pro athletes or those with very particular nutritional needs are more likely to use cyclical and selective combinations.

  • Foods to Remember

  • Keto dieters are advised to eat foods such as beef, fatty fish, dairy products such as cheeses, yoghurt, butter, and cream, eggs, low carbohydrate produce, condiments such as salt, pepper, and a variety of other spices, as well as seeds and oils such as olive and coconut. Certain ingredients, on the other hand, should be avoided or consumed in moderation. Beans and legumes, a variety of fruits, high-sugar foods, alcohol, and grain products are among the items mentioned.

  • Benefits of a Keto Diet for Those Over 50

  • Keto dieters, especially those over 50, are said to reap a slew of potential health benefits, including :

  • Boosted Physical And Mental Stamina

For a variety of biological and environmental reasons, people's energy levels can decline as they age. Keto dieters also experience an increase in power and vitality. One explanation for this phenomenon is that the body is burning extra fat, which is then converted to electricity. Furthermore, ketones have a potential to improve brain capacity and enhance cognitive processes like concentration and memory when synthesised systemically.

  • Improved Sleep Quality

When people get older, they sleep less. Keto dieters also get more benefit from fitness activities and wear out more quickly. This phenomenon may lead to longer and more fruitful rest periods.

  • Metabolic rate

The metabolism in older people is always sluggish than it was when they were younger. Long-term keto dieters have better blood sugar balance, which can boost their metabolic rates.

  • Loss in weight

Faster and more effective fat absorption aids the body in eliminating stored body fat, potentially resulting in weight loss. Additionally, supporters are said to have a lowered appetite, which could lead to a lower caloric consumption.

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial, particularly when adults get older and need less calories per day than when they were in their 20s or 30s. For older adults, though, it is also important to consume nutrient-dense foods from this diet.

A high protein specific ketogenic diet can be prescribed by a nutritionist for older adults who are losing muscle and strength.

  • Defend Against Specific Diseases

Diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, various cardiovascular diseases, various forms of cancer, Parkinson's disease, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), and multiple sclerosis could all be decreased in Keto dieters above the age of 50.

  • The process of ageing

Some people believe that ageing is the most significant risk factor for human illness or disease. As a result, slowing down the ageing process is the rational next step in lowering these disease risk factors.

The positive news, which follows on from the technical explanation of the ketosis mechanism presented earlier, is that since fat is used as a fuel supply, the body can go through a process where it misinterprets signals, blocking the mTOR signal and triggering a loss of glucose, ageing can be delayed.

Several studies have shown that calorie restriction can help to delay the ageing process and also increase lifespan. It is possible to have an anti-aging effect on the ketogenic diet without lowering calories. Intermittent starvation, which is used in conjunction with the keto diet, has been shown to reduce vascular ageing.

BHB, or Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, is created when a person fasts intermittently or follows the keto diet, and it is thought to have anti-aging properties.

To be fair, the ketogenic diets, which are very low in carbohydrates and typically high in fats and/or proteins, are used extensively in weight loss during treatment of obesity and cardiovascular disorders, as stated in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health article “Effects of Ketogenic Diets on Cardiovascular Risk Factors” in May 2017. However, “Results about the effect of such diets on cardiovascular risk factors remain controversial,” according to the report, and “Moreover, these diets are not completely healthy and may be associated with certain adverse events.”

It's safe to say that relying solely on the internet and periodicals to study this diet's advantages, positive effects, and side effects, particularly in aged adults, is insufficient. Concerns about particular concerns should be discussed with a medical practitioner.


from bodyhealth

Is The Keto Diet Right For You

  • Some of my patients have recently inquired about a ketogenic eating schedule. Is it safe to lose weight on a ketogenic diet? Is it anything you'd recommend? Regardless of the latest buzz, a ketogenic diet isn't necessarily anything new. We've been using it in medicine for almost a century to treat drug-resistant epilepsy, especially in children. Dr. Atkins popularised his very-low-carbohydrate weight loss strategy for weight loss in the 1970s, which started with a strict -week ketogenic section. Over time, other fad diets adopted a similar weight-loss strategy.

  • What is a ketogenic (keto) diet and how does it work?

In short, it's a diet that allows the body to produce ketones and release them into the bloodstream. The majority of cells prefer blood sugar, which is derived from carbohydrates, as the frame's primary source of power. We begin breaking down saved fats into molecules called ketone bodies in the absence of circulating blood sugar from meals (the method is known as ketosis). Since reaching ketosis, our bodies' maximum cells will use ketone to produce power before we resume carbohydrate consumption. The switch from consuming circulating glucose to breaking down accumulated fats as a source of energy typically requires two to four days of eating less calories.

The transition from using circulating glucose to breaking down stored fats as a source of energy usually takes two to four days of eating less than 20 to 50 grammes of carbohydrates per day. Note that this is a highly individualised method, and certain individuals may need a more restricted diet to begin producing enough ketones.

A ketogenic weight loss diet is high in proteins and fats because it lacks carbohydrates. Meats, milk, dried meats, sausages, cheeses, fish, nuts, butter, oils, grains, and fibrous vegetables are popular ingredients. It is very difficult to deal with in the long term because it is too stringent. Carbohydrates usually make up at least half of the average American diet. One of the most common critiques of this weight-loss plan is that many people consume so much protein and bad-great fats from packaged foods, with just a few fruits and vegetables.

Patients with kidney disease should be careful, since this weight-loss programme will exacerbate their condition. Furthermore, some patients may feel tired at first, and some may have horrible breath, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and sleep problems.

  • Is it safe to follow a ketogenic diet?

We now have solid evidence that a ketogenic diet prevents seizures in infants, often as successfully as medication. Because of these neuroprotective results, concerns have been raised about the potential benefits for other brain disorders such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, autism, and also brain cancer. However, there is no human evidence to support the use of ketosis to treat such disorders.

My patients' primary motivation for following a ketogenic diet is to lose weight. Previous study has shown that those who switch to a ketogenic diet or a relatively low carbohydrate diet lose weight quicker than those who switch to a more traditional low-fat diet or even a Mediterranean diet. However, the weight loss disparity tends to vanish over time.

A ketogenic diet has also been shown to improve blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes, at least in the short term. When it comes to the effect on cholesterol levels, there's even more debate. Some experiments indicate that a few patients' cholesterol levels rise at first, but that ldl cholesterol levels decline a few months back. However, there could be no long-term trials looking at the impact on diabetes and high ldl cholesterol over time.

  • What are the most important takeaways from a ketogenic weight loss programme review?

A ketogenic diet can be an interesting way to cope with optimistic situations while still helping you lose weight. However, it is tough to follow, as it may be high on beef and other fatty, refined, and salty foods, many of which are famously unhealthy. We really don't know much about its long-term effects, owing to the fact that it's so difficult to maintain that most people can't drink in this way for an extended period of time. It's also important to remember that “yo-yo diets,” which cause rapid weight loss and gain, are linked to an elevated risk of death. Rather than luring you into the next famous weight-loss strategy, which could only last a few weeks to months,

Rather than succumbing to the latest trendy weight-loss scheme, which could only last a few weeks to months (for the general population, this involves a ketogenic diet), attempt to adopt an alternative that is long-term viable. A well-balanced, unprocessed diet rich in colourful fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, whole grains, almonds, peas, olive oil, and plenty of water seems to provide the consistency proof for a long, healthier, and colourful life.


from bodyhealth

Keto After 50 Diet

In the medical world, obesity is now being referred to as an epidemic. In reality, it will soon surpass cigarette smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Obesity increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer. Losing weight is one of the best things you can do for yourself, considering all of these health risks and the overall change in quality of life that can occur.

There isn't a magic cure to losing weight, no matter how much we want to believe it. When the body requires more calories to work due to the demands you put on it in a given day than the amount of calories you feed it, it will shed excess fat. That's what there is to it. To lose weight, you must reduce the number of calories you consume while increasing the amount of calories you burn.

When looking for a weight loss programme, there are several choices to consider. They all spend a lot of time explaining what to eat, how much to eat, what to eat it, and in what combinations. However, few of them stress the importance of exercise, not just for weight loss but also for overall health and well-being. For many factors, exercise is important when attempting to lose weight:

To begin with, when you begin to eat less, your metabolism will slow down. Exercising aids in the re-establishment of a healthy metabolism. Second, as previously said, exercise burns more calories, allowing you to lose weight more quickly and remain motivated in your efforts. Finally, exercise activates endorphins, which are hormones that keep the mood uplifted.

Exercising doesn't have to involve spending hours at the gym or putting in long hours at the gym. Exercising should, in turn, be something you enjoy doing in order to stick with it in the long run. Begin by increasing your overall level of operation. Where possible, take the stairs. When you go shopping, park further away from the mall entrance. Bring a dog or a friend with you for a stroll in the park or in a neighbourhood you enjoy. Enroll in dance or martial arts classes.

You'll find it simpler and more comfortable to switch into daily exercise once you've become more active in general. Which you'll have to do at some point if you want to see consistent, measurable health benefits. You should increase the heart rate to a fat-burning level and sustain it for at least 20 minutes three days a week. There are other choices if you don't want to go to the gym. Exercise videos and DVDs are also available in a variety of formats. So that you don't get bored of what you're doing, you can change your routine whenever you want. In the comfort of your own home, try a combination of aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, or pretty much any other workout you want.

And if you have physical disabilities that prevent you from exercising, you can always raise your level of exercise. Water aerobics is a great choice for those with joint pain or reduced mobility because it relieves the strain that your weight puts on your body. However, the water provides enough resistance to keep your muscles challenged. There are even classes and videos that allow you to exercise while seated.

It's important to stay motivated and have fun with whatever workout you want. Make it a social event by assembling a group of people. Alternatively, get a pedometer (a system that measures how far you walk) to see how many miles you can cover in a week. Make a competition among your friends or family members, and reward the winner with something special (that isn't food!). Make exercise a pleasurable activity for you, and it will soon become a daily part of your healthy lifestyle.


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My Endeavor has been stagnant for the better part of five days. Today, however, I plucked up the courage to re-examine things and I think I've found my stride again. Yay!

2 Things to Keep In Mind:

  1. Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it.
  2. Sometimes you know what you want to say, but you don't know how to say it.

Both suck, but better to be in this boat than not to be in one at all.


C. W.


from RW Cameron M. Bailey

A few folks have asked me about the dress code for our Lodge visit in Puerto Vallarta, and if they need to bring a suit.

When I have visited the Lodge in the past I did so in slacks and a dress shirt. No jacket. I was not underdressed. It will be warm in the Lodge Room, so a jacket is probably something to be avoided.

Slacks and dress shirt will be just fine.

If something changes about this between now and our trip, I will let everyone know.

Remember however that you will need to bring your own Apron. Loaner aprons are an odd custom shared by United States Lodges, not practiced in the rest of the world.



from Juan Mirieth Auriel

The Humble Career

The Humble Career

This message is only for those starting to walk on the narrow path to final liberation as disciples of the White Lodge. This message is only intended for the serious and powerful ones, never for the curious ones nor the weak-minded individuals. This is optional for everyone; not everyone would accept what I am about to impart unto you. What you choose is entirely up to you...

It is true that we must work. It is also true that we must perform labor in order to accumulate credit (in the form of karmic credits) in order to pay off the debt (debt as sins we have accumulated). What kind of a job we must do?

“Because every humble job is beautiful, every modest job is necessary in social life.” – Samael Aun Weor, Fundamentals of Gnostic Education

A job is our labor, or our work, in the community of work force. Remember: there is a cause and effect in the work force. How we work reflects our current lifestyle. Here are two ways that jobs can be viewed according to the individual. Jobs can be exalting and arduous from management to presidency, or jobs can be humble and simple from a shoe shiner to a simple taxi driver. Even a job can be part-time or full-time.

The work force of the barbaric society as we have today relates to the Tower Of Babel. The lowest base of the tower is the humble workers, the highest of the tower is the prideful workers. The social ladder in the work force is the ascending step to the Tower of Babel. The ranks of a job, especially social ranks in one's career, is related to the Tower of Babel.

Even I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have received two messages from the Elohim: “You must not ascend your career as management.”; and: “You must not allow your spouse to ascend in her career as management.”. I am from grocery retail store (pardon me that I do not mention the name of the grocery store I work for the sake of anonymity) working as a simple bagger part-time. I never intend to seek fame and fortune, especially by being one of the famous baggers (though some customers call me an expert bagger); I intend to be simple and humble as always, helping others in need. As a bagger, I am aware what can happen as an effect if I were to climb my career as a (full-time) manager either of any department or store: the grocery store will definitely control and own me.

He who climbs his career to be leader, manager, director, president, etc. will be definitely controlled by corporations. It is equivalent in selling one's soul to the devil. Woeful is the serious initiate who sells his soul to devil for the desire of money, fame, and fortune. He will be duped in selling his soul to the devil. It would also remind us of the 1940 Disney film Pinocchio, seeing how Stromboli locked Pinocchio in a bird cage after following the easy road of fame and fortune.

Those who are very serious in undertaking the narrow path by practicing the Arcanum A.Z.F. with their respective spouses must find a humble career. It is also true for those wanting to find their legitimate-constituted houses to practice the Arcanum A.Z.F; they too must have a humble career. A humble job is a job that does not lead to fame and fortune; it is a job which leads all to a simple lifestyle. The very antithesis of a humble job is an easy job that hides a tempting mask of fame and fortune, concealing pride and vanity within. You can climb the social ranks in your humble career as long as it does not lead to selling your soul to the devil.

Man and wife must live a humble lifestyle. It is written: he who exalts himself will be humbled, yet he who humbles himself will be exalted. They must appear and work simply, humbly, and modestly. Husbands must help their wives not to be lead astray into an easy job which leads to selling their souls to the devil. Wives too must help their husbands not to be lead astray into an easy job either. Both man and woman must guide and help each other, living together in a simple lifestyle. How beautiful is a man and woman living together in a simple lifestyle. No one is to associate oneself with corporations. Loving a corporation with your heart is equivalent to idol worshiping. A corporation itself is the sinning “I” that we must eliminate from within (I am not referring to corporations without).

Consider how Moses did not take the path into becoming Pharaoh as the Prince of Egypt. The path to becoming Pharaoh is a easy path leading into selling your soul to the devil and becoming a tyrant. This easy path relates with pride and selfishness.

This is why one must have a humble career in order to have a simple lifestyle, enabling one to practice the Arcanum A.Z.F. with one's spouse in a legitimate-constituted home. It is part of the Gnostic Movement. The Gnostic Movement consists of humble workers and is indeed impersonal. No one is better than anyone else.



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