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from danywalls

Feedly is an RSS feed client that help me to avoid use Twitter as a default news feed and keep my bookmarks clean.

I'm trying to quit Twitter, but I need to keep an easy way to get information related companies, blogs friends with very valuable information.

With Feedly, I can follow twitter accounts, websites, hashtag and can create a board for saving some posts into the specific board for example “React” or “Vue” and I can save all things related to these topics and read later.

If you use Twitter only as a news feed then should use Feedly as an alternative and clean your bookmarks as well.



from Idiota Católico

Depois de tantas cagadas feitas na minha vida, depois de tantos descasos, depois de tanto crucificar Jesus de novo, de novo e de novo, depois de tanto cuspir na Sua cara, depois de abrir tantas chagas no Seu corpo, depois de tantas traições, depois de tantas mentiras, depois de pecar contra todos os mandamentos, com exceção do “não matarás” — ao menos no sentido físico do termo —, depois de tantos sacrilégios, depois de tantas ingratidões... onde estão as consequências? Não vejo nenhuma. Nem umazinha só.

E apesar de todos os erros meus, só recebo coisas boas, acontecimentos bons, só recebo regalias, só recebo graças, só recebo afagos, só recebo consolações, só recebo perdões, só recebo dons. O mal que me acontece é sempre pequeno, menor. E sou ingrato. Tantas pessoas estão precisando, tantas pessoas sentido dor... mas eu? Por que eu? Recebo tudo isso injustamente, recebo de mau gosto, não me acho merecedor de nada. Sou como o filho pródigo sentindo-se indigno, mas mesmo assim seu pai o recebe com festas e regalias, perdões e abraços ­— só alegrias. Eu deveria me sentir feliz, mas por que isso me desagrada?

Cristo! Assim você me quebra as pernas! Assim você me destrói! E Suas flechas são certeiras, e Você não as lança para errar. Assim Você me desorienta, me deixa sem saída! Assim Você não me deixa ser morno! Por que não posso ser morno!? Assim Você me tira do conforto e me deixa permanentemente inquieto! Como assim eu Te lanço o mal e você me responde com o bem? E com esse bem que Você me faz, só tenho duas saídas: ou fico santo, ou fico louco; ou me movo, ou eu morro; ou deixo o mal — sem olhar pra trás —, ou viro estátua de sal, preso pra sempre nas coisas más! E terceiro caminho não há.

A gente cai no abismo e Deus joga a corda. Tanto Pedro quanto Judas caíram. Pedro voltou. Judas se enforcou.

E essas, meus amigos, são as consequências de Deus.




from Sweet nothings

Morning meditation/daily mantra:

I can. I am. I'm doing it now.

I can – destroys fear of the future. I am – brings me back to the present moment. I'm doing it now – propels me towards positive actions and thoughts; reminds me that I have goals to reach.

I can. I am. I'm doing it now.


from bleak and pretty


I'm starting to feel the repercussions of quitting my medication all of a sudden. I am having difficulty sleeping now, although my appetite is all okay. There's just so many things that I want to look up and can't help myself. Maybe I shouldn't have bought data so I'd be forced to sleep or continue reading 1984. Then I should get some sleep.

Well, weed is my friend here – and right now as I write this I enjoy the mellow high that makes me feel like, well, a baby in a crib.

So what have I done after coming home today? Am I wasting time or is this the beginning of a hypomanic episode?

  1. Take dirty clothes to laundry shop.
  2. Take a bunch of selfies and manipulate through Snow.
  3. Comfort a deeply heartbroken friend.
  4. Half-read an article.
  5. Make a dream catcher; pin existing dream catchers on the curtain.
  6. Check Tinder for a bit.
  7. Watch YouTube videos about dreadlocks.
  8. Find a YouTube video about Sugar daddies/babies.
  9. Watch porn.
  10. Lookup my ex's sister on Facebook.
  11. Chat up with Kevin.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Then now I smoked – to induce sleep – and found myself writing this note.

I haven't produced any formal essay recently, though I've been wanting to write about my surfboard shaper and surfing need-to-knows. I think I was supposed to also review pop up techniques on YouTube.

It's raining outside now. I guess this is a perfect time to doze off. I can hear a plane passing by. A honk of a jeepney. I think about if I'll ever meet another version of J again.


from adomain

To Twitter or not to Twitter, that is the question.

Can I soley exist in the fediverse? I think i'm going to give it a go. Though I am not going to delete my Twitter. I will just stop using it. Heck, I canned Facebook ages ago now it seems.

I guess it will be interesting to see if the Fediverse now has enough traction to keep my attention away from elsewhere.

Only time will tell.


from Sweet nothings

Oh my God yawl.

I just have to stop and laugh at myself for a quick minute.

Just got home from work.

Had to stop at the store. On the way home from the store, I'm cruising along on the interstate, just jammmmming out to my music.

Like, we're talking one hand on the wheel, the other hand is pounding the ceiling, I'm belting it out like Aretha Franklin, I'm raising the roof and doing the robot and damn near doing the gosh dang Macarena right there in my car.

It was a really good song. I was basically on Cloud Nine.

I look over in the lane next to me and there's this school bus just a little bit ahead of me. And right there in the back window are like four middle school kids plastered to the glass, just laughing their heads off at me.

I get all giggly, cover my mouth in embarrassment... And then I bust out the moves again.

I mean, it was a good song. One of my faves.

Those kids just started laughing and cheering and jamming out with me and waving at me like I was Miley Cyrus up on stage. One of them whips out their cell phone and starts taking pictures.

I eventually had to slow down because my lane got backed up, but those kids kept dancing in the window with me until they drove out of sight and I took my exit. They even waved good-bye.

Lawdy lawd, my face still hurts from laughing.

I want to always be a big old kid who never grows up and never stops dancing. That's a key ingredient in the secret sauce of life I think.



from Liminal Spaces

Walking through the old suburbs just outside of downtown. The oldest buildings in the valley, trees that have been here as long as there have been people here.

Everything is beautiful. Light gathers and streams. Shallow pools of light waver in the little alcove between two buildings. A small green LED keeps watch over a parking lot, staring out from its perch near the ceiling. Through the windows of houses I've passed dozens of times I see early morning living rooms with dim lights. Bright kitchens where people are quietly making breakfast. Lamps redefining shadows, shining up through trees.

For a few moments I realize why I like going to work.


from Story Incubator

There is a woman who just woke up, as she does every morning. She has the day off of work, and it's a sunny day, so she will spend the morning reading in her living room.

After a light lunch she will go downstairs, check the mail, and think for a moment about going out to the store. Money is tight, though. So she decides instead to talk to her neighbor for a few moments before going back up to her apartment to finish her book. She will drift off to sleep once or twice during the afternoon, but around six she'll finish the book and close it quietly. Then she'll go to the kitchen to make herself a simple dinner. While she cooks she will hum softly, just to have some sound. After dinner she'll turn on the television for a bit, then go to bed, a quiet, perhaps dull, but peaceful day behind her.

And, because of the eccentricities of time, she will do this every day forever, as she has been doing it for sixty years.

Somehow her quiet path through the day formed a closed loop, instead of a spiral like everyone else. Somehow a remnant of those actions has become stuck, her personality flowing around that circle day after day, following an identical path around the Earth's axis every 24 hours.

Outside of that closed loop the building has changed. Someone else lives in that apartment now, there's a different neighbor downstairs. But she still follows her course, her quiet, peaceful day projecting only slightly into a world that has forgotten her. Her closed loop doesn't interact with the world anymore. But sometimes, around six o'clock, there's a faint sound of humming in the kitchen. And when the sun is just right there is a quiet sense of contentment in the living room.



நான் உடனே அதிகமா பேசமாட்டேன் டீ, இத.எழுதுறதும், நீ படிக்கணும்னு நினைக்கிறதும் லவ்க்கு ஏங்கி தான்



நிச்சயமா ஒரு நாள் என் வருங்கால பொண்டாட்டி கூட சேர்ந்து தண்ணி அடிப்பேன்.



Esto va a ser una breve #reflexión.

Me da ¡Asco! que el porno en general sea bizarro. ¿Por qué? ¿Qué necesidad hay de hacerlo así? ¿No podría ser creado desde la belleza para que sea más bello? ¿Qué necesidad hay de enfocar el sexo de los actores porno en primerísimo plano? ¿Dónde queda la belleza, el erotismo, el descubrir, la curiosidad, el misterio? ¡¿Dónde queda?! Se perdió cuando hiciste zoom al máximo.

Eso era sobre el porno en general.

Pasemos al BDSM, al látex y al vacbed.

¿Qué necesidad hay de anular psicológica y emocionalmente al otro? ¡¿Qué mierda hacéis?! ¡En serio! Al otro hay que ayudarlo a crecer y crecer de paso tú también. No hay que dinamitar su autoestima. ¿Dónde queda el juego sensual, la sensualidad?

Dominación perversa y repujnante por manifestar y enorgullecerse de un comportamiento humano deprorable. ¡Bazofia! ¡Asco! ¡Te escupo!

¿Dónde queda el acto creativo, el crear? ¿Dónde queda la belleza, el cariño y el amor? Sólo veo actuación desde el sufrimiento. No tiene ningún sentido. No es lo correcto. Debemos crecer.

Un porno diferente es posible.

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from broening.writes

I'm sure there's many good reasons why the picture of a slice of pizza will generate more “likes” than a witty comment about the state of the nation.

The psychology behind this behavior might be complex, the math is not: The significance of a message is always inversely proportional to its reach.

social media in a nutshell

Case in point: A 10 year old who post videos about lip gloss on YouTube has more followers than the 100 leading philosophers put together.


from BadGirl

These are just 16 of the weird shit things that Mahikari members often believe and do. Not all of these are official teachings, but most are, and most of the group does these, so if you want to be a part of team, you do them too.

I am not making these up.


  1. Very cold and frozen foods will solidify the toxins in your body, so you should avoid them (actual teaching). This includes ice cream.

  2. Microwaves destroy the spiritual aspect of food, so you should avoid them. You can’t offer microwaved food to your ancestors.

  3. If you leave the cult, you or your loved ones will suffer all manner of various accidents, illnesses, including just plain old dying. Classic cult manipulation by fear.

  4. As a mark of respect, it’s good to iron your dollars when offering them as a donation to God. Doesn't work with plastic-based notes though!

  5. Charities are only delaying your negative karmic 'payback'. If a charity helps ease your suffering, you're no longer erasing negative karma for yourself and your family. Well fuck. So they don’t support charities.

  6. Is is better if women wear skirts and dresses, which isn’t official teaching, but certainly the female Doshis (priests) have this enforced. They aren’t allowed to wear sleeveless tops, or to show their underarms. Black isn’t a suitable colour for women to wear, either. Female Doshis' hair should be cut short, or tied back in a ponytail.

  7. As you get more purified and spiritually elevated, you won’t need much sleep. Maybe three or four hours a night? If you need more ... well, you’re not very elevated, are you?

  8. If you’re serious, you’d only take holidays with a Mahikari focus, or spend your holiday time offering divine service. Ceaseless efforts, bitches!

  9. You have to pay a monthly “spiritual line maintenance donation” to keep your connection with God going. Yes, a monthly subscription to God. He'll cut you off otherwise!

  10. Attaching spirits can make you think, hear and see anything. So they can make you see a green traffic light, when the light is actually red, for example, and cause a bad car accident.

  11. Homosexuality is seen as spirit disturbance 😡

  12. You have to wash your ‘top’ clothes (things worn above the waist, which have your omitama pocket in it) have to be washed separately from ‘bottoms’ (underwear, socks, pants etc).

  13. Offering cigarettes to ancestors. Unlit. But still ... 🤢

  14. Don’t point your feet or sit with your back towards the ancestor’s altar, or the holy altar. So rude!

  15. Vaccinations and medications are poison. Of course 🙄. More on this later.

  16. Cars and plants and machines and food and everything has a spiritual aspect, and you should talk to them, and purify them with True Light.


from Learning

  1. You can start a business as a side project and still make it big. Creativity does get crumpled under the stress of making it count. Especially when you leave everything and focus on the business.

  2. Unsplas's Mikael had excess photos after a photo shoot and they were wondering what to do with it. They wanted to create a site which they couldn't find after a lot of searching on the web.

  3. Conviction in your story of business is important while trying to convince the VC of your value proposition. This is true especially when there is no straightforward business model to make money.

  4. Identifying VCs who will sync with your value system is important. But really do you have a choice when you need money? Should you be waiting to find the right VC? I guess yes. Especially when you have a good product in your hand.

  5. Unsplash is planning to use Blockchain technology. They want to figure out how a photo that is downloaded on the site is used by the user. Where does it end up going? Who all access it? Through blockchain ledger technology they want to have an audit trail of sorts. They want to connect all the players involved and build a paying ecosystem.

  6. Growth @Unsplash was never the problem. They were growing by leaps and bounds. Getting thousands of photos contributed by the professional photographers. They are trying to figure out a way to monetise. Currently, they have APIs which enable other applications to use the rich database of unsplash.

  7. Stock Image sites like Getty and Shutterstock have pay per use model. Unsplash database is larger than both Getty and Shutterstock put together! As of now the contributors to Unsplash dont get paid.
    Some of them do get referrals because of the visibility to their portfolio.

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