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Commit messages are important. They provide a good understanding of the past, of the project's history. I do my best to craft good commit messages*, but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.

So, when I come across commit messages like this:

Respect! I respect and look up to this muthafucka.

Damn, it's a blessing to be surrounded by smart colleagues. Working in a challenging environment is quite effective to up your game. This is better than getting a degree from an Ivy League university—and way cheaper.

* The way software engineers write commit messages says a lot about the quality of the code they write. The author of the message showed above is, indeed, a pretty capable software engineer. Each time I have an issue/question related to the device's OS or the build system, I contact him, knowing he's going to provide solutions not excuses.

By the way, I did notice the small error in the commit message. Fair enough. Even the most experienced engineers make silly mistakes here and there in code as well. That's why we have code reviews as part of the software development cycle, which consist of having a peer reviewing and maybe testing your code. This is similar to peer reviews in academia, or proofreading + copy editing in professional writing. But, yeah, we don't always have someone else reviewing the commit messages, let's not overdo.


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I love money. Not that it's important for me to have much of it but I love how it enables me to do stuff. And I love how it fulfils a function in our society that nothing else can. It's just how we think about it that causes all our problems, but money itself doesn't think.

This is a lesson I learned bit by bit, but if you want to dive in head first, here's a good mentor I found this year. Don't take him too serious but think about what he says.

Connect this to the idea of the Tao Te Ching or Karma or any other spiritual wisdom tradition and it makes perfect sense.

Connect this to the idea of taking full responsibility for your own life and you'll likely end up doing something like this:

Personally, I am quite far away from this ideal, but bit by bit I'm getting there, automating more and more of my finances, reducing liabilities and diversifying my assets. It's almost as simple as that.


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Smile and put on a happy face

The joker once said this sentence “smile and put on a happy face”. I think I miss being a kid and not really knowing what this means. When I saw the Joker movie in 2019, I was in a pretty bad phase of my depression and I remember just hearing this sentence eco in my head for the rest of the movie and for the few days after, and sometimes this eco comes back. This responsibility, this duty to seem happy even when we are not. Happy is the standard. If someone is not happy, there is a problem, and people start thinking that they are somehow ungrateful. “Why are you not happy, you know how many people wish they would have what you have”, they say. But how can I explain to them that I am not happy, because even though I am blessed I still face a lot of challenges. When I try to explain it, they will tell me: “It's not a big deal”, “Why are you so negative” and so on. And I just wanna shout “BECAUSE IT MATTER TO ME, AND IT HURTS ME”, instead I shut up, nod, smile and say “You're right I was worrying for nothing” and return to my silence. The fact is that this world is so focused on seeing things so black and white, that if it is not a matter of life and death, or at least from the common point of view, it is nothing important. But for me, when something bothers me enough to feel bad and not just numb it is a matter of life and death, and having to smile and put on a happy face just worsens everything. I would like to express myself, express my sadness as much as I express my happiness, express my indifference as much as I express my enthusiasm, express my numbness as much as I express my energy; I am instead left here with this mask, this smile and no one sees my tears. I wish it was different but it's not... so I smile and put on a happy face.

Lots of love,

Maybe I don't have a soul, but I have a smile on my face



Everyone's sharing there Spotify Wrapped thingies at the moment, aren't they? I think I must have missed my pop-up on mobile, but desktop Spotify has made a nice Your Top Songs 2022 playlist for me which I think I might fall back to this month as there are some lovely things on it. It's 101 songs and nearly 9 hours long. Is that normal, the 101 songs thing? Anyway, sharing that feels a bit more me than

I actually flipped to Apple Music for most of this year before switching back to Spotify in the last few weeks. So I think there's a lack of variety which reflects how little I used it. I'm pretty sure there are things in here I only listened to once. There's a fair bit of Plaid, which isn't surprising – I love them. And some Coldcut and other Ninja Tune stuff which is no surprise having got back into that scene after Coldcut's Matt Black did weekly streams on the Coldcut Twitch channel during lockdown.

There's also a lovely lot of Skurken – discovery of the year, from my point of view. Unless it was the year before – time and all that. That discovery also comes by way of Mixmaster Morris, who popped up as a guest on a few of Matt's streams. Do listen to Freezer (Spotify link) if you haven't heard it. It might be my favourite piece of electronic music ever. (He has new material out, I believe. I must have a listen. In fact, I'm pretty curious about that whole label and how they do things – Touched Music.)

The big surprise is (as far as it looks at a glance) a total lack of Boards of Canada. I'm sure I'll fix that in 2023.

#music #spotify #playlist #lookback2022

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“If I had a penny for everytime I started a new blog …” I would be just as poor, just with a handful of useless coins weighting up my empty wallet and pulling my trousers down. You know, with inflation and everything, I wouldn’t even be able to buy the cheapest chewing gum.

Seriously now. I kind like this place. It is simple, something wordpress once kind of was, but since they “updated” their editor, it is rubish. So cumbersome. This place also has a massive positive: it lets me use my own domain, without chargining me more than what I actually already pay for it (again, looking at you wordpress). And I can have up to three blogs, that is so neat. For now, I’ll only keep this one. (I also need to learn about adding static pages, I’m almost sure that is a thing I can do in here.)

Currently, I’m on trial. But the pro version is not expensive at all. But I will refrain from subscribing just now, I know very well how often I expend money with cheap stuff only to go red when they all accumulate. (Which reminds me, I need to cancel a Patreon.)

Ah right, one thing I wanted to say. I have a phoenix tattooed in my upper arm. Why a phoenix? Honestly, because it was the one design I still liked after three months (it was a proccess, maybe one day I talk about it). But hear me out, why phoenix? It represents a constant cycle of rebirth. Always starting over, always starting anew, never afraid of the end.

I can easily fit this narrative in many aspects and times of my life. I can also fit this narrative in the many blogs I started. I still wouldn’t be rich though. What if the fiery rebirthing proccess burning everything up :D

I guess that is it for now. This is marked to be available via fediverse. Not sure how it will work out. Time will tell I guess.


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OK. First bit of tweaking done to the CSS for both and interesting, lovely, useful. I noticed that clicked links in the middle of sentences were quite hard to spot. I'm personally a fan of links always appearing underlined and I'm reasonably sure this is good from an accessibility point of view, so that's what I've done.

For a second there, I pasted in the whole of the first bit of example link styling from w3school's links CSS page (with added link underlining thrown in) which would have amused me no end had it looked alright, but unfortunately it didn't. But while I was there I've made my hyperlinks red. But not red red. People that know me may be able to guess at the reasons for this particular shade, which is somehow evocative of the sweet silver song of the lark.

a { color: #D00027; text-decoration: underline; }

Edit: OK, looks like my next bit of CSS fiddling might be code block styling.

#css #notes #ynwa

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from Living The Word

The Church is limited in how the Word can be delivered, minutes, not hours. The world supports a life without religion. Live your faith, don't hide.

#ComeAndSee #FollowMe


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Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is not a new concept for many. Prior to joining CircleCI, I have been wrangling with AWS CloudFormation long enough (2 years) to bear some of its pain-points.

Since joining CircleCI, I have been exposed to Terraform through internal and external projects. So far, I really like that Terraform is not tied to specific cloud providers.

I also like that any service can contribute a Terraform provider, thereby allowing users to define your service's resources as code. (Any cloud resource that exposes an CRUD / RESTful API is a good candidates for Terraform.)

Recently, I have been wishing many things to be “Terraform-able”.

As a support engineer, I use Zendesk daily. We create Zendesk macros for canned responses in particular. Overtime, these macros grow, and it may be hard to manage or validate changes to our macros. I do wish Zendesk has a Terraform provider, so we can institute our macros in code.

Recently, I also wished that I could Terraform my resume. Then, I snapped out of it.

When you have a powerful hammer like Terraform, everything looks like nails.

#terraform #infrastructureascode #declarative

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Diamond alternatives are used in the absence of diamonds. When diamonds are getting too costly, then Diamond Alternatives are utilized in the market. People are also aware of Diamond Alternatives, but maybe the ratio is only 10%. But what are diamond alternatives?

Diamond alternatives names are as follows:

  • Lab-grown diamond
  • Moissanite
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Peridot
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Cubic Zirconia

Diamond alternatives are the option for diamonds, and they’re ready to use in jewelry, also. Diamond alternatives carry less price than diamonds, but they’re nearly similar in quality.

Diamond Alternatives are used in jewelry, psychological process, Spiritual Things, disease remover, and positivity creation.


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A few months back I quipped a colleague for saying he doesn’t have time to time to pursue his hobby. In fact, I for sure know he has the time. It’s not hard to squeeze in 15-20 mins to start a new habit or hobby.

What he (and in most cases all of us) don’t have are attention and energy. Both these resources are far more limited than we think. What I think we should say is

I don’t have the attention required to get this done

I might have 8 hours to get all the work done. But I probably have 4 hours a day for work that requires focused attention. Any effort beyond my ‘focussed attention’ period means I’m physically present, and mentally I’d elsewhere.

Time and attention aren’t the same things. They're barely related.

[Photo courtesy from Unsplah]

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from Elias

I want to briefly talk about the tether that I used as a metaphor earlier. I got the idea of the tether from this video.

There is a person always following the Aéroplume on the ground with a tether, and usually there is slack in the tether and the other person is comletely free and the tether is only used if it's too late to avoid a collision with the roof or the wall – not for the pilot's safety but for the safety of the blimp.

If you damage the Aéroplume, it will lose Helium and make it pretty hard for you to fly, but you will come down slowly and safely.

Similarly, if your body or mind looses energy you will have a hard time flying, but you will come down slowly.

I liked this analogy because I would love my friendships to be like this. A friend might not have to notice when I'm about to hit a wall but once I come down I imagine they would at least help me to repair the blimp.

But it would certainly be easier to just keep it intact from the beginning. One question I'm wondering about is if the tether, in its metaphorical sense, work both ways at the same time or if it works similar to its literal counterpart: one person can fly while the other has to stay on the ground. I don't think it always needs to be like this.

But I feel like in friendships we often switch these roles intuitively and without much communication. When for example I see a friend flying into needless suffering, draining their energy, I automatically remain firmly connected with the ground for a while to act as an anchor for them. Conversely, if friends around us are firmly connected with the ground of reality, then we can allow ourselves to fly.

So, maybe it is a bit like this but we rarely explicitly communicate when we switch roles. When climbing, the tether usually becomes very directional. One person can go climb while the other one uses a rope to secure the climber in case of a fall. This requires constant attention and adjustment of the tension of the rope. Usually you leave just enough slack to lave full freedom of movement. A long fall into the rope is called a whipper.

This is not what I was thinking of when I asked you to let me know if you want to let go of my tether. I'm not expecting you to constantly watch me and catch me if I fall and I won't do this for you unless you ask me to. If you need focussed attention from me to secure you while you're climbing, you need to let me know, and I can give you that for a period of time, but not indefinitely.

I picture the tether that I was referring to yesterday rather like a long and thin data cable. At its core, it is the love we hold for each other, the intention for the other to live a good life.

I feel like the simplest yet most valuable promise I can possibly make to you is that when we meet again, no matter if it is in ten years or much sooner or much later, I will give you my full attention for at least a while, listen to your life story, and love you as you are.

This, to me, is the core of unconditional love. It doesn't mean giving unlimited attention or being of service without limits, it means holding up a capacity to be fully involved but not entangled.

It means that if you meet me in ten years and tell me that you have committed a cold-blooded murder, I will be shocked and I may not be able to share much with you, but I will share my compassion and I will give you all my attention for a while.


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Chalk it up to my limited knowledge of linguistics (that Modern Languages degree was several years ago), but I suspect that English is developing a plural indefinite article.

You know what a definite article is, right? In English it’s ‘the’.

The cat

The bus

The orange

etc. because it refers to a definite thing. It can also refer to a concept or uncountable noun. ‘Love’ vs. ‘the love’ if you like.

And an indefinite article, meaning ‘one’ – and in many languages it’s the same word. In English it started out as ‘an’, related to ‘one’ and the ‘n’ was dropped before a consonant (yes it is that way round. Bite me).

A cat

A bus

An orange (very good example – it was originally ‘a norange’, compare the Spanish ‘naranja’.).

For a plural indefinite article, i.e. more than one cat or bus or orange but not any specific ones, we need to either use the noun bare (‘cats’, ‘buses’ etc) or ‘some’ – some cats are white vis-a-vis the clearly not-true cats are white.

In some languages there is a proper indefinite plural. Spanish and Catalan for example.

un gat – a cat

uns gats – some cats.

una dona – a woman

unes dones – some women. (French doesn’t do this btw despite being related).

But not “a women.”

But, you say, I have seen this. This precise case – “a women.” Also “a grandchildren,” which phrase I saw this morning – something along the lines of “I’m waiting for my son to give me a grandchildren that I can take to children’s shows.” You could just say ‘grandchildren’ or ‘some grandchildren,’ but while non-existent for now the offspring in question are somehow more precise than ‘grandchildren’ – they’re specific.

The indefinite plural is a strange beast, somewhere between singular and plural. “Would you talk like that to a women?” suggests that more than one woman may be involved, as is likely. And it isn’t really the same as ‘some.’ (or ‘not all’); it’s specific in its lack of specificity.

I suspect that instead of being upset when someone apparently spells ‘a woman’ as ‘a women’ (and it isn’t just men who do this, I’ve seen women do it) we should hail it as the possible upsurgence of a plural indefinite article.

Now I’m going to fire up Spotify (other streaming services are available) and listen to a podcasts.


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Comment by nashashmi –

Being a soldier is more than just about fighting in war. It’s about handling difficulties. It’s about constantly being on the move even when you are tired. It is about protecting your comrades. It is about containing your anger in difficulty. It is about discipline. It is about management, leadership, camaraderie. It is about being human.


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I want to figure out how #tags work here, because they seem to be powerful little guys. Apologies if this post uses some tags gratuitously – it must seem like such a #pointless thing to do, and is #frustrating for readers, I'm sure.

I just don't have a lot of posts yet, because I'm learning about this blog, its possibilities, and where it can fit in alongside my #website, which already has its own very different style of blog. So I'm #abusing the few tags I've used thus far. I'll stop there for now. But I'm #NotGivingUp. I'll be back.

And I'm back :)

Tags are powerful, all right. Actually, did I read somewhere that tags should be all #lowercase? In which case, I'm #notgivingup.

Anyway, I wondered how to find the #rss feed address for a tag, and found Matt's reply to that very question in the forums:

Regarding RSS feeds for tags

RSS readers will automatically detect it if you give them the URL of this page (it’s included in the page’s metadata). But to manually get to the feed, you’ll just add /feed/ to the URL

Here's a frustrating RSS feed:

Tags as eBooks

If you have the #epub #addon, readers can #download, as an #ebook, a collection of your posts that share a tag. You just add .epub to the url of the tag page and that's the download link.

Here's a pointless epub to download:

Readers can download your whole blog as an epub, too. My blog makes for a very short ebook indeed, but you can download it anyway by clicking this link:

Again, My Apologies

You know this stuff already. I know you know it. It's really for my own benefit that I'm putting the details here. I always, always forget #howto do things and, invariably, by the time I realise I've forgotten how to do something, I've also forgotten where I put the #instructions on how to do that something.

Now I just have to select the #howto tag in my own blog. I hope I'll #rememberthis ...

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어느새 가을 공유 곡 포스트들의 마지막이지 뭐야? 그렇게 또 한 계절이 가고. 12, 1, 2는 겨울이라 보는데. 이제 곧 겨울이라니.

올해는 변화가 많았던 만큼 조바심도 많이 났다. 더 빨라야 할 것 같은 것들이 빠르지 않았고, 그런 생각을 할 시간에 행동했으면 이미 끝마쳤을 일들은 끝나지 않았다.

미래를 고려는 하되 그걸 갖고 고심하지는 않는 내가 되고 싶다. 겨울에는… 되겠는가? 되겠어?

15 – All those dead tunes – SKYGAZE

Artlist에서 찾은 곡이다. 너무 좋잖아… 뾰로롱에 꽂힌 나의 트렌드는 가을에도 계속된지라, 이 노래가 그리도 좋게 느껴지는 것 같다. 그리고 이 코드도… 내가 좋아하는 코드. 이름은 모르는 코드.

개인적으로 소리 위주의 곡을 꽤 좋아함. 사람 목소리가 아닌 소리. 이거 이어폰 꽂고 들으면 소리 움직이는 방향도 재밌다. 귀 간지러움 효과 최고!

16 – Clouds – GESS

좀 트렌디합니까? 예?

2019년 노래이지만 내가 공유하는 곡 중에 트렌디한 편인 것 같다. 두둥실, 좋고. 시려워지는 가을에 아련하다.

17 – Dear Boy – Avicii

처음 나왔을 때부터 좋아했던 노래. 충격적이게도 거의 10년이 되었다. 믿을 수가 없어!

아무튼 얘를 좋아하는 이유는 가사가 너무 사랑스러워서다.

So bold and fine I've known you for some time Whole life changed while Bones like yours and mine Go dance in the woods and Down we go, down, down Oh boy, you're mine Do you remember old times?

Oh dear boy, I wanna follow you You're a wild boy, I am a wild girl too Oh dear boy, it's so hollow without you In a world with everything but it won't do Oh dear boy, I wanna follow you You're a wild boy, I am a wild girl too Oh dear boy, so shallow in the blue It's our time for everything and I call you

Sweet love of mine, destruction ain't a crime For those who find love as a game like you and I Go dance in the waters of all the tears we have cried Oh boy, we're fine, do you remember our time?

Oh dear boy, I wanna follow you You're a wild boy, I am a wild girl too Oh dear boy, it's so hollow without you In a world with everything but it won't do Oh dear boy, I wanna follow you You're a wild boy, I am a wild girl too Oh dear boy, so shallow in the blue It's our time for everything and I call you

Girl은 워낙 나이를 가리지 않고 여자들한테 많이 써서 좀 이상할 지경인데 (나 아세요? 누구더러 걸이래. 누님이라고 불러라. 아니, 마님이라고 불러라.) boy는 성인 남자들에게 잘 안 쓴다.

근데 왜? 특히나 사랑의 맥락에서. 다 큰 사람도 사랑하는 사람한테는 어린아이일 텐데. 그게 좋은 거 아닌가. 그래서, 가사가 귀엽기도 하고 짠하기도 해서, 이 노래를 좋아한다.

나는 이성애자 여자인 관계로, 내가 사랑하는 사람은 당연히 내게 boy다. 영원히. 123살이 돼도!

18 – SUNFLOWER GIRL – Tobey Lynn

포근… 목소리가 너무 매력적이다.

스포티파이에 현재 7,655명의 monthly listeners를 갖고 계신 분. 괜히 뭔가…! 뿌듯하고…! 여러분? 들어보세요.

이로서 가을이 간다. 게다가 포스트 쓰는 날도 마침 11월 30일이네. (캘리포니아 시간.) 아아아아 님은 갔습니다.

내년이 되기 전에, 12월 내로, 정신 수양을 좀 해야겠다. 지금 내가 겪고 있는 “문제”는 정말로 다 내 안에 있는 문제다. 그게 지금처럼 명확했던 적이 없다.

내가 원하는 걸 좀 더 솔직하게 쳐다볼 필요가 있다. 가질 수 없더라도, 갖고 싶었던 적이라도 있는 채로 죽는 게 낫지 않나… 갖고 싶은데 안 갖고 싶다고 거짓말하다가 죽지 말고.



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