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> These are only ideas right now that I'm bouncing around. I > don't take drastic changes lightly when they're affecting > almost 200,000 people, but I'm also not resistant to > change, especially when we have years of experience to > tell us what's best for everyone. We don't have any firm > timelines on changes we might make. But it's on my mind, > and I think our progress forward as a platform will depend > on it.

I'd be fine with a logo featuring Bill Gates being forced to walk blindfolded down a plank into shark-infested waters, whose overall caption reads “Pushing an Update”.... ;–)

> Since today, I have decided to change from > “thewhitemagician” to “juanmiriethauriel” to best > fit my name for the service of all.

It's about time you canned that privileged, racist name!

<kidding.. just yet another tired, sarcastic reference to the ridiculousness of these times>

> Companies cannot be trusted, billionaires cannot be > trusted, and low-level employees at these co's (who > are being robbed by their billionaire bosses) > cannot be counted on to bring about change in those co's > (not to say they haven't tried (optimism is a > potent thing)) – the duty to change these co's > lies in the hands of the citizens where these co's reside.

One either owns or obeys in this society, period. Voting is simply a control-measure bone thrown to the faux obedient.

In other words, genuine change is far, faaaaaaaaar above non-owner pay grade. No point even wasting time fantasizing about it unless one loves embracing disappointment.

> new trend in my apartment: walking around barefoot

Love it!

> Because I'm essentially without a goal

<bad joke in three.. two..>

Then it's a good thing you're not an ice hockey team! :–)

> getting ready for a lockdown > > Or for a Inquiry-esque blog post title (relating to song > lyrics): > > “Lockdoooooown in the U.S.A.!”

> Anyway, it is just now dawning on me that lockdowns are > starting sooner than ever, and it will be a surreal thing, > indeed.

I can all but guarantee you it will be a veritable one-horse pony show. ;–)


from tmo

I am probably having so much coffee today because I am too lazy to walk to the store, but, oh well.

Anyway, I took out a mountain of trash to the dumpster just now, and realized that the temp had increased significantly since waking up. It's already 37° and getting to 44° today. 20° temp swing is not uncommon for Missouri at any time of the year, but 44° in January is “too” warm, imo.

I'm babbling. Be back later


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9:15 AM, sun is bright, and I already had one cuppa coffee already, but another one is in order. Still didn't run to the store, yet, either.

Today is also the two year anniversary of my father's passing. He passed January 20, 2019, and it is a day I will not be forgetting...probably ever. But, he is free from his pain now, and he didn't die alone, and we all got to say our goodbyes in the end, so it wasn't too traumatic, I wouldn't say. Of course I pay tribute to him in the form of a visual memoriam every day with the huge tattoo I have on my right forearm – it is a red rose with a banner that reads “DAD”, done by Tyler Acey out of Steel & Ink Tattoo in South St Louis County. Here is a photo of it in the mirror (which makes it backwards, but oh well)

Glad I got it. I also really love the old school style tattoos from WAAAY back in the day (before my time). This particular tattoo design was from a Captain Coleman flash sheet from the 1930's I believe. Coleman was the first to open a tattoo shop in the United States (at least from what I've read), and before that, tattoos mainly existed in the “carnie” world. People would go to a carnival and get tattooed as like a gimmick, and though tattoos existed in the world for thousands of years before then, the first “official” presence they had in the U.S. was Coleman's shop. Of course, Sailor Jerry is probably the best known American tattoo artist (one of the most famous in history), but it was Coleman that pioneered it as a “business”.

Speaking of all this, I really need to buy the Lost Love vol 1-3 books from Yellow Beak Press, as they are pretty good at documenting the history of tattoos.

Anyway, be back in a bit


from Now Listening to... 🎧

A great song in its own right. But even more so for those going through long distance relationships.

I pack my bags and say goodbye to my wife For what seems like the millionth time. They said it gets easier, but they lied.

She looks at me and says, “Really, baby, I will be just fine,” But then she looks away so I don't have to see her cry. And that is when I ask myself,

“How am I supposed to be Everything they expect me to be When I feel so alone, 'Cause I left my heart at home?

She needs me, but I know they need me too. So, God, give me the strength to do What you created me to do.” ♪ ♫ ♪

#MemphisMayFire #KellinQuinn


from Micro Matt

Made more progress on my weekend project, a tool for generating images like this for social media:

Right now, it's an open source command-line tool written in Go, with a few configurable options. You can find the AGPL-licensed code on GitHub and start using it now!

Next, I hope to add a web-based option for generating images. That'll probably involve some basic server configuration (e.g. only generate graphics with a certain WriteFreely instance name), some image caching to save resources, then a simple API and a plain HTML page that hooks up to it.

I'll first build this for our use case, which is showcasing photos to share on social media pages like Instagram. For that, I need to generate images on mobile and be able to quickly copy over caption text. Then, we'll make it more widely useful to help people spread their writing.

For now, my real day has started, and I'm back to work on features and fixes for



What if I told you that you can have a smartphone like device that was less addictive, less privacy invasive and less expensive than the device you currently own. Would you be interested in such a device? If you said yes, perhaps you’ve already heard of it. If not, well then let’s talk about the PinePhone and why it’s making waves.

If you follow us on Mastadon you may have seen the post that we pre-ordered the newest version of the PinePhone, the Community Edition running Mobian from Pine64. While it’s been a long time coming, we’re glad to finally know the device is on it’s way.

What It Is

The PinePhone is a smartphone like device that can run a variety of operating systems. Noticed I said smartphone like device. It looks like a smartphone, quacks like a smartphone and sinks like a smartphone, but it’s actually a pocketable computer. This is because in most cases, the OS of choice running on the PinePhone is a scaled down desktop class operating system that can run “full screen” when connected to a monitor with a keyboard and mouse(see the list of available OS’s here). This is known as convergence. So unlike Apple or Google, your computer and smartphone don’t run two different operating systems. The same Linux distribution you’re used to running at home(or on a laptop) is the same one that could be in your pocket. Is that a PinePhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

About the Experience

So, if you know anything about Linux(or GNU + Linux), you know that it’s known for being customizable, secure, and respecting of the end user(except for Canonical). All of these benefits trickle down into the PinePhone. When compared to the competition, there is no Apple ID or Google account to worry about(unless you sign into Chromium). There is no big company harvesting your data for profit. Most apps available are open source and freedom and privacy respecting.

Chances are if you’re a big Tik-Tok user, this device is not going to be desirable to you. The same issues that plague the Linux desktops, plague this device too. So what does that mean? Well, a lot of your favorite social media apps(or apps in general) might not be available. Luckily there’s the browser, but that has issues too(it's slow). The specs of the device aren’t that great, and the software has a long way to go before it’s ready for prime time. So don’t expect everything to work at this point in time, or to run smoothly. The communities around the device do put out updates constantly, but it may still be a year before it’s daily driver ready for some. This device is aimed to those of you who are crazy about their privacy, love to tinker with new tech, minimalists, or are Linux or BSD die-hards and really want to get away from Google and Apple.

Killer Features

One of the ways the PinePhone respects your privacy and security is with kill switches under the back cover of the device. These switches can cut off the signal to things like LTE(including GPS), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone, and camera. Mind you, this isn’t the same as disabling those features like on iOS and Android. While those don't allow you to use something like Bluetooth, it’s still technically running in the background. These switches kill the electrical current to those parts on the motherboard. Which means someone can’t hack into your device and turn them back on like they could on Android and iOS. Another great feature of this device is the price! Pine64 doesn’t sell these devices at a profit, so you get a lot for what you pay for(the same can be said of their entire store honestly, we’re huge fans). You can grab the base model for 150 dollars or the convergence model which has improved specs and includes a dongle that connects to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for desktop use(think Samsung Dex) for 200 dollars.

Apple and Samsung love charging you more and giving you less for either of the two prices mentioned above. Pine64 is giving you a device with a Micro SD card slot(which Samsung no longer offers on it’s flagship devices) and a headphone jack(guess they lack courage like Apple...eyeroll). They also offer you the freedom to replace any parts on your device that may have broken. Break your screen, your motherboard shorts out, or you need a new battery. Their store offers the replacement parts for purchase. No need to have to send it off for repair or pay tons of money to have an Apple tech repair it.

I mentioned a replaceable back earlier. Not really sure why this feature died out(other than greed) but having access to the battery means this device doesn’t need to be tossed into a landfill after a few years. Give it a new battery and it’s good to go. So it’s both Eco and wallet friendly!

What about updates? Well, what about them? These devices run the mainline Linux kernel. These phones will get updates for years! Consider this, there are still Linux distro’s that run on an Intel Core Duo PC, this alone should tell you that the phone will outlive iOS and Android in terms of updates. Post Market OS’s goal is to provide at least 10 years of updates.

This is Just the Beginning

The PinePhone is the first of it’s kind. Getting one of these devices will be like owning a piece of history. The community around this device is already large and is only continuing to grow. We’ve only really scratched the surface of what this phone will be able to do. Under the devices back cover lies pogo pins. This feature allows for add-ons to be attatched to the back of the device, further increasing its feature set, think Moto Mods. Right now Pine64 has pre-orders open for their newest model running Mobian. Grab em while they’re hot(and available)!


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So, I check Informed Delivery this morning, and I have four (4!) mail pieces arriving today (usually they have but one, sometimes two on ID, and the rest are not even photographed). Today all four are photographed/scanned/whatever, and one of them seems to be the Economic Impact Check (stimuli monies). So, that's good. I'll cash it sometime soon, and get this MacBook Air paid off, haha. I am keeping almost none of it, but that is fine.

I am making coffee, gonna run to the grocery store for food in a little bit here. It's sunny and cold outside (25F), and quite pleasant looking.

OK, let's have this coffee


from hdansin

An experimental, stream of consciousness exploration of the leper's point of view in Mark 1:40-45.

“And a leper came” it's my own fault for being contagious. Skin melts off and corrupts. Can't go near a soul even my own. Don't touch me give me food maybe some figs. Living on the outside as a curse. Afraid of me because I am visible. Blame me for your problems push me out. Sin smells like me so you keep me far from you so as not to remind you of your faults. I'm too painful for you but I can't feel a thing nerves all dead except for shame.

Shame, shame, shame on the human race. I'm just the manifestation of our curse. Why do I have to bear it while you get to deny it and dull the sense of it with take care of the kids and plant the seeds mend shoes make enough coins maybe to spend it with friends drinking wine take it easy on Saturday? Sure you feel it sometimes crops won't grow died in childbirth stubbed a toe lost in the war but I bear it in my skin and everyone hates me you don't have to do that. I blame myself everyone else does starting to think hope is a myth.

Better go to the temple need to eat to survive but I don't really want to. Not coward enough to kill myself how would I do it anyway can't hold a thing with a claw hand. I'll just exist like a lump of curse maybe I'll inspire you to fear God maybe that's my purpose to be a warning. Better obey Him or you'll become feet swelling pain at first but goes away nose shaved off maybe lose a hand or a foot concentrate to breathe. Leper. Better not sin or “to Jesus,”

Jesus who's that keep hearing that name. Demon prophet god healer heretic. You should see him what's the point probably just another lunatic from Nazareth that tiny town. Might be interesting though to see him hear what he has to say. Healer could he heal me? No stop best not get my hopes up. Talking about the kingdom of heaven can't make sense of it but it burns me haven't felt like this in a long time. Repent kingdom of heaven is near he says. Near? Where? I can't see it but I can feel it breaking through the clouds pushing out of my heart like a needle. This world is all wrong topsy turvy but heaven sets it right. Is he crazy but he answers all of them all the doubts and burns them up. Brood of vipers woe to them he's right about that never did anything for me. I watch them all the time and I see what no one else sees because they don't notice me. Don't notice while they take the coins from the people doing the work that keeps the sun turning while they sit there telling them what to do praying on the corners right in front of me without seeing me thanking God they're not like me brood of vipers get what's coming to them.

Blessed are the poor not sure I understand that but I want to says the kingdom could be mine. Repent kingdom is near want to believe. Leave it all behind be healed and not have to slough skin crawling through the streets for a handful of figs Jesus Jesus of Nazareth can he hear me? I've never believed in anyone can't remember the last time I had hope “beseeching” but if there's an un-corrupted soul pure mighty righteous morning star shining in this tainted broken infected stinking bloody angry darkened world yours is the one shining like fired bronze a brand in the night star in the sky light in my life. If you can't heal me no one else will but I don't know why you would want to no one else does but you can do it if you're willing, loving, compassionate, caring enough powerful enough true son of God savior messiah walking on the earth willing to heal a wretched shriveled up burning angry mess of flesh bag of meat sordid pile of stinking human corpse remains barely breathing enough to keep sinning Jesus Jesus Jesus why please if you want to willing to heal make me better not what I am show me the way light at the tunnel inhale illuminate the perspective change the game the night to day stone to flesh please willing are you are you willing I'll do anything just to I'm breaking down “falling on his knees” can't live without you in my life please say yes if you're willing are you? Are you willing?

Can't really see what's on His face did He hear? Wait He's what He- Stop! Don't touch me! You'll be tainted sickened infected why can't I move or say a thing He's just reaching “moved with compassion” no! Hand on my shoulder feels like home warm my mother's womb father's proud of me. I shouldn't let Him do it but I can't move He heard me and everyone is watching what's He going to do or say?

“I am willing; be cleansed.”

Healed! Healed healed healed healed what's that He's saying? Healed! Can't really heal Him over the din of limbs and face made whole I'm better- says not to tell anyone- healed! Right I'll remember “to the priest” healed! I'm going to tell the whole town whole world that I'm healed there's a man named Jesus of Nazareth and He healed me I'm not sick never going to be a leper again! Supposed to testimony but I'm healed! Look He's over there with disciples yeah remember me my face looks different now because it's healed. Yes! He's over there His name is Jesus of Nazareth see Him over there oh well just ask and you'll find Him hard to miss maybe at the temple supposed to Moses but look I'm healed walking like its nothing see? Got my arm back! Proclaim in the market in the synagogue supposed to in the streets- healed! Go find him Jesus of Nazareth you know? He healed me! Yes that's Him can't miss Him He touched me and healed me and I'm not a leper. Healed! Healedhealealedheallledealedeallleeed...

Now the whole town knows “to such an extent that Jesus could no longer publicly enter a city, but stayed out in unpopulated areas; and they were coming to Him from everywhere.”

Thank you for reading!

I am writer living in CT with my wife, our deaf cat and our new little boy. If you enjoyed this piece and want to say thanks, please consider purchasing my fantasy novel or sharing my work with others.

My website.


from Ronald Steegstra

De Conclusiebingo Avond (online)

Zit u allemaal klaar voor het scherm met u conclusie bingo kaart, zwaai even enthousiast met een of twee handen. Bedankt, daar fleurt een mens van op. Iedere bingo kaart bevat 15 conclusies, uitkomsten of bevindingen. Deze worden getrokken door onze Notaris met behulp van een grote wereldwijde bol die hij met een hendel laat draaien tot ik stop zeg. Dan rolt er een conclusie uit. De deelnemer die een kaart vol heeft roept Conclusie! De notaris bekijkt daarna de kaart en controleert of alle aangevinkte conclusies overeenkomen met degene die door hem zijn getrokken. Oké vooruit met geit.

Laten we meteen van start gaan met de trekking van de eerste conclusie. Notaris van het Universeel Gok Instituut draai het wereldwijde bolletje maar door en door met je hendeltje en 'stop'. De eerste conclusie die we vandaag trekken is :

Aan alle dingen komt een eind behalve aan GTST.

Zo dat is een flinke conclusie getrokken door onze notaris. Zie ik daar al iemand verrukt kijken naar zijn kaart. We gaan door, trek maar weer aan je hendeltje Notaris. Draaien, draaien, ratelen en ratelen. Stop de malende molen! Daar rolt een volgende conclusie uit de slurf van de bol en hij luidt.

70% van de meer dan twee uur per dag tv kijkende schapen is geagiteerd door de introductie van lama's in het populair wetenschappelijk programma Shaun the Sheep.

U daar op schermpje 5, linkerkant, tweede rij kijkt verlekkerd, heeft u er twee? Bent u zo'n type dat altijd de beste prijzen wint met draaiend rad en loterijen van de lokale voetbalclub? U hoeft het niet te zeggen hoor, we zien het antwoord dankzij een snelle analyse van u gelaatsuitdrukking. Ga maar voort. Rollen, rollen, draaien met die bollen, van je 1 2 3 4 dames van, dames van, papier. Stop! Ik lees nu:

Zwarte katten in het Noorden van Duitsland miauwen hoorbaar anders dan zwarte katten in het Zuid Oosten van Duitsland.

Nou dat wist ik niet. Het is toch maar mooi getrokken. Ik zie toch een aantal glimlachjes op enkele van de vijftig schermen. Trek maar door Notaris, geen tijd te verliezen. Wentel en keer, rommelen met de rommel, dol draaien en zwaaien met banieren. Stop! Stop!! Oké dat was net op tijd. Wat hebben we hier..

Het menselijke brein is geschikt voor het absorberen van vetvlekken op linoleum vloeren.

Ik wil niet weten wie dit heeft ontdekt en hoe. Laten we maar snel voortgaan met Conclusie Bingo! Zwengel aan u hendel Notaris. Alle eendjes zwemmen met een kater, tralala tralali, o la la, en stop maar.

Mensen die thuis eens per tien jaar hun verzamelde rommel opruimen kunnen zich in 94% van de gevallen niet herinneren waar al die troep vandaan komt.

Oei dat is pijnlijk, voor die troep. Geen wortels, geen afkomst, waarheen waarvoor. Ga maar voorzichtig voort de conclusies vallen iets te hard, adem in adem uit, het lijkt een beetje alsof je neus fluit. Nog twee rondjes en een circulaire en Stop.

Sinds de invoering van het slot op de voordeur is het aanzienlijk moeilijker voor bezoekers om onopgemerkt binnen te komen.

Lijkt me wel ja, deze conclusie is vast terecht getrokken. Hoeveel hebben we nu notaris? Zes stuks nog maar, er zitten maar liefst honderd gevolgtrekkingen in deze blinkende bol. Ik hou mijn hart vast, geef er maar weer een zwieper aan. Tingeling tingeling wat is dit voor een ding, Tiedelie tiedelie het is voor het eerst dat ik dit zie, Ho maar!

Het is klinisch bewezen dat voetbal zonder publiek voor de gokker net zo spannend is dan met.

Die hebben dan vast niet op verlies van FC Emmen uit tegen Ajax gegokt. Ik hoop dat ze bij dit onderzoek van Holland Casino meer dan een wedstrijd hebben getest, drie is wel noodzakelijk. Notaris gaat het nog, moet er ijs op uw arm? Nee, draai maar door dan, Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen meneer, nee, dat doe ik een andere keer.. en Stop. Wat heb je laten trekken Notaris?

99% van de door ons onderzochte mensen weet niet dat hun beeld van de werkelijkheid niets te maken heeft met onze werkelijkheid.

Eng. Nee echt, waar hebben ze dit onderzocht, in het ziekenhuis? Hier gaan we niet bij stilstaan Notaris. Geef maar weer een zwendel aan de hengel, we moeten rollen, draaien, vallen, rennen, hollen, opvallen en weer & klimaat doorstaan, Stop! Weet u dat..

De helft van de plofkippen allergisch is voor popcorn.

Hmm, nee. O, onderzocht door Mora, vandaar. Misschien tijd voor een kolderiek verhaaltje, om de spanning van dit tijdvermaak te doorbreken. U moet voor 8 uur thuis zijn! Sorry Notaris helemaal vergeten. Laat de volgende maar vallen. lalalala wat is dit voor lawaai, het is een drummende hamerhaai tadaa... en wat ligt er voor mijn ogen klaar?

Het totaal door de wereldbevolking getrokken conclusies per dag wereldwijd is ongeveer 2500000000 per minuut.

Gelukkig zitten die niet allemaal in onze bol dan hadden we de bingo kaarten wel wat groter moeten maken. Dan zouden we hier een competitie van moeten maken en geen kortdurend eenmalig show evenement. Ik trek zelf lang niet zoveel. U wel? Ik draai wel even Notaris dan kunt u even u spieren en gewrichten laten masseren. Wat een zwaar ding. la.. uh.. la..Uh. Sto uh ..p! Ik lijk James Brown wel.

Minstens tachtig procent van het totaal aantal planten op de wereld met mogelijk geneeskrachtige werking voor vele van onze kwalen zijn vernietigd dankzij onbeheersbare menselijke expansiedriften.

Ach ja. Notaris u kunt weer? Mooi. Is iedereen nog in Bingo stemming! Tollen dan maar weer. O nee o neen, er zit geen één op mijn dobbelsteen, ik liet um even onbeheerd toen is ie um gesmeerd, o nee o nee o nee, waar is de twee, STOP! Kijk eens aan

Zelfs als een mens honderd meter zonder parachute naar beneden valt hebben ze nog het idee dat alles onder controle is.

Au, wie onderzoekt deze dingen toch! Hoe hebben ze dit getest en waar? Onderweg telefonisch, enquête formulier voor, tijdens en na, getuigen onderzoek 'Eh ja ik zag de vallende man overleggen over een aanstaande deal' of 'Nee op vijftig meter had zij het best naar haar zin het leek zelfs alsof ze haar make-up bijwerkte voor aankomst'. Excuses ik dwaal af. Notaris, allemachtig nee, hou dat shirt aan. Dit is de Sterkste Man niet! U bent een man met aanzien, pak aanhouden en draaien, dit is mijn feestje.

Het gras van onze onderzochte populatie in Zuidhorn en ommelanden (Groningen, Drachten, Leeuwarden) is bij de buren vaak minstens 67% groener.

Onderzocht door de buren, dacht ik het niet. Het leven gaat daar niet over rozen maar over gras. Mijn gras is zelfs achter huis groener dan voor. Ik vraag me af waarom ik niet ben gevraagd voor dit onderzoek. Ben ik niet goed genoeg! Notaris draai! Hi hi ha ha, kijk de instellingen eens na Ha ha ho ho koop anders ronaldsteegstra pro, en Halt! tot hier en niet verder. Het is.

Maar heel weinig zwervers, dak en thuislozen vinden hun geluk op straat.

Ga maar door Notaris.

Pluisjes in de navel hebben een gunstige invloed op werking van de darmen. Mensen met pluizige navels hebben over het algemeen een gezondere stoelgang dan mensen zonder pluis residu in hun navel

Dan ben ik weer de regel uitzonderende bevestiging. Volgende keer wil ik meedoen en het onderzoek beïnvloeden in plaats van beoordelen na afloop. Ik wordt zo vaak geweigerd voor onderzoeken neem nou dat baarmoederha.. ah laat ook maar. Notaris wat! Ik heb het toch niet uitgesproken, draai nou! Hij draait met frisse tegenzin de andere kant op, kijken of dit andere conclusies zal opleveren. Pots!

Mannen met maar één bal zijn gelukkiger dan mannen met twee.

Ai Notaris, kijk eens hoeveel ballen wij nog hebben. Ik voel me opeens doodongelukkig. Zelfs als we alle ballen met conclusies er uitdraaien houden we nog twee over, we zijn voor het ongeluk bestemd Notaris. Jij niet? O. Nou ja. Ho ho dit gaat snel, we gaan door zonder mijn teken en stopteken, weer een bal minder voor ons.

Het feit dat een mensenleven voortdurend onder invloed is van niet waarneembare onmeetbare elementen is voor vele mensen onverdraaglijk en veroorzaakt dientengevolge uitermate bizar menselijk gedrag.

Wat zou dat nou zijn? Nog geen Bingo! Misschien moeten we de volgende ronde meer mensen uitnodigen, jullie mogen met drie kaarten spelen. Heb ik dat niet verteld? Het stond in het communiqué, de reglementen waren duidelijk misschien iets minder opvallend vetgedrukt dan de hoofdprijs een busreis met fietsvakantie in Barbedos en ommeland! Maar toch. O kijk notaris ze gebruiken allemaal de drie Bingo biljetten. Ga zo door. Trek er maar weer aan, Van je holadiejee, Holadiejo, alles voor de show, en holadiejea Holadiejee, we doen er allemaal aan mee. Zou u zo vriendelijk willen zijn om een einde aan u rondgaande bewegingen te maken Notaris.

Door het verbod op suikergoed voor kinderen onder de veertien jaar kennen vele scholieren het woord Pijpkaneel niet.

Wie kent het woord Pijpkaneel nou niet. Je zuigt er aan en krijgt je deel (en dat is niet veel) dat is pijpkaneel. Straks weten ze niet eens meer wat een zuurstok is of een salmiakstaafje. Heb je een doekje voor me notaris, ik sta te kwijlen. Jeetje wat stinkt u! Nog niemand Conclusie! Hopelijk na de volgende gevolgtrekking meer succes. En we blijven even thuis, Ja ja Ja, we blijven nog even thuis want buiten is niet pluis, Ho!

De wil van de mens is vooral ontstaan uit de natuurlijke behoefte om zich aan te passen aan de anderen.

Yuck, dit klinkt zo waar. Straks beweren ze nog dat we alleen dingen doen omdat anderen het ook doen. Wat een ellende. Ik zie een wild gebarende op het scherm. Conclusie! Conclusie! Notaris. Het is zover. Jawel hoor, daag, daar bent u weer mevrouw scherm 5, linkerkant, tweede rij. Naam en nummer alsjeblieft. Pien {Accolada}, echt waar?! Ik had het kunnen bedenken. Al eens eerder in Barbedos geweest? Twee keer, ook gewonnen. Nog gelukkig in de liefde? Ook dat nog. Gefeliciteerd Pien, ik krijg in mijn oor getetterd dat alles puik in orde is. U bent de best mogelijke winnaar van de enigste ware Conclusie Bingo!

Dan sluiten wij nu af, ik ben thuis, Notaris is, spits en weder diendende mooi op tijd terug in het prachtige Valkenburg aan C schijf, namens ons beiden wens ik alle deelnemers en kijkers een goedenacht.

MC 900 foot Jesus & DJ Zero – Truth is Out of Style :

Ook :



from Clerville


A seguito della modifica dei termini e delle condizioni di WhatsApp, di cui anche io ho parlato qualche giorno fa su questo blog, in molti hanno deciso di installare l'applicazione di messaggistica Signal. Come avevo già indicato nel precedente articolo per noi utenti europei questi cambiamenti di WhatsApp non influiscono molto in quanto la normativa europea sulla protezione dei dati GDPR è una delle più avanzate al mondo e garantisce già gli utenti da un utilizzo non corretto dei dati personali.

Alcuni hanno deciso comunque di disinsinstallare WhatsApp o di eliminare il proprio account. Il problema però è complesso perchè non è sufficiente cancellare il proprio account di WhatsApp e continuare ad usare Insagram o Facebook per vedersi garantita una maggiore privacy personale.

Dal mio punto di vista è opportuno porsi una domanda di carattere più generale. Quanto è sicuro affidare le comunicazioni private di buona parte del mondo occidentale ad un'unica applicazione di proprietà di una società privata?

Se anche voi pensate che forse non è una buona idea lasciare in mano le nostre comunicazioni ad un unica applicazione, allora è meglio pensare a delle alternative ed iniziare ad affiancare a WhatsApp anche Telegram o Signal.

Così facendo ridurremo la nostra dipendenza da un unico servizio di messaggistica e potremo a comunicare ai nostri contatti la possibilità di trovarci anche su queste app alternative.

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from Ronald Steegstra

Voorzitter : Ik ben tot de conclusie gedwongen dat ik mijn positie moest heroverwegen.

Daarom heb ik met een beetje hulp besloten dat ik voortaan achter mijn woorden sta en niet er voor : Voorzitter


from Zéro Janvier

L'écrivaine allemande Christa Wolf proposait en 1996 une nouvelle adaptation romanesque du mythe de Médée, qui tranche avec les interprétations précédentes du mythe.

Médée est un personnage célèbre des mythologies grecque et latine. On la connait notamment par les pièces de théâtre du grec Euripide et du romain Sénèque, avant d'être réinterprétée à de nombreuses reprises, notamment par Pierre Corneille au XVIIe siècle ou Jean Anouilh au XXe.

J'ai eu l'occasion d'étudier ce mythe et ses multiples réinterprétations théâtrales, romanesques, musicales ou cinématographiques dans un cours de littérature comparée que j'ai suivi dans le cadre d'un cursus universitaire que j'ai entrepris cette année en tant qu'auditeur libre à distance.

Certaines des oeuvres m'ont beaucoup plu, d'autres un peu moins, mais j'ai toujours trouvé plaisant cet exercice d'adaptation et d'interprétation d'un mythe commun, avec les préoccupations d'un auteur dans son époque.

En l'occurence, nous avons ici affaire à un roman signé par l'allemande Christa Wolf, l'une des autrices les plus connues et reconnues de l'ancienne RDA. Ce contexte historique, celui d'une vie adulte passée sous le régime communiste autoritaire de l'Allemagne de l'Est, est essentiel pour comprendre cette interprétation du mythe de Médée.

Le roman raconte les derniers jours de Médée à Corinthe, lorsqu'elle devient la proie du roi Créon et de la foule corinthienne qui l'accuse d'être responsable de tous ses maux : peste, famine, etc. Le récit est porté par plusieurs personnages qui prennent la parole dans des chapitres d'une vingtaine de pages.

L'autrice laisse ainsi s'exprimer à tour de rôle Médée bien sûr ; Jason, son mari qui l'abandonne à son malheur ; Agaméda, son ancienne élève qui la jalouse ; Akamas, un astronome et proche conseiller du roi Créon ; Glaucé, la fille du roi, promise à Jason ; Leukos, un astronome ami de Médée et qui a perdu la faveur du roi.

Chacune de ces voix porte un regard différent sur Médée, et raconte finalement l'histoire à sa façon, ou feint de révéler une vérité qui n'en est pas une. Car le roman nous parle surtout de la vérité et de la façon dont l'histoire est écrite par les dominants, par les gouvernants.

Médée apparait ainsi comme une femme victime des hommes et des autorités, jalousée par ses ennemis et ennemies, délaissée par son mari et abandonnée par la lâchée de celui-ci, accusée à tort de crimes qu'elles n'a pas commis pour ne pas entacher la réputation de puissants qui doivent apparaître comme irréprochables. Médée victime devient ainsi Médée magicienne, sorcière, criminelle, régicide, infanticide, c'est en tout cas ainsi qu'elle apparaitra ensuite dans les livres d'histoire, écrits par les vainqueurs, ou en tout cas par ceux qui nous gouvernent.

Je dois avouer avoir eu un peu de mal au tout début du roman, quand j'en lisais le tout premier chapitre, mais j'ai ensuite été totalement emporté par le propos des personnages et de l'autrice. C'est un livre profond, qui porte un sens puissant et propose une interprétation intelligente d'un mythe antique, parfaitement ancrée dans son contexte historique.


En savoir plus...

from tmo

So, this blog post may seem light (or even boring) compared to the last post, but, whatever.

I am opting for new facial razors for shaving/apothecary, or whatever you choose to call it. I did have the safety razor (still have it, actually) that I bought for like $30 from Target, but the refills are ONLY sold at Target, I believe, and Target sucks nowadays with their shipping restrictions and whatnot. So, I am thinking of going back to the Gillette “ecosystem” (as I think all their razors are more or less interchangeable with different handles, but each razor set offers different features). I know this, I cannot keep shaving with Bic disposable razors – they are wasteful (all plastic), good for ONE shave, and the shave is not very close to the skin, either. Yes, they are cheap and effortless, but I am willing to pay MORE for a better/closer shave with Gillette (plus Gillette razors can provide several (multiple, actually) GOOD shaves, instead of one BAD shave!).

I am not going to make this purchase through a store, though. I will place my purchase directly through the Gillette website, itself, and do as many razor refills as I can at a time. Odd how $30 (handle + plenty of refills) looks cheap when being shown on a website, but in the store it is almost like sticker shock at the price of the exact same thing.

So who gives a shit, anyway, TMO?

Well, I do, and I find it relevant enough to blog about it. A good toiletry kit is one of the things in my life that I never compromise on (I don't compromise on ANY personal hygiene items, actually), and I want a good “kit”, and perhaps even a case for that kit (to keep the bathroom counter clean (no medicine cabinet in this apartment)).

So, there's that. Be back soon.


from tmo

I feel, as though I have been avoiding pain – or suppressing it – for a great deal of time. I do not wish to suppress anything any more. I will deal with my pain, my issues, my demons head-on. Not just “cope” with them, not live around them, or anything like that.

We, humans, are deep wells of emotion, experience, thoughts, and feelings. It's good to “tap into” the deeper depths of what is “there”, what is lurking beneath the surface, bring up old pain or, if anything, to just remind myself of what I am, so I can better understand where I'm going.

And I say “WHAT I am” instead of WHO I am, because in the end, we are all identity-less. Whatever brings comfort, ease, respite – the “milk and cookies of life”, as Timothy Leary used to say – they are false coping mechanisms so as to not lose one's own mind, or, perhaps just comfort for comforts sake.

So, pain a la carte – genuine feeling. And there has to be a level of fearlessness to stare down demons in one's life. Takes guts. Real grit.

I hope I improve from it


from Weekly Musings

Welcome to this edition of Weekly Musings, where each week I share some thoughts about what's caught my interest in the last seven days.

This time 'round, an idea that's been rattling around in my head for a while now. As you'll notice, there are still bits of my thinking about this topic that are forming but it's something that I find interesting. I hope you do, too.

With that out of the way, let's get to this week's musing.

On Cultivating a Digital Garden

Something that's fascinated me for as long as I can remember is the way in which people collect, connect, and share knowledge. Not only in the professional sphere, but on the personal side of their lives as well.

About 11 or 12 months ago, the concept of the digital garden crossed my gaze. The concept grabbed and held on to my attention but, thanks to various other pressures and factors, thoughts about digital gardens were shunted to the back of my brain. Those thoughts, though, have been percolating ever since. Because of the nature of my new Day JobTM, the idea of the digital garden has strongly come to the fore again.

What, you might be asking, is a digital garden? It's something that lies between a public notebook and a blog. You can use a digital garden to collect and to organize the important information the comes your way. It's a way of sharing what you know and what you're learning. It's doesn't (always) need to be a structured, hierarchical set of files or pages on the web or on your computer, but more of a grouping of information that grows as you learn.

As an article in Technology Review points out:

Digital gardens explore a wide variety of topics and are frequently adjusted and changed to show growth and learning, particularly among people with niche interests. Through them, people are creating an internet that is less about connections and feedback, and more about quiet spaces they can call their own.

To be honest, I don't think the concept of the digital garden is anything new. In a classic example of what's new being old again, I'll argue that corners of the early World Wide Web were rudimentary digital gardens. In those corners, scientists and academics shared what they were working on. Ordinary people, from various walks of life, shared information about their passions and constantly updated their sites with what they discovered.

Those digital gardens were sparse. They were basic. Thanks to the state of early web technology, those gardens weren't all that interactive. People were stuck with hyperlinking across static HTML pages. But you know what? It worked, as a simple approach often does.

The next question you probably have is Why should I cultivate a digital garden? A digital garden isn't only a matter of collecting and sharing what you know and what you're learning. That said, you can't discount the power of that.

A digital garden can be a great way to organize what you're working on. Instead of a pile of notes in a note taking tool, on a blog, in a bunch of text files, or something like that, the garden you cultivate can be something resembling a personal database. All without needing actual database software or needing to learn SQL (the language used to manage what's in a database).

What you plant in your digital garden doesn't need to be a collection of fully-formed thoughts and ideas. Your garden can contain point-form notes, quotes, snippets, outlines, and small groups of bookmarks on a topic. That sounds chaotic, it sounds free form. And it is, up to a point. You can make your digital garden effective, and interactive, by using the web's original superpower: the hyperlink. Add links to, and between, the various bits and pieces in your garden to associate them with each other, to make logical connections between them. Use hyperlinks to build a path through your digital garden, a path that can include short (or not-so-short) detours into interesting corners of that garden.

Your digital garden can be as varied as an actual, physical one. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it can be made of of detailed descriptions and notes. It can consist of a bunch of short snippets and quotes. It can be something in between. The garden you cultivate doesn't need to cover a complex topic. It can have a narrow focus. Your digital garden can be as wild and undisciplined and as widely roaming as you feel it needs to be.

Digital gardens can be for you and you alone. Or they can be something you share with the wider web to connect with others who not only share your interest but who can have a hand in helping cultivate your garden and to expand your knowledge.

There are, as you might have guessed, a number of tools that you can use to as the soil in which to plant your garden. Many of those look interesting, but why not go old school?

You can use a blog platform like or Collected Notes. Or you can turn to a good old fashioned wiki. If you're not familiar with a wiki, think of it as a website that anyone can edit. Well, anyone with the right permissions. And anyone can read those pages, as they can with any website.

In many ways, wikis are a solid choice for cultivating a digital garden. They're a container for pages that contain information on one or more topics, and you can easily link between those pages. On top of that, if you play well with others you can choose who you want to collaborate with and give them permission to edit pages on your wiki.

But you don't need to make your digital garden public if you don't want to. Instead, you can cultivate your own digital garden on your computer using, for example, a desktop wiki. Another way to do that is with an old favourite tool of mine called TiddlyWiki. It's not software — it's a giant web page that you load into your browser, add information to, and save. You can publish a TiddlyWiki on the web or you can carry it on a flash drive.

Admittedly, planting and cultivating a digital garden isn't for everyone. It can be a lot of work and, unless you're really that interested in something, you might quickly lose the motivation to maintain a digital garden.

That said, whether public or private, a digital garden can be an effective way of developing and refining what you're interested in. Of organizing what you're learning at a given moment. Of helping you focus on what you need to focus on. Of charting your growth as a person and as a thinker. For that reason alone, it's worthwhile to jump in and get your hands dirty.

Scott Nesbitt


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