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  • The cat and puppy are becoming play friends
  • The wife putting in the last piece
  • If your van does this, you shouldn't park there



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for every word you said and every word you didn't

you broke off a piece of my heart and locked it up inside a jewelry box to be worn when it was suitable for you forcing me to steal or accept as charity fragments of those i love so that i can be whole enough to keep going


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MyGoodNotes v.1.0

With Working Again

I can get some creative writing done. I also discovered that this has a “dark mode” so I am using that option as well. Coffee is up right now, and after writing a little bit (on my blog at least) about how I was going to avoid Mass Communications as a area of concentration for the AA degree, I decided that I will just DO it, because that area (MCM) has all of the advanced writing courses that I want to take, and I think I can get a lot out of it.

Real talk though

I sort of wanted to be a journalist at one point. Now I am totally and completely disgusted with the media, and I hate reading / watching the media, but, I still wanted to write FOR some publication that had some standards. I don't know which publication that would be (there are many of them). Now, I am more than happy to just do blog posts and the “point” of the AA is not to even find work in that particular field, but rather to sort of improve my chances of finding a job in a field I am interested in. Be it editing for a publishing house, feature writing for a magazine (perhaps?) or whatever – I am not letting the “possible work” stand in my way right now. I am focused on getting the degree, then let the work worry come after.


On Sending E-Mail To Express Gratitude

I've been doing so for the past couple weeks. Not boot-licking, ass-kiss e-mails, just short, nice e-mails saying “thanks” for such and such's service / content / online efforts. I keep it to a few sentences, usually. And that is enough to motivate people and cheer up their day, I feel. I always get nice responses, as well and that is appreciated, too. E-mail is better than social media because social media is too quick, too effortless, too “convenient”. Also – I do not have social media.


Just Writing

Intentional writing this time around, because I have nothing in particular to say right now. The neighbors are having a party, I have my headphones in (punk playlist), trying to monitor the data consumption on the LTE hotspot (though,I am not sure how to do that because the site they refer you to in order to monitor data says “no data usage at this time”). So....

All I can think about in terms of STLCC (is, well, many things), but how I found the “LIB” section in the course catalog that is for Library Information ...something. It is basically a research course that I am very interested in because research is my jam. That is why I got the Research Methods For Writers certificate from SLCL some time ago. It is I guess I like the concept that people can / do come up with original ideas and find the specific answers they are looking for by simply being skilled at being able to find answers. I also really like that a PhD (degree) is basically all about forming the correct research question(s) and then answering them from an original perspective, and offering new knowledge to the world, while simultaneously standing on the shoulders of giants who came before you – it is basically the definition of progress in my opinion. I love it!

But, I am not going for a PhD. A simple AA (Associates in Arts) is more than enough for me, but, I am still interested in research and you certainly do not have to have a PhD in order to DO research. Anyone can do research. A PhD is just for the specifics of the findings of said research and making a compelling written (and verbal) argument that it is original, new, and valuable. Great stuff.


9:30 PM Coffee Time (And Thoughts On Academia)

I wrote a 400-ish word piece about creating for the sake of creating, and without fanfare, and without response from the “stranger public”, and I am pretty proud of it. I sent it as a comment (or linked to it WITHIN a comment) on Derek Sivers blog and hope he has the time to read it. It was written as a separate (and public) page on, and I may do more articles like that in the future.

But now, coffee. I also declared on my blog that I will not be making Mass Communications (or Media Communications, for that matter) my concentration during my AA studies at STLCC. I will find another concentration to focus on. Some classes that interest me in the meantime (to name two of them): Cultural Anthropology and Library Information Studies. I can make the concentration about anything, and I will surely make it writing-centric. It's the overarching theme of my life is that I am a writer, so I will continue to work towards a degree with a concentration that reflects that. Anthropology, in general, deeply interests me, though. Many subjects I “write off” as something I don't take a deep interest in, such as nursing technologies or engineering (though, the world needs both of them).

The laundry list of areas of concentration that interest me the most are:

  • literature
  • advanced writing courses
  • philosophy
  • (cultural) anthropology
  • any type of (non-legal) research studies

Media / Mass Communications have now been ruled out. I don't want to partake in the toxic (and disgusting) culture of journalism, sensationalism, punditry, and personal moral compromise that comes with a Communications degree. I want a job I LIKE after college is done with, afterall.

What an employer looks at (in America, in 2019) tends to be less subject-oriented, and more towards the fact that you (me), the student, are; 1) disciplined 2) detail-oriented 3) smart 4) dedicated 5) could “pull through” the college experience. Some professions DEFINITELY require a degree IN a certain subject matter in order to even be considered for the position, but these places of employment I will not apply to. No law, psychotherapy, medicine, mechanical engineering, or things of this nature.

So what are some of the jobs that ARE subject-oriented that I could apply for / pursue with one (or any) of the areas of study bullet-pointed above?

  • independently (but traditionally) published author
  • book reviewer
  • publishing house editor
  • writing researcher (with a specialty niche, perhaps)

etc. Philosophy is definitely a difficult degree to pursue because the job possibilities after graduation are insignificant and / or probably very hard to find. Literature, advanced writing, and research are certainly more “marketable” skills. Meaning there is a JOB market for such skills.

Again – discipline, detail-oriented characteristics, intelligence, dedication, and perseverance are the best skills to have (after achieving a college degree) in the American job market in 2019 (and beyond!).


More Intentional Writing (About Socialism And Change)

Just watched a thing (about socialism) on YouTube with Gar Alperovitz and it was a good refresher on the different ways socialism has been termed over the past 150+ years. Historically, the late 19th Century socialists in America were the “purest form” of the worker party America has ever seen, with the rise of the industrial revolution. As socialism in America stands today (in 2019, at least) the Democratic Socialist party (AOC, Bernie Sanders, and the like identify as Democratic Socialists, for example) want something like the old worker party socialism, but what they really stand for is the expansion of the welfare state. This isn't right-wing trash talk, either. I identify as an anarcho-socialist. I am saying this because neither AOC, Bernie Sanders, nor any other (well-known) congressperson has (public) plans to disrupt the power structure(s) in America. And to be honest, it isn't up to politicians to disrupt the power structure they are a part of. To participate in the current “status quo” system of government in the United States is to be complacent (to go along with) the way business is done in modern politics. It is actually up to the United States citizenry to make meaningful change. Change comes with resistance. Not saying US (the citizenry) by resisting the system IS change. No. Making meaningful, community-based, small (and then larger) changes OURSELVES will, in fact, be met with resistance from the power structure itself. The runaway capitalist system in the United States has “medieval” (to use GA's term) concentrations of power and wealth in America.


from Dino’s Journal

Took me a couple of days, but I got my search page up and running. That was a great learning experience.

If you want to remix my search app, you can find it here. If you want to remix the original Search app, you can find it here.

Prior to creating a blog, I've never even heard of Glitch. Below is a list of notes and references I've made while trying to get my search page working.

  • I still don't exactly know how to describe Glitch. The best I can come up with is that it is like a web application generator, that is sort of like Github, where you can fork (remix) projects (apps) and test it right on the browser. With Glitch, your browser is your IDE; you develop and test on it. It also acts like “source control” with the ability to roll back (rewind) to your previous changes.
  • To get the search page working, you need to know at least the basics of web development. I am primarily a back-end developer, so it took me awhile to get my search page working the way I want it to. Specifically you will need to know the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Will also help to know a little bit of Python.
  • Prior to me working on this search page app, I've never even seen Python code. I've heard of it, (isn't it like the most popular programming language right now?), but never had to use it.
    • Pro tip: their “if” statements end with a colon.
  • I've also never heard of Flask until I had to figure out how the HTMLs were getting rendered by Python.
  • That lead me to figuring out that Flask uses the Jinja2 template engine. This stumped me for awhile, because the template language looked very similar to the Liquid template language that the Jekyll static site generator uses.

Some links to pages that helped me get it done:

#WebDevelopment #Bookmarks


from DEFCON 201

.::DEFCON 201 Meet Up — December 2019 — HoHoCon Part Deux::.

====================================================== Date: December 20th, Friday

Time: 7:00 PM — 10:00 PM

Location: Sub Culture (260 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ)


Facebook [TOR]: TBA

Hackaday: TBA



Welcome to the December 2019 DEFCON 201 Meet Up!

’Tis the season for hacking and whether you are lighting up a micro-controller menorah, turning your Xmas tree into a giant Wi-Fi war-dialing antenna or remembering your ancestors by creating Wikipedia entries for them, we invite your to our final meeting of 2019 to close out the year. This will be one of our most packed meeting yet from our last Online CTF, a rant about EVERYTHING in InfoSec, present swap, Mr. Robot screening and a moment of silence for those we had lost in the recent tragic events of Jersey City.

About Our Venue:

We welcome you to Sub Culture at 260 Newark Ave in Jersey City. Five blocks from the Grove Street Path station and right on the NJ Transit Bus Stop; enjoy Free-Wifi, affordable (meat and vegan) food, power strips, video games on Raspberry Pi and sweet times! More information at

If you like to do a talk at our meet ups our collaborate with our staff and members in a project partnership shoot us a email at:


.::AGENDA & SCHEDULE::. 7:00pm — 7:55pm Open Workshops Projects & Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode Screening 7:55pm — 8:00pm A Sneak Peak Of DEFCON 201 in 2020 — Sidepocket, GI Jack 8:00pm — 8:10pm Secret Hacker Santa Swap 8:10pm — 9:55pm The Hacker Rant To End All Hacker Rants — NCommander 9:55pm — 10:00pm END OF OFFICIAL MEET UP


Practice Lockpicking & Locksport — Sidepocket

justCTF Practice Online Challenge — GI Jack

Nintendo Labo VR Blaster Build & Play — Sidepocket


A Sneak Peak Of DEFCON 201 In 2020 :..>If you thought the last two years of DEFCON 201 was nuts, you have not seen ANYTHING about what we have planned for next year in 2020. From online war games, crashing conventions, Pi-Holes & Pwnagotchis, art galleries, civic programs, our first official attending of DEF CON 28 and a tons more! Join our Co-Founders at a sneak peak into our bright feature and how the Dirty Jersey smell is about to embark it’s foul hacker stank nationwide!

:.> Bio: A Co-Founder of DEFCON 201, an open group for hacker workshop projects in North East New Jersey, Sidepocket is constantly wanting to help people to get better at whatever they want to do and learn. He also has a history with NYC 2600, Radio Statler at Hackers on Planet Earth, Phone Losers of America, Museum of Urban Reclaim Spaces and The Yes Men. Find out more about DEFCON 201 at:

GI Jack is one of the Co-Founders of DEFCON 201. He might have seen a Ninja that had built their own hacker variant of Arch Linux known as Ninja OS. You might be able to also find this ninja at:

The Hacker Rant To End All Hacker Rants :..>2019 seems to have been a pretty good year for hacking, right? Well, not for this hacker! In this talk, we have given nearly two hours for our long time recurring speaker to rant about so many technology, community and Information Security topics that would take a novel to list. Plus, at one point we are going to turn the cameras off and he will go even FURTHER into madness about topics too hot for public (re)broadcast. This rant will be so long and so foul that it will end and only end when Sub Culture shuts the place down and our meeting ends! We even have the giant novelty hook ready if that does not convince him to step off the soap box…

:..>Bio: NCommander (@fossfirefighter) lives in New York and is a contributor to multiple free and open-source software projects, an Ubuntu core developer, and an active developer for the Hermes Center for Transparency working on the GlobaLeaks project. In his free time, he likes to travel, write, and play with radios.


Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode Screening :..>Since we are getting into the holiday hacker spirit, why not celebrate it by watching one of the XMas themed Mr. Robot Season 4 Episodes that take place around Christman day in universe? Details on said episode coming soon. ATTENTION: Mr. Robot is a very graphic, language intense show dealing with disturbing adult themes, viewer discretion is advised!

Practicing Lockpicking & Locksport :..>DEFCON 201 will have padlocks and professional practice tumblers provided by TOOOL to practice on. Fun and easy to learn for all ages and backgrounds with two expert instructors!

justCTF Practice Online Challenge :..>This Friday, starting on December 20th at 4:00 PM EST, we invite all DEFCON 201 Members, Attendees and Fans to help us hack the justCTF 2019! We will continue our online hacks in person during our meeting. If you are new to Online CTF, we will help you get set up and walk you thorugh some of the challenges. Then you can log in anytime after to September 22nd 4:00 AM EST to continue our CTF conquest! To learn more about the CTF, please follow this link:

:..>What To Bring: Any laptop will do. Ideally you want to load it full of Information Security Red Team and Blue Team tools, look for Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Pentoo or Black Arch for ideas. To participate afterwards online, you will need a Discord Account and to join our Discord at this link:

Secret Hacker Santa Swap :..>Bring out your inexpensive (but useful) hacker gifts for our first evenr Secret Hacker Santa Swap! It’s like a White (Hat) Elephant or Yankie Swap…but with 1337 Haxxors!

We will be collecting gifts (details below) as members come in and donate their gift until we begin the swap. These will be kept in a safe, secure location.

Participants will then draw numbers from a hat to determine their swap order from one up to the total number of participants.

Each person gets a crack at choosing a gift. The person who picks the first gift opens it and shows it to the rest of the company. Then the number two participant picks a gift and chooses to either unwrap it or swap it for an unwrapped gift. If the gift is swapped, the person who had their gift taken from them gets to unwrap the chosen gift and the turn passes.

:..>What To Bring: Any gift that is a monitary value USD price of $15 or less. Home crafted gifts are all acceptable. You can submit anything but try to keep it hacker theme (something useful for example USB sticks, old PC hardware, device chargers, gift cards), let your imagination run wild!

Nintendo VR Blaster Build & Play :..>We have a new cardboard engineering construction for anyone of any skill level to try out. Combine DIY fun with simple, shareable VR, plus a new programming tool you can use to make your own quick play VR games and experiences! When finished, we will take turns blasting through an alien invasion, test your skills at competitive hippo feeding, and go wherever else our imagination takes us!

:..>What To Bring: The ability to follow instructions and fold paper. The play portion needs two working eyes with depth perception and a resistance to motion sickness.

DEFCON 201 VIDEO FILMING :..>DEFCON 201 will expand into video media in late September. We will be launching various videos including an Introduction, Member Spotlights, Archived Lightning Talks, Tutorials, Directions and more on the DTube, Vimeo and YouTube Mirror platforms. We will also have downloadable copies on the DEFCON 201 NextCloud of select media for DEFCON 201 Members who want hard copies of videos. If you want to be in the Introduction, Member Spotlights or Archive Lighting Talks you can inquire into us about signing our DEFCON 201 Consent Forums and we will walk you through the process. Those who have not signed our DEFCON 201 Consent Forums during meetings will NOT be recorded in Video or Audio as per our policy. Furthermore, any instances of media recording photo/video/audio via DEFCON 201 Staff will be alerted to all president attendees beforehand prior to recording.



from yourintrinsicself

Inner fire

I have a certain energy inside me, and sometimes I describe it as a fire. Often I have contained and focused this fire into work, projects around the home, exercise, dieting, etc. At the present I am exploring how to cultivate such fire energy to grow instead of containing and focus it.

How can you expand the reach of your fire, passion, and energy in your life?


from ego echo

Je verwacht het niet hè? Net als zijn gekke neefje Bo in Engeland, wil nu ook Geertje uit de EU stappen. Ik zeg: ga je gang jongen, niemand houdt je tegen. Hebben we dat ook maar weer gehad.

Wees gerust, ik zal niet weer beginnen over alle ellende die we planeetbreed massaal over onszelf hebben afgeroepen. No worries. Ik heb, hand op mijn teergevoelig hartje, zojuist een hele riedel aan dat soort prekerij gewist. Ik dacht: jongen, het is vrijdagavond, laat het even los en gun je trouwe lezers een beetje ademruimte. Dus hierbij. Is dat een genereus gebaar of niet? Wou'k maar even zeggen.

Maar ja, wat blijft er dan over op dit moment? Ik zat namelijk wel precies in die vuilspuiterijmodus. Dus dat is even schakelen, u begrijpt.

Weet je, omdat ik vandaag weer gezellig met wat boeken heb lopen gooien en smijten, geef ik u hierbij een leestip mee: Het moois dat we delen (Ish Ait Hamou). Snob als ik ben, heb ik er ook heus wel wat op aan te merken, maar de kern is toch vooral dat u het gewoon moet lezen. Het verhaal heeft een belangrijke en dringende boodschap. Tegelijk rauw en zachtaardig. Over elkaar willen begrijpen, elkaar zien en samen leven. En misschien wel het belangrijkste, ik parafraseer, hoe de haat wint omdat haat alleen verliezers kent. Zeker in deze tijd van het jaar (laat het alsjeblieft snel januari zijn) een boek om jezelf of een ander cadeau te doen. Maar koop 'm dan wel bij je lokale boekwinkel hè?

#boekentip #waanvandedag #brexit #nexit #lezen


from Alexandre

Entre as diversas mudanças pessoais que aconteceram esse ano, eu resolvi encarar o desafio de estudar para tentar uma vaga no curso de Engenharia Matemática[0].

Esse é um curso que já está em discussão na UFRJ há algum tempo, mas terá sua primeira turma em 2020. O primeiro comentário que eu li sobre esse curso foi em um grupo de facebook chamado “Física e Matemática”[1]. Uma pequena digressão: ainda que você não seja fã do facebook como eu, IMHO, alguns grupos por lá são interessantes. Crie mesmo que uma conta “fake” para acompanhar. Principalmente se você não está envolvido(a) em grupos de estudo offline [como eu]. Eu acredito que ter contato com grupos de estudos e troca de ideia de alguma maneira é o que permitirá que tentativas de estudo + trabalho sobrevivam.

Com a decisão de mudar para o RJ, eu voltei a olhar a grade do curso de matemática pura e também do curso de matemática aplicada da UFRJ e acabei descobrindo o canal do professor Felipe Acker no youtube[2]. Lá ele tem um vídeo apresentando a proposta do curso de Engenharia Matemática.

A partir desse vídeo, eu descobri mais 3 partes de uma mesa (na UFRJ) discutindo ideias sobre o curso. Participação de professores, alguns alunos e 1(?) pesquisadora independente do setor privado.

Li o projeto pedagógico[3] e fiquei bastante interessado na proposta. Algo próximo ao curso de matemática aplicada, mas com algumas matérias de física, estatística e computação.

Junto com o interesse veio também o medo: um curso integral de 5 anos e com matérias que com certeza vão exigir muito de cada pessoa que se arrisque por lá. No meu caso, um medo um pouco maior pelo interesse em continuar trabalhando. Interesse é licença poética da minha parte; dado as minhas decisões é mais uma questão de necessidade (que eu também leio como obrigação “eu e eu”).

Observando as disciplinas do curso e curioso em relação ao motivo de ter “Calculo Infinitesimal” e não o tradicional “Calculo I” ou “Calculo A”, eu acabei descobrindo a página do Programa Especial em Matemática[4] que até onde eu entendi é um conjunto de disciplinas com um aprofundamento matemático maior. Seja por interesse em uma formação mais sólida ou para a oportunidade de duplo diploma dado o convênio com universidades francesas.

E guess what? As disciplinas da grade curricular são dessa turma. E até onde eu entendi, o curso de matemática aplicada também tem disciplinas desse programa na sua grade. Eu não conheço ninguém que estude matemática aplicada por lá. Até considerei chamar algumas pessoas que eu percebi no grupo FM que são estudantes, mas estou enrolando um pouco com isso.

As primeiras perguntas que vieram a minha mente:

  • Como eu me preparo minimamente para ao menos as primeiras matérias?; e

  • Como ser realista sobre estudar e trabalhar dado a exigência desse curso?

Eu terminei o ensino médio em 2010 e mesmo com algum contato com calculo, algumas demonstrações (introdução à algebra) e geometria analítica em 2017, eu preciso resolver as deficiências do ensino médico que continuam por aqui. Não vou resolver tudo de um dia para o outro, mas preciso ter uma postura madura sobre isso.

Sobre trabalho e estudo: complicado. As disciplinas vão pedir uma boa dedicação fora das aulas. Em um comentário de um aluno do curso de Engenharia Elétrica, o professor Acker comentou que geralmente (e acho que ele falava sobre o IM) não cobram presença, mas sim aprendizado. Então eu provavelmente consigo um horário flexível.

Talvez no próximo ano, eu consiga reduzir um pouco a minha carga horária no trabalho, mas por enquanto, a minha abordagem é pegar menos disciplinas (i.e estender o tempo de graduação) e distribuir os estudos entre a semana e o final de semana.

Eu cheguei a prestar o Enem esse ano, mas acredito que para esse curso a minha pontuação não seja suficiente. E honestamente, eu não me sinto ansioso em usar o ano de 2020 para organizar minhas atividades pessoais e profissionais e prestar o vestibular novamente no final do ano. Com exceção de reduzir bem o número de disciplinas (e.g. 2 em cada semestre), eu focar em passar no vestibular de 2020 e começar em 2021 é uma questão de perceber que a situação é de maratona e não de 100 metros rasos. Está tudo bem.

Esse é um tempo interessante para ir além das matérias de vestibular, mas gastar algum tempo com livros como “How to solve it“[5], “How to prove it“[6] e “What is mathematics?“[7]. Dessa forma eu resolvo a sensação “mais um ano de vestibular” por já ter algum contato com temas que eu vou precisar durante a graduação.

Em algum momento eu escrevo algo sobre receios envolvendo idade e outros planos. Mas dessa vez eu percebo que só é possível se eu esquecer a questão da idade e focar em consistência, dado o tanto de coisas que eu estou me propondo a fazer e/ou começar a construir.

O estudo de temas técnicos(voltados para computação/programação) fica em um lugar de “estudar por diversão”. Ainda que tudo tenha um reflexo na minha vida profissional, o tempo livre é menor e a pressão também. Ainda assim quero equilibrar com as outras tarefas do ano...escrevi um pequeno rabisco sobre essa parte aqui[8].

Esse é o primeiro registro desse grande desafio. Eu acredito que em um próximo, eu consigo comentar sobre como organizei os meus horários (inclusive com as minhas responsabilidades pessoais fora desse contexto de estudo e trabalho (e.g. saúde, relacionamento)) e o material base para essa preparação.

[ ]'s


0 – 1 – 2 - 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 –


from Alexandre

Fim de ano. O total de festas e celebrações que eu não comemoro é diretamente proporcional ao total de listas/planos que eu faço (e devo dizer que até consegui finalizar bons itens em 2019).

Em tópicos gerais, eu dividi os meus estudos em: * Elixir; * PostgreSQL; e * Leituras gerais relacionadas a desenho, arquitetura e planejamento

Eu tenho outros planos (voltados para graduação e estudo de matemática) que vão tomar a maior parte do meu tempo. Mas ainda assim, eu acredito que consigo iniciar nesses outros temas.


Eu tive algumas conversas interessantes sobre programação funcional e Elixir no trabalho. Mas ainda que houvesse os momentos “poderíamos usar aqui”, “é uma mentalidade interessante para o dia a dia”, “vamos fazer um dojo?”, eu não consegui me envolver muito. Mas deixei como uma meta de reunir pessoas interessadas por FP (functional programming) e Elixir e também tentar chegar à adoção desse ecossistema para alguns projetos.

O objetivo é basicamente começar e chegar em um nível minimamente sólido de elixir voltado para sistemas web. O material básico para guiar esse estudo é:

  • Adopting Elixir
  • Programming Elixir
  • Elixir in Action
  • Programming Phoenix
  • Programming Ecto

Para esse ano, eu espero ter um olhar mais próximo dos recursos que podem ser úteis no dia a dia. Mesmo sabendo que depois precisarei me aprofundar mais nos outros itens do ecossistema BEAM (mas vamos por partes).


Similar a estudar Elixir, a ideia de estudar PSQL é estudar o SQL a partir de uma implementação. É o banco relacional que eu uso no trabalho e com algum tempo de ORMs e etc, eu acho que em diversos momentos eu perco a oportunidade de melhorias por não ter um domínio maior do banco de dados. O material para guiar esse estudo é:

  • The Art of PostgreSQL
  • SQL Antipatterns

Leituras gerais

Nesse ponto eu quero dedicar algum tempo para pensar melhor estrutura das aplicações, processos de deploys, como suportar picos de acesso, que perguntas sobre arquitetura fazer durante o desenvolvimento. Eu comecei a experimentar algumas coisas esse ano com a leitura do Clean Architecture e blog posts relacionados. O material para guiar esse estudo é:

  • Release It!
  • Design It!
  • Data Intensive Applications

Eu não tenho certeza se o tempo vai permitir eu começar a estudar o conteúdo do DIA, mas eu vou me esforçar por isso. De uma forma geral, eu estou tentando me envolver e direcionar os meus estudos para contextos envolvendo esses temas.

A minha expectativa é que aos poucos eu desenvolva habilidades mais próximas de um engenheiro de dados do que um desenvolvedor web. E complementar a isso uma sólida base em matemática e estatística (tema para um outro post).

[ ]'s


from inquiry

> Where can you let go of fear?

Where the thought “I” originates.

See also: nipping the whole kit and ego caboodle in the bud.

> There will be correspondence to attend to; more research > related to next year's big vacation/move; and sorting > of my stuff, deciding what I want to move with, and what > to throw away. Happy chores that I can move through at a > comfortable pace.

Love the sound of that day.

> Now I find it ironic but cool I am back to clear text which > is where I started many moons ago. Perhaps your Evernote > and OneNote particularly give you what you need. Yay! I > just felt both were overkill for my needs. A nice simple > clear text editor with different extensions has become > very nice for me. But as the venerable say YMMV.

I find “vim”ing text files the ultimate ignorance-of-generally-far-lesser-editors bliss.

> I’ll continue to look and follow the last two rules > above particularly. I want to be happy with what I use > but I also want my stuff available and not locked in some > format with some tool not on another ecosystem. Maybe that > is the final rule set. I will call it Portability. Things > must be portable and available.

With unix-y (e.g. linux, “cygwin”) command line all things are possible.

> It was late at night. I'm quite sure I had just fallen > asleep only to be thrown wide awake. I couldn't move > my body. I couldn't think straight, all I knew was that > something was wrong—very wrong. I could feel it deep in > my gut.

That's how I sometimes feel when pondering participant disconnect! ;–)

> I filled a glass with water from the tap, then made quick > of the pill. An involuntary wet layer glazed my eyes, and > Eric noticed. In response, he swept me up in his arms, > and I embraced the invigorating pulse of his heart and > warmth. So calm, so soothing. For a moment, I wanted to > stay like that forever. I moved myself out of his arms > and smiled at him. ...I wouldn't want that for you, my > love. Schizophrenia is my burden alone.

Wow. Beautifully engaging.

> ... > My country is dull yellow and grey now it's ... > ...


> shaking me > like a magic eight ball > over and over > until i give him the answer > he wants to hear

Strong contender for Metaphor of the Year Award.

> I want to scream. When I've finished screaming I want > to look around the room and see faces looking at me > in admiration. I want my aberration, composure and > contradictions spewed all over everyone. Evening is > the perfect time for some composed fraught. Join me in > a cultural space, see me in a head place, find me in > my dreams.

Damn... that – and the rest from which it was so rudely plucked – is nice!

> Our advice – delete your Facebook phone app now.

How about we delete the internet so as to return to the slow glow of biologically appropriate opposing ego madness?

> You're probably asking yourself what an Internet of > People is. My conception of the Internet of People > revolves around folks with complementary skills who, > when needed, can come together in small, ad-hoc, mobile, > and self-contained units. They can pool their mental and > physical and financial and technological resources, solve > a problem or complete a project, then move on.

Thanks for reminding me that once upon a time there was a show – I think back in the 90's.. I think on HBO – called “Dream On” that I absolutely adored.

> “Manusia mudah lupa”. A literal translation of this > famous Malay proverb is “Human is forgetful”. It is > known that despite being the most advanced creature, human > often forget. We forget what time it is, the add maths we > used to learn in high school, the histories, and in the > mess of all the things human forget is their blessings. > ... > Now look at your surroundings, look at yourself. What are > the millions unnoticed blessings you often forget to be > grateful for?

The problem with blessings – or the one half of any pair of opposites – is that they can't be thought of without teasing thoughts of their opposite (“curses” in this case?).

So, like, I've been more and more seeing forgetfulness itself as a blessing. But the moment I type that, I suddenly remember (haha) rememberfulness... and, so... perhaps it's better to not think in terms of opposites – which is to say not think at all (since “thinking” seems to be discrimination of shades between opposites)...?

> We don't have to reinvent the wheel but we have to keep > the wheels we have rolling.

Only if we think we want to be perpetually limited to wheel technology....

> AND try to be better, and more true to my goals.

Simply being trumps the beejeebers out of trying to be this and/or that and/or endless others.

> Just walked down to the vending machine (to get another > soda (because I am very unhealthy at times)) and saw the > full moon and that SOB is BIG!

Saw it too! (en route to a performance at some organizations holiday party at a restaurant/bar)

> Regardless of the current state of our country, in the > home where I live the visitors can still expect my freshly > baked banana bread. The garden is open to everyone to > stop in when they need to relax. If you want to utilise my > computer to surf the web or play games, you still can. It > could be argued that more change and positive progress > is made in my home on the small scale than the government > ever achieves over the same amount of time.

Goes to show how ridiculously useless an arbitrary notion like “country” is – regardless how consensually murmured into seeming being.

> > At this point, it makes sense to have someone > > filling that role, but only because of institutional > > inertia. Single-payer is so great because it doesn't > > fight against this inertia, but embraces it, telling the > > insurance companies that sure, they can keep operating > > as private entities, but in order to do so you may only > > interact with a single entity through which all payment > > for services is sent. If they won't make a deal with > > that single payer (the government), then they get no > > payers. This reintroduces bargaining power on the part > > of the people, instead of the case now where we are > > “forced” to pay the “rent” that healthcare is > > “seeking” just by virtue of them being in a position > > to withhold the service if you cannot pay.

So... in a sense.. whereas two heads are said to be better than one, this is kind of saying one purse/wallet is better than two...?

> A blog that explores practices and ideas around minimalism > and sustainability.

I can't help but think that an ongoing minimalism blog is ironically a-minimalist.... ;–)


from Shit I Find Interesting.

Rent-seeking is the name for what happens when middlemen insert themselves somewhere where they're not needed, but do it just so that they can charge money for the “service”.

Health insurance providers are middlemen in the transaction between healthcare services and people who need those services. But they wouldn't “need” to exist if their homespun and arcane systems of “networks” and “coverage” didn't exist.

At this point, it makes sense to have someone filling that role, but only because of institutional inertia. Single-payer is so great because it doesn't fight against this inertia, but embraces it, telling the insurance companies that sure, they can keep operating as private entities, but in order to do so you may only interact with a single entity through which all payment for services is sent. If they won't make a deal with that single payer (the government), then they get no payers. This reintroduces bargaining power on the part of the people, instead of the case now where we are “forced” to pay the “rent” that healthcare is “seeking” just by virtue of them being in a position to withhold the service if you cannot pay.


from kino-cow

Ferris Bueller's Completely Off

Movie posters make or break a film. Like book covers, potato chip wrappers, clothes, light bulbs, underwear, supermarket branding.. you get the point. Systemsprenger's posters were around me for much of the last months and never did I once have the motivation to even remotely check what the movie was about. It looked juvenile (literally), lazy and pink – enough to tell me that it is about a young girl who is crazy.

Crazy she is, with all the shaky cameras running behind her for half the movie. Gimbals. The movie needed gimbals and better shot selection. Or perhaps some animation and an eye for detail. Instead it follows the Berliner style of impromptu kitsch, sometimes a bit too much. Being unpolished, overexposed with grungy music super-imposed does make the movie look raw but so do vegetables before they are cooked.

The movie had its moment in the fact that it made me empathize with my social worker friends. It made me think of the days after their night shifts and how sunken and harrowed they looked. I wanted to tell them that I experienced the same in the kino, which necessarily is not a good reason to relate with. The child actress was insufferable, she screams and she screams and she screams. Somehow none of the adults in the movie seem to be able to take a stance, not for a moment was this world feeling real. It looked like a construct because that is how it was written.

Another glitch is the lack of a budget for some medium level graphics which are quickly exchanged for random camera movements and quick cuts. That is what is supposed to make for style in this film, you can call pricking your eyes with a needle if you wish to. This movie is the most disturbing movie I watched this year after Climax. What makes Climax special is the inventiveness of its director who immerses you into his worldview and makes it plausible that such situations exist. Systemsprenger is more a fungal piece of bread developing all kinds of colors on its surface and you decide to eat it anyway because it is Monday and you have to get to work. Is that disturbing? Yes. Is that enriching? Perhaps for someone with bulimia.

I could only wish for the movie to end at multiple intersections throughout the film. There were at least four different story trajectories that could have made the experience tighter but the director, Nora Fingscheidt, goes for the maximum scream minimum impact which is definitely not a sensual argument. Once the credits started rolling I had to run outside to get some breath, it was a weekday and unlike the traumatized lead in the film I had things to do and had to do them well. Not all of us can run from our problems but I would recommend running away from this movie for sure.

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