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Was diagnosed with IBS a few days back. The meds are making things worse, so I stopped them. Low fodmap diet is helping a lot. Can't figure out how to avoid stress.


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I got my driving license yesterday. It was such a dopamine hit to pass the exam. Today, the dopamine crash is hitting even harder. I am fatigued and stressed. Can't get out of bed since morning.


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Met this guy on tinder. We went on two dates. His last words to me were you need to be more in touch with ur needs never heard from him again.


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Direction Gurnigel, retour par JaunPass – vendredi 17 mai 2024, un peu plus de 200 km. Départ après 15h00, retour à la maison à 21h30.

En cette veille du week-end de l’Ascension, le temps est annoncé ensoleillé avec nuages. Le weed-end prolongé qui s’annonce est plus mitigé relativement aux prévisions du temps.

Après un dernier zoom terminé après 14h30, il est temps de débrancher et d’envisager une sortie. Encore faut-il envisager une destination contournant les départs en week-end.

L’idée est de rejoindre le col du Gurnigel, situé dans le canton de Berne entre le Lac Noir (Schwarzee) et Thoune (pour faire simple), puis de revenir par le col du Jaun, situé lui entre Zweisimmen et Charmey/Broc.

Pour cette escapade, je monte léger et je file au guidon de CapitaineTempête, ma BMW F900R couleur BlackStorm d’où son surnom.

CapitaineTempête. CapitaineTempête – le destrier du jour – au sommet du Gurnigel

Si le temps reste sec et partiellement ensoleillé, le vent souffle et l’air sera frais au somment du Gurnigel.

L’arrivée au Gurnigel L’arrivée au Gurnigel par le Lac Noir (Schwarzee)

A l’arrivée au Gurnigel, je rejoins le premier parking public en contrebas pour admirer la vue sur la route que je viens d’emprunter.

Lac de Thoune et les Alpes Vue sur le lac de Thoune et les Alpes

Le sommet du col du Gurnigel s’étire sur une crête, un peu comme le col du Grimsel. Il est possible d’admirer le lac de Thoune et les Alpes qui l’entourent. En ce vendredi, c’est bien dégagé. Un banc permet d’admirer le spectacle.

Admire le panorama Le banc permet une vue élargie sur le massif montagneux du Gurnigel également.

Pour le retour, il n’y a pas de raison de faire court. Je redescends donc du côté de Thoune pour prendre la direction de Zweisimmen. A Boltigen, flèche à droite, j’emprunte le col du Jaun par son versant bernois pour rejoindre Charmey, Bulle et la maison.

Col du Jaun, côté bernois Vue près du sommet du Jaunpass, côté bernois. Il fait encore jour. La lumière change.

A 19h15, il fait encore jour lorsque j’arrive au sommet du Jaunpass avant de basculer ensuite sur Charmey où je ferai halte pour manger avant de rentrer à la maison, toujours accompagné par la lumière du jour finissant.

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The Poverty Machinery

There is nothing i want more than to keep you poor my whole machinery is based around your poverty cause how can i be rich without you how can i be wealthy if not for poverty there is nothing else to do to turn you like a screw tight in my directors board and keep you poor to hold the fortress safe and tight i cause distress and let you fight for a slice of bread fight to the death for a quiet night in bed fight to the death for getting ahead fight to the death if your sort get to close to near my head i'll name you as foes and hang you by the head by hand of the henchmen my bread rented homies my money made slaves to folter you for the folly to get what i want you to crave

there is nothing i want more more then i had the day before i do not need it yet i want it and to get there i've made the stairs for you to climb and made the cracks in every step i can make you fall @ every step you take and most of them are fake you can't reach anything without my per mission but to believe i'm there on top of those stairs i need you there at the bottom and anywhere inbetween so that i can be seen for my richness to be real so please be kind look up to me from day of birth till the day you die because if you don't there is no reality in me

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The way I’m getting over it lmao. And by it, lets just say. Well.

Schitzopost intro aside, I hit a pretty big milestone today that my therapist will be happy to hear about, at least as far as a therapist can get happy for something like this. I do have to be somewhat conscious about what I write, as people I write about may read this sometime in the future. Oh well, time to get ready for SkyZone for the first time tomorrow (today)! I can’t wait.


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What can you learn from a frog in a well?

There’s a fable. It’s a rambling mess featuring a hypocritical turtle that’s better said in one sentence (“you don’t know what you don’t know”).

At the end of this post, I’ll tell a better fable.

My life improved when I decided to expect nothing in return.

  • You’ll pour your soul into a work, and nobody will appreciate the details.
  • You’ll tell a dozen people you love them, and none will care.
  • You’ll post a joke, and nobody will like it.

Get used to it: you’ll die, and the universe will forget you.

But it’s okay. Yell into the void. Shine a little brighter. Spread what you want to see.

Do great things anyway.

Nobody cares, but I believe in you.

(Plus, then it’s nice when something does happen.)

A frog in a well

Hears no thanks for ribbiting

Yet still sings for us


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Energy reading is one of the phenomenons I experience when healing people like you who are open and receptive to the work.

Through my intuition and my touch, I receive downloads about your energy, feelings, and the whereabouts of your journey. It is not something I do on purpose. It just happens.

Intuitive Touch, my healing practice, is a somatic and visceral experience. As the receiver, your body is gently wrapped in my hands with love, warmth, and intention.

I intend to hold a safe space for you, literally and metaphorically, generating warming sensations in and onto your body and creating a deep sense of acceptance. This helps you soften your heart, body, and nervous system.

When you allow yourself to relax and come back into your body, you can tap into parts of yourself you’ve neglected for a long time. Now, you can have a conversation with yourself that you’ve been meaning to have.

That is when your energy enters my consciousness. Sometimes, healing someone open and receptive makes me cry because I feel your effort and desire to break out of your hell. I feel your inner child buried deep within you. Other times, I may see a vision of you in my dreams.

Feeling is healing. It’s both the most fundamental and crucial step of our healing journeys. We accept who we are and where we are. And we start heading to the most authentic version of ourselves.

#healing #intuitivetouch

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best quality,4k, realistic, masterpiece, RAW photo, back view, a tall Japanese voluptuous short-haired intelligent beautiful girl going down the spiral staircase, looking down on the underground, wearing dark green headband, white tight hotpants, dark green tanktops, white long boots.

This image is created by NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI.

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Prayers, etc.: • 04:30 – Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel • 06:00 – the Angelus • 07:00 – The SORROWFUL MYSTERIES of the Holy Rosary. Followed by The Memorare. • 07:30 – May 16, 2024: Emerging Data From My Holy Summit Reveals That Harrison Butker is an Ideologue! – Canon212 • 13:45 – the Angelus • 18:00 – the Angelus, followed by Harrison Butker's 2024 Commencement Address at Benedictine College • 20:20 – The hour of Compline for tonight according to the Traditional Pre-Vatican II Divine Office, followed by Fr. Chad Rippberger's Prayer of Command to protect my family, my sons, my daughter and her family, my granddaughters and their families, my great grandchildren, and everyone for whom I have responsibility from any demonic activity. – And that followed by the Friday Prayers of the Association of the Auxilium Christianorum.

Health Metrics: • bw= 221.20 lbs. • bp= 147/71 (73)

Diet: • 05:30 – ½ pb&j sandwich • 06:50 – applesauce • 08:45 – pizza • 12:00 – Mongolian beef, lemon chicken, steamed rice, chips and dip

Chores, etc.: • 04:30 – listen to local news talk radio • 05:50 – bank accounts activity monitored • 08:00 – Tucker Carlson Interview with Dave Smith – MJTruth • 10:30 – listen to relaxing music and work on my chess games • 12:00 – watch old episodes of Wheel of Fortune and eat lunch at home with Sylvia • 13:20 – following the Cubs vs Pirates MLB Game • 16:00 – local news and weather • 16:30 – an episode of Jeopardy • 17:00 – watch another half hour of local news • 17:30 – listen to relaxing music, leisure reading • 19:05 – started following the Rangers vs Angels MLB game

Chess: • 12:00 – moved in all pending CC games

posted Friday 17/May/2024 ~20:45 #DLMAY2024


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Very close to completing PROJECT OLDBOOK. It wasn't at all mapped out going in. All I had was a very general overarching concept, developing imagery as I went along, consistently surprised by the results as they came about. Despite images at the tail end of the book looking significantly different to the ones at the start, it all works I think, owing primarily to the vessel itself, the actual “old book”, bringing it all together.

Case in point. Rear-page:

Early front-end page:


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Gimmelwald is a charming, car-free village in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, nestled in the Swiss Alps. This hidden gem offers a tranquil escape from the bustle of city life, making it an ideal destination for those seeking peace and natural beauty.

The village is perched on a cliffside, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. With a population of around 130 residents, Gimmelwald maintains a traditional Swiss ambiance, where you can experience authentic alpine culture. The narrow, winding streets are lined with wooden chalets adorned with colorful flowers, adding to the picturesque scenery.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Gimmelwald is a paradise. The area offers numerous hiking trails suitable for all levels, from gentle walks through meadows to challenging climbs up steep slopes. The hike from Gimmelwald to Mürren is particularly popular, providing stunning vistas along the way. During the winter months, the village transforms into a snowy wonderland, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

Accommodation options in Gimmelwald range from cozy guesthouses to charming mountain lodges, often run by local families. This ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local way of life. Dining options are limited but delightful, with a focus on hearty Swiss cuisine, featuring dishes like fondue, raclette, and rösti.

Reaching Gimmelwald involves a scenic journey, typically starting with a train ride to Lauterbrunnen, followed by a short bus ride and a cable car ascent. The effort is well worth it, as the journey itself offers spectacular views of waterfalls, cliffs, and alpine landscapes.

Gimmelwald is an excellent choice for those looking to disconnect and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Whether you're hiking through lush pastures, exploring the nearby villages, or simply relaxing and taking in the views, this alpine village provides a serene and memorable vacation experience.

To reach Gimmelwald from abroad, fly into Zurich or Geneva Airport, then take a train to Interlaken Ost. From Interlaken, transfer to a regional train to Lauterbrunnen, followed by a bus to Stechelberg, and finally a brief cable car ride up to Gimmelwald. Alternatively, you can travel from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp by cable car, take a scenic train to Mürren, and then another short cable car ride to Gimmelwald. Purchasing a Swiss Travel Pass can simplify transportation, and it’s advisable to check Swiss Railways (SBB) for current timetables and tickets.

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My schedule today has been thrown off kilter through my own fault. Usually I work on my chess games immediately after the morning prayers. Today I listened to a long (ish) discussion after the prayers, putting my chess work two hours later than is normal. Didn't work out too well. I'm SUCH a creature of habit!

posted Friday, May 17, 2024 at ~4:45 PM #QNMAY2024


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#001692 – 23 de Abril de 2024

Passei de novo dos noventa quilos. Envelheço com altos e baixos simétricos aos que tinha em adolescente. Nessa altura, a bipolaridade estava descontrolada, mas era sempre, consistentemente, magro, magro demais. Agora, a minha cabeça e o meu mundo emocional são estáveis, mas perco e ganho 15 quilos várias vezes por ano.

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Slechte Slaapmannetjes Slaapliedje

Naar bed, naar bed, zei Duimelot. Vergeet het maar, zei Likkepot. Kan het wat zachter, zei Lange Jan Even rustig aan Jan, zei Ringeling Anders vallen er klappen, zei 't Kleine Ding

Ga zelf maar naar bed, zei t Kleine Ding Ja precies Ja, zei Ringeling Toe nou jongens, zei Lange Jan Dit is echt te zot, zei Likkepot Ach krijg de klere dan, zei Duimelot

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