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it’s a lie if i say i’m okay it’s bullshit if i tell you everything’s alright i’m in the middle of nowhere everything is blur everything is blunt

“what are you doing?” i’ll definitely say, “i don’t know”

as the lost star i have no place to shine even just to blink

but who are you to complain the gift even just being alive the gift to breathe

so, i’m okay everything is gonna be okay

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from selmakovich

La ville morte - épisode 6 / la ville minuscule

Au bord de la ville morte, dans un interstice entre le fleuve et l'échangeur, il y a une ville minuscule.

Les bus et les voitures tournent autour de ce recoin de terre, creusent le sillon qui le sépare du reste de la ville morte. A travers une vitre, s'étalent des bouts de vie qui ne nous appartiendront jamais. Des gamins courent dans le rassemblement chancelant. Tout est cabane. La ville minuscule est à leur échelle.

La ville minuscule est construite à partir des débris de la ville morte, comme si cette dernière avait explosé et qu'on avait récupéré des morceaux de matière pour les ré-assembler ici. Il y a des palettes, des coins de tôle et du plastique. Les bouts de bâche sont tendus au dessus des murs et se creusent avec la pluie. Un jerrican rempli d'eau; les résidus de pétrole et produits chimiques imprègnent encore le bidon. L'eau est bouillie, mais les produits restent à la surface. Des pacs d'eau minérale vides traînent sur le sol. Les camions de recyclage ne passent pas ici. Il y a des feux d'ordure régulièrement, pour tenir la ville propre. Les voisins ne se plaignent pas, il n'y a pas de voisins.

Quatre arbres déplumés cachent mal la ville minuscule. Elle attire les regards. Les autorités rêvent de la voir disparaître. On parle d'intervention de la police, d'appeler le 115, encore une fois. C'est pour leur bien, on ne peut vivre ici, dans le bruit de l'autoroute et les odeurs de la zone. Il faut faire place nette. Sur les plans locaux d'urbanisme, cette zone est blanche. Qu'est-ce qui pourrait pousser dans cette intersection de routes ?

La ville minuscule change avec les saisons. L’hiver, un brasero s'allume. Au printemps, des flaques de boue se forment, le campement se rehausse de palettes, on y navigue comme dans un bayou. L'été, le goudron chauffe, le plastique chauffe, il n'y a que la rivière pour calmer la chaleur. Dans l'humidité de l'automne, les enfants ont bientôt vieilli d'un an.


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Tor Relay の運用を開始してから約2か月経過しました。


リレー名 トラフィック転送量 費用
LovePrivacyRelay 約3TB 約3500円 (サーバ代)

費用は VPS の料金です。借りている VPS が比較的高いので約3500円になっています。家などで Raspberry Pi などで運用するか、比較的安めの VPS などを契約すれば、もう少し低コストで Tor Relay を運用できるはずです。

現在 Tor Relay は全世界に約6000台存在しますが、ネットワークを安定させるためにリレーの数は多いに越したことはありません。もし、時間とお金があったら公益のために Tor Relay を運用してみてください。



from RW Cameron M. Bailey

Lending A Helping Hand

Freemasonry is an active endeavor. As Masons we are charged with improvement of the self, and care for others. By doing these things, we ultimately improve the world around us.

We improve ourselves by reflecting, deeply into our natures. Thereby discovering those things that we should use our gavels to chip away from our character, and conversely, strengthening our best qualities. This is labor. Mental labor, but work nevertheless. We will never be perfect men, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive towards perfection of character.

We should labor to take care of our Brothers, and if they are distressed, their families as best we can. To paraphrase our ritual, as far as his needs dictate, and our own resources allow, presuming of course, always, that he is a worthy brother, with a worthy need.

Lastly, we should endeavor, in some way, to make the world around us just a little bit brighter. Eyes in desperate need should never see a Masonic ring pass uncaringly by. This too is our labor, for everyone has a claim upon our kindness.

Improvement of self is a solitary endeavor. It is labor that we must do on our own.

Assistance to a Brother however can, and likely should be given at the Lodge level, so that everyone can assist in some small way, but have their own contributions magnified by being combined with those from everyone else. That is one of the beauties of Masonry, being able to work together and combine efforts in order to have a strong impact on any given problem.

Helping the world around us is much more difficult of course, given the vast scale of many of the problems within our society. For that reason, our Fraternity has created many formal charity programs. Lodge Scholarship and Bikes for Books programs that support local educational efforts. The Scottish Rite's Rite Care program that helps children who can't otherwise learn to speak. The York Rite charity programs. Shriner's Hospitals for Children, and of course, our own Washington Masonic Charities. Money is a form of work. It is what we exchange our work for in order to purchase the works of others. By giving some of that to one or more Masonic charity programs we are in effect giving of our labor, and using our labor to help improve the world around us.

In this time of pandemic, when so much is curtailed, I suggest that we might all be wise to use some of the extra time we likely find ourselves with to do some Masonic labor. To do the work of reflection within ourselves, in order to improve ourselves.

After this pandemic has passed, we will get back into our Lodges, and again be able to labor within them with our Brothers. In the meantime, with so many out of work for so long now, genuine need in our communities is exploding. It is my hope that those of us who can give something to one or more of our Masonic charities will seriously consider doing so.

In closing, I leave you with a few words from Morals and Dogma:

“Masonry is action and not inertness. It requires its Initiates to Work, actively and earnestly, for the benefit of their brethren, their country, and mankind. It is the patron of the oppressed, as it is the comforter and consoler of the unfortunate and wretched.” -Albert Pike

Cameron Bailey Deputy Grand Master The MW Grand Lodge of Washington

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from City Cave Zen

Some people in the Buddhist world like to talk of “noble silence,” or, even, “Noble Silence.” Silence is neither noble nor ignoble; it's silence. If we try to make it more than it is, we make it less than it is, by imposing our small story on it, so that we experience not the silence, but our ideas about the silence.

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from Ronald Steegstra

Hier is een lijst van dingen die wel door de grond kunnen zakken.

  1. Vloeistof.
  2. Water.
  3. Regenwater
  4. Wortels
  5. Stenen (ja echt!, ik zie ze in mijn huurtuintje vaak bovenkomen en neem niet aan dat ze net zijn gemaakt of ontsproten)
  6. Grond zelve

from 📦 - Vita da spedizionieri

“Too big to fail” ovvero troppo grande per fallire. Questo è quello che molti investitori e clienti pensano (consciamente o inconsciamente) di alcune grandi società.

Purtroppo questo non è vero e lo scandalo tedesco di Wirecard è qui a ricordarcelo. Non entro nel merito della questione, tuttavia è clamoroso come un ammanco di quasi due miliardi di euro sia stato nascosto per diverso tempo senza che le autorità finanziarie tedesche se ne accorgessero.

Risultato? Milioni di carte di pagamento in tutta Europa bloccate per giorni e l'inevitabile fallimento della società con l'arresto del suo amministratore delegato.

Quale lezione dobbiamo trarre da tutto questo?

Nessuna società è immune dal rischio fallimento ed i conti economici spesso non raccontano la reale situazione societaria.

La crisi legata al Covid-19 provocherà sicuramente altri sconquassi in diversi settori inclusi quello dei trasporti.

Compagnie marittime ed aeree comprese.

Teniamolo a mente.

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from Dino’s Journal

Covid-19 Activities and Risk Map Got this from Coney. Sharing it because the info seems useful. This is basically a mapping of activities and the corresponding risk associated to said activities. I like how it makes it easier to identify an activity's risk level. For example, getting takeout food is considered low risk. While eating inside a restaurant is considered a moderate to high risk activity. Opening mail is low risk. Grocery shopping is moderate-low risk. Like I said, really easy.

With Texas and a few other states becoming new epicenters for COVID-19, I feel like we all need to be doing more to stop this virus from spreading. Let's put in the effort now. Wear your face masks and practice social distancing. The sooner we can stop this virus from spreading, the sooner we can get back to some semblance of normal life.

Happy 4th of July! Be smart and stay safe out there everyone.

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1時間雨量(mm) 予報用語 人への影響 車への影響
10〜20 やや強い雨 地面からの跳ね返りで足がぬれる
20〜30 強い雨 傘をさしてもぬれる 周囲が見えにくい
30〜50 激しい雨 傘をさしてもぬれる 高速走行時、ブレーキが効かない
50〜80 非常に激しい雨 傘が全く役に立たない 車の運転は危険
80〜 猛烈な雨 傘が全く役に立たない 車の運転は危険


平均風速(m/s) 予報用語 人への影響 車への影響
10〜15 やや強い風 風に向かって歩きにくい、傘がさせない 高速走行時、横風に流される感覚
15〜20 強い風 風に向かって歩けない、高所での作業は極めて危険 高速走行時、横風に流される感覚が大きく
20〜30 非常に強い風 何かにつかまらないと立てない、飛来物で負傷のおそれ 通常の速度での運転が困難
30〜 猛烈な風 屋外での行動は極めて危険 走行中のトラックが横転





from dev journal

I am not a Web developer. Or a designer. I do not know code or program. Never done so. The most I have done is make a Pong game on Scratch 2, and made a couple #NoCode sites on ( /, but I want to do MORE. I want to take on programming as at least a small hobby of mine, and maybe make it into something bigger than that? Learning just to learn is the cornerstone of this project, though. If I feel any type of need to “hustle”, and work my fingers to the bone to get something done in some arbitrary amount of time, I will burn straight the fuck out as fast as I started.

So, I will go slow. Small progress. A little at a time. One step at a time. :)

In fact, I do not know what it is that I will BUILD yet. I have some “side ideas”, sure, but this is not the point of this endeavor. The POINT is to have no point. Like I said, learn just to learn.

Thank you for accompanying me on this.

More later

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from tryingpoetry

July 4th

The beer rolls over my tongue before it waves over my mind gently because it's been a long time and everyone is napping

The world is in first gear working to get off the dime from a surprise stop-sign octagonal red

It makes the bog sleepy and that's how I like it the hammock in the garden while the tomatoes try to set fruit

But I don't like why it's sleepy or the knees on the necks of good people


from katelovesorange

its saturday. its my birthday. not sure if i should be happy i made it another year or not. the only card i got was from work. the only birthday greetings from unknown people online in my fibro group. i was hoping for something from my kids. another quiet day i guess.

i went to bed early and slept ok and still feel tired. i might allow myself a nap later. got no where to go and nothing else to do .

we decided to go to the farmers market. it was a nice morning so i was looking forward to the walk around. i got there and was dogs everwhere. so i turned around and left. brent stayed and talked with someone for a few minutes. we went for a walk downtown to the antique shop . i looked around but didnt buy anything. we had a coffee and a scone and people watched for awhile. we came home and i picked up a bag of donation and went to value village. i didnt see much there , bought a very large skein of yarn i am hoping will be enough for a short sleeved top.

brent thought i might like to try a cannibis gummi for my pain. well i took half of one. an hour later i was out like a light for 2 hours . i didnt like the dizzy feeling for sure. but i am in much less pain. if i take the rest it will be a much smaller piece. i will really consider this when the pain is alot worse. which i know it will get.

no messages from the kids. maybe next year.....


from Escrito à máquina...

Yes, “I have a dream...” is the title of a very famous and marking speech given by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. It was a speech that wanted to make a stand, a stand for freedom, for the fulfilment of the “promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the “unalienable Rights” of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”, he said.

And he ended his speech saying:

“And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:

Free at last! Free at last!

Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

Martin Luther King had this dream. He pursued freedom, justice and unity.

I also have a dream. I dream of fairer societies where freedom, justice, peace and unity will reign.

I have this dream In Real Life and also in the Virtual World.

I dream that people will respect other people's choices;

I dream that people will respect other people's opinions;

I dream that people will not “fight” with each other because of their differences;

I dream that people will, one day, come together as one!

And I have this dream because we're human and we're capable of outstanding deeds. We're capable of building better societies, fairer and more human societies. And, in these societies:

We won't be using the Internet to build walls of hatred between people behind computer or smartphone screens;

We won't transform social networks in battlefields;

we won't be throwing our frustrations and anger onto other human beings;

We won't disrespect anyone on any basis!

I have a dream that, one day, we'll be human!

#internet #freedom #respect #fediverse #joaopinheiro

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Day 11 Today, my God, today was a tough day if I don't say so myself. Let's start from the top: 12AM, I went out for the first time in awhile met some friends, caught up with some old faces and started out as decent. As the night dragged on I wasn't too happy and to be honest I just wanted to go back home. Then as I was being dropped off home by a friend, I had a very enjoyable conversation with him which last just over an hour. Honestly it pretty much saved the night for me. At this point I get into bed and it's around half 3. I'm on my phone and see the Disney + app. “I want to watch Hamilton” I said to myself, so I did (I regret nothing) as I get to one of my favourite numbers, I look at the time and it's really late. Around 4:40 if I recall correctly, so I decide to call it. By the time I'm ready to sleep I feel a migrane coming over me and it's 5. I sleep. Only to wake up at 10AM.

So 5 hours of sleep and a migrane. I am absolutely shattered, already a bad start to act 2 I finish off watching Hamilton and then get up and do my usual routine. I barely thought, I was just going through the motions. I had a couple of conversations and honestly I was on the brink of breaking down, I was so tired, head beating itself and the added value of stress didn't help. But I picked myself up of off the floor cooked breakfast and got through it. I just pushed through the rest of my day, too tired to accept defeat and waiting for bedtime.

I finish up my day recounting my day and just being thankful in all honesty. Mental fortitude is key and I think, nay, i definitely know that I wouldn't have managed to get through my day if I didn't pick myself up when I did. Sometimes getting up and eating food is a huge step and dictates the rest of your day and mood.

Hopefully tonight I sleep a bunch and get back to my normal daily routine. This is literally the first time I've sat at my desk. I still need a bloody chair!

I'm so damn tired.


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